I love you, you really are the king..   Ariel

dear dear michael,i still cannot believe you left us much too soon,and i hope you will be in a beautifull place now,,,,you are in my heart forever and i carry you with me all my life,and look how the world is crying and is seeking for love becuse everybody realizes now that you gave us so many messages for and about love,peace,friendship,devotion,tenderness ,because you are,,,love,,,,and that is everything!!!love you michael,      love from lizzzz from holland!    Leroy

Hey, Michael! Why'd you fake your death? I love your music, you're my favorite singer in the whole wide world, and I wanna know why you faked your death. You can trust me, Jacko. I won't tell, buddy. Hee-hee! Jahhmohhnn!! You da King, dude!    Miguel

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R. Michael I love you so much!  I wish the world could see you one last time!  R.I.P King of Pop


Michael, depuis plus de deux mois ma vie n'est plus la même, je suis partagé entre la tristesse de ton "décès" et l'espoir de ton retour. Il y a quelque chose en moi que je ne peux pas expliquer, je ressens que tu es encore parmis nous, je ne te dis pas ça par rapport aux rumeurs et aux gens qui disent que tu es vivant mais seulement je le ressens, depuis le premier jour après l'annonce officiel de ton décès, j'ai serai heureuse si un jour j'apprenais que tu sois encore là et je comprends ce qui auait pu te pousser à agir ainsi, j'espère que tu vas bien là où tu es. Je t'embrasse. Prend soin de toi petit ange. Je t'aime et t'aimerais éternellement      Angelique

I watched all the video concerts from years ago and I was really impressed! I love all his songs and I love him and will miss him and he will always be in my heart!     Debbie

michael vc não tem ideia da tristeza q esta em meu coraçao por vc nao esta mais aqui mas as esperanças nao morrem sei q algo extraordinario vai ser notificado daqui uns dias eu te amo     Regiane

simplemente te amo.. y eres una persona muy especial para mi, eres la persona mas hermosa que conosco en el mundo
eres mi sueño y espero llegar a ti!!!muy pronto..
I LOVE ..... colombia te ama.....

entero,mi sueño era conocerte .... bueno o es ,xq yo todavia guardo las esperanzas de que estes VIVO!!! aunque yo si lo creo, quiero que sepas que has llegado a ocupar un gran lugar en mi corazon, aunque no te conosco , simplemente con verte en imagenes , videos y muchas cosas mas, veo en ti un angel , una persona timida, con mucho amor, una persona con un corazon inmenso.. te amo michael ... noc pero estoy tan enamorada de ti!!! xq tu con esa magia que tienes enamoras a cualquiera..... only 13 years old,my name is lemsy,ive heard many complains about michael is alive.there is so many pictures and videos taken that king of pop is truly alive.I belive it but i want to see if he really alive , i wnt to see him personally(if he truly alive)i want to see that somedeay when i open my television i will heard a news that mj is alive..but now,ill respect that incident.All i want now is to pray to God that wherever he is michael is okay,.i love u mj..    Lemsey

Hi,my name is Shanya.I love Michael Jackson with all my heart.I wish he was still alive.Now that he's dead I'm very sad.   Shayna

Dear Michael
Even though I did not know you too well before you died, I have learnt so much about you and your life. I know the words to all of your songs, and love everything about you. My heart aches everyday when I think of you, and I wished that one day I might of had the chance to meet you. You were an extraordinary peson, and singer. Even in death you will continue to be someone who will touch a part of everyone of us. May you finally rest in peace and let your music and gentle spirit live on forever with us...long live The King of Pop xoxo         Annika

Dear Michael. Wherever u are,i hope u found ur peace.I have a kid garden and i already talk to my children there about u. They know a lot of things about u,but i want to make them love u as much as i do. I am 30 years old and i want u to know that u saved me many times in all the ways that a person can be saved.THANK YOU for being part of my life. I LOVE U

Michael C .

Michael, I am cry  ing everyday. I am so hurt you are not here and I miss you so much.
I am hurt because I want to be with you so much and I love you michael.  Sevida C

I love you michael. Rest in peace. God bless you. We miss you a lot..   Gautham

i dont believe in those lies i believe your in heaven..dear michael you left so early..i believe that your a shining star shining every night in darkless nightes...LEAVE HIM ALONE...    Patricia DC

you can finally rest now and maybe people will leave you alone and wont bother you anymore i wish i could have met you before you died and i wish i could have sang and danced for you because i love to sing and dance i use to sing on stage when i was 12 years old and i havent been on stage since i hope to get back on the stage again some day   Cynthia RG

i love and miss michael im only 12 years old but the first time i saw him on tv he looked like a sweet nice and genrous person i would have loved to meet him in person but ill never have that oppertunity now and every time i see pople on tv saying bad stuff about this nice n beautiful person i cry             Drucilla H

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