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Michael.. May you rest in peace.  A part of my heart is missing since you left us.  This world and the media has been crule & unjust where you are concerned. I know that you would"NEVER" hurt a child. You have love in your eyes and in your heart.  I will miss you forever!  Thank you for your gift of music to us , you are certain 'A GIFT FROM GOD!" You will always be in my heart...I LOVE YOU MORE!! GOD BLESS & REST IN PEACE!R. Virginia 

 Oh God Why so soon? You took someone that still had long to live. He was a great Father, Brother and a great son, I was lucky enough to have been brought up my parents who thought me all about Michael Jackson, when false allegations were made against him. They showed me his great short film, they played all his music for me and ever since Iv been in love with Michael, but I was unlucky when it came to getting a chance to see him :( Iv been intears all this while since Iv heard about his death, the first thing that popped in my head was his kids and what they would be put through by the ones who I call "Fake friends of Michael", but I knew that he left them with his mother whom he loved dearly. I hope one day I'll get the chance to visit Michael's resting place to say "Thank you" for all that he has done for mucis and for people who were in need. I love you so much Michael I hope you never stop "Jaming" in heaven and make sure you rest now untill the day we meet...xox    Isabel  

michael te queremos en todo el mundo, como tu no va haber nadie, ni nunca hubo nadie tampoco , quisieron compararte con elvis pero no no se puede por que , tu michael ha sido y seras el mas grande por que  fuiste un creativo de los mas grandes .
Como quisiera que estuvieras vivio que todo fuera una mentira , para que sigas dando esa alegria , que a pesar de todo lo que te paso que fue la mas grandes de las injusticias, seguiste dando amor.
te quiero. nunca te olvidare.   bianca 

Body may be gone soul may have departured but the legacy is here to stay till ETERNITY ... love u Michael love u more than i can ever love a celebrity !!!

U were rocking all ur life n ur more rocking now when ur gone ..

RIP my Idol i will miss u till m alive .....     Naveed

Dear Michael,

I don't know if your alive or death. I'm confused. I think and hope your alive but I'm not sure. But there's 1 thing I know, you have a lot of new fans, teenagers, and they love you and not only because of your amazing, touching, honest music and amazing, powerfull and sweet voice. They love you because of your great personality. I think your the sweetest, most amazing, pure, sensitive and one of the best looking man I've ever seen.
I'm one of the teenagers I was talking about, I'm 14.
You just have to know that I love you, death or alive. And know I'm not the only one.
I love you forever...     Berber

Sony, and all the people involved in the plot and tried to set you up starting 10 years ago will soon pay! I do not care how powerful they are, I was there, I know the truth, The Beatles Catalogue will never really be theirs. Greed will kill them all! You are a true Angel, There is too much evil on this planet, the evil ones could never comprehend to you and your soul, and they never will...   Arkeni 

 Rest in peace. I´ll forever love you!

Stairway to Heaven Michael, enjoy your new life. You well always be in my heart


My beloved Michael as I am absolutely sure you are still alive, I would like to reach you whenever you are... I will be your sister, your girlfriend, your nurse, your mother..... Please contact me at my e.mail address (deleted ) .... I can't stop loving you.....   ale 

Michael, i am so so sad since you've been gone... my life is different without you. You will be forever in my heart!! I love you! I hope you have peace now. My thoughts are with the family. Michael, you are King of the World!! Hope i'll meet you in heaven some day!
Love you....          nancy

Dear Micheal,
You will always remain alive in our hearts. Thankyou for your humanitarian efforts, your music and your short films. I know your in heaven where else can you be. I pray for your children and family everyday. Rest in peace.
1958 - forever   R. Jessica 

Michael I LOVE YOU so much..why gone too soon ..may be have been tired of this injustice... Michael I lOvE YoU so much .. I LOVE YOU .. I LOVE YOU .. I LOVE YOU .. I LOVE YOU..Do not know what else to say... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH .. FOREVER IN MY HEART ;( I LOVE YOU ...  R. Guli   

le meilleur chanteur du monde s'est michael jackson
il me manque enormement car s'est mon idole et ossi mes condoléances à toute sa famille et a ses amis.
repose en paix mon idole
gros bisous    R. Karine

Micheal,I am not mourning your death,because I believe you are alive! I pray you decide to come out of hiding someday soon. I Love You, More,to infinity.   Betty

We love you and are eternally greatful for all your art you let us enjoy throughout your life. I´m sorry I could not be there in person, through your sorrow, through you pains, but I am there through my prayers. The other I dreamed that you were asking me for some orange juice or ¨Gatorade¨, you looked like back in 1993 with long hair.
Personally, I believe you are alive. I support you unconditionally ¨Just call my name and I´ll be there...¨
In fact, no words will explain what you mean to the entire world.
I love you and honor you.
Mabel from Argentina     mabel


The World is empty without you but you are in my heart forever. I Miss you


Hi Mike, My name is Javiera, I live in Chile and I have 15 years old. I love your music and I Know you are alive, please come back soon, beacuse we love you and going to forgive you when you back in december. Happy vacations and we hope see you soon, bye ^^


Michael, you are everything in my life,
NEVER, NEVER, EVER, would exist somebody like you.

You Are The Best Michael!!

All my love, Gema.  

Michael we in Norway miss you !!!


Sweet and wonderfull soul Michael, please read my letter that soon will come to you through a very good friend.
Very important !! It has a very special (Divine) message.   Yoke  

Micheal...i miss you, more than half the world misses you...you did so many great things, nobody can't really count them...you didn't just help little children in need, you helped everyone and everything. Thank you michael, for your generosity, and we'll help you heal the world. You were the world's best entertainer, and even though a lot of people made you suffer, you're real fans love you no matter what. I believe in you, and what you did with your music was magical.I will never forget the first time i heard 'Beat It'. From the very first beat of the song, i fell in love with it. I fell in love with you as a performer and your music...I thought to myself,"Man, this guy can sing, dance, and make his own incredible music!" You Michael, you are a legend, you will continue to be alegend, and you'll always be a legend. I don't consider you as The King Of Pop, I consider you as The King Of All Music. We will never forget your legacy and your music.We LOVE you, MJ!
Here is a poem that i wrote to you:           

-Our world, is without a doubt
a harmful place
a dangerous route

-We must stand together to make us one
we must fight the wind
we cannot shun

-Our world needs healing
but michael needs our help
we must break all barriers
to make this day as happy as can be
for others

-In our on litle world, we can pretend everything is perfect
nothing worn out, and plenty of food to eat
but the world is not made like this
the wrong people we must defeat!

-But for now, we must smile
for today is a great day
a day filled with wonder and curiosity
a day filled with excitement and generosity

-Maybe tommorow will be a bad one
Maybe it will be a mess
but all we can hope for is for people to clean up and start fresh...
*WE love you michael!*

May you rest in peace Michael now that you are free from this world who made you sad. You are at peace now. Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale,California was where I was going to lay my dear mother to rest,but things changed and had her laid to rest in New York instead where she was originally from. Her name was Rose Mercurio        Brian 

I love you Michael and I miss you so much !!!     florida 

you are so amazing michael and you are my fav. singer and i will play you michael till i die and i will let my kids hear too. you make me feel happy i love to see you do you dance moves, im a 16 teen year old that loves in VA, i did hope one day that id get to see you or even meet you be time ran out and now all i get is your music and vidoes, which i love. i know how felt bout people be so mean to you, i get it all the time, but i dont have fans haha!!. i love you michael and i hope you are in a better place where you can have love and be happy and have people all around you that will not say mean things bout you. you are the best michael and your music will live forever. ever time i am watch/hearing your mucis it makes me smile, i love all the song, i really love the song smile it really tells how you are and what everyone should do :) you are forever in my heart, i know ill get too see you one day :)   I love you michael,    ambe

First i want to say, that if you Michael are with GOD, i hope you be very quite and happy. It's my believe that in heaven you can see all about peoples life, so, i believe that you can see me now, so i beg God,take me with you, when my time comes. I know that my SCLERODERMA DISEASE IS COMPLICATED but you keep me alive every day.And if i become a singer one day, is because of you, but in case i can't make it true, i'll be singing to you in heaven with my angels.
But in case you are here with us yet, i must say that i can understand why you did all this. I  wish and i hope to see you alive, and this page really has  testimonies about that and i beg God that this testimonies can be real. Any way I think God only know about us, so i'm waiting a miracle.
I wrote you a letter in youtube.com, and i wish that if you can't read it, i hope other people can.
Michael You are all my dreams in one and nobody gonna change my fellings about you.
God Bless you and bless this world too please.  Andrea  

I love you every much Michael Jackson.
You are not alone. I want to see you happy every much.MJ where are you?
well come to Thailand     Preyanuch  

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