I think of  Micheal EVERY DAY. I miss Michael so very much! GOD BLESS you Michael. I know I will see you again.     Vicky

"Dear Michael,
   I really wish i had gotten a chance to meet you. You were truely the GREATEST entertainer of all time! We,  as people took advantage of your greatness and now that you're gone we wish we still had it. People were too busy listening to the media making up lies rather than listening to you. You did SO much for children and charities and the music industry. You were the best. There will never be another Michael Jackson. I love you Michael. Rest In Peace. :) I miss you.
                            Your Forever True Fan,
                                     Kiana R. I Love You Forever"    Kiana


It's been already 3 years that our King of Pop left us. I am still so sad about this. He was one of my favorite popstars and we was like a model to follow. R.I.P. Michael ♥    Nella

dear MICHAEL i miss very much i still cant believe you are gone away from me. I think about you constantly.especially today. may you RIP i will always love you there will never be another ever!!    adraine

"Dear Michael,
I'm alone in my home, thinking of you...
To you, who had you're heart broken in many ways, slowly killing you, partially erasing that wonderful smile that I won't easily find in another human being, and worse still, to sadden those beautiful eyes, I dedicate this day. 
I want to say thank you, thank you for teaching me to love without expecting anything in return.

Thank you for the beautiful words spoken during these years to the world, those words spoken by your beautiful and sweet voice.

Thank you for having given to the world, your music, your writing so intimate and sometimes painful, your dance, your poems so delicate and touching, your beautiful designs expression of yourself, your art, your culture, your thirst for knowledge, your inspiration, your talent, your elegance, your kindness so rare in humans, your persistence in getting the intended result, your perseverance, your professionalism.

Sweetheart, I will ensure that you will be remembered as a GREAT MAN, humble, sweet, shy, clear as water that flows from the source of an unspoiled stream, honest, kind, always smiling, even in pain, calm in manner and appearance, a gentleman of another era!

I do Love you, from the bottom of my heart...I'll never let you be apart...

Hold my hand, Michael!

Laura F.
Rome - Italy

"Dear Michael
Thanks for the music and love you shared with all of us. may God bless you and keep you in his care wherever you are!
with love
xx"    Valerie
Hey rip michael Jackson love Mary Jane     Mary

Michael I love you from the bottom of my heart. It's too tough to live without you. without you this world is like desert. I wish you come back. Love you my Angel.    Namrata

We love you so much, Michael Jackson yeah! :)) Your music & song will continue to live on for generation to come & inspire many young & old human kind & humanity yeah!    Lim Ai Yim

after 3 years my heart is still crying, but i see your face and listen your voice every day and so the distance is a little more simple to bear... but michael, i know that a day i'll see you again and nothing will take you away. R.I.P. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU...    katia

My dear Michael, no day goes by without me thinking of you. All your CDs have been in the multi-stack of my Sound System since you left us and are always played. Hope you have finally found the Peace you so longed for. All my Love Always, Tahoe   

This will be a celebration of MJ's life and what he stood for now and for ever in the days I have left and beyond me I miss him and I wish him well     Jase

Friends forever ,Yesterday  Today  and Tomorrow     Anna

I hope wherever you are Michael I hope you are enjoying life as a free man and most of all I hope you are happy. I miss you so much you, you're music and dancing you'll always be in my heart forever    Marian

Dear Michael, I trust that you are live, I very much worry about you, how you there? … it is possible to you many write, but I am to be was valid very much now near to you though than that to help and calm … Some consider that you will return in December 2012, expectation very much oppresses me but on the other hand there is a chance of your returning. if you can write me though something.    Erika

Saudades eterna, que voce esteja nos braços de Deus .    Neide

st flying by. But the memories, love, & many lessons are fresh in my mind!! I know you are trying to make it back to us so I keep a candle burning, and I pray for you every day. I thank you for all you have given us. Just remember, there are those out here who know you love us and you wouldn't of hurt your self and you just had to get away. Be safe!! I will always have your back!!! I love you Michael, and hurry home! You are needed!! Love always and forever, Princess ♥    christina

"Michael I miss you each day more,
it's not true that time heals all wounds, every day is worse than the day before.
I can't breathe as much as I miss you and I love you, I love you so much that you can not imagine. My love for you knows no bounds. Please come back ..."    Cristiana

"I'm just imagn that you are living in a castle wich you have maids, chef zoo keeper & with your own  amusement park with play ground, I  know you happy that you are talking to James  Brown  again in heaven


Michael r.i.p. my sweet angel i miss you so much you are my brother,my lover and everything in my life,i'll never let you part for always in my heart :'( GBY ILY i love you forever     Slavka
Dear Michael, you have always been an inspiration to me. I've grown up with you and your music next to me, you've made me a person and now Í grow my children the same way. I love you, Michael and I always will! Rest in pease, my shining star!    Dilyana

I personally believe he is still alive. He is doing the right thing by hiding because of people who have done wrong to him. Something just ain't right. The funeral was staged up. It's a conspiracy. Think of it this way - MJ is alive in all of us.    Alex

"Dear Michael, wherever you are, I miss You. I often speak of you, people who still do not really know that much to raise awareness of the human being who faces life's challenges like everyone else, with the support of family and fans. Between us there is not only the bond between artist and fans, but friendship and love without boundaries. Your life can unit for people from every country, every language and every colour. The hope is that you are somewhere and we can see you again one day. We miss your music and your releases,  because even when you went shopping it was as if we were all together for you. I konw your privacy could be forgot, but it's the price for so much love and union. I hope this heat returns alive, because the music is poor so if you leave 'early without heirs that can truly replace you.
So much things you have to tell again, alone we cannot. we'll respect more your time, I hope every day in the return"    Pamela
You are an amazing singer and dancer you have inspired so many people with your music you saved my grandparents life with yours they adore your music and i do as well may you rest in peace forever a fan dani worship     Dani
Hi Michael I wish you was with us  I love your all of your music i love you I miss you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Damian
"I'm just imagn that you are in a castle with your granparents & James Brown talking.Outside of your castle you have your own amusement park with everything like when you were alive.

When you came to Auckland-NZ to do 2 concerts & visiting kids at the Starship Childrens Hospital in Auckland-NZ in 97 you were a very caring, thoughtful person.

I love you very much & you may Rest in Peace Micheal.until we meet in heaven for the first tme

I'm been a big fan of your when I was kids/teenager & now I'm a adult who is still your big fan."    Chris
I love u Michael no one can replace u I wish u were alive love u    Cecilia

"Dear Michael,  i can't explane my self, how much i miss you and how strong i love you.In this sad day, i'll pray for you, for your children and your family.
Thank you for giving us so beautiful and amazing music. You are always in my heart, i love you from the bottom of my heart."    Kameliya

a toi Mickael, tu est partis voici 3 ans, tu est toujours aussi présent dans mon coeur, tu est et seras toujours "mon peter pan" je sais qu'un jour je te reverrais, depuis ton départ j'essaie de reprendre l'envie de rire mais je n'y arrive pas, je suis accro a toi, a tes chanson a tes chorégraphies, pour moi tu est le roi, l'ange qui charmeras tous les autres anges, donne nous espoir de te revoir un jour, car je fait parties des gens qui t'attendrons toute la vie. JE T'AIME de tout mon coeur, et de toute mon ame, reviens nous !!!!!!    LEPAPE

God bless you Michael, You was Angel are and will be almost.    Rohit

"Hey Michael Jackson.you are a great person and I look past the fame and fortune.You have a great hart for People and Kids you love to help.you are a Human being with God given talent.keep on doing
great things.i love you from the bottom of my Hart."    Bobbie

 You made a better world, wherever you are you will always shine whith your soul and pure heart. I will always love you, my dear Michael.    Elena

"Dear Michael,
I miss You very much. I LOVE You more and more...You are me light..."    Bonka Georgieva

"Michael I miss you every day
More and more
dance to the angels -sing in heaven,
send us love intro  the clouds-I love you Michael -you are always in my heart!Thank you so much -Thank you for everything ===you are my teacher my brotherq my angel-Long live the king!
Rest in peace"    Antonia

"It has been 3 years since you lelf this world & you were a loving, caring, gental, kind person to the children & your fans all over the world.
I just imagn that you are in a castle with all the animals, children & all your fans from heaven. Talking & playing with all  your fans incluing kids as well.


"    Chris

hey michael my name is kasandra sanders,and i just wanted to let u knw tht im a huge fan of yours. i will always love u. you are and always be my idol and the king of pop. Your fan kasandra    kasandra

Michael, I just wanna to tell you how much you miss me and how much I love you!     valeria

I love you , Michael <3 !!! R.I.P. our angel !!! 4ever in my <3 !!!    Yolanta

"My Dear Michael,
You have left a permanent imprint on my heart. I love you 4 all  you are & always have been. I miss you doesn't begin to tell how I feel, in fact there are no words. Just know wherever you are,  there my heart is too. I love you now & 4ever. God bless you, my Angel !
All my love
Elizabeth Marie Wright"    Elizabeth

"I still can't believe you're gone. It seems like yesterday i heard you died. I know you're at peace but i must confess i miss the hell out of you. I'm really sorry about everything.....i can't even. It's just crazy that you won't be with your kids.=/

i Guess thats it.

RIP"    Jackie

all ofthe world 2had space and Holly MICHEAL live in 2    mohammadreza


Hello, Michael I am a longtime fan I was so in love when I was a little girl when Thriller came out, I love your music and dancing an just think your so special I deny you have passed because your music is my favorite, I hope will see you again, love. Sonia V.    Sonia

Я всё также люблю тебя, Майкл!!! Скорблю...    Omega
I Love you Michael, Rest In Peace    Priscilla
"Today is 3th anniversary of you, michael..
I'm Korean so I don't speak English well, but I gotta tell you something.
I know that you don't know me, and I know I don't know you very well..
But you know, I LOVE YOU really much!
It doesn't matter you're money, your job.

I JUST.. love you!
I know many people were said this words...

But I'm... I really, ah I can't explain.....

...I love you and I will be love you,  forever.

Though you were died...

I LOVE YOU, more.. michael

by, Korean girl Yoon K

"I miss you every much.
I love you every much.
"    Preyanuch

Music  press kits
I love you more for never stop fighting for your faith. I believe in you    Ludmila

"Dear Michael,
Since I was 6 years old you have always been there for me, not physically but your music had always made me feel as if I mean't something. Now I'm almost 13 and let me just say that I miss you, and that when I grow up I want to be just like you... Love you Michael <3"    Myranda

hey michael, ive been doing reasearch and i think you are still alive and getting better. i heard your favorite # was 7. and that you were comign back on 7/7/2015, is that true? your a big inspiriotion to me and i love your music. i hope your alive and comeback soon.    kalib

"time starts to become a heavy weight on my shoulders, because you're not there, and he became, sad.
Emma"    Emma

I believe michael jackson is alive and im a huge fan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lov u mj xxxx     mj lov
Are u alive??? Btw huge fan xxxxxxx    chloe

hey michael, there is a rumour going around saying that you're still alive. i thought it was crazy at first but then i saw recent pics of you in ireland and i thought wow maybe he still is. if you're still alive michael please show yourself. your fans, including me miss you and want you back. love you. xo    bonnie

Michael Jackson you will always be the man who can make this planet a better place for our children and our childrens children so plz come back I know you weren't a pedaphile and tryin to change the skin color and I know that hurt you but there are nasty people out there in this sick world that needs help but L.O.V.E is the answer thats always what you have said and I believe it L.O.V.E is the key and you will always be the number 1 king of pop in world history there is half of me that want you to come back and the other part is hey you sticked around this long and now you have children that you want them to have a childhood that you didn't have so be with them and be happy Michael thats what I care about that you are safe and that you are happy where you are at. I am gonna be singing at the Lane County fair this summer in Eugene Oregon and will be impersonating you Michael Jackson. You made me know what L.O.V.E was all about you are a true genious and king of pop and soul. Your fan Jon Davidson    Jon

I miss you MJ you were the best you were the king and you will aways be in our hearts    felicia
bonjour michael, je t'aime beaucoup, depuis mes 11 ans!, j'en ai 28 et tu me manques beaucoup. je pense beaucoup à toi, tu fais partie de mon coeur. je serais toujours là*.love.    francesca
dear michael,you were the best but i still in 2012 belive that u are alive but i need a solid proof for my heart so i can wait for u R.I.P MICHAEL JAXON     mariyam
We love u Michael and hope u rest in peace. But I don't like people saying you're alive, cuz thats harsh.    Isabella Aldahondo

I know you are still alive, so why don't you just come back, and Annouce it to the world. If your scared people won't like you as much as they did before. You have nothing what so ever to worry about. Your the King of Pop! We all Love you. And we'll always love you! I'm only 13 and I Love You! Just Please come out of hiding, and come back. I will Love you the same, nothing will change. I Love You!
Love Your Biggest Fan,

I know you are still alive, so why don't you just come back, and Annouce it to the world. If your scared people won't like you as much as they did before. You have nothing what so ever to worry about. Your the King of Pop! We all Love you. And we'll always love you! I'm only 13 and I Love You! Just Please come out of hiding, and come back. I will Love you the same, nothing will change. I Love You!
Love Your Biggest Fan,

hi micheal jackson you rock your songs are awsome and will be for ever your the kind of pop    girius
Michael Jackson where are you we miss you please come back!!    enrique

"Cher Michael.
Je n’ai malheureusement pas la possibilité d’aller à Forest Lawn, c’est pourquoi je t’écris ce message. Ce que je ressens pour toi est difficile à décrire, mais je vais essayer. Avant le 25 Juin 2 009, je te connaissais par tes accusations, et je croyais les médias. Je ne t’aimais pas, et je ne pensais pas qu’un jour les choses changeraient à ce point-là. Alors que je croyais que rien n’arriverait à pimenter ma vie, tu es arrivé en une seconde. Je me rappelle de cette fameuse soirée où je regardais la télévision, c’était quelques temps après ta mort, mon cousin est arrivé et m’a dit que tu étais vivant. J’étais loin d’être fan de toi, mais bizarrement lorsque j’ai entendu cela, j’étais heureuse et j’ai su que tu ferais partie de mon quotidien. J’ai vu ces vidéos où plusieurs indices sont regroupés, afin de prouver que tu as organisé ta mort. Je me suis accroché à ces vidéos et j’ai commencé à t’aimer. Depuis maintenant deux à trois ans,  je ne peux pas me passer de toi une seule journée, ou bien alors j’ai l’impression qu’il  me manque un organe vital pour vivre. Tu es mon inspiration, mon sourire, mon bonheur, mon ange, mon second père, mon amour, mon idole, mon exemple, mon Dieu, mais tu es également ma souffrance. Je souffre Michael, tu me manques, je n’ai jamais eu autant besoin de quelqu’un de toute mon existence. Chaque jour qui passe me rend encore plus dépendante de toi. Je ne crois plus à ta fausse mort, pour moi tu es décédé, mais je continue à avoir cette petite lueur d’espoir dans mon cÅ“ur, et je crois que c’est ça qui me fait tenir. Tu étais l’homme le plus gentil du monde, et je sais que tu nous aimais tous. Aucun être humain ne sera jamais aussi bon et sain que toi. Tu es unique. Michael, ton sourire, ta voix, tes yeux, ton visage, ton corps, ta personnalité, ton espoir, ton message, tout en toi, toi, voilà ce que j’aime. J’aimerais savoir qui je serais si je ne t’avais pas connu, comment je serais là, aujourd’hui. Mais je suis sûre qu’il y aurait un gros vide dans ma vie. Ma chambre n’est pas remplie de tes posters, mais mon cÅ“ur est rempli de ton amour. A chaque chose que je fais ou que je dis,  c’est à toi que je pense. Il n’arrive pas une seule journée sans que je pense à toi. J’ai besoin de toi, on a tous besoin de toi. Ta famille, tes amis, tes fans, moi. Michael, si tu es vraiment vivant, fais le meilleur pour toi. Si tu devais revenir, sache que je serais une des filles les plus heureuses du monde, et je ne t’en voudrais pas, si c’était pour te protéger ou bien pour aider le monde. Grâce à toi, j’ai fait de nombreuses rencontres, toutes plus belles les unes que les autres, et je ne sais pas comment t’en remercier…  j’ai partagé des moments de purs bonheur avec des gens ayant la même passion que moi : toi. Je ne connais pas spécialement toute ton histoire dans les moindres détails ou bien ta vie, j’ai beaucoup à apprendre, mais ce que je sais m’a rapproché de toi. Michael, il y a des milliards de personnes sur cette planète, mais jamais je n’ai autant eu besoin de quelqu’un. J’ai essayé d’être forte face à ton absence mais ça fait longtemps que j’ai abandonné, je ne veux plus me battre, je veux juste t’aimer. Pourquoi suis-je continuellement mal ? I miss you. Je n’ai plus envie de vivre dans cette souffrance, je veux être heureuse, en t’aimant, mais c’est apparemment chose impossible. Mais j’ai envie de croire que dans l’avenir, je t’aimerai sans ne plus jamais souffrir de ton absence, rêvant de ta présence. Je t’aime Michael, vraiment et tes belles paroles, ta voix, ton message, tout en toi, me manquent. Je me sens délaissée, comme si personne ne pouvait m’aider, sauf toi. J’espère que ça passera. Voilà, je pense avoir tout dis. Je suis amoureuse de toi, j’ai tant rêvé de toi, des rêves tristes jusqu’aux rêves magnifiques en passant par des rêves intimes… je t’aime, et encore une fois, tu NOUS manques, tu ME manques… <3 It’s all for LOVE, L.O.V.E. God bless you the man in the mirror, and I hope you’ve heard my prayers. <3
"    Marina

"Dear Michael,
Please let the rumors be true and that you just faked your death! With all of your sightings and how suspicious all of this is it just doesn't make sense that you are dead. I understand how the media never left you alone. I don't know why they want to know every little detail of a celebrity. You guys deserve some privacy! Well anyways I love you, your music, and I really hope you make a comeback! <3"    Kailyn

i will always love you for your music your dance,your poems and films and for all your charity work,you have a  lovley family i know you are very proud of and you should be,your always in my heart my thoughts and my prayers and god       bless YOU love you for ever michael     jennifer

i know your alive and if you ant i can keep a secret    kiara