i'll give hulf of  my life just for spend one day with you dear Michael.I have to many thinks to tell you and more to here from you.In the name of God,I wish my dream come true!!!Love you Michael!    Victorya
Micheal Jackson, You are always going to be my idol. I miss you so much. You have inspired me so much. Your songs are amazing. I know your still alive. I hope you make a comeback. Ive always wanted to some day work with you, but I may not ever get the chance. I love you Micheal.   Even though you may not know me. I know your a great guy. Ive never been so proud to call you my inspiration and my idol. :) Please come back to us Micheal. I know your alivee.I love you.    Miranda
God bless you! You will live forever!    maria
Do I still miss you Michael?  Every day of my life, Hoax or real, the world was robbed of a truly great man and the great man was robbed of the life and happiness he truly deserved.    Bee
debbie from nashville. july 16th 2012. hey michael, hope that you are feeling o.k. today. i hope that your family are doing well. i know that you miss them terribly, and i'm sure that they miss you as well. maybe in the near future that you all can be together again, i hope and pray this for you. i hope that you are being taken care of. wish that i was there to give a loving hand.i have to take my sister to the doctor again tomorrow. she has to go to her pain doctor to get another shot in her back. i always go back there with her because her doctor always talks to me more than he does her beacuse he knows that i know what he is talking about.well, i was just thinking about you as i laways do wondering how you are. stay safe my love. i'm sending you something. hope you like it.   WHO CAN I RUN TO: AS I STAND HERE CONTEMPLATING ON THE RIGHT THING TO DECIDE, WILL I TAKE THE WRONG DIRECTION ON ALL MY LIFE? WHERE WILL I GO? WHAT LIES AHEAD OF ME? I HAVE A STRONG DETERMINATION, AND I'M NOT AFRAID OF CHANGE! I HAVE YET TO FIND THAT SOMEONE, WHO WOULD CARE TO SATISFY ME! TO STAY RIGHT BY ME, WHO CAN I RUN TO, TO SHARE THIS EMPTY SPACE? WHO CAN I RUN TO, WHEN I NEED LOVE? WHO CAN I RUN TO, TO FILL THIS EMPTY SPACE WITH LAUGHTER? WHO CAN I RUN TO WHEN I NEED LOVE? IN MY MIND IT'S SO CONFUSING, WHO WILL BE THAT SPECIAL ONE, EVERYDAY, I TRY TO FIND YOU ALL OVER, I GOT TO KNOW, IS THERE A SPECIAL PLACE FOR ME? I KNOW THAT LOVE HAS MANY MEANINGS AND A MESSAGE VERY CLEAR, ALL IT TAKES IS TIME AND PATIENCE TO BRING YOU NEAR, BUT WHO'S GOT ME? WHO CAN I RUN TO, TO SHARE THIS EMPTY SPACE, WHO CAN I RUN TO, WHEN I NEED LOVE? WHO CAN I RUN TO, TO FILL THIS EMPTY SPACE WITH LAUHTER? WHO CAN I RUN TO WHEN I NEED LOVE? WHO CAN I RUN TO WHEN I NEED LOVE? WILL IT BE YOU? as always i love you the most. don't forget to say your prayers tonight. i will say one for you and your precious family.    debbie

from debbie in nashville. jluy 14th, 2012. hey my love. i have been sitting here watching vidio's. i love the 2 songs that 3t have. anything for you, i just love that song and don't tease me. i think they are adorable. so cute. i listen by you, i just can't stop loving you, and one more chance. they are my favorite.i'm on the computor everynight watching your vido's. can't get enough. i wish i could've seen you in concert. you have the sexiest voice when you sing melodies.so soft and sweet.i hope that you get all of these messages that i have sent to you. i have read some of them but they have been there for a few monthes. i think they need to update some of them that have been on there for monthes. well just thought i would write a few lines to let you know that i am still here if you ever need me. wishfull thinking. well i hope that you have a blessed night. it is 9;44 SUNDAY NIGHT.  i am sending you something. hope you enjoy it. as always LOVE YOU THE MOST.  IMAGINE THERE'S NO HEAVEN, IT'S EASY IF YOU TRY, NO HELL BELOW US, ABOVE US ONLY SKY, IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE, LIVING FOR TODAY, IMAGINE THERE'S NO COUNTRIES, IT ISN'T HARD TO DO, NOTHING TO KILL OR DIE FOR, AND NO RELIGION TOO, IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING LIFE IN PEACE, YOU MAY SAY I'M A DREAMER, BUT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE, I HOPE SOMEDAY YOU'LL JOIN US, AND THE WORLD WILL LIVE AS ONE, IMAGINE NO POSSESSIONS, I WONDER IF YOU CAN, NO NEED FOR GREED OR HUNGER, A BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE, SHARING ALL THE WORLD, YOU MAY SAY I'M A DREAMER, BUT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE, I HOPE SOMEDAY YOU'LL JOIN US, AND THE WORLD WILL LIVE AS ONE!    debbie

"from debbie in nshville. july 15th 2012. hey michael, i can not go to sleep. the hall mark channel has been showing christmas movies since yesterday. i love christmas shows, even though it is to early. i still like to watch them. when i can't sleep that's when i get on the computor. i took one of my sleeping pills and i still can't go to sleep. i'm sleepy but i just can't sleep. my body tells me i'm sleepy but my brain won't shut down. i stay so wound up all the time. so i thought i would write you a few lines. i wish i knew how you were. i wish that i could hear from you just to reassure me that you are. but i know that you can't. i understand, but it's just hard to except.well any way i want to send you this. hope you like it.  I WAS STANDING ALL ALONE AGAINST THE WORLD OUTSIDE, YOU WERE SEARCHING FOR A PLACE TO HIDE, LOST AND LONELY NOW YOU'VE GIVEN ME THE WILL TO SURVIVE, WHEN WE'RE HUNGRY, LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE, DON'T YOU WORRY, SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOTTA LET IT RIDE, THE WORLD IS CHANGING RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES, NOW THAT I'VE FOUND YOU, THERE'S NO MORE EMPTINESS INSIDE, WHEN WE'RE HUNGRY, LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE, I WOULD DIE FOR YOU, CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, BABY, THERE'S NOTHING I WOULD'NT DO, LOST AND LONELY, NOW YOU'VE GIVEN ME THE WILL TO SURVIVE, WHEN WE'RE HUNGRY, LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE, I WOULD DIE FOR YOU, CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, BABY, THERE'S NOTHING I WOULD'NT DO, LOST AND LONELY, NOW YOU'VE GIVEN ME THE WILL TO SURVIVE, WHEN WE'RE HUNGRY, LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE.
"    debbie

"Dear Michael, my name is Adriana and I am 14 years old and live in  Iowa. You have inspire me to follow me dreams and never give up. You are my hero. I listen to your music, I read your quotes, and I see how some people treate you. And I was shocked why people would ever have it in there hearts to put you down the way they did. You are a loving and caring man, and all you wanted to do was help. I want to help the chrildren of the world and even the world itself when I get older. I saw what you did for the earth and I always wanted to do what you did. Now I believe I can. Thank you Michael for being my inspiration, even my hero. Love you with all my heart.
-Adriana"    Adriana
Michael I will always be thinking about you and I will never forget you and I hope to see you someday in person. I will never let you be gone too soon. I love you Michael and I always love you. You Are Not Alone and Keep The Faith and Believe in Yourself. Heal The World for me and Julie as well. I will let Julie know that she will always be thinking of you to. I want to see you alive in person if you are ready to come back on your own time. I will never forget your moonwalk and never forget your music to. I hope to see you soon alive someday in person. I cannot wait to finally meet you in person alive to me and Julie to. I still love you Michael Jackson You really are the legendary King Of Pop Forever. You will always be the King Of Being Alive. And I want you to be alive forever in my life, and be alive in my heart as well. Well It is time for me to go now so I will let you take care of yourself being alive right now. So I will be going now, Good Luck Michael Jackson and sleep in my heart and in my life. Goodbye Michael Jackson RIP I'm really sorry about your faked death that happend in the first place. Goodbye King Of Pop Michael Jackson I love you.    Deborah

"i know michael is alive.
i saw him the day i was going with my father to my school. i'm damn sure it was him. i could recognize his lips and nose. i clicked one or 2 pics but they weren't clear enough. when i told this to my dad he didn't believe it. he said this is nonscense. i'll send you the photos give me your eail address at

micheal's a good singer as his family is his sister janet was on different strokes and good times she played penny woods one of micheal songs i remember the most is when he was very young song is called ben from the movie ben    jim

from debbie in nashville. july 9th 2012. hey michael. i hope that you are feeling good today. i prayed for you and your family lastnight.i know that god heard me. i sat up last night watching bloopers and funny moments featuring you. it's some that people have made. some of them were really funny.like when there was a bug on stage and you were telling someone security! don't kill the bug, and when you got mad about the stage being wet. there are a whole lot of them. i watch them all the time. i think they are really funny. i took my sister to the doctor yesterday and everything was o.k. she has to go back in a couple of weeks to get a real cast put on her arm. the doctor put a plate on the top of her hand. but she will be fine. well i just wanted to shout out, to let you know that i am still here if you need me. as always LOVE YOU THE MOST! don't forget to say your prayers tonight you close youreyes. you will be in mine. here's something for you. SENT FROM HEAVEN! NOW YOU CAN WAIT YOUR WHOLE LIFE WONDER'IN, WHEN IT'S GONNA COME OR WHERE IT'S BEEN, YOU MAY HAVE GOT YOUR HEART BROKEN A FEW TIMES IN THE PAST, NEVER LAST STRONG AS IT USE TO AND ALL THE THINGS YOU USED TO SAY, THINGS YOU USED TO DO, WENT RIGHT OUT THE DOOR, NO MORE WILL YOU BE THE ONE, THAT'S WHAT YOU TELL EVERYONE AROUND YOU, BUT YOU KNOW THEY'VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE, WHAT MORE CAN YOU SAY, WHEN LOVE WON'T LET YOU WALK AWAY AND YOU CAN'T HELP WHO YOU LOVE, AND YOU FIND YOURSELF GIVING IT AWAY, WHEN YOU THINK YOUR IN LOVE, I WANNA BE THE ONE WHO YOU BELIEVE IN ,IN YOUR HEART IS SENT FROM HEAVEN, THERE'S A PIECE OF ME WHO LEAVES WHEN YOUR GONE, BECAUSE YOU'RE SENT FROM HEAVEN, I WANNA BE THE ONE WHO YOU BELIEVE IN, YOUR HEART IS SENT FROM HEAVEN. YOU ARE AN ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN. JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW THIS. KISSESSSSS!    debbie

"all time , all day
i fell you not dead i know it, i can say never can say goodbye just for you  and you know i want to meet you and one day I would come to see your last resort hehehe michael i know you still in the world but why you *i cant say* maybe i want to likes you everything likes you i know i not artis or president but i your fanz and i promeis letter definitely to be likes you i promeis (dear michael jackson )

~Devian_Clakeps_~ Rest in place .......
       Gone Too Sone ......"    devian_

dear michael   jackson   i miss  you  very  much  therers  not  a day  that go  buy   that   i   dont   think  about  you because   i   do    i  wish  you were  here   i  miss  you  and   i  love  you  very  much  i   will  always   love  you  more    salley   s
"Hey it's me morgan again!
Im just sending you this to tell you I love you and i wish i could've met you for real."    Morgan

from debbie in nashville. july 9th 2012. michael i meant to tell you this is from me.alone in the dark.    debbie

hello my love. hope that your day has been good. my sister's surgery went really good today. the doctor put a plate in her hand. she has to go back to the doctor wed. for her pre-op for him to check how the surgery went.i sat all day long from about 8:30 in the morning till about 5:00 this afternoon. i was so tired of siiting. but it's all good.i just have to make sure that she does what the doctor says.i'm not use to sitting around so long, because here at home i'm always busy. well i will close for now, just wanted to give a shout out.i'm sending you this, and i mean every word that i have written, O.K.?  ALL ALONE, WISING ON STARS, WAITING FOR YOU TO FIND ME, ONE SWEET NIGHT, I KNEW I WOULD SEE, A STRANGER WHO'D BE MY FRIEND, WHEN SOMEONE IN THE DARK REACHES OUT TO YOU, AND TOUCHES OFF A SPARK THAT COMES SHINNING THROUGH, AND TELLS YOU NEVER BE AFRAID, THEN SOMEWHERE IN YOUR HEART, YOU CAN FEEL THE GLOW, A LIGHT TO KEEP YOU WARM WHEN THE NIGHT WINDS BLOW, LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN IN THE STARS, I KNEW MY FRIEND, MY SOMEONE IN THE DARK WAS YOU, PROMISE ME, WE;LL ALWAYS BE WALKING THE WORLD TOGETHER, HAND IN HAND, WHERE DREAMS NEVER END, MY STAR, SECRET FRIEND AND ME, WHEN SOMEONE IN THE DARK REACHES OUT TO YOU, AND TOUCHES OFF A SPARK THAT COMES SHINNING THROUGH, AND TELLS YOU NEVER BE AFRAID, THEN SOMEWHERE IN YOUR HEART, YOU CAN FEEL THE GLOW, A LIGHT TO KEEP YOU WARM WHEN THE NIGHT WINDS BLOW, LOOK FOR THE RAINBOW IN THE SKY,OH, I BELIEVE YOU AND I, COULD NEVER, REALLY SAY GOODBYE, WHEREVER YOU MAY BE, I'LL LOOK UP AND SEE, SOMEONE IN THE DARK FOR ME, WHEREVER YOU MAY BE, I'LL LOOK UP AND SEE, SOMEONE IN THE DARK, FOR ME. I really mean this. michael, will you be that friend that i need?    debbie

"My Dear, Wonderful Michael!!!

I don't know what else to tell you anymore, because all my toughts in my head already were sent and said to you when i'm thinking of you every time. You already gone for three years. I so regret that you still havn't came back in your own time as you promised at This Is It. Despite that i still keep a faith somewhere deeply in my soul and hopefully you'll read my message and response to my fb or myspace pages. I want to beLIEve you're Alive and my two dreams which i seen the past year will come true! I enjoy of your songs and dancing, when i'm listening to you and looking at you. I understand your life was so difficult, but however you tryed to change the World and give small part of your soul and kind to everyone, who loves you and even don't! All together we would change the World but it's so all complicated in that World. You done too much for the children, charities and your fans that God forgive and bless you! All that i wish, if you're Alive is you're in save, security and good health! Remember - we never ever forget you as a good, beautiful, kind person and The King Of Pop!!! Love you ferever. Thank you.

Natasha (Natalya) Jackson.  "    Natasha (Natalia)

"Dear Michael Jackson,
my name is Ksuysha(from Russia-Sybiria)
I love your songs, i'm a big fan.
I miss you, and hope that you're in a great place, where all is good, without problems.
I believe that you're not dead, but you'll be live in my heart!(forever...)"    Ksyusha

it have still pain in my heart every day!But I'm glad the leave him alone now and that he has the peace that he earned  !love and hugs to Michael, Michèle from Belgium.    Michèle

"HI ! I'm still thinking of you , I still belive in you and your choise .
I'm here for you.
As always your friend RENATE"    RENATE

debbie from nashville. july 8th, 2012.hey michael. is there anything you need? are you feeling ok today? i hope that you are doing good. i prayed for you and your family last night. but then i always do. they are important to me also. i have to get up early in the morning my sister is having surgery on her hand from when she fell the 4th. we are just trying to stay cool here. the temp. here in nashville has been like 106, and 107 degrees here. it has been miserable. we finally got some rain this afternoon. at least it is tolerable now. just wanted to say a few things to you before the crash that is supposed to happen tomorrow. the news said that about 50,000 p.c. would have a virus tomorrow. i don't have anything important stored in mine. just regular stuff.so on that note i will close for now. don't forget to say your prayers tonight. as always LOVE YOU THE MOST. LOVE OH MY LOVE, WONDER SOMETIMES WHERE YOU ARE, JUST A DREAM? I SIT IN THE DARK, WONDER'IN IF OUR PATHS WILL EVER CROSS, OH LORD I WISH I KNEW WHERE, WHERE ARE YOU NOW, NOW THAT I'M READY TO LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU NEED TO BE LOVED, OR DOES YOUR HEART BELONG TO SOMEONE ELSES, IF I CLOSE MY EYES, AND MAKE A WISH, WHEN THEY OPEN WILL YOU BE RIGHT HERE WITH ME? COULD IT BE, THAT TWO PEOPLE WERE MEANT TO BE? IN MY DREAMS THAT'S WHAT I FEEL, OR COULD IT BE THAT I'LL NEVER SEE YOU, STILL I SIT HERE WAITING ALL ALONE BY THE PHONE, FOR YOU..     debbie

"dear michael,
i feel as if your alive, my names amber and im 12.if you are i hope your okay and have the peace you awlways wanted i love you michael. god bless you"    amber

Micheal jackson if you are still alive pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaz say something or show your self we all love you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez you are truly THE KING OF POP    Justin

"debbie from nashville. july 6th 2012. hey michael. hope that you have had a good day, and that you are feeling well
. my,my,my,my,my,my sure are tired tonight.i have been to the doctor's with my sister all day. she had to go to two different doctor's today. we did not get out until 6:00 this afternoon. i am so tired.i wrote and told you about her falling the 4th, well, she broke her hand. so the are going to operate on it monday, which will be the 9th. so i really do have my hands full. i take care of her anyway, but this will just addmore to what i have to do. i cut,scrped and shucked corn yesterday for 11 hr. plus i had to cook it and put it up in the freezer so we can have fresh vegatbles. my ass is tired.i have been dehydrating fruits and veggies all summer. i'm trying to get ready for dec.22nd. you never know what will happen. i have a family to take care of, know what i mean? then i had to clean up my mess, plus i have been dehydrating scramble eggs. just as good as fresh. up under the foot of my bed is stuffed with stuff already. tommorow i am going to start steam cleaning the carpets and doing some serious cleaning. i've got my work cut out for me for the next two or three weeks. well i won't bore you any longer just wanted to shout at you.here's something for you, hope you like it.  THE BODY THAT LOVES YOU!-HOLD ON BABY, LET ME GET YOUR BACK- SEARCH YOU WITH LOVE, PHYSICAL LOVE- IS WAITING HERE FOR YOU, WILL YOU UNLEASH MY DESIRE? THESE ARE THE HANDS THAT WILL TOUCH YOU, THESE ARE THE LIPS THAT WILL KISS YOU, THSES ARE THE ARMS THAT WILL HOLD YOU, SO COME GET THIS BODY THAT LOVES YOU, OH HOW MY HEART DOES LOVE, THESE ARE THE HANDS THAT WILL TOUCH YOU, THESE ARE THE LIPS THAT WILL KISS YOU, THESE ARE THE ARMS THAT WILL HOLD YOU, SO COME GET THIS BODY THAT LOVES YOU, OH HOW MY HEART DOES MISS YOU! AS ALWAYS LOVE YOU THE MOST. DEBBIE FROM NASHVILLE."    debbie

I know Michael you're alive love you    sonal

You need to come back! When you do you need to make the greatest entrance back into the world! I believe in you so you should believe In it too that you can start your career again better that ever!! Another thriller!"    Maggie

hey xxx i am a realy big fan of yours and i really miss you but what i wanna know is why do you think jermaine and your family kept looking to the left if you were on the right ?? and are you still alive as it says on your lips and btw your song hold my hand is really good xxxx please reply soon xx bie xxxx    lauren

Heey, ermm my frined is sdoin a little thing on your 'death'. i personnally dont think you died. i think your double did!? i could be wrong. Only you would know. I want you to come back if you are alive. Are you alive as it says on your lips. The first line in hold your hand is a bit freaky? Dont you think? Holly xxx    Holly

Miley, Please let us know if you are all right. I still think of you everyday. My heart would feel a lot better, if I at least knew you were ok... I still and will forever love you! Susan    Susan

"Michael you are an inspiration to me.
I miss you so much :(
I wish i could have met you and told you how much i care about you <3 even though i don't you personally."    morgan

debbie from nashville. july 4,2012 1;44 IN THE MORNING. HEY SWEET,HOPE THAT YOU ENJOYED THE NIGHT. ME AND MY SISTER WENT TO WATCH THE FIREWORKS. BUT BEFORE WE WENT, I HAD GRILLED SOME STEAKS ON THE GRILL, AND AFTER WE ATE, SOMEHOW MY SISTER FELL IN THE KITCHEN AND I HAD TO GET HER UP FROM THE FLOOR. SEE, SOMETIMES SHE FALLS A LOT.BUT ANYWAY I HAD TO TAKE HER TO THE E-R. SHE BROKE HER HAND. BUT I TAKE CARE OF HER ANYWAY. SO NOW IT;S JUST MORE I WILL HAVE TO DO. BUT, I DON'T MIND BECAUSE SHE IS MY SISTER. AFTER WE LEFT THE E-R, WE WENT AND WATCHED FIRE WORKS. REALLY COOL. I HAVE TO CARE OF MY WHOLE FAMILY. I THINK THAT IS WHAT GOD HAS INTENDED FOR ME TO DO IS TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY. I HELPED THE DOCTOR'S FIX UP HER HAND. I USe TO BE A NURSE ANYWAY. THEY ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO COME AND WORK IN THE E-R ROOM, I SAID HELL-NO. BEEN THERE-DONE THAT. BUT I THINK SHE WILL BE FINE. WANTED TO SEND YOU THIS. SOMEONE PUT YOUR HAND OUT!  NEVER TRY TO TALK ABOUT IT, IT'S GOT TO SOUND GOOD TO ME INSIDE, JUST THINK ABOUT IT, I'M SO UNDEMANDING, CAUSE THEY SAY LOVE IS BLIND, I'VE LIVED LIFE PRETENDING, I CAN BEAR THIS HURT DEEP INSIDE, THE TRUTH IS THAT I'M LONGING, FOR LOVE SO DEVINE, I'VE SEARCHED THIS WHOLE WORLD WISHING, HE'LL BE THERE TIME AFTER TIME, SO SOMEONE PUT YOUR HAND OUT, I'M BEGGING FOR YOUR LOVE, ALL I DO IS HAND OUT, A HEART THAT NEEDS YOUR LOVE, I'VE LIVED MY LIFE THE LONELY, A SOUL THAT CRIES OF SHAME, WITH HANDICAPPED EMOTIONS, SAVE ME NOW FROM THE PATH I'M ON, WHEN YOU SAY WE WILL DANCE 'TILL THE LIGHT OF DAY, IT'S JUST LIKE THE CHILDREN IN EARTH'S JOY, WHEN WE PRAY WILL YOU PROMISE ME YOU'LL ALWAYS STAY, IT'S BECAUSE I'M NEEDING THAT SOMEONE. believe it or not i have felt the same way. it's really hard to cope, when you give someone your love and trust that you don't get it return. they always have a hidden agenda. when you love someone you stay with that person no matter what the odds are. you stick with them through thick and thin. don't ask for something of someone that you can't give back in return. you love them and you love them till the end and put your heart into it. love is not always making love. you can make love to a person without the physical sense. like holding hand and showing them with looks or a wink of the eye, or doing something for them without expecting aything in return., because you love them. you have to earn that trust and loyalty. saying and proving is two different things. you should't have to force it, it should come naturally. it's the gift that god gives from the heart and soul.soul mates. thought i had that at one time. too much giving and no recieving. you give that all and they throw it to the wind. oh well!. just wanted to give you a shout out. always remember i love you the most. you will be in my prayers, as i always do everynight.    debbie

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debbie from nashville. july 4 2012. hey applehead' happy 4th of july. did you hear about andy griffith passing? he was such a good hearted person. they don'nt make good clean fun shows anymore.hope your having a good day. if you shoot fireworks be safe.i will write you late on tonight. ok? as always love you the most!    debbie

"Im doing a project at school and i have solid cold evidence to prove you arent dead i need to ask you 1 important question
why did you do that to your kids i thought you loved them with all your heart"    Shyann

from debbie in nashville. july 3rd 2012. hey michael it's me again.first let me explain to you that when i write to you it is coming from my heart. i know that you always wanted someone that you could talk to as a real person and not always wanting something from you. i know that you get real joy hearing form your fans about how much they love you. i think that is wonderful. i talk to you as a friend. i know that you get tired of all the hoop-la ant sayning how much they love you and all. but the only thing i want is trust and understanding. that's all i require.because when i write to you i mean everything i write. no bull...as i have written before there are not many people that i can reLATE to. i feel this real strong bond.i was born on friday the 13th. and that's a good thing. i can pick up on things that usually people can't feel. i have been like this all my life. i can honestly feel your pain and know the hurt that you have endured all your life. you're eyes are the signal to your soul. and i can relate to that. i can feel that. that's why i can feel things that other's can't. but i wanted to send this to you. this might ring a bell? BE NOT ALWAYS! ALWAYS, BE NOT ALWAYS, AND IF ALWAYS, BOW OUR HEADS IN SHAME, ALWAYS, PLEASE BE NOT ALWAYS, AND IF ALWAYS, BOW OUR HEADS IN BLAME, CAUSE TIME HAS MADE PROMISES, JUST PROMISES, FACES, DID YOU SEE THEIR FACES? DID THEY TOUCH YOU? HAVE YOU FELT SUCH PAIN? TO HAVE NOTHING, TO DREAM SOMETHING, THEN LOOSE HOPING, IS NOT LIFE BUT LAME? BUT TIME HAS MADE PROMISES, JUST PROMISES, MOTHER'S CRY, BABIES DIE HELPLESSLY IN ARMS, WHILE ROCKETS FLY AND RESEARCH LIES IN PROGRESS TO BECOME, BUT WHAT OF MEN OF FLESH AND BLOOD? WE TURN OUR BACKS ON LIFE, HOW CAN WE CLAIM TO STAND FOR PEACE, WHEN THE RACE IS ARMED IN STRIFE, DESTROYING LIFE? ALWAYS, PLAESE, BE NOT ALWAYS, BUT IF ALWAYS, BOW OUR HEADS IN SHAME, ALWAYS,PLEASE, PLEASE, BE NOT ALWAYS, CAUSE IF ALWAYS, BOW OUR HEADS IN BLAME, CAUSE TIME, TIME HAS MADE PROMISES.. DEATH PROMISES. SOME PEOPLE THINKS THAT THIS IS JUST A SONG. BUT NOT! I KNOW THAT EVERY SONG THAT YOU HAVE EVER PUT OUT THAT IT HAS A MEANING TO IT. BUT SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T GET THE MESSAGE. THANKS. LOVE YOU THE MOST.     debbie


boy how i wish i were were u are ur so lucky. man u sure have alot of peace now. ur missed so much rest in peace michael. lots of love. remissa of luisville.    remissa