"Hey Michael honey its me Iram! Am sorry I haven't been sending U my messages cause I was investigating your case and I still am and I will never stop ! Yesterday was your birthday 29/8/12 happy birthday Michael Jackson ! I luv U and I miss U so much from the bottom of my heart. Please come back applehead I need you. I know you are alive I have a gut feeling and so does my heart believes that you are alive. I miss U so much I celebrated your birthday privately and I was also crying so much that my eyes are still swollen. God bless U Michael please come back soon..i will be waiting...peace. Xxxxx
Love from iram xxx"    iram
"Hey Michael,
If you are still alive and in hinding, you really need to hide yourself better. There is lots of people talking, saying that you are alive and in hiding. They have created some pictures of you and they are saying that they have met you.

I have no doubt that you most likely not get this letter, but if you do read this, please take this warning into account. You have to hide better! Otherwise you may be found out. Don't trust anyone. Only Best friends and family. If you can please reply to me. Hide well."    Hazel

im ur biggest fan    megan

"Michael, You are always in my heart! I will always LOVE YOU! Happy birthday! From  Nonna with Love!
"    Nonna


As I celebrate OUR birthday today I will cherish your unconditional love to all of the people that you touched around the world.  Rest in peace KING OF POP!  You will always be loved and missed by me!...God Bless!!

As I celebrate OUR birthday today I will cherish your unconditional love to all of the people that you touched around the world.  Rest in peace KING OF POP!  You will always be loved and missed by me!...God Bless!!

"Happy aniversary ! I wish you all the best in the world, wherever you are.
As always your friend RENATE"    RENATE

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! You are now a "REAL" star in the constellation of Cygnus..That is my gift to you and I hope you like it!  Love you and miss you so much..    Shelley

"Hey Mike everyone miss u even I , never knew how much we had incom tree sisters five brothers an even my baby brother is dead please say hello to him for me his name is Joe , hey u an I are. Also the same ages u left the day before my birthday an bouth of  our childhood life's was messed up I too loved my music an to dance  but u became famous with yours but as long as u. Lived I could listen to alot of my point's in life that u told in your lyrices we had a lot incom only def was u became famous an I'mstill here living this same life so now what ? We lived some what twin lives for so long an now I'm stuck all I can do is finish out the breast of my or (our ? Story ). I don't know it seemed Like it was you an me against the world an now it's just wish we could have meet as friends I think we bouth would have liked each other hey mike we even liked the same style of. Clothses we enen had the Same outlooks in life but now that's over with u and I because like I said before It's just me . Hey Mike if u can here me don't stop until ya get enough save me a spot in the light until we meet.  J. L.
"    john

"Hello my Peter Pan.
In your song where you are I love it! your message said you looking after Tinkerbell!
Well your Tinkerbell is here,all near you and in your heart.
You're not alone,I'm here with you every that passes.
Every your Fairy looks up the sky and shook her wand to try to make reappear.
Each night I look at the stars I imagine
that the two shining stars are your eyes
looking at me with your beautiful smile.
this would be the happiness to see you,
your Fairy is very sad but she believes in your return.
You are my Peter Pan,my best friend,I'll always be here if you need.
My Peter Pan leaves a message or send me a sign you're ok that to be reassured that your Fairy! I love you deep in my heart my Peter Pan.God bless you.I'll leave a clue I am french,and Tinkerbell in french is Fée Clochette.fée clochette on my profil.f.your Tinkerbell Nadia.

"    Colanesi
We all love you michael. You will be truly missed. Rest in peace <3    celestine

"Micheal.. I'm so in love with you. It makes me cry when i hear about you and what happened to you. I love you dearly, you are my inspiration and always will be
Zahra"    Zahra

"  I made a trip this year on June thirty, to Neverland ranch. I spoke to Los Olivos neighbours about Michael, he is sadly missed by old and young, I came on three planes from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada. The saga of Michaels life is without a doubt the most extreme case of sadness. All believers who have studied his life agree that he was an extraordinary human beyond the song and dance. I am undecided as to what really happened. If living, he escaped public death. If dead, he will find a new life, free from lies. I vindicated him before the trial started by not believing the lies. I grew up with his music and continue to listen and discover new things each day. I would love to meet the Jackson family and ask them more about Michael. My condolences are to Michael. What a feeling to be both loved and hated. I hope wherever he is, he receives the rest he so needed and the love. So very sad, he could never trust anyone, due to his accumulated wealth. IT is a sad thing, to tell the world that you are ""the lonliest person on earth"". Godspeed. LB from TBay..
neverland valley was the most serene, peaceful secluded, gorgeous, wind whistling, place on earth. When I spoke to the gaurd, it sickened me to know that the right to feel safe and private in his own home had been robbed from him by that pasty, apple pie faced, cop loser. We must know: Karma has a funny way of revisiting. All things are cyclical. If Michael is dead, the Arvizo family and this so called officer of the law, should spend the rest of their days repenting."    Liza
"Michael, we love you.
RIP"    Amy

"Dear Michael
I think you and us(your fans)can make it a better place for living and you shouldn't hide from the world.We can help you"    Deniz

Mjj weather your alive or dead il miss u i hope u go to heaven and i just wana say i miss u your alive in my heart     sabrina m

i want to know if your alive?    Amy

miss you michael jackson foever be my hero. L.O.V.E everyone you taught us how to love no matter what people say. love you mike    allea
Michael jackson is my hero, I used to believe the media, but then I started learning about it by myself. It saddens me though, because by the time I realised this, he was gone. I would give anything to meet him.    Reed

Hi Michael Jackson im a huge fan i love all ur music ur dancing has inspares me i love dancing and sinning ur my number one idol i love u so much i have all ur photos on my notebook will not all of them and i just want to say i love you so much with all my heart and soul and i put u in my heart when i found out ur died and it broke my heart once again i love u so very much Mikey.    Amber
Michel, i just want to tell you one big THANK YOU for changing my life, thank you for everything you did, everything you gived to us-your fans. i really miss you adn i still can believe what is just happening. Here in Bulgaria is not really easy to learn English, but i did it for you, i just believed! Now im watching a show with you and i am crying cuz i really want to see you again smiling and singing and dancing. I know that you dont want to see and hear that anyone is crying over you, but i just cant. 3 years Michael, 3 years, and i still cant believe. You were THE BEST for me, i was trying to be like you and make other people happy and help them...and i still do it... For you! I know you love us whereever you are AND WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! God bless you Mike and rest in peace! <3    Dayana

Hey Michael, Came accross this site a little too late but as they say, better late than never huh? I simply cannot believe that you are dead. I just dont believe it and wont believe it. Just in case you ever get to see this, I want you to know that you've helped me out quite a bit and you made a difference to at least this girl! I kept listening to your songs at home, late at night when I was going through horrific abuse and they helped me survive. So if you ever get this THANK YOU. If you ever decide to come to Greece I hope I get to see you even from afar and know that you are definitely not alone.     Tasha K

"Hey applehead its Iram here, just wanna say that I can't stop thinking about you,I love U so much and I really miss you.i need you Michael,please come back I want to protect U,and I can,I know it,just meet me once,you will need me in your life I can make your life safer. I love you,please come back
From your lovely no.1 fan xxxx
Iram xxxxxxx "    iram

from debbie in nashville, august 10th,2012 12:34 thursday morning. hello my love. i have been thinking about you a lot here lately. i watch all of your vidio's just to see your gorgious smile and sexy eyes. i know so much has been happening in your family. but that is what greed does to you.karma has a way of biting you in your ass. they will soon realize it, then it will be to late for them. i think that the kids will really have a learning experience for this. but it will make them a stronger person and have wisdom. you taught them well. KUDO! hopefully you will be here in 2014? you had better send for me!no matter how many michael's that are to be in your likeness, i know the real one. BUCKET! well i want to leave this with you. hope you like it.   I DON'T NEED NO DREAMS WHEN I'M BY YOUR SIDE, EVERY MOMENT TAKES ME TO PARADISE, DARLIN, LET ME HOLD YOU, WARM YOU IN MY ARMS AND MELT YOUR FEARS AWAY, SHOW YOU ALL THE MAGIC THAT A PERFECT LOVE CAN MAKE, I NEED YOU NIGHT AND DAY, SO, BABY, BE MINE, AND BOY I'LL GIVE YOU ALL I GOT TO GIVE, SO, BABY, BE MY MAN[ALL THE TIME]AND WE CAN SHARE THIS ECSTASY, AS LONG AS WE BELIEVE IN LOVE, I WON'T GIVE YOU A REASON TO CHANGE YOUR MIND, I GUESS IT'S STILL YOU THRILL ME, BABY, BE MINE, YOU ARE ALL THE FUTURE THAT I DESIRE, BOY, I NEED TO HOLD YOU, SHARE MY FEELINGS IN THE HEAT OF LOVE'S EMBRACE, SHOW YOU ALL THE PASSION BURNING IN MY HEART, TODAY, IT'S NEVER GONNA FADE, WON'T YOU STAY WITH ME UNTIL THE MORNIN SUN, I PROMISE YOU NOW THAT THE DAWN WILL BE DIFFERENT! BABY, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT'S HEAVEN'S JUST BEGUN, IT'S LIVIN HERE INSIDE OUR HEARTS, THERE'LL BE NO MORE MOUNTAINS FOR US TO CLIMB[I CAN'T BE STILL, YOU THRILL ME, BABY, BE MINE, THIS WILL BE A LOVE LASTING FOR ALL TIME, BOY, YOU GOT TO HOLD ME, WE CAN TOUCH THE SKY AND LIGHT THE DARKEST DAY, HOLD ME, ONLY YOU AND I CAN MAKE SWEET LOVE THIS WAY, THERE'S NO MORE I CAN SAY, SO BABY, BE MINE[BABY GOTTA BE MINE] AND BOY I'LL GIVE YOU ALL I GOT TO GIVE, SO BABY,BE MY MAN]ALL THE TIME] YOU'RE EVERYTHING THIS WORLD COULD BE, THE REASON I LIVE.   LOVE YOU THE MOST.    debbie

"Dear Michael,
   I just want to thank you for everything you have done. Your music has inspired me to become a better person. I wish I could be just like you."    Samirah

hey michael i wanted to know if you reallly are alive    catilyn

i know ur alive plwasw come back    hanna

please come back i know u r alive    hanna

Michael jackson i loved you forever and each time i listen to your music or watch a  video of you i will cry unstopley you still alive in my heart and in my dreams but is hard for me when you died my heat ddied inside of me and i would never be able to smile ever in my lifetime  Rest in peace  angels are wacting over you if you where still alive my heart would be alive .From ally m.    ally

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Michael, i know it has been almost four years that you have been gone. I miss you and i need you. You always knew how to make your fans smile and the children happy. You never let me down and i would never believe what anyone said about you. Meeting you would of been my dream come true. Nobody can compare to you or even make me feel so happy. I pray for you everynight, i cry for you everyday, i just wish you could somehow appear again and make the world be so joyful. I guess i have to accept you're gone but i love you so much. I am crazy about you. I always listen to your music, words, rhythm. I cant say it enough, i love you michael and please stay smiling. I know you are fine and in god's hands. I wont stop praying and wishing. Xoxo, Gloria.     Gloria m