"Hello Dear, Darling, beloved, lovely, tender Michael,

Michael, i so love you and your music, songs and dance. I don't know where you are now but you will always be in my heart! And you are not alone, you are with me forever! I do believe you are ALIVE and it doesn't matter you performe or not, you are ALIVE, WELL and FINE this is the important to me. It's up to you to live for a normal human life. You're the beautiful, amazing and kind person! I live in England in Chesterfield and i hope we'll meet there one day! Just, Michael, please, let me know there is no concerning of your future. OK? I fell in love with you. So missing u!
LOVE, Natasha."    Natalia

"Hello Dear, Darling, beloved, lovely, tender Michael, Michael, i so love you and your music, songs and dance. I don't know where you are now but you will always be in my heart! And you are not alone, you are with me forever! I do believe you are ALIVE and it doesn't matter you performe or not, you are ALIVE, WELL and FINE this is the important to me. It's up to you to live for a normal human life. You're the beautiful, amazing and kind person! I live in England in Chesterfield and i hope we'll meet there one day! Just, Michael, please, let me know there is no concerning of your future. OK? I fell in love with you. So missing u!
LOVE, Natasha."    Natalia

dear Michael, you saved my life from a bad childhood, maybe the same as yours, your music and your soul keeped me alive,I just want to tell you that I am sure that you are alive, quite now with your children, I'll keep this secret as long as I 'll live because I love you more than everything, I am today a mother with 4 children, all my life is here, I 'm praying every day to find you somewhere in secret and be your friend, maybe you will give me the chance to give you back all the love you gave to me and my family, I'm alive Michael and it is because of you, THANK YOU  so much, go bless you, I'm waiting for a sign every day....You will always be my best friend, you are pure, the best person on this earth.I love you.please give me a sign    Sonzogni
Michael es tu vivant?    violette

 "Dear Michael,
  Gosh what could one possibly say to the King with out getting all tongue tied and nervous? I guess ill start , and see where this will end up.
 When you went away , the world was not the same. For me it had a totally different feel to it. BeLIEve it or not t.v and music were no longer enjoyable. A great sadness engulfed and lingered in the world , because you were no longer with us. It was very depressing to say the least. There was nothing really to get excited about. Its like entertainment was never the same. Not being able to see you in the crowd at different award ceremonies , with all the other artists and entertainers. It was just heart breaking , and almost unbearable. People were doing tributes to honor  you,  new acts were coming out , but how could one possibly get excited for any of it with out you being there? The world just became stale and stagnant. Its like your going along , living your everyday life , thinking your secure in the things that helped shape and mold you into being who you are today ,from child hood to adult hood, and then one day , in the twinkling of an eye its gone.
 Ill try to explain myself the best way I know how in order for this memoir to make sense.
 I beLIEve the soul is made up of  many of things. Example; faith, family ,friends , taste , touch , smell , beauty , fashion ,art, music. Each one, help to make up a persons soul, and who they are. Music I believe makes up a great portion of the soul. To me, you Michael, are music. You laid the foundation for music , and opened up doors for other artists.
I grew up listening to you , watching you and  loving you , not just as a entertainer and for your music ,but also because you , were and are, kind spirit full of l.o.v.e. You became and you tried sharing that with the rest of the world. In seeing all that, you had a part in making me who I am today.
 You were  one of the people that I was so sure of ,and could count on,to always being around. Then in one moment , one breath you were gone.
 When they announced that you had passed ,they might as well have said that a meteor was going to hit the earth and people only had one hr to live. In that moment panic broke out and the world was in turmoil.
I thought , how could this be? This is not possible. Hes a part of me. Hes a part of the whole world. This can't be true. It doesn't make sense. None of us even seen it coming.
My heart broke and I cried for days. A part of who I was , was no longer with me. A part of my soul had died.
I had many regret's. For one, not sending you a letter of encouragement from time to time. Truth is , I didn't know how , or even where to send it to , let alone that you would ever have the time to read it.
My other regret is , never been able to go see you in concert. I had a chance once when I was ten or eleven years old in Phoenix Arizona , and then it was announced that you had been injured and your hair had caught on fire during the filming of the Pepsi commercial, and the concert had to be cancelled. I remember the world went crazy worrying about you including myself. I cried for days back then too.

Fast forwarding to a couple of days after the announcement was made , of your alleged passing, I was watching the news intently , trying make sense of the real life night mare , that  the world was now facing , and heard and seen things that were very unusual. The news broadcaster was streaming  the live feed , where the EMT's were transporting your alleged body. They were trying to get it into the morgue and one of the EMT's was being very rough and bumping the stretcher  into the wall. I SCREAMED! I thought what is he being so damn rough for? My heart instantly went out to your mother Kathryn. I thought ,  ""Oh no. What if she was watching and seen that?""
 Even the news broadcaster spoke up and said "" DID THEY JUST BUMP THE BODY?"" Then she said the same thing I was thinking , about your mother , hoping that she wasn't watching. These  EMT's certainly were not being respectful that's for sure.
Then the County Coroner , released a statement , that upon your arrival to the Coroner's they released a statement of the condition of the body. They said  you were balding ,and your nose was missing.
I know this sounds sort of heartless for people out there that aren't beLIEvers , but I burst into laughter. RIGHT THEN I KNEW. You were letting us true fans and BeLIEver's all is not what it seemed and it was going to be ok.
After that there were  so many questions that I had. I remember watching the memorial and the funeral and thought to myself .. Something strange is going on here. All the interviews , Larry King Live , and even David Letterman were saying things that just seemed odd and out of place. I just had this feeling inside and I couldn't let it go. I had to keep searching. I mean , I watched the memorial a hundred times , and every time left me with this strange feeling. For instance , when Brook Shield , stood up and gave her speech. I had heard her give that almost exact same speech at , I think an awards ceremony. She talked about the sequined glove, and the Little Prince.
I haven't even touched on the other things that I noticed. It would take too long. Lets just say... I became quickly aware and enlightened very fast.
It was New Years Eve night 2009. I had stayed home that night ,because i had the  sniffles and was not feeling well. I grew bored of just laying around, so  I opened up my lap top and started watching some of the   greats. Billy Jean, Beat it , Thriller. I thought it would make me feel better and it did.
THEN all of the sudden  there was the sound of loud rumbling. My room started to shake. I thought Oh no. Were having a earthquake. I stood up to try to brace myself ,when my bedroom floor gave way making what appeared to be a giant hole. All of the sudden a white rabbit poked its head out and looked at me. I was startled ,so I  tried to jump over it and in doing so , my foot got caught on something and I slipped and fell into the hole lap top and and all , falling for miles and miles and  finally landing on a yellow brick road.
Once I got my bearings about me, I stood up , dusted myself off and I said to my lap top "" Were not in Kansas any more.""
I looked and all around me was this vast city , with signs that read"" WELCOME TO BeLIEverville."" It was then that I embarked on the greatest adventure of my life.
In the city , there was much hidden treasure ,and everyone was welcome to it. I myself ,had a vault stacked to the ceiling with clues and treasures that I had dug up and uncovered.
Thats just one of the things , that makes this city so special. The other is that this is a city of L.O.V.E. Where everyone supports and cares for one another. If you feel like you haven't found any treasure for awhile , someone steps up , and offer you to share theirs. We are all searching for the same thing.
There is one huge treasure that everyone is trying to find. If we find it ,  we will never have to search again , because this specific treasure is worth more then all the Gold , Rubies , sapphires , Diamonds , Emeralds , Pearls , and all the precious gems and all the shining stars that make up our galaxy.
One day , hopefully soon ,well find it, and well all live happily ever after. :)

I know. It was a corny story , but hey, it came straight from my heart.
Ill end with this. I just want you to know how much you are loved. Even though I don't know you personally , you are and always will be a part of my life.
There was a time when I thought that I was the only one , who thought that you were alive , until , I got on my lap top and started searching.
I discovered thousands  of people that felt , and noticed the same things that I did. It felt good to know that there were others and to know that I was not crazy.
 We have all came together as one and have one common bond in all this. We are a growing stronger every day , and are a strong force holding hands in , untied in your ARMY of L.O.V.E.

I love you Michael. Please come back soon. I know the world is so sorry for what they did to you. Forgive them. Come home.

Love Always,

"    Sarah
"I saw you my tv you was death now I check
My iPad now you are a life I'm tired of medicaton
Cuse it will burn my tommy & pain ful "    Mike

I love you more than anything. You save me everyday I wake up. Your smile save my life. I love you so much Michael.Feelings that can not be described with words.    Paula

hello Michael,i love you,your birthday is a day before mine and i always celebrate it its a big hounor to be born on the day after yours :) xxx    Jaymay

Hi Michael my name is gabi! I hope you are alive and well. You are a huge inspiration to me and if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt be alive right now. I just want to let you know that we miss you and i love!    Gabriella

Hi Michael! We all know you are in a good place now, but are you alive? I saw you in Paris and you hid your face with a bag? (video)    Giselle

You were and still are my idol. When I found out you were gone my heart was lost and crinkled. It's unbelievable to think of you're death. R.I.P MJ. I miss you. :(    Sian

 Dear Michael!I am you fan since i was 14,now i am 31.I have got two kids,husband and we all love you very much!And we believe,that you are Alive, wherever you are.God bless you Dear Michael!    Dexter

It sad to know that you been dead for 2 years now I remember that day clearly I was 19 at the time.  May u rest in peace buddy     Timothy

"Oh Michael,
I am writing to you 3rd time now because than more i read all the info about you then more and more i do understand why you're in hiding. You done correct, Micheal if you faked your death because you had no choice at all, if you could gave 50 conserts in London it was impossible for you to save your health and life and they wanted from you more and more! I do wish to see you again but it is better for you to get away or they never ever leave you alone although anyway all the world will know all the truth some time. Please, Michael, just tell me if you are well and fine to make me happy and carm. I'll tell for nobody, because i'm russian and i can keep a secret. God says ""tell for nobody the secrets of other people"". And i do promiss! OK

Regards and love,
Natasha. "    Natalia

"My LOVELY MICHAEL,I am 52 years old and the Truly fan to YOU. I can't believe you dead. I'm still keepin a faith you are ALIVE! And i so wish you will be happy and health where you are. You're always in my heart, thoughts and soul. I'm listening your songs when wake up. Nobody would replace you. You're THE BEST KING OF POP, the beautiful man and kind person! Your music and tender voice much exiting me. I don't want to watch for other singers, you are only the best singer and dancer! I so want and hope to see you again anywhere, please, DEAR MICHAEL, let me know you are still ALIVE and FINE, then i can live carm. Sorry, we gave you away now but GOD says ""if you beleive it you get it""! And i do beleive you' re realy ALIVE! I so LOVE you, MICHAEL and want you are always smillin despite what nosty people talking of you. Hope you're reading my e-mail now! Regards and forever with you,
Natasha.  "    Natalia

It would be a blessing if this were you    Kim 

"Michael  Jackson  if  you  are  alive
please  Email  me  I  will  love  to see
one  of  Michael  jackson  impersonators
please  talk  to  me  Michael  Jackson:)"    linda

"I've sent you e-mail now, Michael. Please, answer to me. I so LOVE you and miss you and cannot sleep at the nights. I do believe you're ALIVE! You're AMAZING THE KING OF POP! Never ever will the same king be instead. I enjoy listerning and watching to you. I am Russian but living in England.
Love you forever,
Natasha."    Natalia

"Dear Michael,
I am so happy reading on the people seen you at many countries. I always beleived and do now you are ALIVE! I want to say i seen you twice in my dreams and last time it was the end of September i seen you in my dream very clearly as you and your double went to a very high hotel and someone said me, Michael lives there. I was in shock when i wake up. I hope it is realy so and we will see you as soon as possible. Oh, Machael, please, come back! I am your the true fan and i do understand why you faked the death, because of high powerful people who hate you. But you know we all LOVE you so much and support you. So do not be affraid if all the world will know you are ALIVE. You'll make us so much happy of it. We love you, we need you, Michael and your children need the father, then, please, please, come back, Michael! We're always waiting for you!
Regards and love,
you fan and freind Natasha."    Natalia

"Hi Michael  It's almost thanksgiving, and if Im asked what am I'm thankful for, I have so many things it's take so long to say, but making this short I have to say I'm thankful that your not dead and I'm just thankful for yor parents for bring their children in the world, I know life haven been easy for you guys, but flew people can say life been good to them, Michael I want to say to all of the Jackson family keep your head up stand tall, I want to say I wish you all the best."    Baby
yur goin hell    Shaquila
"I miss you every much.
I love you.
"    Preyanut

Are you dead because I'm 11 and my girlfriend is 11 hop your not dead please I'm your bigest fan    Santiago

"Hello Michael Jackson
I hope your well and happy some place in this world. Baby your love so much you just don't know how much your loved Michael, but you have your life to live no matter how much we want you back you do what’s best for you, because all your life you done what other people wanted you to do, now it's all about you. Michael I hope someday you will enjoy life and live the life you want to live and where ever your heart take you I hope you be happy and until then take care and your fans love you king."    Baby
"dear the famouse michael jackson

this is from all my family we all miss you so much rip "    jj

hey michael just once come forward ,and proof that you are alive . just once..plsssssssssss .:"(...:(((..plss    Jagdeep 

Hi michael! so how are you doin? :D i did a portrait of u at school haha! hope u doin well. w/b <3    claudia barcelo


hey Michael, God you are beautiful!  In every way.  Be happy and laugh a lot.  Love you unconditionally, always . d.c xxx    debbie callow

"Dear Michiael
I can feel Your Pain, I can understand your Sufferings
But You are one of Us - The starseeds!"    Milosz
"You are happy.
 Healthy body.
 Miss you forever."    Preyanut

Michael, the hoax went well with the guilty verdict. I know what your doing and it's awsome. These people in la who tried to take you down and other people are going to get their day. I suppose that murray is in a hotel somewhere under police custody. i hope you come back now. We miss you so much and i think alot of fans are starting to think your not here. I kniw the death photo was fake. They haven't used those gurney's since 1990 in ucla hospital. I read between the lines and watch all the videos. I worked in the court system. That judge sometimes was really play acting. He talked to much but I guess only us who believe got it. Please don't wait to much longer. We really need to see you soon. I hope your well and healthy. What I don't understand is why you let them talk about you lke that in court with the condem cathiter and all the pill bottles OR is it to just prove a point that the media will believe anything they see and here like you said before don't believe what you read and here. It's all lies. Was this all set up about the propofol??? I can't believe you took that. I'm thinking it's all a part of the hoax. I hope I am right and you make them all feel like fools and God will take care of the rest. jermaine and Loytoya said yesterday after the verdict that you were there and she said you loved everyone out side. I think she was telling us your alive and don't give up.Love you Michael    Gail

"Dearest Micheal
You have helped me through the most trying times of my life as a 13 year old girl who lost her dad to cancer back in 1997. You came to South Africa and it broke my heart knowing that I could not go and see your concert in person, but your music has helped me tremedously. Now I am a 27 year old women and I want to say thank you. I know Micheal that you are finally are at peace and you are dancing and moonwalking in heaven with the stars and the angels were you belong. I felt your presence the other night as i was listening to your music and I was crying so much as I felt just so alone and just listening to you I felt your presence holding me and wiping away my tears just like how I felt back in 1997.  I love you Michael, may you forever rest in peace"    Shaista
I wish I could hug you and tell you I miss you and I always have believed in you and never doubted you I love you I know that sounds crazy because we never met but you kept me alive and going when people used to make fun of me in school I would look to you and your music and see no matter what you were still going so then I could too. I so hope you are really still alive but you always will be in my heart    Amanda

I wish I could hug you and tell you I miss you and I always have believed in you and never doubted you I love you I know that sounds crazy because we never met but you kept me alive and going when people used to make fun of me in school I would look to you and your music and see no matter what you were still going so then I could too. I so hope you are really still alive but you always will be in my heart    Amanda

hi micheal all ur fans want u to come back we all miss u micheal  i knew u were alive when they said u died something in my soul said no hes alive he had to get away for while but he will be back i hope thats real soon micheal i love you so much micheal may god help u to come back to ur fans     toni

 Am a 11 year old girl. I have been watching MJ's music videos. I know why he is called the King of Pop. In my heart i think he is alive. He was a good good man and i think the way he may have died was a bad way to leave the world. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. I wish the family will remember him as he was a nice sweet and love Father and singer.    Doramae

michael are you alive or are you dead    megan 

"Just like to say sorry on behalf of mankind, I have no idea why we are so destructive, killing anything beautiful and special, there are so many few people with power who genially want to do the right thing for the world and mankind that's probably why I looked up too you and what you stood for. You remind me of the charater you play in ghost, misunderstood and because of that people don't like you and judge you, except children because all children are born pure and are able to create their own path of what to become, I guess that is why ghost made me cry so bloody much!
I can understand loneliness, maybe not to your extremes, but I know what it feels like. I have 4 sisters but I can only kind of trust one of them I don't trust my mum, I'm closest to my dad and i don't get to see him as much as I would like too, but you can't really talk to family about EVERYTHING, you like need a true friend, and gosh they are hard to find, I had friends who knew my dreams, my joys, my fears now if we pass each other, nothing, they just walk through me without even a acknowledging look! Like I'm glass, seeing straight through me! Why I love meeting strangers and telling them everything, they don't know me or my roots and cant start rumers, I use a fake name and stuff aswel.
It's why I kind of want to be famous, i'd love complete strangers to WANT to talk and be around me, I guess I'd like the attention, AND I guess people would want to be my friend but for the wrong reasons, people now want to be my friend for the wrong reasons, because my mum has a nice car? Nice things? That she didn't get herself! Off some man shes with who has money, and I swear every time she ""upgrades"" they just keep getting more wealthy, and people want to be my friend to use me for my things and I hate it! I guess you would give anything just to be not famous for 5 minutes, everything must be so fake and unreal, have someone talk to you like you are not famous be REAL with you, tell you that top doesn't look good instead of pretending because if they're nice they might get something. People think my family are so ""perfect and happy"" but WOW we are not! My sisters and me, what people tell us is that we are a bit weird, but I don't care! Me and sheridan (tlhe sister I'm closest too) love to run around outside in the middle of the night trying not to giggle too loud incase we wake people up, or walking 10 miles to another town too sit in a field and drink coffee, people just don't know until they come see for themselves, don't judge before you know us.
Why I see myself in you :) like obviously not as extreme but a tiny version :D
And if your in heaven or where ever you are I hope your resting and having fun :) and when I get into heaven I'd like to say hi :) soooooo I'll meet you by the marshmallow chocolate fountain for a glass of baileys and a chat :D, oooooo have you had baileys? Its Like a Irish cream and ohhhhh my goshhh it's so gooooood I love it so much! But I only drink it at Christmas so it reminds me of Christmas, ok I'll shut up now -_-
Bye :)x"    Shanice

You have made a massive positive impact in my life. There is nobody like you. You are unique and an inspiration. The world is a big place to hide for you Michael but the one thing that the world will miss most is a very loving and respectable person who is you.     Alex

Hi michael I'm Taylor. I am 9 and I know your alive and I won't tell anybody but I am a very BIG fan. I really miss you and I hope you come back.    Taylor

Do you drink any Greek coffee? Do you shrink in a green coffin?  Let me be your everyday morphine...Without you I'm just an orphan.    Argyro

 Do as heart dictates. This is your life and you're in the right to make their choice. Be happy. with love,M.    Marina

if u really are alive then i think that is amazing, everyone was so upset when they thought u were dead, if u r alive u should come out n let us know it will make a lot of people very very happy including me. i have been brought up with ur  music and im a very big fan. would of been very nice to meet you xxxxx    hannah

Hey Michael, I want you to know that...I LOVE YOU more than any other. Even though I have never met you face-to-face, I have always loved you so much, much more than you could ever imagine! You're a the beloved one, a friend, you're everything to me!!! I'm 14, female but still age doesn't count! Whether you're dead or alive, you shall always remain the King Of Pop(King of everything). Just keep smiling in Heaven or wherever you are and forgive all the past! I love you from the bottom of my heart...keep smiling!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Ella

Music  press kits

 "i love you michael jackson!!!!!!   MISS YOU"    Dennisse

I will remember the day i met you at manadalay bay. Your love for everyone. and i will stay strong as you said,to forgive and love.    Wayne



are you alive    Yeama

"We keep you safe.
 Ask you to be happy.
 I love and miss you always"    Preyanuch

  Michael Jackson if you are alive why did you fake your death? Is 2pac dead are you dead? im so confused please tell me!    Cherokee

Mike I think of you every day of my life and everyday, before go to sleep, I pray for you and I bring you in my dreams....here I can talk with you and I can touch you...here in my dreams no one can stad between me and you...there are just me and you my sweet king...love you and miss you so much! xox Raffaella      raffaella

michael died today, it was to loose the beautiful face of the sun they say, the eagle in full flight, may he soar through the heavens has he soared through our souls,, bold beautiful ever tobehold    jean

Michael I lost my computer for a while and when I got another our frienship was deleted and I don't know how to send a friend request you sent me one.    Claudia

"Please  Michael  Jackson  if you  are alive please  tell everyone I  am  still  a  big  fan  of  yours  and  aways  will  be  tell  Myspace and on
Twitter and  on  facebook  and Google +
Please  tell  Michael  Kiss  michael  jackson  impersonator I  really  miss  him  on  facebook  I  woould  like  him
to  be  my  friend  again  on  facebook
Michael  Jackson  just  say  my  name
out  loud :)  Please  Michael  Jackson  Message  me  :)"    Linda

u are one of kind u always be forever in heart if u are alive this katrina harris your truly numberone fan always an forever    katrina

dear michael wherever you are i miss you so much and i wish too meet you someday and i wish you come back i have so much to tell you ok love you so much i hope to you soon someday love shakeyhia marie howell    shakeyhia

hi michael.im joanne.i just can say:i. love. you.god bless you wherever you are.    joanne

"hi michael.i wished that you were alive.i dont know is it right that youre alive?i wish it is.im from iran.all the people in iran,love you so much.
I love you too!
Parisa mohseni"    parisa

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