" Hi Michael    I just passing by to say hi and I still love you and hope you soon come back and we miss you and hope the best for you, I know your court on tv but I know it's a play because your here with us, so baby take care we still you love and your still the king."    baby

When I was alone like you were alone, I would cry listening to Ben.  I felt sometimes like I was Ben, always running here and there, feeling never wanted anywhere.  Like you I missed out on so many things growing up.  Like you I found comfort and friendship with a rat.  I have always looked upon you as a lone flower of great beauty fighting to grow in a field over-run by thorns.   You hold your head proudly while they, so jealous of what you are that they can never be, cut at you.  And yet you keep your face to the sun, sharing your beauty and love with all the strength you have in you to those of us who so needed that--needed to see such a flower enduring despite the cuts, the thorns   I'm sorry the media took you from us.  In my opinion it is the media who should be on trial, for bringing about the hurt and depression that ultimately took you from us.  But this is not what I will remember of you, Michael. It is that lovely flower among the thorns, and the hope your example gave to me as I too was fighting through my own darkness.    diane

we love u micheal jackson and u will     alway,s will remain in our heart,s god bless u and your family     corey

Micheal Jackson are you alive we miss you and love you and your music show the fans your not dead David.    David

Hi Michael...I know this is 3 years too late, but I have been working hard on my artistic skills and I painted a few picture of you! I don't know if you will like them or not, but if you ever do see them, smile and I know I will feel its warmth where ever I am. You can find the paintings @ http://aikira-chan.deviantart.com Thank you! I Love you!! p.s. You are very missed, I don't know if you now that. Every time I hear people bashing you, it makes me angry and sad to know that people hate a man who gave nothing but love...    Carolyn

Michael, my name is Angela Culberson from Cincinnati, Ohio. I miss you so much. I wish that there was something that I could had done. I didn't get to meet you here on earth but the day that I am called home, I hope you will meet me at Heaven's gate. I love you Michael. you are a Beautifull Black Dove. Angela Culberson. Cincinnati, Ohio    Angela

My dearest Michael, I know for sure now that you are gone. I can now let you go and let you rest in peace. At the trail today I saw the picture of your lifeless body on the hospital cart. It broke my heart to see you like that,but at least I know for sure that you are gone. With all the death hoaxes out there, I wasn't sure, but now I am. I just want to tell you that I love you wioth all my heart, and hope now that you can rest in peace. All my love to you now and forever. Rest in peace, my love.    sandy

 "Hey Mike,
Stay strong my sweetheart, and keep with it.  Just be happy, always.  I think about you often, and you make my heart so full and happy. I know you will be happy again, happier than you have ever been, cos you deserve it. All my love. d.c. xx"    debbie callow

"Hi Michael,   I hope heaven is treating  you better then life on earth has. I love you and miss you alwaysj! I'm sorry you didn't get to finish the last concert tour or even better watch your children grow into young men and women. I'm sorry you missed twilight! I think you would have found that to be entertaining in someway. I hope your smiling and dancing away in heaven. God wanted you close to him! I'll always be your greatest admirer! I love you!"    Jacqueline

My dearest Michael, Well, once again, you are top dog in the news. Your friend, Dr. Murray, is finally on trail for the responsibility of helping you fall asleep, and in the process, not doing right by you, and in the process, you have died. I think he should have tried to get you help, instead of drugging you to get you to sleep. I love you with all my heart, but i just don't understand how you being so smart,so intelligent, so talented, why you were not smart enough to get help to get you off the prescription drugs, that would be your demise.Although, the drugs never hampered your stage performances.You were always on top of your game when you were on stage. I wish you could have been on top of things in your personal life as well. I am not going to change the way i feel about you, I just wish you would have gotten help with your problem, and maybe you would still be here with us, all your fans. I still tell you that I wish I  would have had the chance to meet you in person and be your friend. But at least now my love, you can finally have the rest you have longed for all these years.I am glad you did not suffer. You actually died peaceable  in your sleep. Now you will sleep eternally. It just breaks my heart how you died.When it didn't have to be. Rest in peace my love. All my love to you now and forever. I also know now that all this stuff about you faking your death and all these death hoaxes that are out are not true. It is them all wishing for the best, that maybe somehow you are still alive. i know in my heart that is not true.Rest in peace my love. all my love always.      sandy

Hi Micheal Jackson we miss you I wish u didt have to go threw all this I will love to hear from you     jessica

XXXX YOU MICHAEL!!!     YO  michael jackson if you are here i wish people would let you be to life life you could like walk down the street eat in a restraunt let michael be he only human he needs to live now if your in heavan then rip i relly dont care either or im a hug fan since i was 2 im 33 and believe in god only god knows why but famous people  they make songs but they are human just like us mj werever you are i hope your happy much love god will guild you alive or dead. keep the faith i know your brother he really nice and sweet and your nephew you know who you are see you soon    melanie

My dearest Michael, It's been a while since I have written to you, but I want you to know that I have not forgotten you. I've been going through some things myself.But I wanted to let you know that Dr. Murray's trail starts on Tues,there in L.A. I hope that they prove he was at the helm of medicating you. They say if found guilty, he may only get four years for involuntary manslaughter. I don't think that is fair being that he helped take an angel away from all your fans. I'd like to think I am your number one fan, but I know I am not the only one. I still tell you that I wish I could of had the opportunity to be your friend. to know you the person, beyond the entertainer.But any way they are going to try and tarnish your name again and drag it through the mud. They are saying that this trail may tarnish your image to your fans. I will not, no matter what they say, change the way I feel about you. They are already bringing up your past trails, which I don't think is right,or fair. This trail should be for you to have justice,not to try and tarnish your beautiful name. This trail should be about Dr. Murray and his guilt at taking your life. But any way my love, I love you more today than yesterday. All my love to you now and forever. Maybe,when this trail is finally over, you will be able to finally be at peace.All my love always.    sandy

"Hey daddy:)   this is carl. im ur #1 fan ever. i will love to 2 meet u. i know u faked ur death to get out of the pressures of the public..:) iloveyou,daddy,3"    Carl

Shabot Shalom! from Ron C aka Ronaldo Capetti!    Ronnie

michael i love you so much, i miss you so much! please be safe i am 16 years old and love you so so much! i want to meet you:(    paige harrison

 "For Michael, My name is Karelle, I'm 14 years old and it's been 9 years that I'm a fan. I was only 5 years old when I cross your eyes and this day I could finally say : '' I have a dream '' and this dream it's you. You gave me everything I needed and today, I'm happy for all times. You can't imagine how you gave me joy and hapiness, now I wake up everyday with a smile on my face. I think of you everyday, every minutes, every second. You'll always be in my head and in my heart. I give an unconditional love to you. I'm feeling good and in security with you. When I watch or listen to you, I'm in Heaven. With you, Paradise is on Earth. What a wonderful world .. :) I love you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you for all eternity. -Karelle (A little child who love you)."    Karelle

" My Beloved Mike, I was really shocked When i heard that your dead  Man if you have Gone I say to you that your here forever in our hearts.Many people say that You faked your death and your alive
If its true. Im Blessed as well and please come back soon! i really miss you my Dear! But if thats not true  I Tell Myself that Leave you But we dont give your peaceness and Freedom!
I STILL  LOVE YOU MIKE!!  Your very Loving Fan,  Kyla."    Kyla Marie

"Hola Jose,Juan or Micky Mouse-LOL .Not Peter LOL.
I hope you are doing well wherever you are.I know you have to do God's work and God had taken you for a reason.All the fans including myself miss you very much here on Earth.I want true Justice for you so you can be at eased and finally rest in peace.I know you love me because I see you in all my Dreams after you left.You are like family to me and when you were alive I was worried about you,About everything you went through,Now,I know you are with God.I'm sorry that these people did this to you and hopefuly they will not get away with this Injustice towards you.I just turned 50 this Passed July and if you were here,I wanted you to know about it and wished you would have wished me a Happy Birthday. It was sad for me Knowing you are here to do that. People are saying that you might be still with us.I agree but you are with me in my mind and in my heart always.I would say more but I'm getting tearyeyed so I'm just going to say Goodbye and Please look over me and my family.We miss you and Music is not the same without you. Be at Peace.
Rachael"    Rachael

my go prayers go with you     ggagabriellla

I love you Michael and know ur still alive!    Eva

hello! I,m still here ,I still miss you too much. Why you didn't answer me any more? please !!! as always your friend RENATE    RENATE

I would want to deliver this message to his home door.I know you as angel,a nickname mama gave you years ago.You have been looking for me previously and now i seek to find you.    Alum
Time does not heal my heart, Mike.  I do so desperately feel an immense guilt at not trying to reach you, to be there for you, to love you for you heart, your soul, not your fame or money.  You needed someone to love you, forever, completely and sweetly.  I did, I do, and my heart just cannot heal at the thought that I did not try harder to get to you, to tell you BE NOT ALWAYS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Now, I watch the sunset hoping you are watching it too.  Someday, in Heaven, I will meet you and you will look in my eyes and know you are not alone, and I am always with you.  Love you sweet darling man.      Katie 

"dear michael jackson,..
your in my heart,
your in my mind.
your music and songs are in my soul, and i like the sound of it!
you make me smile and you make me dance.
thats the spirit,.. that i miss!
x katja"    katja

michael i love u and everything about u i love the way u smile and laugh i love the way u sing and dance and work the crowd i love the way u help kids and make this world a better place u have done and given so much we are so thankful to have some1 who is so well gifted u are a verytalented amazing person who made pple smile all over the world and u deserve nothing but the best and u deserve better  i love u very much and god bless u i hope we make contact sooner or later sometime in the future i miss u very much if u can i would love to hear from u somehow my number is 919~438~9164 no matta what u do ima always be here for u u got me forever:) and i cant wait to see u again my love! i hope i make u smile and fall in love everytime u read my loveletters i send u if u ever get them i love u     Pilar

"hey Michael Jackson my name is Olga
and i love your music too bad you died
young i wish you luck and hope you are
in better place rest in peace"    olga

I love you forever. Never forget.     Raya

rest in peace my king, you always will live in my heart, I know that now you are an angel a beautiful angel, who God call, Im still crying, but you make me a stronger person, thank you so much for verything you did, I love you    Daniela

rest in peace, this message is an atheist, you were and always will be the best of the best, jealousy can kill big stars like tĂș.tus songs will always be heard all eternity broken schemes and paradigms in the music being colored . michael live yet!    eugenio

"Wherever you are I know that someway you are free. So I feel really happy when I listen to your songs.
If you have really gone I wish you to be with God.
If you are here among us I wish you happiness and freedom. I also wish you to never comeback, you don't need to suffer everything again.
Be happy, little angel, in heaven or on earth."    Fatima

michael i know how u feel ive been there and done that ive been alot of bullsh*t too im goin through the same stuff i hate being juged myself i am a major sweetheart just like u and my whole life has been a living hell so u are not alone bae ive been dreaming about u alot and i miss u very much i love u more then ull ever image i always wanna be with u as ur wife i dont want anything from u but love i am a true mj lover i wish we could meet eachotha and just be alone heres my number if u ever get this dont be scared to use it 919~438~9164 im not like the others u can trust me i love u mj i believe im the woman of ur dreams and i think u could be the man of my dreams please contact me privately when u can i love u bae im with u always n 4ever no matta what    PILAR

Michael Jackson. The man I never got to see in concert. I hate the way you were taken from Earth. So suddenly. You didn't deserve that. You didn't deserve alot of horrible things that happened to you. Hope you're great up there partying with the coolest people to walk the Earth.    Marvin

Thank You for being my True Angel. My heart and my dedication are yours forever.  I love you beyond limitation beyond my existence..    Deirdre

Michael Jackson... I really Love you... You will allways be in my heart... You are  a personal hero for me...     Raymond


 "Akari: micheal I understand what you are going threw I hope you get well soon!!.

Jojo:hi micheal im ur biggest fan plz come back i cried when i heard but when i saw those videos i dont know u would really make my day if u answerd pllzzz micheal i loveeeee u"    Akari

michael if you are there you are doing the right thing you are strong i am your number one fan your huge fan i love you and your music so much your music lives in my heart     margaret

My Dearest Michael, I am so sorry. I missed the real date of your birthday. I for some reason had the 25th of August in my mind for your birthday. I am so sorry I got the date wrong. I know it is the 29th. I don't know why I was thinking the 25th. So my love HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, only a couple of days late. Actually I was four days early. I am so sorry I got my dates mixed up. I will do better next time. All my love to you now and forever.    sandy

My dearest Michael, I just watched an Opra  show with Lisa Marie Presley. Oh, how I wish I could of had your love, the way you loved her. To have been able to hold you and speak with you and to be in such a loving relationship.To have such an intimate relationship. She doesn't know how lucky she was. I wish it could have been me. I would have been there for you no matter what. And I would have hoped that we could of had the kind of relationship where we could talk and not argue at all. People don't take the time to talk things through, before it turns into an argument. I would not have wanted to argue with you at all.But then again all my hopes and dreams of every being with you are gone forever.I would have stayed married to you and gone through anything just to have your love. But that will never be. But i just want to let you know that i love you very much, and wish you could have known me, and loved me the way i love you.But even though you are gone, doesn't stop me from loving you.Just want you to know. well my love, all my love to you now and forever. I will love you till the day i die.You have my heart. All my love forever!!!!!!!!!!!    sandy

RIP MJ.  And if you are out there, I hope you're having fun and living the good life :)    Morgan

"Please, dear God, I beg You, make it true, make Michael back, You can do everything.
I believe,I hope...

Dear Michael, Happy Birthday. Michael, sweet angel, I miss you, dear, so much. Ever since I remember myself I love you. I was 4 and I was waiting for Peter Pen. I was sure, he'd fly into my window. Then I saw you and from the very moment I got a thought:""This is him,I love him for ever, never forget."" But just like Peter who always flies away, you did the same. My heart aches when I think that you're gone, but it also tells me that you're alive.
All the time I thought of you I wanted to protect you from something I didn't even know, but I thought that this man had everything one can dream about so what I could give you having just this feeling to protect you...
You know, when I was little, I didn't know who you were, I didn't need that. I just loved you, you were always in my heart even though I was so little. And only when years passed I realised that my chances to meet you were one for billion, but I keeped the faith. I learned English to understand you. And every time I got the meaning I thought that you're genius.
You're my best friend I never talked to, Michael, but I doesn't make my love weaker.
I lived and dreamed to see you and say:""I'm so happy to see you"". But first I would die seeing you before telling that (kidding).
When you came to Russia the first time I thought It's not real to see you and all. I just saw a cortedge of cars, I thought it was you.
When you came to Russia the second time I was like cut from the reality. The second day I spend thinking and crying that I'll never see you again, I didn't know where you were didn't know where you were going, your plans... Afterwards I came to Poclonnaya Hill in Moscow every time I could feeling so sorry that I wasn't there when you were. But, you know, nobody would let me close to you to say hello even if I was.
I don't know who you are for me, I think it's the hardest thing to do to call it somehow.
I feel helpless, my mind is empty, but no tears (that is strange), no emotions, no exact sadness (maybe it's a protection, or my expectation never see you makes me harsh, I feel nothing changed: I had almost no chance to see you when you were alive, now all is the same when you're supposed to be gone) Sounds very cruel but I'm just trying to be honest.
Love you, I will always love you. Michael, dear, please stay with us, don't go away, don't fly away. I miss you twice as much, billions of times as much than before. I don't want to say ""goodbye"" before ""hello"". I can't believe I don't believe I'll never believe that you're gone, I'll wait for you for ever.It will sound strange after my previous words but I will feel protected only in your arms, I imagine it and feel so good, but it's only my imagination. Dear, honey, sweet, tender, loving, caring, touching, pure, cute, innocent, shy, kind, charming, delicate, incredible, wonderful, magic, Michael, I love you so, endlessly, for ever more.
See You, hear? SEE YOU. I'll never give up.

With all my love,
Alexandra Maltcheva-Okoneshnicova
Moscow, Russia
29 August 2011
"    Alexandra

"Dear,Michael  I am a 15 yr. old girl name Winter Sparkman,i just found out about after you died. You inspired me to musically influenced, i remember my mom telling me that some pysic said i will grow up and have great musical talent. But the sad part is that when i do become a singer i will never get a chance to meet you. I wish i knew about you sooner, we have many things in common for starters it is rare for a 15 yr. old girl to like ottis redding and james brown. If we met i KNOW we would have been good friends. I LOVE YOU, AND I MISS YOU MICHAEL.