I am a 15 yr. old girl name Winter Sparkman,i just found out about after you died. You inspired me to musically influenced, i remember my mom telling me that some pysic said i will grow up and have great musical talent. But the sad part is that when i do become a singer i will never get a chance to meet you. I wish i knew about you sooner, we have many things in common for starters it is rare for a 15 yr. old girl to like ottis redding and james brown. If we met i KNOW we would have been good friends. I LOVE YOU, AND I MISS YOU MICHAEL.


why    s  You will always have a place in our hearts. There is no one like you,NO ONE!    Angela
? ?? ?? Long live THE King Of Pop!!! THE KING OF MUSIC!!!? ? Michael Jackson? ?!!! The brightest start in Heaven? ? ? ?    Jacqueline

 Michael I love You so much..Today is your B-Day and I wish you a wonderful day..I hope your children are fine..I'll always love you and remember that You're the best and You're a good person..With love Your lovely Fan Deb' <3    Deborah

As always your friend RENATE"    RENATE

happy birthday sweetheart. you have filled my heart with an overflowing amount of love.  i want to give it to you. you are sooooo loved. just want to give you a huge cuddle and make you laugh. all my love d.c. xx    debbie callow

"dear Michael, iìm hearing one of your songs - speechless- one of my favourite. I love it, I love you and with god permission i'll love you even more after death.
My cat gagu disappeared a few months ago. I hope he's in heaven with you and my little nephew tess.

Have care of you
with all my love
rossana"    rossana

Happy almost birthday day :) Im baking a teenie cinnimon cake to wish you a happy birthday for tomorrow :) I'll most likely end up eating it becuase you cant really eat it so it would just be getting all mouldy and icky :O Happy birthday for tomorrow :)x    Shanice

Hey Michael This is biggest steven and javin and wheneve you get finished hiding please come back at least you know you have great 12 and 10 year old friends    javin melton

michael we all love you and will always love you.we miss you soo much that it breaks mine and everyones heart.....my biggest wish was to be friends with you soo we could have fun like normal people go to movies or staying up late etc....we love you alot michael....miss u :'(    angel

"Dear Michael Jackson  I know this crazy. I always feel that you are not really dead. I was cry, my mother too... We watch your RIP ceremonial.
But, until this day I always feel that you are not really died. You are still alive, live in this wolrd.
I think you do fake dead because a ""huge "" group (illuminati/nwo) want to make you truly gone from this world.
Michael, wherever you are now please comeback to JESUS CHRIST. HE is who created you, HE love you, HE is our FATHER.
May the LORD JESUS CHRIST always bless you and beside you and also your children.
I sending my pray for all of you.
Love you Michael. -Verina-

you will live forever
your legacy shall go on 4 ever
u rule this planet"    sahli 

"Where ever you may be, I wish you a sweet and happy birthday. Keep smiling. Love and kisses.
Karelyl."    Carmen

Michael where are you     megan

My Dearest Michael, just want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY again before the day ends. I have waited and watched t.v. all day to see it there were any shows on about you and to honor you on your birthday. I am saddened to say there were not. But then again I only get basic cable, and they had nothing on for you all day. I hope the world has not forgotten you. I know I sure haven't. But anyway, my love HAPPY BIRTHDAY again before the day is over. I love and miss you terribly. All my love to you now and forever.    sandy

My Dearest Michael, just want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY again before the day ends. I have waited and watched t.v. all day to see it there were any shows on about you and to honor you on your birthday. I am saddened to say there were not. But then again I only get basic cable, and they had nothing on for you all day. I hope the world has not forgotten you. I know I sure haven't. But anyway, my love HAPPY BIRTHDAY again before the day is over. I love and miss you terribly. All my love to you now and forever.    sandy

michael are when are you coming back??  hope you come back soon i really love your songs    megan
My dearest Michael, My darling, I miss you so much. But I want to wish you a happy 53rd Birthday, if you are alive to enjoy it. I only wish I knew if you were alive or not. So many things on the internet, I don't know what to believe.I can only hope that you are alive and enjoying your life. If you are not, then you are finally at peace. I hate to think that the only way you could find peace was to disappear from the public eye, or by dying. Either way it makes me miss you. But I am so glad that I can still see you and hear your beautiful voice on the internet.I wish there was someway you or someone could contact me and let me know. 1641-446-8696.And you have my absolute promise that NO ONE will ever know.You have had to many people in your life that you trusted,that did you wrong.I just need to know for my own self.I would never do you wrong or cause you not to trust me in any way. That is because of the love I have for you.True love doesn't harm, in any way,the one you love. And I have loved you all my life. I am just so sorry I never got to meet you.Writing these letters to you sometimes makes me want to cry, because you can't answer me. But I want you to know that I have and always will love you from the bottom of my heart.But any way my love HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Just want to let you know that I couldn't forget you,  and wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you today and everyday.All my love to you now and forever. Your have my heart and my soul. I would love to have been your soul mate, and the one you could confide in and tell your deepest thoughts to and know that they would never go any further. But any way my love, love you more today than yesterday.    sandy

"michael this is all a lie just go to jail
we know the truth  and you ""died"" on my
birthday  i love you(like a artist). "    Zanaya

"michael this is all a lie just go to jail
we know the truth  and you ""died"" on my
birthday  i love you(like a artist). "    Zanaya

 michael are you really alive    megan

My dearest Michael,You were a beautiful black man, with a heart of gold. I just watched some of your "HOAX" things that are on the internet, and this one just really makes me stop and think. Are there really people in this world that would kill someone, just because of the color of their skin, and because of their popularity. I suppose that there are. But be it the Masons. I always thought they were for the good of the world, not out to destroy someone as special as yourself, or anyone for that matter.It makes me wonder if it is true, that they are responsible for your "DEATH". I know you thought someone or persons were out to kill you. Is that because you knew to much and had figured it and them out? I really don't know what to believe,except that you are gone. I know this is true, for I miss you so much.If there are people that are involved in your death, They should all be found guilty, and put to death themselves. But if it was the Freemasons, they have the power to cover everything up. I'm just sorry they chose to take a wonderful man as yourself out of the world. But in the end, no matter what "power they may have on this earth, they too will have to answer to God someday as to why they would destroy one of his most beautiful,talented, and special people that He had created for the enjoyment of everyone.I am so sorry you were taken away. Why????? I don't understand it except the fact that you are black and maybe becoming more powerful than they.Like I have said before I have and always will be in love with you. I just wish i would of had the opportunity to meet you and be your friend.I wish that all of your security guards would have protected you better,and maybe you would still be with us. All I can say is that I miss you so much, and though I never got to meet you, I feel like I have lost my best friend.I have good and bad days over you. I just wonder when this will ease up. But maybe I don't want it to. I hurt so bad for you. But anyway my love, I love you with all my heart and soul. ALways have and always will. All my love to you now and forever.    sandy

"I KNEW from the very beginning that it is draw, YOU VERY COOL GUY, our Peter PAN In BLACK shoes)))) greetings send Almaty! Your eternal fan Deon_

But I will tell fairly ly very much all has upset with this joke. I understand at you there are motives for this purpose, have cried that day all fine!

Forgive for bad English"    DEON

are you alive    steven

My dearest Michael. It's been awhile since I have written. My granddaughter has been here and its hard to write when she is here. She has a tendency to hover over me when I'm on computer. I had a rough night last night, so got up and went to the web sight about you called:michaeljacksonfakeddeath.com. It makes me wonder what is the truth. I really don't like what some people write about you,and I try to really just read all the positive thoughts people have towards you. I love you so much, and it's hurts me that people talk wrong of you and when they say mean and vicious things about you.I want so much to respond to them, but then I think I would be lowering myself to their standards. I want to tell the haters, that there are a lot more people who love you than hate you. I know there are a lot of people that love you and miss you just as I do.I just wish people would realize that if you are alive, that you can now live in peace.And will never be able to be in the public eye again. I just wish, like I have said before,that if you are alive, that you could come and visit me. I dream about you every day, and wish i would have been lucky enough to meet you. All those people that got to work with you and be around you, I just think that would be wonderful memories. To be able to say that I new you on a personal level,and could of been your friend would have made my day, and my life.But anyway, my darling,I love you more than you could ever know,and I miss you so very much.All my love to you now and forever. I miss you.    sandy

"Dear Michael, I want you to know that you are indeed my hero and idol. You changed the way I saw people and the world. You opened my heart to spread love. I can't believe that you are gone and even if I read things that state you are alive. I hope that if you are indeed alive that you find the rest and peace you deserve. You changed and helped so many, you deserve the rest. I want you to know that I will not let your dream die. I will hopefully help unite and change the world so that future generations wont be afraid. Love you Michael. Know that "" You're Not Alone. "" "    Marshall

Hey michael come back you have to protect us from the illuminati    Bruno 

Hi Michael...i am a fan of yours and everytime i have a story about you..tears well up in my eyes...i hate the way people treated you but i love all the messages you sent to the world <3    Alisa
hey,you khow?since you passed away i can't stop thinking about you.everything about you makes me cry everyday.sometimes it's hard to see your pictures and your videos,but i miss you.i love you.your kids and your family    fatmawati


Dear Michael: my name is Addie Jenkins & I'm 13 years old. When my mother told me you had "died" I didn't believe it. I started listening to your music & I got really into it. I really like your music. My favorite song is They Don't Really Care About Us. I believe it was the first song I heard by you. I don't really believe that you "died". I hope that you are still alive, even if you are in hiding. When you sang the world hoped, when you danced the world smiled, when you laughed the world laughed, when you died the world cried but sang, danced & laughed because we know that's what you have wanted. And again, I love you, you are my idol. R.I.P ?    Addie

"Hi Michael I just want to tell you that day when your funeral was on TV I couldn’t feel you, I just couldn’t Michael. That’s when I told my mother he's not dead, I told everybody who was crying over you that you  wasn’t dead, people laugh  at me, but I didn’t care because as I said I didn’t feel you. The other night I had a dream that your mother and I were in the park and she went to say something to me but she stopped, I dream I ask her what were she going to say? She answers nothing; I said yes you were, you were going to tell me Michael not dead now were you? She just laughs. I dream then you walked out and I was saying I knew it! I knew! I knew you weren’t dead! And I   ask you to marry me, you thought for a while then you said you would.
Take care king I hope to see you real soon and all the people that laugh at us that know your not dead and say so I just love to see the day you come back oh baby I will love to see that day! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!
"    Baby

Love your work saw you in 1984 Dallas and Houston was frank's friend Diane Moore frank gave me tickets to see you I send you a sand cast dog in Dallas 1984    Diane
My Dearest Michael, Good Morning to you. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. And so do a lot of people, but my love is very sincere. I only wish you were alive so that we could have a wonderful friendship. There are so many things that people keep coming up with trying to say your death was a hoax. Are they right??? Are you still alive??? Or are all these hoax things signs from you? Or are you doing them yourself?!!!! I really don't know what to believe. I'd like to think you are still alive, and will come visit me some day.Could that be a possibility? I'd love to see you at my door.But my darling if you are alive, I want only happiness and peace for you. I don't think you would have left us hurting for you all this time. You always were a very special person, and if you are alive, come see me sometime. I love you and miss you very very much. ALL my love to you now and forever. Love you much and miss your beautiful smile.    sandy


Music  press kits

 Mchael 2 years have passed and time has stood still for me, my pain hasn't eased and my heart is an open wound...you brought so much love,caring and joy into the hearts of all of your fans, sick children, the poor and the suffering.  But these things go unnoticed by people who ignorantly like to trash your good name.  I have loved you since I am 9 years old, we grew up in the same harsh times that were in our past...you made so many positive changes and made life a happier and more loving place to be.  The fact that I will never hear your voice live, see you dance and amaze me is beyond comprehension to me...I can't let go, I probably never will, my love is an undying one, I wish it were true that you were out there somewhere, having a life of your own.  My heart would rest so much easier, but for now I have to live without your wonderful love and gifts from God.  I will love you forever and eternally my beautiful angel love. MaryAnn  

"I Michael Jackson 
Happy birthday, happy birthday, Michael
Oh,  we love you so

 53 candles make a lovely light
 baby but not as bright as your eyes tonight

Blow out the candles baby   and may your wish come true
For we all  be wishing  the very best for you . Check it out king

You're only  53
But you're  still the king, you’re  still  the most smartest  and  the most handsomest man I've ever seen
(I've ever seen) (OH!)

53 candles baby  in  our  heart will glow
For ever and ever baby I will  love you so (for I will love you so)

You're only  53 and you means the world to me

Oh, you're the  smartest and the most handsomest  man I've ever seen
(I've ever seen) (OH!)

53 candles in  our heart will glow
For ever and ever for  we love you so
(for I love you so)
For  we love you so
We all love you Michael can't you see that by now? Michael more people love you king than the one that don't king if they don't love you now that means they never loved you and the hell with them. Have a bless birthday king I wish I could spend it with you, love you baby. Injoy your day,have fun, act a fool, act just the way you love to act and love yourself king it's about you now.
"    Baby

Sorry to see you go michael.    Rohit

"I love u Michael I wish u were still alive
But we all miss u goodbye MJ............... :("    Miriele

My Dearest Michael, Good morning. I haven't written in a few days and just wanted to let you know I'm still thinking about you and miss you very much. I will always be in love with you, and love you no matter what. But I have another thought. Your "V" you always showed people, meaning victory, you can also use that for your new name. Your new name should be VICTOR,and we could call you  Vic for short.I think it would be quite fitting, don't you???????? Any way my love that's my thought for today. Love you always and forever.      sandy


dear michael its your fan you are a great singer and dancer and i will always miss you r.i.p Michael Jackson     tyler


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