Michael - where ever your are may GOD hold you in the palms of his hands and protect you till the end of time. You are missed daily. Wish you were here.    Deepa
"Querido e amado Michael, meu irmão, meu ídolo, meu amigo, meu sustento de juventude, e, sobretudo, personagem principal da cultura artística e industrial do século XX e XXI. Pessoas como você aparecem de milênio em milênio. Por isso, assim aconteceu seu desaparecimento: talvez porque é preciso deixar espaço para os demais. Mas a incomparabilidade continua acontecendo. Nada se compara a você, pelo preciosismo, critério singular da popularidade e originalidade de sua música, dança e completude. Nós continuamos com o mesmo ídolo: Jackson. Necessitamos continuar a pesquisa dos mistérios de sua morte,  em nome de toda esta representabilidade, embora compreendamos a atitude, se ela teve participação própria. Contudo, se o mistério persistir, nós optaremos por justiça, onde a negligência de quem o assistira não pode ter espaço neste mundo.
Sempre Michael.
Te amo."    maria de fátima


 My dearest Michael, It's me again.I just cant get you out of my mind. I have been reading some of the things others have sent to you, and they all wish you would come back, But I think it's because they miss you and your entertaining, and your music. If people are right and you did fake your death, first, let me say kudos to you!!!!!!!!!! You pulled it off.But if it's true don't people realize you couldn't come back, well not as you any way. The media would have a field day and just rip you to shreds. I for one wouldn't want to see that happen.Even though I miss you terribly, and would love to see you, I know that can't happen.I grew up with you, even though I'm a little older than you. I'm 57.But knowing that you are gone(DEAD OR NOT). I feel like I have lost my best friend, even though I have never had the opportunity to meet you, I really feel like I know you,and i know that's odd right,since we have never met.I think it's the emotions you carry so strong that I pick up on so strongly.which JUST MAKES ME LOVE YOU MORE! It shows the human side of you, which I don't think a lot of people picked up on.To the world,you were and are MICHEAL JACKSON the entertainer. To me you are a very down to earth person with real feelings and emotions. And some of your songs are so sad because of the emotions you put in them, but there again it only makes me love you more.Two of my favorite songs are GIVE INTO ME and BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.GIVE INTO ME, I like to think you are singing directly to me,LOL. You would think that is funny to if you seen me. You are handsome, I'm blah, you are thin and in good shape, I'm overweight,you have a beautiful smile, I don't like to smile cause I have no teeth. I could keep going, but I think you get the point!!!!LOL! Blood on the dance floor, I love how you sing that so deep and raspy. Your voice goes right through me.If you did fake your death now you can live your life out of the view of the public eye. I live in a small town in Iowa, and I bet if (you're still alive) you could come visit me, maybe dressed as the mayor in your ghost video, and I bet no would even know it was you or even pay any attention! Any way got to go for now. I will write more later. This is going to help me put my at heart at rest, so I hope you don't mind if I write to you every day. All my love to you always and forever love you much and miss you terribly.    sandy

My dearest Michael, Its me again. It has been two years since you have departed. And Im still having such a hard time getting over you. I have been watching your videos and listening to some of your interviews. And I can feel your pain and anguish in some of them. Like when you are saying to whomever you were talking to something to the fact of them calling you Wacko, I hated that so much when they did this to you.And how the pain of the thought of there being no children in this world, how you would be done, you would take your own life,I can feel your pain in these interviews. And how everyone dogged you for having plastic surgery, and your response was "Plastic surgery wasn't invented for me", and lots of stars have had it done, so why were they just dogging you and not every one else??????????You suffered through so much, and still come out on top. I just wish people would have really heard WHAT YOU WERE SAYING!!!!!! I wish they would have opened their hearts and really listened, instead of hearing and doing to you what they wanted.I just wish I could have met you in person, to get to know the real you, not the entertainer persona. I love you so much and am so lost without you. Im trying my best but its very very hard. I just want to cry just watching your videos. Got to go for today. Love you forever. All my love to you now and forever. I have always loved you, from the very beginning,through all your trails, and changes. It never mattered to me how you looked or how your appearance changed over the years. What mattered to me is that you never changed. You always had the same gentle smile,and the same loving heart, and I just don't know why people couldn't see that!!!!!!!!Got to go my love. I talk with you tomorrow. All my love to you always.       sandy

 My Dearest Michael, There are a lot of people who think your death was a hoax, and that you are really not dead. I only wish this were true. If you are alive i only wish you peace and love. but I know in my heart that you are no longer with us. I wish you were. I want to be your friend and have someone to talk to and confide in, and someone to tell my problems, and sorrows and pain, and happiness. I can never talk to you in person, but I want you to know that I love you and miss you. At least now you can be at peace. People can't bother you or tear you down, just because they don't understand. I really wish that the media would have built you up when you were alive, instead of trying to destroy you. But through it all you always held your head high and always had a smile on your face. You had such a beautiful smile. Any your eyes, o boy did i love your eyes. I thought your eyes were so sexy and deep.Well not to much more I can say today, except that I love you and miss you. I will write to you more tomorrow. All my love to you always.Writing to you every day is the only way I have to feel close to you. All my love to you always    sandy

Thank you for e-mailing me about the king yes I'm still here I'm not giving uo on the king I know Michael not dead I don't care if I'm the only one left I'm here till the king is hear.I think Michael seing how many going to stick it out, how many love him, well I can stick it out as long as he can.    Baby

Dear MichaelnI miss you so much. Thank you for all the magic world you've took us with your music, dancing and everyting. I L.O.V.E. you For ever... Now I'm waiting for a Star to Fall... :)    LiFe
My dearest love, I have been and always will be inlove with you,Michael. Altough I never met you or got to see u perform, I wish I would of had the opportunity to do so. Now I will never have the chance. I would have liked to get to know you, the person, the human being, beyond the entertainer.Just to have been your friend would have been a wonderful thing.I would have wanted no more from you than just your friendship.You had a heart of gold and you were a wonderful human being. A man like you comes along once in a lifetime and I'm glad you were in mine. Watching you from the very begining when you were 5 years old, and seeing the man you grew to be.And you were taken from this world way to soon.It broke my heart when I heard you were gone.Michael, where ever you are, I wish you peace and love. Miss you terribly. All my love to you now and forever!!!!!!     Sandy

"Hey michael..My name is Markisha Pruitt..I have a facebook page and my name is Klisia Pruitt on it and..Uhh..Im a big fan...I really love you,I think your hot and cute..I have always wanted to meet you,But we dont really have to..Just call me -PLEASE-CALL-ME

"Dear Michael,
thats Dina again , i wrote before about the dream i saw , and how i met you there , i felt You alive m i still feel your hand touch when u thanked me snd gave me a wish that i wont forget , i really cant forget u as if we met in real , it was like real , any how whwerever u are i need u to know that you are not alone am here with u althought u are far away iam here to stay micheal and pray for u to find ur inner peace of mind"    dina

"A poem dedicated to my Michael and  every day I commemorate his music on

And if,
by Mihai Eminescu

And if branches tap my pane
And the poplars whisper nightly,
It is to make me dream again
I hold you to me tightly.

And if the stars shine on the pond
And light its sombre shoal,
It is to quench my mind’s despond
And flood with peace my soul.

And if the clouds their tresses part
And does the moon out blaze,
It is to remind my heart
I long for you always.

I love you Michael and you live through your music... your music is immortal... Rock with you all night...

With love,

hola soy valeria vanesa pena de argentina bueno si tu estas vivo quiero yo saber cuando vas a aparecer en la television y hablar porque si tu esta vivo yo creo en ti porque yo te amo mucho por tus canciones y por tu bailes sos el mejor cantante del mundo .    valeria vvanesa pena
"Michael, yesterday was a terrible day to me. Any June, 25th I'll have this awful day. Because it was this day, the day you have left us. I don't know what to think anymore, or what to feel. Images of you pass through my head and all I know is that i really miss you, badly. Anywhere you are I want you to know that I love you, and I always will. I hope someday I can meet you.
Yours truly."    Fernanda

Hello    Daniel


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"Hello dearest MJ.It's been 2 years now.2 years of lonelines,and 2 years of still carrying your legacy.I love and adore you,with all my heart.
It's easy to say I love you,and it's easy to say I need you.But it's not so easy to say Goodbye Forever.Everyone believes in you,I know I do.God bless you!xx"    Sophie

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