You never heard of me
 But I continued to have you
 In all this nostalgia that was ...
 So much time has passed and I have not forgotten you.
 How many times I thought back
 And to say that nothing has changed my love
 But my silence was higher
 And in the distance hill
 Every day without you knowing.
 What was left of our love
 At the time, forgotten by you ...
 Living what we'm still
 So much has changed, just I have not forgotten you.
 I just wanted to say that I
 I tried to stop loving, I could not
 If you ever think of me
 Do not forget to remember
 I never forgot you


From my heart desert
 You did a city
 Swift, a smart love
 Total complicity in
 When the radius of the love struck us
 Happiness then we smiled
 I just want you
 Far away, close to the side
 I only think about being with you
 I just want you
 Dream the nights
 Just thinking of you
 I just think being with you
 What is uncomplicated
 Fierce and just in time
 There is no right and wrong
 On the moon, the night Silver
 When the radius of the love struck us
 Happiness then we smiled
 I just want you ... Michael, I love you madly!
Beautiful! you just fascinates me, I wish you well beyond the pleasure
 View my future in your body and love me like I love you ...
 Come! do differently what anyone else does, part of me
 I invented again. Come! conquering my world
 Thousand kisses of love in many sheets
 Just me and you ...
 Beautiful! tell me your secret, to my dream say who you are
 Free! never be afraid, for he who loves anything can win ...
 Just me and you ... Beautiful! you just fascinates me!
 Michael, I love you too! I want you, come to me, please!

Merry Christmas Michael.
I would like to Thank You for the Love, that shined through your being, while you were here on earth, and the LOVE that continues to shine through your spirit.We were blessed with your words, your kindness and deeds, your music, and your loving energy while you were with us on planet earth. Your Loving Spirit continues. Thank You I Love You
Many Blessings to your family on this Christmas. Spread your wings and fly dear Michael.With much Love Mary

I love you so much no matter where you are / no matter what had happened to you. I do really hope to meet you 'there' one day. May us at the same path....       haliz

If you want to run away anywhere that is practical, nor necessary to call me
 So close that I'm ... But his fear of losing
 Do not let me look, forget what happened that everything will change ...
 Now I can be your angel, your desires know by heart
 The good and for evil, you have me you will not only feel my love ...
 Whenever you want a kiss I'll give you
 Your mouth will have taken me so thirsty if you want!
 Whenever you want to go the stars give me your hand! Let me take you ...
 I think to touch, you can talk about common things and love
 The most unusual love. Do not let fear stop you
 To get close to me, what happened yesterday
 No more repeat ...
 Then let me be with you, let me be real
 And help you to be happy, because I'm your fire, all you wanted
 If you want to! want to go where the stars
 Give me your hand! let me show you ...
 Michael, I love you, want you, come with me! come! please! fairy bell

The old man always populated my dreams!
 Upon waking, I looked and did not see ...
 The bag of toys was my worship!
 Upon waking, I looked and not found.
 The shoe in the window, still empty ...
 On each anniversary of it, I dreamed of and sought.
 And the bells ringing in the tower of the Church
 Clang - clang-blom blom ... ... clang-blom
 They seemed to tell me ... disillusionment disillusionment disillusionment ... ...
 Time passed, the pain I cherishing,
 Until I realized that the toy was symbolic
 That old man did not exist
 That that was the day of salvation!
 That Mary gave his son Jesus for our redemption!
 With joy I realized that the bells have changed the sound
 me now that echoed the word heart ... heart ... heart ...
 And the spirit of Christmas, I began to live!
 Michael Merry Christmas!
 May you have the joy of living it to its fullest!
 A New Year filled with peace!
 Listening when the bells of brotherly love,
 of solidarity and understanding.
 This one that loves you madly, Vera (Fairy bell)!

I wish you and your family happiness, health and peace and of course a MERRY CHRISTMAS !
I’m sure it isn’t true, you can’t die, it can’t be possible ! Everybody try to make me understand that you are dead, but I can’t believe it. I’m sure you are alive ! I feel it ! I’m sure it’s different than my mother, after her  dead, I was sure, she wasn’t dead, but in fact she was..  But it’s different for you !!!!!!  I’M SURE !!!! I know that YOU STILL ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!! you can’t die! not now, not before 105 years !!!! The only thing which can help me is HOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW THAT Peter Pan can never die, he’s powerful, strong, and invincible cause he wants peace and doesn’t act by interest, he acts by pure love and by pure goodness of heart, that’s the difference between children and adults, Children are guided by their hearts that’s what make them pure and innocent (what characterizes you) while adults are guided by their heads and selfishness ! That’s what make Peter so different!!! AND I KNOW THAT IT WILL BE SOME THING MAGICAL, I’M ABSOLUTLY SURE!!!!
I’m sure he’ll come back, that’s my wish, not only mine but the world wild children’s wish, but we want him to be on a perfect health and to have a happy life with his family! One of the characteristics of a child is that he can easily believe in things deemed impossible and imaginary by adults who refuse to believe in unproven things. But that's what makes the strength of a child, and one day it will be the kids' turn to show adults that they have reason to believe with all their might, that miracles exist and the fairies stories can be real! PEOPLE CAN DISTROY A CHILD’S LIFE BUT NEVER HIS DREAMS!!! WE ARE IMPATIENT TO SEE YOU BACK BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO REALLY UNDERSTAND CHILDREN AND TRY TO HELP THEM WITH SINCERITY AND LOVE, IN SPITE OF YOUR FAME, YOU STILL MEEK AND SIMPLE AND DESPITE THE MISVENTUNES YOU STILL CORAGOUS AND STILL HELP PEOPLE AND MAKE THEM HAPPY !!!!!  That’s THE PRINCIPAL REASON WHY WE LOVE YOU !! ALL WE NEED FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUR SMILE AND YOUR HAPPINESS!!! You know, I feel and behave like a child but I’m adult because I’m eighteen years old but there are things I can’t admit, I would have liked to be able to help you, but I can do nothing except refuse to listen songs sung by somebody else who rob your identity !!!!!!! Even unfinished songs sung by you, touch hearts, but your songs sung by someone else have no effect except anger unless it were you who wanted it ! sorry because it’s probably without interest for you !!

But the important is to know that we believe in your return, we wish you the best and miss your smile!!!! Thank you!

Ps: I tried to learn playing smile with piano but I can’t, I’d have liked to play it for you like a little present because I know it’s your favorite song, but I promise, one day, I’ll be able to play it and I’ll think about you!! (that’s difficult because I’ve never had piano’s lessons I try to see people playing it thanks to the computer because I can’t read music, but I’m sure I’ll do it one day ! ) Thank you and sorry because what I say must be boring for you and without interest, but I really believe on miracles and I pray for you, God will protect you, you know this prayer is a protective prayer we can do it to protect us or things and people we love against all kinds of things !!! (It’s a prayer for people alive) Wishing you the best and hoping I’m true !!!!!!!! It’s more than a hope, it’s a prayer addressed to God !!thank you for every thing ! And MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN !!
I wanted to send u babies pictures and   three stooges' picture like a little present just to make u smil but I'm sorry i've nothing to offer you except this simple message:( because I've no talent as a poet or a writter but i'll try any way to write something to compensate  the pictures !

Hope is the rope which allow us to back the slope,

Everything is possible if we just believe,
Then, magi, and a fairy world can exist they will relieve our pains and sadness and change them into joy and weal for real !! for you, your fans would do everything to turn your sadness into smiles and joy, we don’t want you to be sad any more, you must be happy now, it's your turn, you suffered enough for lies and have to smile like you make us smile ! you did us presents, but what about you ? you think of others but we have to try make you happy now !!!
So we have to try to make you smile and to give you happiness like you make us smile ! it isn’t easy for me because I can’t find the good words  to make smile and I’m keen on nothing so I can do nothing to make you smile but I want to try because I want to make you a little present to thank you for your generosity and your sweet heart but most of all to show you that you are really important for us !!!!!!!! The most beautiful thing in the world is your smile ! You know, i’ll stop this because i can’t find good things to make you smile but I don’t care because i know that there are people who succeed effortlessly to make you smile do you want to know who ?? YOUR FAMILY AND ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILDREN !! I wish you the best and please promise that you’ll never be sad !!!!! please promise!! Thank you and sorry, i tried to write something like a song, but like you see, it looks like nothing ! but I tried and did it with all my heart, i don’t know if you understood this expression because i’m not sure it’s english, i tried to translate a french expression but i’m sure i did a lot of mistakes !! sorry but i I kept my promise, now you have to keep yours : (to never be sad, always smile and be happy) , this is the only present we need !!!!!!!!!!!!! and i apologize for this modest present !
My dear Michael,

From the bottom of my heart I am wishing you a very very Marry Christmas.

In every breath with you

Sincerely Ludmila       LUDMILA
Can it be I stayed away too long
Did I leave your mind when I was gone
It's not my thing trying to get back
But this time let me tell you where I'm at
You don't have to worry 'cause I'm coming
Back to where I should have always stayed
And now I've heard the maybe to your story
And it's enough love for me to stay
Can it be I stayed away too long
Did I leave your mind when I was gone
It's not my thing trying to get back
But this time let me tell you where I'm at
I wanna, wanna be where you are
Anywhere you are
I wanna, wanna be where you are
Everywhere you are
Please don't close the door to our future
There's so many things we haven't tried
I could love you better than I used to
And give you all the love I have inside
I wanna, wanna be where you are
Any, any, anywhere you are
I wanna, wanna be where you are
I gotta be where you are
Michael I want to me, come to me please!      VERA


Get the flowers that give you, in every flower a kiss from me
 They are beautiful flowers that give her red roses with love
 Love that you were born for. So be it for life
 And God will ask nothing more, dear, dear thousand times
 God on Earth born, her boyfriend who dreamed ...
 The day dedicated to lovers, we'll come around to embracing a walk. A day in the future, then married, but eternal lovers
 Pretty flowers I'll still give you ...
 So be it for life, and God will ask nothing more,
 Dear, dear thousand times, God on earth born
 The boyfriend who dreamed ...
 Michael, I love you, want you so, come to me, please!


Well Michael...18months. Its a new year! To much time has gone by. Can't believe its 2011 already. I have missed you so much!! Not one day hasn't gone by I haven't spread your message of Hope, Faith, & Love! I've learned so much about you. What your about, your passion in life, unlike any other. A one of a kind man! Until that day...I will defend you, protect your legacy, and be the most greatfull person to have Loved you for over 28 years and have been apart of the best man, humanitarian, Singer, dancer, bbut most important...A man with a msg of honor and protection of our children! LOVE you unconditional for who you are as a person! Love you...More! Princess      christina

michael jackson eu te amo tanto,volte logo pois estou sofrendo muito com a sua ausencia.te amo.beijos na tua boca linda.      daniele

michael i miss u <3 how much i really want u 2 be here i love u 4 ever i hope u read this <xoxo> but just so u know ur always THE KING OF POP:)      Gaby

I miss u michael      Ronald

I need you, Michael.. You have to return to us.. I'll wait fo
r you for centures..      Sophie

Hi Michael
Love You! I Have Been Torned Up Ever Since You Have Died But Now There Is Talk That You Are Alive!! Well, Now Im Believing That Your Alive And Hoping Everyday That You Are! Love You Michael Jackson King Of Pop      Britany

i wish i was there during your childhood to take care of you your hurt me a lot with your speech in this DVD i would like to thank Janet for loving you so much, guys your are so wonderful in this DVD and i would like to thank cathrine Jackson to bring and angel like you in this world i do not know how to describe you, you are an darling with your warm heart and tender voice and smile you touched me so much i will support you music all the time my hero no one will ever fill your gab darling no one will ever dance and sing like you      sibongile

michael you are really an angel i wish i wish i was there during your childhood to take care of you,you hurt me so much with your speech in this DVD but its ok no matter what i love you i would like to thank your sister Janet for loving you so much guys you are a blessing in this DVD i would like to thank cathrine jackson to bring an angel like you michael, in this world she is so blessed i love your tender voice when you deliver a speech michael you are so incredible i do not know how to describe you, you are an angel love you so much, i love your smile and your warm heart you are a darling i support you music very much from sibongile     

i wish you the best where you are when i watch this DVD people are crying when they see you some are dying i am also the other who is dying with your music michael your special thank you for the album you released on the 14th long live long live i do not know whay to say the way i support you ilove every movement you do now i am in china cery soon i will go back to south africa it will be my wish the day you come back you visit us in south africa we love you very much let God bless you and keep you and you family where you are i am very proud of you      sibongile

Dear michael jackson, i love you so much i am pleased to get your new album you are still my pop star thanks for the great music u left for us i love you with your sister janet the way you presented in this album i wish you were alive to see your talent when i see you singing in this last album i cry every day even now i am watching your DVD no one will be like you in this world my dear michael i am very plased with your k and your talent Gog gave to you, darling i wish your back so that you will entertain us with your music i love you very much in this last album you are a blessing to me you touch my heart even with your speech in this album you are my hero forever thid is sibongile Dube from south Africa      sibongile Dube
Hi!I know but I was wondering if you can even send a message on the computer, if so I know the id, so you can tell me, even if that time is not on the computer check when more go unread.      Silvia

Will michael come back soon?      Archie

please come back      arnav

Michael... I dont want to believe your gone, my thoughts are that you are alive, I could be crazy... My mother thinks I am, Im 18, your music aspired me when I was 9, I never believed any of the horrible things that was roomored about you, your songs made me feel you had been speaking your heart, and that showes your a great man, I had a horible child hood, my dad did things that I would never speak of... I have bad deppression because of it, and i am required to take medication for my deep depresion, I dont know why I shared that with you... Please dont look at me as I im a creep, michael, if you arent dead, I am one less angry fan, because you deserve to live out the rest of your life how you want, just as I do now that im 18 and dont have to worrie about being harased at home or school... michael I respect you quite a bit, more than I can explain, No its not a silly girl crush on you, I never met you so that would be rediculus, I do though like I said respect you, you deserve happieness even if its you in heaven, or away some place far from the damn media... please michael be happy, because alot of your fans and me would be happy knowing you are happy or ok.... god bless you michael

(savannah mercedes noah in german means peacfull mercy mountain) sounds like a place id like to spend some time, I dont know about you...      savannah

We luv you Michael,and miss you. Maybe one day we will know the truth that really happened. I hope where ever you are, that you are happy. Hugs and Kisses      Tamara

"Second: I Love You, Tuesday: I wish you well, Wednesday: I live for you, Thursday: For anyone else, Friday: I'm sick, Saturday: To die, Sunday: risen only to see you "

It was a dream of summer, a beach, four weeks of love
 On moonlit nights, under the starlight. You and me ...
 I wrote your name in the sand, the wave of the sea erased
 In each setting of the sun, longing burns my heart.
 I love you, do not forget the dream not over
 I'll be waiting for you, do not want to say goodbye ...
 Without you I'll be so alone. When winter comes
 But when the sun is going to be so beautiful ...
 You and me! MICHAEL, my love comes to me, please!
Watch for rain that does not want to see it end my love,
 This rain will not stop ungrateful to ease my pain ...
 I know that my love was far from practical, in a rain that fell
 Oh people please go tell that he prac my heart
 Broke ... Rain! bring my baby because I need affection
 Tell him not to leave me so sad ...
 The rhythm of raindrops falling on the floor, let me just remind
 Hopefully I will not get to wait in vain
 Because he makes me cry ...
 Oh rain! bring my love, rain rain, bring my love
 Oh! Hear me rain and bring my love ...
Mint-flavored lips, eyes the color of the sky, apple skin
 dream of a man was discovered, lives an illusion that still did not feel
 The first love came a new light shone, he met
 this dream of mine. Shy, a shy kiss in the moonlight. Magic!
 the simple magic of love, stripped of fancy, dressed in love
 Shy, a shy kiss in the moonlight. Magic! the simple magic of love
 If stripped of the fancy clothed me with this dream love.
 Michael, I love you, come to me, I want you so much! Please!

If I know that Santa Claus exists and would be asked to wear one but me. The news that Michael looks good and it's not dead. I just want to know it better anything else. It would be the greatest gift for me
I'm totally in love, drunk with love
 I'm like a child, which seeks the breast milk and reaches the bed, the nest, love. Lie down here beside me, let my past and pain
 I bring with me is something I do not say my love, but
 I'm in love.
 I will not watch any more, what the hell the picture frame, I want more colors on this screen. I can not live without it
 Michael, I love you, love you, come to me! Please!

hi michael
my name is heleny
i just want u to know that i think u r an amazing and special person and i love u and miss u so much!god blees u...       heleny 
do not know if Michael Jackson is alive or not.
 but if you live, do not understand because it hides      mayra laura
Season's Greetings-- May love and laughter fill your life
at Christmas and throughout the New Year.

One of my favorite gifts is hearing from you.

Greetings of the season to you and yours.

love you Mj

Peace out Michael! I feel your love everyday, even in the cold, mountain air of my home in Utah. Music flows through me like blood. All because of you. You showed me something better to life. Peace!      Leslie
hi a am i gess i am a fan      erica

Dear Michael, my thoughts are with you and your family in these warm days before Christmas.Your family is also warm and lovingness. They thinking always about you. And they love you very much. There is one wish i have for Christmas: to take you in my arms and hug you for one time in my life. That's the  wish i have for Christmas. I close my eyes and send my wishes to the Angels. I love you and a big kiss for you and your family.

 the Netherlands

Hi Michael

I just want to say I hope you still get all the love whenever you decide to come back that’s pouring in now.

Because that’s when you really going to need it not when you’re gone because it want do you any good because you want know about all the fans that’s love you. You need to see it than. That’s kind of like giving a person their flowers when they dead they can’t see them or smell them. Michael if you ever come back I hope people will love and appreciate you the way you desire to be loved and appreciated. Like you will do if you don’t feel it here you will go where you know it is and who to blame you. I don’t. You’re so easy to love I can’t see why you wouldn’t get even more love then you’re getting now and I hope people will stop and think about the things they say to hurt you. Michael many people have been molested  and abused as a child and I don’t know anybody that had that to happen to them that don’t have problems today and for people not know where you coming from  or where you been to talk about you need to walk a mile in your shoes.  Michael I will never say you’re strong because Michael no one is. Going through different things in life and getting hurt over again get you to the place where you can stand the pain more but you’re not strong. Some people just don’t take things at heart like others and some people just don’t care about anything or anybody however still they not strong they just don’t care. I have people tell me I’m strong because I try to go on since my right leg done been shot off above the knee. They tell me your strong I couldn’t go on like you do. What should I do? Dig me a hole and get in it and have somebody to cover it up and I just give up and die or do I just take it one day at a time and do what I have to do. When people telling me I’m strong they have no idea what I go through each day to get out of bed and go on with life. They have no idea that I have to take all kinds of medication just to get out of bed. They have no idea how much I cry and be in pain I’m no stronger than anyone else it’s just that I have to do what I have to do nobody else to do it for me then to I don’t want anybody to do things for me because nobody can do things the way I like it done. So Michael you take care of you sweet self and baby always stand tall and let nothing or nobody get you down because baby there's only one Michael Jackson and you know what? He's bad!

Would not stay here alone, I thought to call you
It's cold in this apartment and without you no good, no good, no good, baby Without you in giving ... There is rain outside the window in here is look at the rain, cold weather and warm in this bed without you does not
No way, no good, no baby do not you give ...
We think it has nothing to lose
Then you remember that love is part of living
You fool yourself thinking that everything will get better, but baby, no you can not. No way, no good, baby without you does not, does not, does not
baby without you ... Michael I want you and love you very much! a lot!

Dear Michael,
there are so many things I wanted to tell you, but this is the important of all:
I love you so much as the human being with your beautiful smile and as the singer with that wonderful voice!
Thanks for all special moments you've given to me! I hope from the bottom of my heart, that you've found now the rest and peace where you've been surching for such a long long time.
I'll hope you are fine - wherever you are - maybe in heaven, in god's hands,
maybe somewhere else! Who knows...?
You're always in my heart! I will never forget you!
God bless you!

With love, Witha

Good night sweetheart!<3<3<3 Hope I will see you in the paradise...3<3<3       
Good night sweetheart!<3<3<3 Hope I will see you in the paradise...3<3<3       
By the sky when the sun comes up ... flying in space and fulfilling its mission, I will try to find the air, my song that speaks of love, which speaks of passion, it makes your heart smile. My music will say what I feel and precise search, try to find you, happy in a way that nothing is equal, so simple and natural, hear this song I did. Dance in front of me, as was naked, he pretends he does not feel me, wear the light of the moon, play and move the body, has not let me alone. Listen to this song that I did to win your heart! Michael I love you, want you, please come to me!

just wanted to say "Thank You" for saving my life.  I was going through some pretty togh times myself when the news hit that you had died. Being 10 yrs. older than you, I was not familar with y moare receint msic.  The whole death thing just DOES NOT RING TRUE. Sorry, I'm sure you put a lot of thought into the diappearing act,but NO. You know things just never go EXACTLY as planed. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can never fool ALL of the people All of the's just the way it is.......anyways, I started listening very carefuly to the words to your songs (I'm so sorry I hadn't heard them sooner). They gave me inspiration to get up and 'be start'n something" so I did! God bless you Mike.      Gail
This whole letter thing , is worth a try to atleat get you ( michael) to read my letter . mike you are my everything , im young , but i really KNOW that i am IN love with you . michael you've inspired me to get out there and do something . I know you like to be private ,but i will do anything to find out the truth behind all of this . Michael Im SERIOUS I love you . -_o Do What you gotta do . SERIOUS I LOve you !!..Im from cali.      bria

"I will not cry, because you taught me to smile, I will not lose because you taught me to win, I will not suffer because you taught me to be happy, I will not die, because you taught me to live, but if some day 're gone, I cry, lose, suffer and die because you never taught me how to lose. "Michael I want you for me! I love you so much!
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"I will not cry, because you taught me to smile, I will not lose because you taught me to win, I will not suffer because you taught me to be happy, I will not die, because you taught me to live, but if some day 're gone, I cry, lose, suffer and die because you never taught me how to lose. "Michael I want you for me! I love you so much!



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There is no love match. Who has poetic soul loves and who love ... Love requires complicity, wonder,
as a new revelation resoundingly softening hearts
and giving answers as expected.
Love does not make Platonism distant
because everything that is not reciprocal
dies as a plant without water. Drought!
Such are the dreams dry up if not watered
if not dreamed and built against the current.
Love, poet, is lying on the other, address the desires,
after so long away from home.
You sing with the birds announced the day, interacting with nature, with all natural forms of divine creation.
The love of this fellowship is made permanent, this ardor, this thirst, this storm that sweeps the indifference,
sweeping the meat look selfish. Love is also hot
as a sublimation of desire, to touch the body of the beloved soul
there and explore every corner, causing gasps.
Deliver the sensations most absurd and then tight
as there is only worth living. Love, love ...
Need delivery that makes this mutual
this will to live on the other, this increase to higher dimension. Love is such delivery and this call, this call from heaven. To love is to see your smile
and there to have the reward for all the pains taken in this life already. Michael, I love you so much! Come to me!

My Dear Michael,

Since I first sent you a message almost one year ago.

I still hope that one day I will open my e-mails and find a message from you. Just to tell me you are ok.

Your messages will be confidential. So please Michael. Take me out of this misery, let me know you are ok.

Here is my e-mail address again

Love you.


Je sais, plutot j'espere au fond de moi que tu es encore en vie quelques parts, en sécurité , sans vautour autour de toi, en paix avec toi même , si c'est le cas je serais la plus heureuse des filles, car cela voudras  dire qu'il non pas reussi a t'avoir. Je t'aime du plus profond de mon coeur et tu as une place importante , tu es un ange descendu du ciel pour nous montré a nous le chemin a suivre, et je te le dis , moi je le suis depuis plusieurs années grace a toi. J'ai 30 ans et crois moi ma vie je l'ai construite grace à toi, vois tu je suis asthmatique , pas facile a vivre pour un enfant de 4 ans et pourtant quand je te voyais dans les hopitaux rendre visite à des enfants ou personnes malades, je me disais , "tu ne dois pas te plaindre, regarde ! ces enfants sont plus malheureux que toi, maladie bien plus grave que la tienne alors avance et te lamente pas !!" tout cela pour dire que maintenant je me suis aclimaté de ma maladie et je vis avec, tu m'as permis de l'accepter en quelques sortes, et pour cela je t'en remercie sincerement, j'ai grandi grace a toi, tu es extraordinaire. Aujourd'hui mon seul souhait serait de te rencontrer un jour et pouvoir te remercier comme tu dois l'etre, tel un GRAND HOMME, un ange parmi nous, je t'adore que dieu te bénisse et prends soin de toi, je t'aime Mike, une petite francaise qui ne sais plus quoi faire pour essayer de te faire passé le message de l'Amour , suzy   


Michael, tu me manques terriblement, tu es gravé dans mon coeur à jamais et mon dieu que la vie est dur sans toi, je pleure chaque jour que dieu fait, car tu n'es plus là. La vie est bien triste et ce monde avait tant besoin de toi, tu etais mon guide, tu m'indiquais le chemin à suivre, je suis perdue sans toi, vraiment perdue. Pourquoi ? c'est la question que je me pose tous les jours, j'ai tant besoin de toi. J'essai au quotidien d'appliqué tes leçons de vie, de faire attention aux autres et de donner de l'amour avant tous, mais a 2 on est toujours plus fort, n'est ce pas ? donc je me sens bien seule aujourd'hui, je te laisse des messages un peu tout partout pour te montrer que pas un jour ne passe sans que je penses à toi. Je t'aime, tu es un génie , un homme si bon pour l'humanité et pour tes fans. Je n'ai jamais eu la chance de te rencontrer se seras mon seul regret, mais pour toi, je te fais la promesse d'etre là pour les gens et de toujours donner le meilleure de moi même , car mon voisin a surement des problemes plus important que les miens. J'espere un jour te revoir sur cette terre , auprés de nous pour des jours heureux. Je t'envoi pleins de tendresse et d'amour mon beau Michael      bouteille

Michael i don't believe you have gone but despite that I have cried so much for the hell you have gone through. I love you so much and not like an obsessed fan. I admire you firstly as a person and then an amazing performer. My son of 4 tries to dace like you? It is soooo cute. I hope you know that all your fans love you sweetie. I live near pierrefonds castle as you know where it is. Please come back but only when you are ready. My biggest wish is to meet you in person. My Mum sends her love and loves you so much too. See you soon honey.      Anna

Good evening Michael, I hope you are alright, I apologize because it's probably the last message I'll send you because my father doesn't want me to send messages but I did it because it's so important for me to support you I'll think about you every day but I couldn't send you any message but you have to know that I'll never forget you and will try to  give you a surprise for a special day, I apologize again and wish you the best !!!! Thank you for everything !!!       L

Dear Michael,
there are so many things I want to tell you, but the most importand thing is this:

I love you so much as a human being -

with your beautiful smile
and as the singer with the wonderful voice!
I love your music - still at home.
So I can enjoy it every day!
You gave so much to me.
I hate the people that stalked you and your kids. I hate the media.
They never leave you alone and that hurts so much. It was very terrible for me to see that. Everytime I've supported you and I always will do that.
At the day you've been gone my world stood still for a long long time. I could'nt believe it! I miss you every day! I hope from the buttom of my heart, that you've found the rest where you've surching for such a long long time and hope you're fine - wherever you are : maybe in heaven in gods hands - maybe somewhere else! I hope that I see you again - sometimes.
You're always in my heart! I'll never forget you!!!


ifyou are still alive please come yo my group home in lasvegas nv5231 leopard spot court      anna

Not only were you a great artist, you were a great person as well.  Many people have said that you were the kindest, most gentle and trustworthy person they've ever met.  I respect that.  We're all going to Miss you.  Rest in peace, my angel.      Kyle

Sometimes I became uncontrollable desire to see you, it seems, still quite a bit and wonder is about to touch me with his magical invisible wings. But the dream is broken on the icy reality. This is how sad!      Koshechkina

Dear Michael, I send you messages every day becaus I want you to know that you are not alone and that we love you soooooooo much, I don't know if you got my messsages but I hope you are alright and wish you to be happy and to take care of you as well as possible ! I'm happy because I know that you are in security now and that you don't suffer of media's harassment! I hope you fell better, that your health is better thank you for every thing and every smile !!! I hope you will read my message but it's a bit different than others because my habitual full name is
 I'll write L.Marie

Michael we love you so much. Your talent? Charisma and beautiful spirit. Michael i am concincxed that you live on. My son of four adores you and tries so hard to copy your dances and sings loads of your songs. His biggest wish is to meet you. My Mum loves you very much too and as we all do misses you terribly. Come back when you are ready my love. All my love. Anna  

Hello my friend ... I do not know why I'm here, but I was unbearably want to talk to you. If I had a chance even for a moment to get to your magic world ... Learn what you live, how do you live? What makes you happy now, upset, worried. Then it would become for me the biggest reward in life. My intuition for some reason I suggest that you live in the now much calmer, although you have many different important issues. But unfortunately this is only a mirage to me, which unfortunately, will never become a reality ... Although ... One only God knows - what awaits us tomorrow ... I'm not right? This site - my only hope. If you want to find me on Facebook ... I think we can talk about much !.....

I'm sorry if I disturb you with all my messages but I don't really know what happened, I can't stop sending you messages but I don't want you to feel lonely and want you to know how much you are important for us, my friends says that i'm crazy because I'm thinking about you all the day long and I send you messages, they can't believe me when i say that you are alive, it's probably better for you suffered a lot and I can't stand thinking that they are people who wanted to kill you, I can't bear it !!!! I'm sad so I try to smile listening to your favorite song but I can't hide my sadness and can't not to cry i cry insted of smiling :( I'm so sorry because I send you a lot of messages!!      Marie

yesterday, after sending you a message, I saw a message from a girl who says that you are alive and who wants you to come back soon, of course we are all impatient to see you back but you have to stop thinking about people and think about you once, you have to take care of your health it's much more important !!!!! you certainly need a break beacause you worked so hard !!! Thank you !! and you have to know that we love you so much !!!! We don't love you for your success but for who you are, for your sweet heart, your kindness, your humility, your simplicity and most of all your generosity !!! Thank you so much TAKE CARE OF YOU PLEASE !!!!!!
I'd have liked to be your best friend to be able to help you but I'm so sad when I think about people who  failed to measure the chance they had to have the privilege of being your friends and said false things about you, your friendship is so precious, but I saw an interview when you says that you are like other people but I not agree with you because people are so wicked, individualistic and they can do any thing for money so YOU ARE NOT LIKE OTHERS !!! But I agree with you when you say that we are all brothers all equal !!!! thank you.       Marie

Hello Michael!I'm still here .I still miss you so much.I have a sweet and bitter taste about all this, but I still believe ...... you know....As always your friend Renate      RENATE
I wrote you a message that I hope you does not hurt you because I talked about personal facts with your father and I apologize because I'm not allowed to talk to you such facts, but I hate to see you so sad in most of the videos, you look so sad, you tried to hide your sadness from your magnificient smile but your eyes show your sadness and I just wanted to apologize and say that whatever happens, we’ll always love you with all our hearts I do not know why I feel that you are not dead but regardless, you will remain forever in our hearts forever and you will stay forever in the history you’ll be eternal like egyptians! thank you for everything and sorry !!!!!!!!

You're just a dream to me, and when I do not see you
I think of you, from dawn until when I lie ...
I like you, and I like being with you
My laugh is so happy with you, my best friend, is my love ...
And we sing and we dance, and we do not get tired
From being a child, we play at our old childhood ...
His eyes are the lights, lead me through the darkness
His feet open me the way and I'll never feel lonely and ...
You're like a dream to me, I want to fill you with kisses
I think of you, from dawn until when I lie ...
You're like a dream to me
You're so ... Michael, I love you too! I want you!

I thank you for your generosity and wish you to be happy forever, I know aren't died, I thank you for every thing you did for humanity and all the happiness you give of us I'm a bit sad becaus you do every thing you can do to help people who need you and you give them all your love but they can't really help you except with their love and all your fans, like me, aen't forgetting you, they love you and wish you to be happy forever with your family because they are the ones who really love you and will never betray you and I'd like to say you some thing, i know it's a bit personal but you have to know it, it's my opinion, but your father loves you so much and I think, he was crual just because he wanted you to be the best with your brothers !! thank you for everything       Marie

You're just a dream to me, and when I do not see you
I think of you, from dawn until when I lie ...
I like you, and I like being with you
My laugh is so happy with you, my best friend, is my love ...
And we sing and we dance, and we do not get tired
From being a child, we play at our old childhood ...
His eyes are the lights, lead me through the darkness
His feet open me the way and I'll never feel lonely and ...
You're like a dream to me, I want to fill you with kisses
I think of you, from dawn until when I lie ...
You're like a dream to me
You're so ... Michael, I love you too! I want you!
      Marie Lenoble
Love, I do not want to be sad that the girl was crying
waiting for you! looks my love, I want to be
singing this song begging you back ...
want your love, rivers, valleys, seas and mountains
I'm with you! Michael, give your heart to me! please!
Behind the rainbow over the horizon, there is an enchanted world
Made for you, where a colorful dream lives behind the hill
I want to take with me when dawn
I'll show you what is chocolate, chocolate love is made
Chocolate beats my heart!
And a crate of biscuits and ice cream, you'll wait for me
Every evening. Brigadier, rocombole and dulce de leche
It's just you be careful not to melt!
I'll show you what is chocolate, chocolate love is made of chocolate hit my heart! Michael, I want you!
I think much better than staying scoring cap
Go straight to the point before I turn ham
I need a quick remedy that will cure me
Who is indicated "for" lack of affection
Because the wound I have is great
I ask and no one answers, who cares?
A sorcerer said that love is not silly
No, not a sin to have you always by my side
He said there was a drug enchanted
That cured everything and nothing hurt
Then I take off the portion of love
It is you who will have to put, who cares?
For that reason they put slowly into the heart!
So I figured, How hard is Juliet, I was in love.
What kind of animal it was that bit me! Michael, I want your love!
Let me come into your heart!
You are too sweet, for you I can
to steal up to the moon
You are beautiful to look and to see you go,
I just wanted to always be at your
You're the smart kid who knows the right time to be a man
You're mind made up, God wants to perfect than any poet
You are chocolate with cherry liqueur
Strawberry pie with whipped cream
Special ice cream dessert
You're the hottest thing I've ever met!
Michael, I love you, want you to me!
It opened my vision The way that love, touching your foot down
Reaches the stars. Has power to move mountains
Want to happen when the barriers Tips ...
For the Love There is no boundary, or when the prey has
Do not have time to arrive and will not go away ...
Caught my attention the power of love, which is free to fly
Last forever, you want to fly, navigate the seas
Give me a break without seeing, but not separated.
The nostalgia comes when he sees no return
Even when I wanted to die from jealousy of you, you missing me ... I know! There is no question of accepting, Yes!
I am no longer one to deny, We can not prevent
If life got tired of teaching, I know that love gives us wings
But back home ...
I know! There is no question of accepting, Yes!
There is nothing I can do, We can not prevent
If life got tired of teaching, I know that love gives us wings
But back home ...
MICHAEL, come to me! for me!
Without you all the paths are long,
The dangerous road, unreal.
Without you the night is just one more night,
Dark, gloomy, helpless, without magic.
The moon is hidden, not bright and the stars seem sad,
The birds sing songs of pain, The flowers exude a fragrance. Away from you the time drags, Pointers lose hurry, the sun is rooted in the sky, The night comes not start new day.
Without your warmth my heart beats, but there is no vibration.
Its like I miss, Your smell intoxicates me,
But you're not here. MICHAEL, COME TO ME! PLEASE!

Hi Michael
I would love for you to talk to me about something could you please me I know you want but I'm asking anyway so many fans wants the same and I know you didn't tham you my ask what makes me any better I'm not I just asked.      Baby

I will always be there for you Michael      betty

Hi Michael I hope you’re happy and well. Michael whenever you come back I just hope whatever path you take in life you will have faith and trust in the creator and he will never lead you astray. Michael always put him before anything and anybody you need him more now than ever. Before you do anything check with him first because just maybe Michael the path you want to take may not be the path for you. Its proven Michael that when we take the right path in life and never go astray from god we will be happier then ever however we must put god first he want us to always put him first and Michael you will always stay on the right tract, because Michael our god is a jealous god. 
You take care Michael I love you king see you when you come back and Michael I want one thing from you yes Michael like you said we all want something from you and you right because I want something from you to and that is to let me know some way in this big world that your with us I know you is but I just want you to tell me, use any name write a song to let me know I don't care how you let me know please just let me know please I would sure love that. Now I know I'm no better then anybody else you not leting them know so why should you let me know  I just like to know thats all. I could tell you some sad lie and tell you I'm dieing from cancer I don't have long to live and I want to die knowing your still a live I could tell you a lie like that however I don't like lying. I love you man take care.      Baby

Michael,you have my colossal admiration as an artist, performer and a human as well (with an incredible dignity)and past any expressions appreciation for your try to enhance humans internal and develop their minds through-and-through rendering assistance of your art!!!


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