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I love you Michael Jackson every much. Wish you a happy new life.Find freedom in life.A love of the fans as to whether what occurred otherwise.I will be right there beside you always. Help you understand all the time.Thailand is famous for livable, people with good hearts culture.I want you to have experience in Thailand and to Thailand.
Nice quiet rural people should love each other I want to help you come to Thailand in fact safe.
Think you love Michael Jackson you very store memories in the hearts of friends, one who loves you and love forever.
Form Peryanuch 

You gave your all to the world, with all your heart and soul.thankyou.
You forfitted your childhood to make this earth a better place for us. thankyou.
you tried to show us what love realy is. thankyou.
you filled our hearts with tge gift of music.Thankyou.

they were jelous of your tallent.I'm sorry!
they tried to steel your dignity. I'm Sorry!
they tried to bring you down. I'm Sorry!

But you never let them win!
you never Lost your Dignity!
you never stoped giving!
You never stoped caring!
You never stoped being you
and so michael
Because we know the TRUTH!
We love you Michael Rest in Peace.

R. Nelomie   

Michael I know this is late but I love you so much and you gave me a good 20 years worth of memories and I will always love you and i still hope to meet you in person when I come to you in Heaven. In your next life please say to me 'You will always be the Lady In My Life'. Love you and You Are Not Alone. XX 
R. Sonia  

Gracias Michael,no puedo decir nada más,siempre habra un pedazito de ti en todos y cada uno de los que te amabamos.te quiero michael,MICHAEL FOREVER!


I love you mike so much!   muntean

 michael i truly love you! ur my idol and you always will be. the world is nothing without you here... i hope that one day ill wake up from this horrible nightmare and you will be singing on stage once again... im only 15 but i have loved your music since i was born!   Olivia

please come back Michael...!!!:((   ingfnat

I love you more... No, i love you most...   Ruta

I love you michael  jackson if  you  are  alive please  E-mail  me I got  all  of  your songs on  CDS and  I got over 400 pictures  of you beside  me.I  am  on
facebook.   Linda 

I am heart broken and have many regets about you and I. I had a chance to meet you in DAllas at the Tour in Dallas I had a photo b/w j5 getting a gold record you want it. I would have given it to you but was to shy and scared to make the offer think you would not want to have to deal with fans. now I have read how open you are to your fans that I think you would have been please to have the photo given to you.may just maybe more a friendship could have happen as we share a lot of views and common like. Bot where waiting for that special person to share life with.
maybe this day would never have happen you would be here because of one tiny pebble in your life could take you to a diffrent path and happy life.
Rest in God arms my one biggest regret in life. I wish I could turn back the hands of time.
love you
Melony P.     Melony

once i heard the news i cried all day and night i couldn't stop the tears they just poured down like a river i miss MJJ so much i cried until i soaked my dry off towel and then as i watch the tribute i cried my self in to a massive head ache and my head was pulsing with pain but i still continued crying i still am crying now i cant believe hes gone it cant be true i will never be happy again i feel so sick inside i still remember the time i had a terrible day at school i was picked on and i felt so alone  coming home from school crying and mtv was on and they played the video for  you are not alone it gave me so much cheer and i wasn't sad any more he is truly  magical his music has healed my broken heart from so much i wish i had a chance to tell him all that hes done but i no longer can i am suffering and i really need a friend right now.
bye R.I.P MJJ.      Lenetra

The world is a darker place without you I miss your smile so very much and I wish you were here with us still.
You made life so much brighter without even trying.
Your intoxicating smile and electric eyes and your that laugh would just leave me speechless.
Find your time to shine again and I will be there!
You really are a beautiful sole and I miss you every day your gone.......
Lots of love

Hi, Michael....
Are you realy...realy... alive..?
because i'm so happy to hear that... and i hope like that...
please... reply my message..
thank you so much... Hana

Hi maikl!!I know you is alive!!!How are you?Please write me in email   GOODBY!!!!

Michael, Where do I begin?
You mean so much to so many people all over the world.. For many of us, we were never privilaged enough to see you in concert or to meet you in person, but we loved you from a far.
I am 35years young, and for me you showed me what is like to be loved... No matter what was happening in your personal life, you always tried to make others feel better.. Your compassion and love for others always gave me a great feeling of peace when things were not going so well in my own life. It is such a shame that it has taken a event like this to make people see you, for the brilliant man that you are! If you have escaped the feeding frenzy that has been your life for so long, I wish you all the happiness in the world and hope that one day soon you may return to those of us who love you totaly and unconditionaly! Find the peace and joy you deserve and Never grow up, because there is Nothing wrong with you!!
Without a doubt you would have to be the most Stunning Man I have ever seen, a Complete package for any woman!!
Please come back soon, the world really does love you!
Loving you eternaly!!!!!!!

Pease  E-mail me michael jackson I  know
you  are  out there  sweetheart I  know
you did  your  best go  to my  facebook
and put  something there.linda.D

Hi Maikl!!!How are you??I know you is alive!!!I love you songs!!!Go to !!Please write me!!!         GOODBY!!!

Que dios te bendiga donde quiera que estes    Rebeca

Michael I always loved you since Jackson's 5.
If it is true that you are alive why not?
Even I would try to escape the life you had the fake accusations etc.
I <3 you      joao

michael te quiero demasiado... ojala estes vivo.... para poder cumplir mi sueño de conocerte!!!! te amoooo.....
eres el mejor del mundo!!!!
eres simplemente mi idolo!!!!
michael si estas vivo .... porfavor no te demores el salir de donde estes... porque me muero x tu ausencia!!!... I love...    Kelly

Hey Mike I know you don`t know me but you do because you have that magical way of touching all of your fan hearts and know that you have touched mine. I love yiu dearly and I always will. You give me so much insperation as an artist myself. I have a dream of way day becoming a famous artist like you and through my art be abl to express human fealling and touch people life trought that art. Thank you for all you have done and all the live you changed. All the barriers you have broken. I wish I could have know you personally but that just not possibel when yiu are the king of pop. But I can garrentte that it dosn`t matter for I feel I know you through your music for I know you have always sang you r true feeling and emotions and experenices. The onñy thing I am sad about is that I never got to see you live but that`s ok maybe in the next lifetime. Rest in peace dear Micheal for now you finally can.   Larissa

moi je suis jeune fille de 12 ans comme prince michael , sauf que je suis comme tout le monde une fille normal qui habite en france mais il fallait que je le fasse il fallait que je lui rende hommage ( non je ne suis pas une fan complétement folle, je compatise seulement a la tristesse de la famille et a la grande tristesse qui envahi ses enfants ) oui il fallait que je le fasse car j'ai été envahi d'une peine immense face a cette annonce le 25 juin dernier j'ai été anéanti comme si c'etait un proche de la famille, mon  oncle par exemple. j'espére que les médias respectes la vie privée de la famille et des enfants de michael .
sachez que michael restera gravé dans nos pensées et que nous ne l'oublierons jamais, quoi qu'il adviénne quoi que l'on dise, quoi que l'on fasse   Emma

oui c'est encore moi ...
je voulais aussi dire que je suis devenu depuis ta mort une fan  de tes musics, de ton génie enfin de tout ce que tu as pus faire, tout tes dons , enfin j'aurais aimer te rencontrer toi et ta petite famille ( je n'aie que 12 ans) mais bon j'ai l'impression que j'ai trop tardé ...
tu nous manques et je tiens a redire l'on ne t'oublieras jamais car il n'y a que toi qui sache faire le moonwalk et je voulais te dire une derniere chose tu es et sera un etre unique a tout jamais a travers le temps nous taimons et nous ne t'oublierons jamais
je compatise avec la douleur et l'etape que doit franchir ta famille dans ce moment douloureux.    Emma

cher michael
je ne sais pas si tu es vivant, mais tu nous manques une artie de mon coeur est manquante je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je pense que c'est le cas avec beaucoup d'autres gens j'ai l'impression que tu fais parti de notre famille que tu es un frere, un pere, un etre cher a nos yeux ou que tu sois tu nous manques
si tu es vivant comme certain le pretendre a ton egard j'espere que tu réaparaitras bientot car c'est de plus en plus difficile chaque jours d'entendre les médias affirmer des choses affligeantes a ton sujet ( je n'aie que 12 ans presque 13 mais cette méchanceté a ton egard m'assassine )car tu as tellement donné mentalement, physiquement et matériélement pour les autres que l'on ne pourra jamais te remercier tu nous manques sincérement j'ai une petite pensée pour toi presque quotidiennement j'espere que tu reaparaitras bientot pour montrer au monde qui est le génie et pour montrer au monde que l'on peut faire circuler n'importe quel information meme la rumeur sur sa mort en esperant que tu es vivant .

           emma une jeune fan qui te soutiens et te soutiendras de loins car je ne suis pas unique je suis juste normale . je ne pourrais jamais vous approcher je le sais car je n'aie rien de parail a votr vie enfin je suis juste une fille comme une autre   

ur so special for me michael ,you change my whole life..and i know ur alive,,thats the only thing i can say from know,and i know that someday what im saying will happen...soon..please comeback michael..youre all fans missed you..i dont care what the other will say to me...LEMSY,from Philipphines

Thanks for the music, love , happiness you gave to us.though i did not know you too much... I know it was enough for me to say you play a big part in our hearts. i was only 12 year old girl but still happy i had known someone like you. again, your music will live forever, soul will be remembered, memories are kept in minds and hearts. :) hope that you'll rest in peace and sing with the lord. :)    Charlene

  I love your music and you. You are amazing as a person and an artist! I hope I can someday be HALF the artist that you are. And secretly I hope you`re alive. I can really relate to you. You`ve touched my soul by not only your music but as a person. I hope we can someday meet if not on earth in Heaven. I`ll love you FOREVER!!!
God bless you.   Lensie

i undrstand y u faked ur death its ok    Cornelia

eu não acredito que michael morreu
aonde quer que vc esteja fica em paz meu amigo .   wanderley

Just wanted to say that I grew up with Michael and you gave me and my friends and my parents some of the greatest moments.  When you came on Ed Sullivan  I remember it like yesterday with my parents, everyone very excited over your talent and later Thriller with my friends and all the MTV videos.  Thank you for the great memories and music.  You are a sweet and kind and that is hard to find.  Wish you could have cloned yourself but there will never be another Michael Jackson.    Tina

yo sigo creyendo que él vive,entonces hablo en presente,Te AMO en dondequiera que estés por lo tanto yo te cuidaré incondicionalmente si tu me lo pides mi corazón es bueno,auque a tu vista sea como u granito de arena pues no me conoces,pero como una perrita faldera estaré ceras de ti por siempre,como te me lo pidas,como amiga,como compañera etc   hilda

Hallo michael ich hoffe es geht dir gut  kerstin

I still cant believe your are gone but all i can say is that good people are needed by god too....may your soul rest in peace and love you Michael..ummah!  Gijc

Michael Please If Your Out There And Alive Then Can You Let All Your Worried Fans No I Really Wanna No , Its Been Hell With Out Yuu Just Make A Comebck Or Something Please Love Yuu Forever x x x    Revecca

Even if I have left a message to you with the wishes abour a rest in peace I am not convinced that you are really dead. So many people claim that they have seen you alive and even been talkig to you. From my viewpoint the problems you had could have required a death fake to escape from them. Hitherto I have not experienced any sightings which could prove that you are alive. However, if I would see you alive somewhere or get the opportunity to talk to you I would never tell anyone about it becauce I respect your need of integrety and privacy. If you are alive it is all up to you if you will keep yourself hidden for all future or if you want to come out with what really happened and why you possibly faked your death. Honestly I hope that you reveal in the end what happened and why. Love you so much!

Майкл, отдохни и возвращайся если захочешь.Из Места без Названия. В Апреле. Ты единственный. Не думай ни о ком. Путь тебе будет хорошо. Просто подумай хоть раз о себе. Люблю тебя.  Наталия

What ever happened, I know you have a good reason. Stay safe. Godspeed. Bless you and your children. Footprints in the sand. Love from the bottom of hearts goes both ways.   Karen

Micheal: I have your CD in my  classroom and I am introducing a whole new generation to your brilliance. We will do the thriller dance on halloween in your honour. Such a travesty. G\night sweet prince and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


Майкл ты был королем...и останься  в моем сердце навсегда... Rossia. Chelyabinskdear michael,
     how can you mend the broken heart of your fans, mike? i miss you so much.... god bless you always,mike....take care!:)

Michael Joseph Jackson I Love You so much im from Louisiana but i live in Mississippi and i adore you so much i love to watch the movie called Michael Jackson Moonwalker i love that movie i watch it over and over speically when i was a kid and the day i heard you died i passed out and my son came over and said to me momma michael is alive 4 ever and that made me feel really good but ive been doing research and i knw in my mind body and spirit that you are still alive and im happy you hideing to get away from this wrong world i love u mj and i wish i could have meet you but i guess i want ever meet you i love you ilove you I LOVE YOU MORE aint that wat you always say can you call me sometimes if you ever read this letter my number is  my name is Stephanie and im the biggest fan you got i would love to talk to you sometimes im very very ALONE i only have my son and i cant see my mom so  contact me i feel like you did in moscow i feel like a Stranger In Mississipp
i!!! love u more Michael my son say hi he only 2 years old his name is Titus Terrion he love u as well!!!

You said that you were lonely. I've always been lonely, too. Now I'm more lonely than ever before. Only your music and videos bring life back to me. I hope you're happy now, where ever you you forever   Mirgana

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