Thought to meet

 Today when I lay in bed
 I let my thoughts go out to meet
 for a few minutes you felt so close
 I closed my eyes and felt his hand on my face,
 the touch of her lips, her smell, her warmth
 did not want to open my eyes, I was afraid of seeing you
 so let me get involved by
 that time you seemed so real
 I could hear his voice in my ear, calling me love
 asking me to never leave you, saying how much you love me
 freaking me out every second with her ​​kisses
 getting involved with his words
 you Angel take me to your world and get lost in my
 swear I'd give anything to live
 this moment with you my sweet and beloved eternal
 to feel your kisses, your voice, your touch.
 LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Fairy Bell.      VERA

Hi, greetings to all my 3 beutiful wonderfull lovely kids, my family, my friends & all my faithful fans all over the world.i want you all to know that , i love you all with all my heart & soul.i was sent to this world in a mission to heal the world.i want you all to know that, you are not alone.i am here with you.i do see you , feel you & hear you.i love you all.see you soon../Breaking news.      Man in the mirror
Michael I live every day with you in my heart and mind Not even five minutes passes without you in my thoughts my heart feels like it will explode with all the love I feel for you every fiber in my whole body is bursting with love and heartache for you and still the tears flow like a neverending waterfall I love you more than my own life which is filled with you every minute my beautiful angel.Eternally yours Jennine

Michael I live every day with you in my heart and mind Not even five minutes passes without you in my thoughts my heart feels like it will explode with all the love I feel for you every fiber in my whole body is bursting with love and heartache for you and still the tears flow like a neverending waterfall I love you more than my own life which is filled with you every minute my beautiful angel.Eternally yours Jennine

dear Michael Jackson,
there are now words to describe you cause nobody knows of a word reater then the best. you were the coolest person ever and even when the whole rape thing came out you looked people in the face and in an expresion you moo n walked and ame out stronger than ever befor i think that everybody should look up to you and say that i want to be like him only knowing that the cant be like you cause your you and there them this is a little weird but i got a pair of adidas ts supernatural magic beast comander shoes and the look thike they could fly so when i see them i see you you were the greates and will always be R.I.P MJ aka the greatest person in the universe       Tommy


Your perfume ...

   You are "Flower"in my Garden
   Spreading fragrance in the air ...
   You are "Light " on my way
   On moonless nights ...
   You are "Peace" in my world
   And not for one second
   I want to get away from you ...
   You amaze me
   You raise me up ...
   With his suit to give ...
   You are "Hand" that holds and protects
   "Force" that does not compare
   "Presence"that never takes
   "Affection" is my soul cries ...
   You are "piece" of me ...
   That "perfect piece"
   We are proud to bring in the chest ...
   You are the constant companion
   No matter how far
   Laugh and cry with me ...
   It always has what I need
   The right word which awakens me
   That shows the direction that often do not see ...
   And make it look
   That life is simple
   It's just knowing how to live ...
   You're yes "Flower"from my Garden ...
   Which infuses my life with his love ...

    "My heart is desert without you here very close"
     My Love, I Love You, very, very, very ...
 Michael, love you faithfully, I need you with me. All for love! Fairy Bell.


hi mj my name is mary and i am 10 the best fan of yours if your alive please tell us u know we all like u so come back i wanna hear u singin HEAL THE WORLD song common michael be brave come and show em what u got common man i know u can do it      Mariam

love u micky .....thanx for being my inspiration......pls come back.  :(      Vibin

omg..i have no so sad about michael,my dream was to meet/married him someday,but it was a illusion for me..i hope he is alive,but only God knows..i miss him so michael u are and be allways the best dancer/singer of condolenc to the family from mary/switzerland (36)..    

Michael .... i love u. I always wanted to touch u n dance with u ... u r my role model . I always dance in functions of my school n give a tribute 2 u ! i love u bro :-(       Ashu


luce del mondo, che ci hai illuminati solo per un attimo,sentiamo profondamente la tua mancanza l'amore che diffondevi ci faceva splendere il cuore; e ora, che brancoliamo nel buio verso la fine di questo tunnel ti preghiamo dacci ancora quella luce, quella speranza di un mondo pulito, migliore ,torna ti prego in qualche modo perchè senza di te è mpossibile unirsi tutti in un unico messaggio di speranza!      giuliana

 That calms me
 a most painful
 Where pain treated me badly,
 Used me
 And made me feel again
 Completely lost
 Of life that was back.
 Your smile
 and the color that you give at night
 It makes me free
 the power of hope,
 That thought saved me,
 Blinded by the dark side
 I raged
 and prevents me from many things
 Watching you,
 admire you
 And enjoy the beauty
 that simply radiate.
 I hope in the darkest night
 Your brightness is
 always easy to find,
 That coupled with the Stars
 Can a desperate soul
 calm and sad.
 Making them believe in life
 The color that may not currently have,
 But that surely one day
 will paint
 And when you visit ...
 He certainly good things
 to tell you.
 Michael, love you faithfully, I need you with me. All for love! Fairy Bell.

are u still alive and if u are when will u come back.... i miss u mike i literaly cried when i heard u died and i bought 2 of ur cd's and listen to them all night      lorenzo
Michael, this song is for you, my love. When I say I stopped loving you
 It is why I love you.
 When I say I do not want you anymore,
 It is why I want you.
 I'm afraid to give you my heart
 And confess that I am in your hands
 But I can not imagine
 What will become of me
 If I miss a day.

 I pull away and defend myself from you,
 But then I surrender.
 I type, say things that I am not,
 More after I deny.
 But the truth
 Because I'm crazy for you
 And I'm afraid to think of losing you.
 I need to accept that there's more
 To separate our lives.

 And this folly to say that I do not want,
 I will deny appearances,
 Disguising the evidence,
 But to pretend to live
 If I can not fool my heart?
 I know I love you!
 No more lies,
 To deny my request!
 I want you more than anything;
 I need your kiss.
 I give my life
 To do what you want from me.
 Just want to hear you say so!

 He says it's true that you miss,
 What do you think still very much with me.
 He says it's true that you miss,
 What you want to live even for me.
 Michael, love you faithfully. need you with me. All for love. Fairy Bell.
So long forgotten
 Broken heart
 To feel pain
 For all that love that one day
 It gave me joy and made me smile
 In desperation my chest
 A mad desire to see you back

 I want to tie into your hugs
 I do bits when you find
 Kissing your mouth again
 The body beautiful in its
 I want to dive
 Drink your sweet smile
 Just as if
 To poison me

 Comes, only you know what I like best
 Just for you I got so much love
 I can not face such a longing
 It is impossible to live life
 Without you. I love you faithfully. need you with me. All for love. Fairy Bell.
hello      benza
Michael this song is for you my love.! If I can not forget
 I beg to say, a flower
 I beg to warn a star
 That old love awoke
 If I could not forget you
 Just say so
 When you whisper
 My heart will hear
 Forgetting is too difficult
 Nobody can
 If you loved a little bit
 Forget you even think
 And when I try
 Let me die alone.
 Michael, love you faithfully, I need you with me. All for love. Fairy Bell.
Do not be today's.
   Desire not for yesterday ...
   not want to be tomorrow.
   Make yourself limitless in time.
   Look at your life in all sources.
   In all stocks.
   In all deaths.
   And you know that you will be so forever.
   Do not try to mark your passage.
   She continues:
   It is the passage that continues.
   It's your eternity.
   You are.
 Michael, love you faithfully, I need you with me! All for love! Fairy Bell.
cher michael on t aime tous tu est dans coeur a toutes fans du monde entier
 nous somme tes enfant du monde       aurelie fosselle 
michael  tu  me  manque   quant  mon  soleil  reviendra   sache  bien  que  jtm  telment  que la magie  continue      ghanem yasmina

Michael, this song is for you my love! Coarse sand
 Fine Sand
 Sand makes me
 Staying small

 Peter Pan

 Every night you come around
 And we flew out the window!
 Peter Pan takes me dating
 The four corners of the earth

 Peter Pan

 Next to him I feel at peace
 It all seems a dream, but it is not!
 Peter Pan takes me and bring me
 And the fairy Tinkerbell dances a beautiful ballet!

 Coarse sand
 Fine Sand
 Sand makes me
 Staying Chiquitita

 Peter Pan
 Michael, love you faithfully, I need you with me. Fairy Bell.
Michael this song is for you my love! Instead of getting you thinking about it,
 Instead of crying over you live it,
 Think of me, cry for me,
 Call me, no, do not care about her,
 Her! Do not cry for her!

 I remember that there are
 Long time love! Love you! Love you!
 Want to make you happy!
 Let's take the first plane
 Destined for happiness.
 Happiness for me is you.
 Think of me, cry for me,
 Call me, no, do not care about her,
 Her! Do not cry for her!
 Michael, love you faithfully, I need you with me! Fairy Bell.

I just wanted to say I love you so much and I hope you'll come back one day ...       nella

michael jackson,the first time i layed eyes on you,i was three years old,i was amazed,interested and blown away,since then ive been in love with your music,dancing and your goregous swagga,i will never stop loving you from the bottom of my heart,i love you sooo much and miss you sooo much,wherever you are mike,i hope your ok ,god bless you,i lovee youuu <3      pauline

I'm a huge fan of yours, and i'm hoping that you would come back soon. I really MISS you <3      Aneke

Dear Michael, I love you so much!


Michael  Jackson  if  you  are  out  there
please  talk  to  me my phonenumber  is
416-710-6947 I  want to  hear your voice
I  love you michael jackson forever:)      linda


Music  press kits

Michael, for many things in my life I was an example.      marina

If I had the opportunity to meet you ...
 so just want to say Sorry! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I will love you Forever! if there is a second chance from God, we have to welcome! I loved and I will love you forever not for the king of pop, even if you have the poor man in the world with open arms as you receive! have a soul and a big heart, your songs tell a lot ... not stop looking! what worries you, heart and soul knows best ...
 May God watch over you wherever you are.
 My heart is waiting for you! I will love you for forever!!


god bless your heart michel... i love you      julia

please tell me are you alive michael please answer me please sweetie please!      nita

Hello to all Michael Jackson fans, good work guys you like me we know what we know and nobody can't tell us Michael Jackson is dead because we know he's not so keep the board alive!!Michael we love you baby you go dog!      Baby

my name is shona evans i am 14 i just want to say i believe your not dead i know you may never ever read this but if some how god gets this message to you i will be great full. Michael u dont know how many people miss u r truly missed u shouldnt worry about th media hold your head high mikey things will work they always do u have a big heart michael ;) please if somehow you ever read this please contact me i need to talk to you :( i just hope u get to read this
i know im mad i dont even know who reads these messages
well i send my love to you michael you truly inspire me lu lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      shona 
I miss u so much my friend from jesse    

Hi michael are u really alive wellif u are i know i am not mad at you u did the right thing k bye <3      Joseph
michael we miss you and you had so much to live for and your children miss you michael if you're still alive please come back      Joesph
Loving You ...

   My love you're my only love
   And I know I can not live without you
   This love brings pain and suffering
   But without you I know I'll fall into oblivion.
   My love
   It's you I want to spend my days
   Find true happiness
   Are you
   I love and there is no time or space
   that can kill that love.
   The feelings are
   My happiness is you
   And that love is what I have to live
   I'm just a soul in love with you.
   I love you a lifetime
   Having you in my arms
   Love you with intensity
   Have happiness.
 Michael, love you faithfully, I need you. All for love! Fairy Bell.

Please come back Michael,I am only 12 and I thought you had great music.      Meghan

HOPE UR STILL ALIVE  an didnt fake ur death an though it was for the best at the time. u are an amazeing artist an hope u make a come back real soon. an shock an surprise every one.      jessica 
Michael, this song is for you! If I had my heart that I
 Had still illusion, I do not know
 Courage to begin again in love
 Nonsense, because love like this, only one
 Now is life without reason, because
 Trying to pray I just prayed you
 His absence more and more invades me
 Asked for love and longing returned
 I will never forget you
 I will never forget you, my love
 Now why is life without
 Trying to pray I just prayed you
 His absence more and more and more invades me
 Love and miss you asked back
 I will never forget you
 I will never forget you, my love
 Michael, I am faithful to the love I feel for you! I need you! All for love! Fairy Bell!

i  just love u      leya

 <3 <3 <3 Hope we will seen in paradise      eivor

i often read that you're still alive. This makes me very happy! I really would like to see you again for one more time 'cos you're the greatest of all. And it's a pity that we cannot see you or listen to your voice any more. fortunately we have your songs and when i listen to them it seems that you're near me , i can feel your presence and it's really beautiful.
I love you michael
and if you're really dead rest in peace      currarino

Dear Michael,
I have seen you since you were on the Ed Sullivan show and have always admired your art. God bless you. Love, Ruth      Ruth
First off all i wanted to say R.I.P and you have inspired me so much and i still cant believe that your actually gone but you live forever in your music and in our hearts no one can ever compare to you and what you did all you wanted was for the world to be a better place you didn't deserve any of this you should know all of your fans are still supporting you and making sure your never forgotten i want to be jsut like you to be able to inspire people the way you did and jsut know you are not alone your fans will stand behind you forever i still have hope your alive sounds (Crazy)i know but i cant help but think that way it makes it easier someday it really will hit me like a ton of bricks that your not but for now that's what i'm gonna believe i know in my heart your smiling down on us and your proud of us that were still fans and supporting you but the truth is i always will from now till forever i hope to marry your son oneday :) again it sounds crazy but it's the closest thing i've got to you now and i just wish you were still here my dad says he went to school with you a longtime ago and i think that's really awesome i wish i could have met you once i think it would have made my lfie and beyond i was listening to your songs today and cried because i cant except the fact that you'll never go on tour again and i'll never be able to meet you well not for at least another 80 years anyway. . i just wish i could have met you once before god took you away but your safe up there theres no one to bother you and stalk you like the media did im sure god is taking good care of you and i wanted to thank him for giving us such an amazing person like you but he took you away from us too soon for good reason but all your fans still wish this was a dream and that your still here with us well of course you are but in spirit and your just an overall inspiring and amazing person and i love you with all my heart and miss you so much but i'll see you again someday :) , Love one of your biggest fans <3      Bobbie

its ken there findin out about the fraud you need to come out soon or they will hunt you down to mj from his favorite friend kenny.  

hi michael. my name is jemma wallace. if you are alive i would like to say that you should tell the world as soon ass possible, i foyur dead then i love you and i miss you. you are my world. im in a foster home at the moment. ive been there for 9 months and i want to come home. i dont know why im telling you that but i love you. i never knew you when you were alive but when i saw one the news that you had died i was gob smacked. i then started to realise what a onderful man you are/were. i love you again i am now a big BIG fan. and i miss you dearly. most of your fans may of forgotten about you but i promise you forever i will be there for you and i shall never forget you. na dif you are alive then tell the world now because if you dont your life will get worse and your fans will get angry. well think about it yeah. miss you and love you. my emai address is if you want to talk to me if your alive bye michael. R.I.P      jemma

ik your secret..... HEE HEE ... micheal r u okai sed micheal are you okai are you okai micheal youve been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth criminal      your 
Hey Michael I'm one of your many fans and just would like to say we all miss you and wish you peace.     

Dear, mikaeel is true u still alive
i'm muslim actually, and i scared if u truly died and i so happy if u still breathing if u read this please please..let me know u still breath ,my email is 

please tell me, because i really wanna know..and i scared if u are not the truth of michael jackson, and i scared too.. if this blog just to make your lies story and try to expose you..and i know your difficult situasion relegion is islam to.. so we like a brothers now, and i always pray good for you mikaeel..i really really dissapointed if you still alive but you ignore my heart saying i gave this message from my heart to my mind to tell
that i cared my brothers i love u like i love my father,mother,nabi muhammad and ALLAH s.w.t please again just talk to me if u still alive..

for those of people trying to make a lies story please if u guy's really do love michael jackson do not do that lovve him through your heart not your mind or appetite something that you thing can make him happy but mean while him try to hide himself on difficult way..please mikaael just text me talk to me if u still breath..

you guy's must
  know have two people loke MJ too E'CASANOVA and NAVI         nabil

Michael Ilove you so much

            The Diane  

michael i here all thses rumors that you are alive to be honest i hope its true because i miss you so much if you faked your death im not even mad at you i understand why you did it i would never judge you i love you and i dont believe   none of the rumors either please come back      sheila 
I live in hope and longing
 that one day you can find,
 better to suffer the dreams and memories,
 not take a walk to remember.

 Love that destroys or strengthens,
 feeling that you can not forget
 even with passing time and panic,
 it never gets old.
 Michael, I am faithful to the love I feel for you!
 I need you! All for love! Fairy Bell.

Hey Michael Jackson, i know you're not dead. But I just wanna say that, we miss you alot & we want you back. please come back. we believe, you are alive. i love you. I miss you.       Bella

Thought to meet
 Today when I lay in bed
 I let my thoughts go out to meet
 for a few minutes you felt so close
 I closed my eyes and felt his hand on my face
 the touch of her lips, her smell, her warmth
 did not want to open my eyes, I was afraid of seeing you
 so let me wrap you in that moment seemed so real
 I could hear his voice in my ear
 love calling me, asking me to never let
 saying how much you love me
 freaking me out every second with her kisses
 getting involved with his words
 you angel take me to your world
 and was lost in my
 swear I'd give anything to live this moment with you my angel
 to feel your kisses, your voice, your touch, your look, your caresses
  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I need you, Michael, my love for you is faithful. All for love! Fairy Bell.

Forever My

 It may be that the sun does not heat,
 but your arms will still be hot.
 It may be that the moon does not shine,
 but his eyes still have light.
 It may be that the star does not shine,
 but your hair will still be silver.
 It may be that no rain falls,
 but his mouth still moisten my lips.
 It may be that the button does not flourish,
 but your skin still ooze perfume.
 It may be that the music does not touch
 but your body still dance in my mind.
 It may be that the bird is not free,
 but his desire to make me take off ...
 It may be that I die,
 but still, the desire to have you will be eternal!
 Michael, I love you faithfully, I need you, all for love!
 Fairy Bell.

 so im not going to reveal my real name, but i will spill my heart out!
MICHAEL JOE JACKSON, you are the second reason to y there's a smile on my face (god is the frist reason, always will be) you are the reason y i keep my head held high, the reason to y i believe in myself again. i thank god for ever taking his time and creating such character such as you. God has done the world good for he does everyday, i pray for you every night, that your safe and sound. i pray that you dont let the haters get in your head, for what really matters is your true fans and family. i know there will be a concert, i just wish it was soon, i feel sad i wont be able to come to it, for i am not with alot of money, i can barely afford gum on regular basis. i am only fifteen and i cant find a job, for they dont have much for fifteen year old african females. in a small city such as perry. Michael, i love you third, of course god is first and my family second, i would never ever put god or Family behind anyone eles, for i am not a dumby and because i have learned from your song "money" michael again i love you. get well and GOD BLESS. for i must say and apalogize for....FUCK the press MICHAEL is the BEST!!! -love, burundianprincess-      FUCK the
Michael, this song is for you! If you want to avoid any place that will stop
Not necessary to call me so close I am ...
But his fear of losing does not let me look
Forget that now everything will change ...
Now I can be your angel, your desires know by heart
The good and for bad, you got me
Will not feel alone
My love! ...
Whenever you want a kiss I'll give you
Your mouth will have taken me so thirsty
If you want to! Whenever you want to go the stars give me your hand!
Let me take you ...
I think to touch, you can talk about common things and love
The most unusual love, do not let fear stop you
To get close to me, what happened yesterday
No more repeat ...
Then let me be with you, your desires know by heart
The good and for evil you get me will not feel alone
My love! If you want to! ...
Whenever you want a kiss, I'll give you
Your mouth will have taken me so thirsty, if you want!
Whenever you want to go the stars give me your hand!
Let me take you ...
Let me be real
And help you to be happy
Because I'm your fire
Everything you wanted
If you want to! want to go where the stars
Give me your hand! let me show you!
Michael, I love you faithfully, I need you, all for love! Fairy Bell.

God bless you Michael! Your voice make me feel i'm alive, you're the one who can help the world. We love you so much, especially me! This message brings tears to my eyes. There's a friend that i know, her name is Chanel Hallqwist, and I think she's the biggest fan of you and your music. I hope you'll arrive att the highest level in the paradise.

God bless you, Michael!

Love, Omar.    

hi dear michael i patrice venrooy miss you so very much i will see you i caNT WAIT TO SEE YOU WERE ARE YOU MICHAEL PLEASE TELL ME MUCH LOVE FROM JOUR FAN PATRICE VENROOY FROM THE NETHERLANDS    


Dear michael jackson ,i am very sorry for what happened to you when i first heard you sing i just thought it was a god given gift and i wanted to grow up and be just like you and then rumors started spilling in and i always went to my room and cried to myself saying michael would never let rumors tear him away  from his friends ,family ,and fans and it would never bring him down and after i heard about your death i cried every time someone said your name , or everytime i heard you sing on the radio saying why did this have to happen he has done nothing wrong but been him self and people just start spreading rumors he should have a better life on the other side away from the publics eye and in heaven      precious
Hi Michael!  Whether you are dead or alive it doesnt really matters to me coz you are always alive in me...... I love you forever.....till eternity....may God protect you wherever you are.....      NoreenZS
i love you micheal, always have and always will, my 4 year old niece loves you too, she adores you. she can sing man in the mirror, she loves animals and she loves the earth song video and the speed demon video. i cried when i watched your memorial and when your daughter paris spoke i cried even harder.i am in many many many groups that were created in your memory or created for your fans, i love you micheal, your the best. my bedroom walls are covered with posters and pictures of you. love you lots.
"Dirty Diana" a.k.a. Diane! xoxoxox      Diane

MICHAEL..... please come back my dear ... i am waiting for you .. please come back our darling MICHAEL .. i believe that you are alive ... happy and healthy .. MAY ****ALMIGHTY ALLAH***** bless you my dear M.J.....   

I would love to see u in person. People think i am crazy to beleive u r alive, but i do.All the best!  

Hi Michael
I just like to say if you dont know by now how much you are missed and love then I don't know what else to said. Michael we know you did'nt have sex with no child a person have to be a fool to believe that about you. Like I said before michael god never bless me with any kids thats been one of my worst pain in life I would pry so hard for a child of my own I always wanted to give birth to a child I wanted to feel it move and kick and adoption dont give a woman that. Now for some women just a child would do fine but not for me I just neve wanted a child that way. Now if I gave birth to one then yes but I would have to give birth first. Anyway Mike you could babysit for me any time and I would'nt thank about it twice. We love you king I know you don't like to be called king if you e-mail me and tell me to stop I will.   Better yet call me and tell me so I can tell the world! LOL      Baby

 God bless our Michael Joe Jackson
 I hear your gotten much biger down right kind of big!! good baby that more to love! baby nothing like a bone but a dog and he bury it.      Baby



Im not a big Michael Jackson fan,but I would like to say that he is an incredible performer and his songs are one of a kind. Really theres no one like him. Dead or alive he is and will continue to be a great role model to many people. We miss you and We All LOVE You Michael Jackson.    

My soul says you are not died, but you are free of this world of your, hope you love your life today, hope to see you one day, take care of your childrens, may God Bless you and your family love you Michael,,,,,,,,l.o.v. <3   

My dear Michael
Is there any possibility of invisible became visible? I knew this is not easy to answer shortly. It will be at some point which no one knew accept the one.
There are so many opinions about ‘messages’ hided in different pieces of information given by you. I do not mind they might be correct as many of those who try to uncover it count their self as a professional. However, your works were done for ordinary people, who transfer it through their hearts and soul. In this is your power and a power of song makes everybody fell like a someone special.
I am a very ordinary person, except one.  I take care about you have I see it is possible to do. Therefore you became the very closest to me. Might be it is very unusual but even I see the answer from you to me in last works connected with your sons. They were chosen by me and I like in childhood was listening to them hourly.  It is your talent to hear music in everything surrounding you and I believe that you are able to fell more.
Thank you so much. I pray for you and wait that time when hear from you that you are happy.
Sincerely, sincerely                                                                                                               Ludmila                                                                                                                                                                                

michael,are you alive? we love u

 so much      adam

Dear Michael Jackson and Family;     I wish you a Happy Valentines Day! I carry you in my heart and soul everyday. Michael has been my favorite for many decades. He is only seven years older than I, and to be my star through my childhood and throughout my life is just amazing! I send you my love and you are in my prayers!  I could never imagine my life without the Jackson family all these years. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You are all so beautiful! From Tammy Sue                         Tammy
More  than  the  greatest  love  the  world  has  know
This  is  the  love  I?ll  give  to  you  alone
More  than  the  simple  words  I  try  to  say
I  only  live  to  love  you  more  each  day.

I  wish  to  be  a  star  in  your  darkness.
I  wish  to  be  with you  in  the  stormy  day.
I  wais  to  be  your  friend  always.
I ran in search of discoveries, discoveries t

hat reveal the mysteries,
 Sacred mysteries of love, I was thirsty and hungry but could stand in this race ...
 I kept running.
 I knew it was worth, that these findings would show me a new world, a world of dreams.
 Finally, I reached the end of that race,
 And there was the sweetest mystery, that I was face to face with my better half ...
 It was the reunion of two lost parts in the world, a dark world that transformed the shadows in dreams.
 I ran my whole life behind a mystery that has changed my life.
 A world that introduced me to happiness after fatigue, thirst and hunger ...
 A world that made me discover a SWEET MYSTERY. YOU!
 Michael, love you faithfully, I need you. All for love!
 Fairy Bell.


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