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we love you and miss you michael xxx

Q. Full Name:   
R. peggy

Michael Jackson is the worlds greatest person in the world!
and you know he is alive, and he is a man oF heart and passion, u have no idea how his kind words are.
So all of those people who talk about him, please dont judge him, without having a one-on-one conversation with him, please.

Evertime i hear, people say things about him, i start to cry, i cry so much thinking about how much people hurt him, and i feel so sad because i dont know what I can do to stop it! if there was anything, i would!

I feel so sad to listen to any michael jackson songs, i cant accept the fact that he is gone...i Know deep down, my inner self, says He cannot be gone, he is alive, and he will show up one day!





Q. Full Name:   

my dearest MICHAEL, i want you to know how much i LOVE YOU. i only new ofhe JACKSON 5 and THRILLER on June 25.every dy for three or fouAr week all day they played was MICHAEL JACKSON. i LOVED it.the day of the MEMORIAL SERVICE i cried so hard. and every day i pray for your family. but MOST of all i pray that you may REST IN PEACE.  R.I.P MY 1 AND ONLY LOVE

Q. Full Name:   
R. jayda 

michael jackson,you are the reason why i even breathe u are my guardian angel. If u have never had exsisted i wouldn't be alive today.You have an angel face & voice.You areprfessional,beautifal,talented and amazing.I have not met you.Well it doesnt matter, i don't need to get to know you to know that you are amazing in each and every way.You bring me joy to my life just by hearing you're sweet and inncoent voice.You will always be the love of my life,no matter what happens.I love everything you do,my love.If i could just look at you,touch you and maybe even sing with you, it will change my whole life,it will even turn my whole world upside down.And all my dreams will come true &will be blessed by you.If i am blessed by someone else othter than you & god it will NOT feel as special as it is coming from you.From the numbers 1-10 i love you to the numbers that never stops.Just by looking at ur smile and seeing how happy you are it brightens my whole day.You are my true legacy
,my hero,my love of my life.Evertime you're name is mentioned it puts the biggest smile on earth.I would do anything for you,anything just to make you happy.You are something that will never ever be repeated,becuase you are the one and only MICHAEL JACKSON,The King Of Pop,and i am proud to say that i could say that 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times and i will never get tired of saying it
R.I.P michael jackson.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Lisa  marie 

. Michael, I don't know where you are right now, but I feel your presence so strongly as always. I want you to know that you have really changed my life. I read in your book and found out that you really respect the opinions of children, and I wanted you to know that you have my respect, my love, and so much more! (: I am a thirteen year old, and, before I grew to love your music, I was foolish, immature, selfish, and rude. The day you left us hit me in ways I couldn't imagine... It was then that your message truly seeped into my heart and changed me for the better. Never have I been so moved by a person I have never even personally met! Thank you so much for spreading the word of God, and for sharing your talent. I love your music, your voice, your dance, and everything you've done. Please know that you have changed one young girl for the better. Know that you've turned her into a better, happier, and kinder person! I will never forget you, and I will keep you in my heart a
lways. It's all for L.O.V.E.! (:

Q. Full Name:   
R. Halena 


Q. Full Name:   
R. sheila

Michael, Ive been sitting here wondering what message to write for you,it is very hard to put anything in writing,something that nobody hasnt said before,I miss you so much and wish I was not writing this at all because it is so wrong that this has happened. I will listen to your voice every-day and look at your beautiful face, I will never forget who you are and what you have done for this world,I will cherish everything you represent and I will always truely love you, may you be at peace and find the happiness and love you deserve. All my love Debbie.K.XXXXX

Q. Full Name:   
R. Debbie

Hello! This is my third message to you, Michael. Alot has changed in my life since my last letter. I quit my job for my fiance due to working many hours as a social worker. My fiance and my children were being neglected due to all the time I devoted to helping others. However, it was to late. My fiance left me when I did not have a job which was three months ago. I have many applications in but no employment. I am past due on all bills and will probably loose my home. My children appear to be upset with me and blame me for loosing my fiance. My daughter moved in with her father and the only child I have home now is my son which if I loose my home he will have to live with his father. Then, i do not know where I will go. I have prayed many times but I will not lie; I have given up. I feel like I do not have the fight in me anymore and I dont care what happens. I keep praying that some prince will come and rescue me and take me far away. Fairy Tales do not exist. I believe l
ife is what I make it but my heart is so destroyed and my spirit is gone. I dont want to scoalize much. All I want to do is run but I cant. I think I understand now why you ran and are in hiding. I wish I could but I cant afford it. I feel like my desires in life are dead and that I just want to leave and rediscover who I am and what I want. I am scared of not making it or paying my bills but I did this to myself because I trusted myu fiance of 7 years so I quit my job. I heard he likes a 21 year old. Damn, I am going to be 39 but I use to act like a 21 year old full of life. I want it back. I want my passion for living back and I keep praying but it seems I never get a break. Six months ago, I loved my life and thought it was perfect. When you loose perfect, where do you go from there? I pray everyday just to be able to wake and breathe. However, my soul feels so uncomplete. People say it is depression. I say it is a broken heart and where do you go when you feel you have l
ost the love of your children and the man you thought completed you. I know I need to fight but its just not in me right now. I feel what would I be fighting for. I am use to helping so many but I just dont want to help myself. I push people away because all I want to do is run and start a new life. Is this how you felt? If so, how do I move on? I dont have the money to leave or even pay my bills due to the economy being so bad. I have even tried online dating. I do not recommend it to anyone. I did it because I can tell strangers my whole life and I dont care what they think. I pray life is going good for you and that you are wiping away all your cob webs. I am just beginning.

Live, Love, and be loved.
God Bless.

Michael , Love you with all my heart. Miss you every day. Rest In Peace.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marilyn

Love you miss you with all my heart. Michael, you are an angel singing with the angels.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marilyn

To Michael, Thank you for being the Greatest Entertainer to Ever Live!  I love you so and thank you for all the joy you brought to my life.  You truly are an angel.  Please know how much we, your fans LOVE you!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Miranda

Hallo Michael,
egal wo du gerade bist, du sollts wissen, dass wir dich lieben und vermissen, das du unser größter Schatz bist und wir dir nur alles gute und liebe wünschen.
Grüße aus München

Q. Full Name:   
R. Anita

miss u lots michael still have the memory of meeting u in 1996 in amsterdam

Q. Full Name:   
R. Elly

I know this probably sounds dumb but I always considered you, Michael, a friend. Even though I never had a chance to meet you or watch you preform on stage or anything I felt like if we'd ever got a chance to meet we could be friends mainly since my family says we have similar personalities. You are the nicest person I've ever seen or ever will see, I hope your family is well and you are happy now. Love always.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Cara

michael i'll love forever.your music will live forever.god bless you.Jeannette

Q. Full Name:   
R. jeannette

My dearest Michael , I miss you so much my heart hurts , I pray everyday that the good Lord has you close to him .
    Please keep a close watch over us Michael and give us strength to get through everyday without you being here with us .
    Rest in pease my love , you deserve it . 
    You will always be in my heart .
      Much L.O.V.E. Lori M.

. Michael where are you?

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marcelle

In heaven there is no calendar, my calendar has 365 days of me is love for MICHAEL and his children.
MICHAEL I think about you every day and be happy. I love you

Q. Full Name:   

. Michael I love you and always have  I miss you when you left you took a piece of me with you
love you always

Q. Full Name:   
R. Tracy

Hello..How are you..I just want to say that i very love your songs,videos and..i very love you.I haven't baetiful words to tell you that i love you so much..You it is all i have..God bless you,Michael..I shall be happy if you shall be happier..Love!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Oksana


Q. Full Name:   
R. Petya

michael si tu est toujours parmi nous reviens s il te plait je t aime

Q. Full Name:   
R. sabine 


Q. Full Name:   
R. Erkin 

Hello Michael, you do not know me but I hope to one day be able to tell you how important you are and how much he helped me in my problems with his teachings of love, solidarity and change through the 'man in the mirror "that in my case was the woman in the mirror, miss you much, sometimes cry a lot, sometimes I feel a heart ache. Sorry, I can not be different. I love you as a person but, not as myth but as a loving person who will do him good.
Thanks for everything.
One day we will meet and if God permits I can give you a hug.
God bless you and all.
I love you with all my heart.
A kiss from a Brazilian fan Bianka Furttado

Q. Full Name:   
R. Bianka   

Hello, I wish this was just a bad dream and we could all wake up and be mesmerized by this whole event.  I am here in Mississippi and wishing that you weren't dead. You always made me smile and I know money doesn't buy happiness and definitely wasn't happy at all, but I feel everyone with money go and find the worst person possible for them. If you are dead I hope and pray you find peace rock Heaven baby rock it hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! For you are not alone!!!!!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Mary

I love you Michael.
You need to come back.
This world seems strange seems you left.
We who love you understand why you left.
If you come back you will put a smile in millions of people.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Frank

Dear Micheal

I miss you so very much I doubt I will ever fully heal from your death. It wasn't your time and I wish you had known that there was somebody who would have done anything to protect you and keep you safe.
I love you so much
Rest in peace now Sweet angel of hope and love and peace
Gone but never EVER forgotten xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Q. Full Name:   
R. Lois



Hello Michael Jackson I feel sorry for you about your funeral update. I just want to say you are not alone with me as your fan. You are not alone forever.
I love you as your fan!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Deborah

Here's a poem just 4 u MJ
MJ was gifted, he touched all his fans and their hearts was lifted,now he's sitting with GOD above smiling with all his love,I love you MJ and we will meet with you someday as our HOLY FATHER has promised In our promise land AND on that day it will be grand! love you always (Annie)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Anna

Hi my sweet Angel. I love you so much, oh the Lord knows I do. I hope you are happy where ever you are. I love you Michael and always will. I love you forever.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Brianna 

Michael, We L.O.V.E you and miss you so very much.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Theresa c

Missing you Michael..
from Cincinnati Ohio

Q. Full Name:   
R. Carrie

Hello Michael,

I have been a fan of yours since I was a little girl and always will be until the day I die. I still someday want to meet you and give you the biggest hug I ever have given anyone. I always told my Mom how I was going to marry you someday and have your black baby. I was a little girl when I said that and if it was possible I would still do it. My heart tells me you are not gone and I'm going to keep feeling that because I'm hoping you are alive and well. You deserve peace and quiet after everything you have gone through. I love you Michael and miss you always. Long Live The KING!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Carrie

HOLA a pesar del tiempo no dejo de extrañarte. Im do you love more no me conoces,nunca pude ir a un concierto pero desde aqui le mando un abrazo y un kiss,en donde estas vida de mi vida??

Q. Full Name:   
R. hilda  

MJ.... honeyy.... stopp hidinng.... uu donn knww i miss uu???

Q. Full Name:   
R. Sheena

Our dearly loved Michael died of a broken spirit NOT heart!! Condolences to his 3 children & family. May he now get peace he always deserved & we will always stand beside MJ, THE KING OF POP - NO MATTER WHAT!, R.I.P. Mike : (

Q. Full Name:   
R. Gaye

ill always be with you,,,no matter what they say,,i love you:),,everyday i listen to our song..you are my music:)

Q. Full Name:   
R. arghelhyn

Hi Mike, My heart belongs to you, unconditionally. I adore you, always have, always will.  You deserve the sweetest love and happiness.  I know that will come. God bless you.D.C. xx

Q. Full Name:   
R. debbie

Michael, I was not able to go to the Staple Center, I really wanted to go.  My sister and I cried when we heard the sad news. I grew up listening to your music, although I have never met you, you do not feel like a stranger. You contributed so much to humanity, I wish you were still around and I hope you are.  Your kids and family must miss you so much.  If your taking time out, stop and smell the roses. I like all your songs.  Especially the one you sang in Spanish back in the 80's "TODO MI AMOR ERES TU"  You took the time and effort to sing in Spanish. That is amazing, creative. But then that would be you. I respect, admire, and appreciate the human, individual you are (were ?)  Your an Angel in Heaven and in Earth.
From my garden of life, I give you my  flowers of preference which are the flowers of friendship and good wishes.

hello,Michael,i'm a romanian women ,merried in Gaza Strip-Palestina ,36 year old,mother of 5 kids.I don't know if i'm doing right but i can't stand enymore i have to talk with someone about you.I belive ,that you are alive ,and if is so,i just want to say this: i don't condamn you for what you did,i know you had a very good reson.And i belive that i'm not the only one,who thinks so.i just want to say that i need you back.You are my heart and soul,you give me power to go on ,here in this country with many wars and problems.last year in january we survived a very big war where many kids and women were kild.me and my kids were listen to your songs to stay strong ,to have the power to go on.Thanks Michael.we love you and we always will belive in you .When you left you tooked our hearts and souls with you.You left behind you the whole world empty .Please we need you so that we can go on .we want you back Michael no matter what.God Bless You Michael Jackson

Q. Full Name:   
R. el yazji

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Hola Michael soy Galavec, te cuento que no creo que estes muerto, y me daria mucha pena si dieras un "Adios" para siempre :( ...
No le hagas caso a la gente mala y vuelve para que la magia siga existiendo, espero verte de nuevo..... y por ultimo te cuento que hay muchas personas que esperan tu regreso y esas personas somos tus fans.... TE ESPERO MICHAEL....aah! y por cierto jejeje.... me gusta Paris...jejeje es una linda chica....... ESPERAMOS TU REGRESO..... QUE SEA PRONTO..... y saludamela a Paris..... :)... te espero...

Q. Full Name:   
R. Héctor

Angelo mio..conto i giorni che mancano al 25 giugno... non voglio che arrivi quel giorno... so che morirò di nuovo... so che non avrò la forza di non piangere...so che non avrò la forza di vivere senza di te...
Continuo a sentire che tornerai.. è vero Angelo Mio??? tornerai??? io continuo ad aspettarti e fino a che non morirò aspetterò un tuo ritorno... ti amo angelo mio adorato... ti amo ti amo ti amo!!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Sonia

if he is alive please can he show himself

Q. Full Name:   
R. jack 

il tuo speciale sorriso riscalda sempre il mio cuore ogni volte che ti guardo

Q. Full Name:   
R. antonella

Michael you have been my star since I was a little girl and I stuck by you till now!! You have lived the way all of us should, you have shown the world what you were made of,  no matter what crap the world gave you, you kept your head up high and kept moving, for that I have great respect for you. You will always be remembered trust me!!You are theKING OF POP!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Mary 

Hola Michael, hoy todos tus fans estamos esperando tu regreso ya que a dicho un periodista que el 28 de abril volveras y ese dia es hoy........... Espero que salgas ahorita.... necesitasmos ver la magia......

Q. Full Name:   
R. Héctor

My dear Michael,
    I want you to know although we haven't met in person,I will always love you, not just for today, or a year from now,but within my heart where time can draw no boundaries.I will always love you, not just as a memory of, but in every glimpse of beauty that stirs my senses and captures my pleasure to live. When I walk alone, you will be the sun at my back, and the smile on my lips. In my dreams you will appear as the visions I've yet to see. Whether  this is real or imagined, each part of my life is measured with you at the center of my love always,and I am in every thought of my heart to yours,a true friend! I just can't say goodbye!
              God Bless You!

Michael, looking forward to seeing you in June, whereever, let us know. We love you and miss you soooo much. Love, Bec

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rebecca 
and Marge 

I love you michael... please come see me.:....

Q. Full Name:   
R. zeynep

Hi Michael,

I will keep this message short; I really hope you are well and happy and enjoying your rest.

I would love to meet you some day. and wish you all the best.

I have my exams coming up on the 4 , 14 , 18 of may . and I would like if you could wish me  luck in the exams as it would mean a lot to me .
I am in Glasgow university on my erasmusyear. 
your friend always Patrick. 

Q. Full Name:   
R. Patrick

Micharl im a big

fan of you an i really love you i will like to see you in person well ifbis true that you are alive.if you are alive please write to me back i will apreciated. love you with all my heart.


Q. Full Name:   
R. di di di


My life is not the same since June 25th 2009. I keep the faith that I 'll see your smile again. You are the air that I breathe and I do hope you are in good health and feeling happy. Yes, I keep the faith that "the best is yet to come". I'm a beLIEver!!! Thank you very much for all you've done and keep doing to "heal the world". Love You always till the end of times. Love you more. Love you most...

Q. Full Name:   
R. Deborah

Q. Full Name:   
R. Dalisha

Dear Michael,
      How are you doing, today? I hope well. I am telling you that your arrival to earth will be a hell of an adventure for everyone including me.  If you decide to have a concert for the world, again ..please let me know.  I have to save my pennies and I will be able to make it. Michael, I will finally have the rest of my money for the opus book. I am so happy. I never been so happy this year until I count the money and I have just a tab to go.  I went on the site the other day to check out the price again and to make sure I can afford it. I am very happy. I love to have your book and place it next to my favorite medical books. I know you can laugh. Yes, I am putting your book next to my old gray’s anatomy book. It’s the first anatomy book my foster brother gave to me and I have kept it ever since my departure from his family home. My passion of giving assistance, caring and using acquire and natural medical knowledge & skills for those individuals who are impaired. The
impairment maybe temporary or/and permanent cause by an illness or injury or psychological factors. This is one of my special talents as your special talents are music, directing, songwriter, writer, and anything in the art & theater career. 
Both of us have the compassion for human beings who are experiencing suffering, mistreatment and unnecessary negative treatment.  When we think, life is becoming better and sees a light at the end of the tunnel.  We take a sigh, we strived very hard and as we could to reach this point. It was worth all the sweat, tears and energy that were place into the drive to make it happen. Michael, this is your project and it is happening; could you ever imagine it would take off this well? Yes, little kinks here and there but nothing devastated that would be controversial. Unless the Flash Mob concept was, derive from you and Payne. Philadelphia is having a heck of a time dealing with it on South Street.  I believe they went a tad overboard and it is not surprising. I will give you a grade of A- for presentation, C+ for characters (some of them lost their tempers and allow others get to them.),  B- for the flow (too much given at once or nothing at all and a balance should be given.),
D for not picking up the undue strings such as klein’s  officer worker/ ex-boy friend drops dead on the side walk and autopsy was being conducted…well it’s a longest autopsy and I think he is rebirth by now; toxicology report from the family’s coroner; what happen to June Chandler?; Emm, Lost house video, the man who phone Katherine has not been in touched all these months; the male cook was killed and nothing else! I could go on but Michael I believe you know what I mean. Especially, there are four major clues that have not been establish and no the mediators should not reveal them.  BTW, $75 for a reading Michael and I believe Casper the friendly Ghost is free. I think Casper is flying around the clouds hop on and talk to me in my dreams.  Heck, it took me a long time and making sacrifices to get the money for Opus. $75 to a person who claims that she was speaking to you live on the radio show and they had commercials. Michael, please commercials like you had time
to sit on a cloud for 2 mins. As we listen to commercials. I was laughing and She says “Michael says blah, blah, blah,blah”. Michael, I try to call in and to tell her that you were playing bumper clouds with the children. Michael says, “Catch you on the rebound and he left like 10 minutes ago. He is sorry but his schedule is tight and must stay to the flight schedule.” I bet that would mess up everything…lol…. Those are your grades right now…laughing.
Michael, why have you never thought of looking at the children in the orphanages; which lived in America? I am wondering and I ask many people the question.  Some of their answers are unacceptable due to making fun of the children. I am from the orphanage this is the reason I am independent and I do not accept anything from no one. The one of the major lessons I had learned in life “Never accept anything from any one because you will always owe that person.”  “If a person gives you something than it is a handout and she or he is looking down on you.”  “Acceptance means selling your soul to the devil.” “Always work hard for everything life and you will be more appreciated of the rewards from your work.”  These quotes I have learned in life and they are so true. Michael, never allow anyone to take advantage of you. I have no idea what is true about your family or you.  If you are reborn again, please could you can explain it to me.  Michael, be thankful for you
r family and children and the love you receive each day & night. I never here those words from my family and I do not have children. Michael, you are very special as many others in the world who have a family (not saying they are good or bad).  Michael, count your blessing God was able to provide the whole package to you. God Bless….Chow

Q. Full Name:   
R. Michaelbutton  

Michael,life hsns't been the same without you. Please don't let us down in June. We need you and love you so very very much. Hope to see you soon. Love Always and Forever. Becky and Marge

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rebecca 

I believe that you0re alive. my hope is to miss you! I love you more! God bless you!

Q. Full Name:   
R. robin from italy

kocham cię na zawsze

Q. Full Name:   
R. edyta

i love you !!
i miss you

Q. Full Name:   
R. marie 

we all miss you micheal

Q. Full Name:   
R. tamia

hello michael,my name is nina m.jackson,and i actually have a lil brother name michael jackson, he was teased and still is all of his life,and he is gay and i love my lil brother just the way he is.we are the best of friends,he move to atlanta and i 'm in texas but we are always chatting and calling one another,he reminds me alot of what you dealt with on a daily basis,i miss u and it seems like me and my brother know u personally.me and my lil brother keep to our self and we don't care what people say or think of him or you,and u are truly missed by us and we will always LOVE YOU MICHAEL J. JACKSON...LOVE NINA&MICHAEL JACKSON,U CAN ALWAYS BE LOVED HERE.

Q. Full Name:   

. Michael , Miss you and love you .  I think of you all the time . Rest in Peace love you forever.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marilyn

  thank you so much for inspiring the world, you've touch millions of hearts, including my 3 year old sister, she really loves you so much :) always remember that we your fans are always here for you no matter what, and wherever you are. michael, i love you, and i'll always will. i hope you're happy wherever you are right now, and i miss you so much:( <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. ivy

I love you dearly more than anything, although i never met you, i feel like you could always help me through my moments and make me feel better, i miss your smile, i wish you were still here<3, i will always support you, and one day we will have that tabloid burning just for you :)<3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Stephanie  M

Michael; you are seriously the BEST performer, brother, cousin, father, friend and person who ever lived. You'll be always in our minds and specially in our hearts. We'll never get tired of you; and you always gonna be OUR KING OF POP.<3
We really love you! You'r my favorite angel (:

Q. Full Name:   
R. Dayana

Hey Michael My Name is Richard. I always wanted to thank you for everything you've ever done for us, hopefully before we ever lost you. You've given Such a wonderful view of life when we were kids. Your music made every school day the best! I hope you are rested well I bet you are helping God Heal The World. Mike My goal was to meet you and tell you I love you Bro and if I had kids I'd like them to know you and I would like them to visit you I pray to you everyday man I miss you very much. Your presence brought inspiration to The air we breathe. Bro I hope you have found peace you are part of my whole family who feels The same way I do. My parents introduced me to you when I was little we never stopped loving you.I miss you man very much!!! Please Come Back We The Youth Follow MJ's Legacy.Holy is Thy name who rests on The Kingdom Stage of Eternal Throne. RIP MIchael.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Richard

hey there micheal i miss you so much you know i love you micheal you will always be a very big part of my life rip  micheal for ever from veronica tobeck

Q. Full Name:   
R. veronica 

to the jackson family my condolences to you all on the loss of our beloved king of pop micheal jackson he was our life our idol he was our superstar and our icon we all loved him so much and will be missed my love to you all jackson  from veronica tobeck hastings hawkesbay

Q. Full Name:   
R. veronica 

Dear Michael,where ever you are,i hope you are fine and happy now i love you 4ever

Q. Full Name:   
R. betty  

thank you for the beautiful music you created. i wish your personal life could have been different. finding true friends is hard for the average guy, but how could you feel secure. i wish we would have met. play your sweet music with the angels. may your love ones be happy and protected. your music will always be in my heart. l.o.v.e.

Q. Full Name:   
R. sue

We would like to see you in June.
Michael,Super hero for us Love you forever..You never die from me.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marisa 

Whatever the truth is one thing will be sure : love survives , and so, you're still with us, and for me your kindness protect us .. thanks to your music , we can all think of you and give you postive vibrations from the deepest of our hearts. i wish the joy you gave to us is coming back to you as strong as we had the chance to receive it :)
Anastasia from Paris.

Q. Full Name:   
R. anastasia 

Baby ♥
Ilove youu so much & i miss you dhttp://sitebuilder.yola.com/ide/index.jsp?siteid=8a4986cb221a08e701221b298d7517c2early!!
You're my everything michael, just everything , and i love you from the bottom of my heart <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Emily 

In my last message i Write " my hope is to miss you" sorry is an error,  MY HOPE IS TO MEET YOU!!!!! I love L.O.V.E.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Robin

Who are you?
God of my feelings
energy that stirs my being.
Who are you?
I meet in my thoughts
by those who sigh at the beauty of affinity.
Who are you?
With whom I have the most loving dreams
and they do not want to wake up.
Who are you?
What glitters in the deepest corner of my self
that makes me happy just to know that you exist.
Who are you?
Who dares to invade I have more real
my poor heart.
Who are you?
That sharpens what I try to dominate
not easy to deliver,
the beauty of my love.
Introduce yourself to me, do not hide in your inner world
no time to get closer.
Ceases to be just the breath of my dreams.
And that is, the love of my body, mind and spirit.
Converting thee in my secret.
¨ The love that delights the soul, you have to love the eyes. ¨
Of your eternal fan.


hi michael i wish you are in a better place today......

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R. Hannah

hi michael i wish you are in a better place today......

Q. Full Name:   
R. Hannah


dear Michael, I have been getting updates from the websites about you being seen in England and that you are truly alive. And your killing me. I just know that you are alive and I cant take it anymore. If this is to be true, then please, please let me know. I no that I sound ridiculous, a women in her fourties begging a man that I have never met, to contact me but I just want you to no that I am here for you as a friend, if you ever wish to talk to someone. I know you have propably herd this before, but I sware to you that I would never tell another living soul if we ever did talk. I hate people who are not true to their word. And I hate the press. So I promise you that I would never say anything. I want you to know that you are my insperation, your songs bring me tears and joy. I think about you all the time, I think about how the children and adults in this world are missing out on such a wonderful person. The hard work you have put into trying to make this world that we
  live in a better place, but Michael I fear that without your insperation and your words and songs that people will just forget you and what you have tried to accomplish. I have wanted to meet you for so long, because I know that you are a true and wonderful human being. You don't deserve to be treated like dirt. there are so many people in this world that are so nasty and mean and don't know the true meaning of life. I tell my children and my friends that life is the greatest gift that you could ever have, so live each and every moment to the fullest and be happy and always think positive, because things will work out ok, and Micheal if you come back to us, don't worry because everything will work out ok. Your family and fans will be behind you and support you. You know there will be people out there that will drag you through the mud, but you know that they arent worth getting upset over. Micheal I know that we do not know each other, but all I can do is hope that my words
  give you some peace of mind, as your words and songs have always given me. If someone else is reading this I do not want this posted, as this is my personal feelings to Michael and not for anyone else to read. Take care Michael, love you always Heather

Q. Full Name:   
R. Heather  

I Love you. But even more importantly...I Undrstand you

Love Always Lia

Q. Full Name:   
R. Calia


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