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Michael love and miss you with all my heart. I ,m a fan since i was young. I,m 55 yrs old and you will always be the king of music . with all my love  rest in peace my love. Marilyn Schubert Panama city fl .

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marilyn M Schubert

your smile is so sweet like a child, like an angel. I know, you are here Mickael, I can feel you. you are the one. kisses.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marie  


God Bless You Michael Jackson, may God forever keep you and your family, friends. And in His Hands, as well as the Book of Life. i wrote a poem, i want to share with you. YOu can also fin this on myspace and facebook. Myspace under "NeverEndingLand"( i change my name to help support you) facebook still Autumn Agnew. I'm if it's a lil long. I love you more, Michael and God loves you too. Enjoy :)

The Dawn Cometh

There is moment coming like the wind
Giving me hope and the will to look on for tomorrow
An event is a renewing blessing unto soul
Healing me from the inside out
That is caused by the Blessed Father of Heaven
It allows me to remember what I am fighting for
what do I stand for, why should live other day
against all this hurtful cureless walking the lands
Why should speak when it seems nobody
Opens their heart to my words
What am I to do with all those who come
And rage war against me
All these meaningless untamed crimes
But nobody pleas my case
And forces me to questioned myself
As thou I have no knowledge about myself
Each time these things come unto storm thundering against me
I‘m remind that no storms is forever
That even fire engulfed with tyranny will be put out
And the road I tread has meaning to it
An all the untamed wasted hurts my heart
But cannot take it from me
This cause me to keep my head up and I want to fight
I want to live on, running towards tomorrow, but not from it
Blessing my soul with gladness
For thou night is long, and filled all cruelty, searching for a victim
There is still an evening that was before night
Giving me countless memories of the past
Making me look toward the dawn
Of when this will all melted down, all the snowy hurtful cureless
Looking to trouble, watching it fleeing from my presence
And that dawn will carry me for awhile, and then comes……
  The day, THE DAY
Like sweet flesh warm bread awakening the tongue, or a brand new baby entering in this world
The day comes bring blessing with it, healing me
Giving me a chance to extend a hand unto my neighbor
And that love between us flows as a river, and will we, will we rise up
Up out of the ashes of tyranny, and we will overcome the night
But before all that I wait, I wait for the dawn
The dawn cometh unto me, so I can share with you
By Autumn LeAnne Agnew

Q. Full Name:   
R. Autumn  

 dear michael ,where ever you are now i hope you are in peace,and i will always think of you as the best artist in showbusiness,and more important the most loving person who only wants peace,love for evrybody and your lovemessage is now going around the world and will heal the univers!love from lizzzzzand all for love!

Q. Full Name:   
R. liesbeth

Ciao MJ ho 45 anni sono una tua fans da quando sei diventato un solista, devo a te se la mia vita e migliorata da  quando avevo 15 anni tu mi hai insegnato che l amore ti fa stare  bene con il mondo(premetto che ho avuto un padre come il tuo se non peggio) però la cosa che non riesco ancora a fare e perdonare mio padre è credo che non lo farò mai scusa ma questo particolare non riesco ad elaborarlo ti amo. Spero che tu sia vivo ,mi basterebbe sapere che sei vicino a tuoi bambini poichè Dio a dato loro il papà che ogni bambino ha diritto di avere tu sei sempre stato speciale per il mondo sia per i tuoi fans e no Dio ti ha benedetto dal primo minuto che sei venuto al mondo perchè ha visto che eri,sei e sarai la purezza,la gioia, la delicatezza, l innocenza tu sei il benefattore del MONDO ti ho amato,ti amo, ti amerò per sempre che Dio ti benedica.

Q. Full Name:   
R. anna 

hi i am always love micheal all the time i love

Q. Full Name:   
R. mj  seema

dear Michael,
i miss you and i love you!

Q. Full Name:   
R. kristien

 You are still alive. I know it, i seen prove and I want you to know you did inspire me to get on stage for the first time and sing with a band, and be the person I am, please michael, your my biggest inspiration, I would enjoy talking to you, its my dream, my biggest joy in life has come from basketball and music, and your the role model for the world of music, If only one message, please michael, its my dreams to hear from you, to know how you feel, to know whats its like being the celebrity, faced with so much. I know your a wonderful person, You have a vision that not many see, I fully support your views and seen your interviews, michael I promise you your message will not become public unless you want it to, but please, explain why you would make everyone depressed, and empty with your "departure" or atleast write something, It would be more appreciated then known, u started my love for music michael. 

Q. Full Name:   
R. Shawn 

my love to you paris,prince micheal,blanket.i lost my dad 4 years ago and know what your going through.love you all.i believe in jehovah an his promise...john5, not marval at this for the hour is coming that all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice an come out...we miss micheal too but no where as much as you.im here if you need me kids.lov

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angelique

Please type your Message To Michael below.  All Messages will be delivered to his final resting place at Forest Lawn .
R. ..mR. miChaEL iF yOur rEadinG thiS mEssAgE riGht nOw plSs cOme baCk, cOz' yOu aRe mY liFe, withOut yOu my liFe iS nOthing..
..sO plss mr. miChaEL cOme bAck..
..iF yOur aLivE anD fAkEd yOur dEath its OlriGht wE cAn unDerstanD yOu..

frOm yOur bElOveD fAn, kiMbeRly,but mY friEnDs usEd tO cAll mE mj04.. tnx

Q. Full Name:   
R. kimberly k

If the world had one more chance to tell you how they all felt individually, it would have taken all eternity. Unfortunatly this world is a very cruel place with only two types of people, the Good and the Bad, You were one of the most amazing of all that lived in history. A legend, An icon, A role model for billions and the King of Pop.. Millions people in this world, mourned over your death, its sad to think that you may of died thinking you were alone, though you may have never of realized in the past decade how much you really meant to so many people around the world, I guess its the good old saying " You don't know what you have unitl you have lost it". You made the world dance, May you always be in our hearts, you will never be forgotten you left behind a piece of yourself for many generations to live through.. If i had a chance to just see you and tell you everything i know now, believe me i would do it! Even now still dying inside over the loss, but in order for you
  to rest in peace, we need to accept it as a humanity this is the respect we owe you. I love you so much so dearly and hopefully will be parting soon:) xx

Q. Full Name:   
R. Mariam

Michael, first of all i would like to thank you for everything.. For your music, your love, your caring, and for making the world to a better place. My name is noora and im a girl who lives in sweden.
Im 12 years old.
Your a person who can make me happy just by see your smile.
Your the one that i get up in the morning and think about.
Your the one who makes my day, and i just wanna tell you that i love you, no matter what!
Since you died all i could think about is you..
and im crying my self to sleep every night!
And now some people are saying that your alive...
im so confused...
But i got to a point: Dead or alive , i love you... And if your alive, god bless you!
If your dead, im gonna let you rest in peace... I really hope your happy wherever you are..
I love you michael Jackson and maybe someday we can meet for real... out of space, or here on earth.. god knows...

from your most loving, caring, and biggest fan in the world  Nora.

Q. Full Name:   
R. noor 

Hi, Michael. It is me. One of your biggest fans. I do belive that you still live. I hope you enjoy your new life or if you are really dead, laying in Forest Lawn. REST IN PEACE. R.I.P!!! From Tate

Q. Full Name:   
R. Tate

Dear Michael, I'm Elizabeth 39 years old,  I'm a musician ( composer and keyboards player) I'm studying violin and cello.
I love the ART and I've dedicated  all my life for this beautiful creature.
Every day of my life I need to talk to you, I know that for you, I'm not important.....many people love you and I can't do anything to be noticed by you, I can only stay in  silent and  cancel me.....
I know that I haven't lost you, but I wonder if one day I can meet you.
You met many women, and I'm one of many girls that write you love letters.
I want to be special for you,  but for you everybody have already done everything the impossible!

I can't pray you, I can't beg you, I can't meet you in a normal course, away from the madness of  the media and away from exasperated fanaticism of the peoples, I can't write  you privately and all my words are on everyone's mouth.
I'm so sad..... I spent many months crying for you, but you're alive!.... we are under the same sky, but I can't  meet you.
No words of mine, no thought of mine, no madness of mine,  can arouse interest in you for me.

Your friendship and affection would be equivalent to all the love I need.......I would like believe in a miracles .......
The 24 April I will have surgery and if I die, you know these things: Micheal I loved you for what I've known  in the music of you, I love you for what you love of life, I love you for all that you had to endure and face, I love you for your courage in many situations, I love you for your dedication to art, music, for what I still don't know and what I'll never know about you.
Your voice brings me in life, your voice is my family, your voice is comforting like a father and sweet as a mother.....The greatest disappointment of my life was to never be able to be none either
for you.
My words are so commonplace that I can't conquer you, but the love that I feel for you is contained in the intensity of the feelings of all these words: suffering, pain, love, friendship, affection.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Elizabeth 

Dear Michael,Hi its Elizabeth again. Just wanted to let u know that I miss u and think of u a lot. I am still very sad about what happened to u and I still cry.You should be alive today and u would be if it wasn't for those greedy people out to get u for your money.Because of them u are no longer physically here with us and I wish there was somehow a way u could have out smarted them.Every day I pray that u were able to make them think u died and still really be alive somewhere out there.Hope that is really what happened but I don't think u would leave Paris,Blanket and Prince behind.I am sitting here crying as I type this message to u. Please come back to us when u are ready and if it will be safe if u really are out there alive somewhere. Even if u don't want to sing and dance anymore we don't care if that means u are alive and o.k.I L.O.V.E. YOU

Q. Full Name:   
R. Elizabeth

the time needed, but unfortunately my life is not what I expected of it, now I expect a proof or a sign of Taparti and if your death is real I do not see what I serve here, although I have dreams filled eyes without your presence in my life, my dreams will never be lived with great happiness, as if you were this monde.Je want too much for you to live by as if nothing was there, I have a life pathetic and my dreams are far from achieving, for example, my biggest dream after that you can experience one would have had to leave the United States of America, I had the opportunity to work in Canada and why not go a weekend in the country of my heart, that's what I think, but now I know that I'd never have this opportunity, I was born under an unlucky star probably! If you like I just want a sign from you, if you please give me stronger, until the come-back, thinki
ng just as much to you my dear, I wish you a good rest, take so much from you and as the last Once I'd ask you to convey my love to your family ... I love you, honey, I kiss you very strong .... I miss you.
Your Angel messenger.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angélique 

michaeljackson you are so  hot.I love your videos gotta be  startin  something thats my  favorite  video. I love you  micheal. Taylor Randall

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rebecca

Michael, this site is wonderful, and so many people are saying they have seen you, I just want to say that You are not alone, I am here with you, I really wish that I could be there, wherever there is-- with you.  I hate the thought of the loneliness and heartache you had to go through. Whatever happened, I am still here, and I just thought you should know that. Sweet Dreams.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Delois

Dear,Michael,here's a pictures of 3 People;A favorite songs is Gone Too Soon,I'll Be There & Will You Be There by Mariah Carey,Usher Raymond & Jennifer Hudson ,from Staples Center at your public memorial service ,on July 7th 2009.Their are very proud of a singing a songs for you last year !!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Vuwea


Q. Full Name:   
R. maureen

Hi, Michael I would like to say to you that we do all miss you, I wish to thank you for leaving the hidden messagesin your videos.

such as ghost and black and white.    but I will always miss you.

I was once told that I would never walk again by doctors when I was five or six years old after being in a house fire, I not only learned how to walk again but I trained with the masters in Japan in Aikido, and in other arts.

I tought and worked with children for over seventeen years and I gave every thing I could to the club, to help them. but it was the greed of the landlord that closed the club as I could not keep the doors open any longer.

I have even walked in your shoes when one student parent said I touched a boy, well that nearly killed me inside ,and it hurted so much that I could not sleep nor eat for a poiroid of six months I lost alot of wieght and I could not help thinking about the boy as I opened my hart to him aas I do to all children.

one day his mother came into my dojo " training hall" and told me with a hug and kiss infront of my class as she came on the traning mats with tear in here eyes and to me I know you never touched him and I am sorry.

at that moment I only felt more hurt as I then knew it was his dad. and I could not do any thing to help them as it was the father that told the Garda "police" that I touched his son and that I was told to stay away after the matter was looked ito and it was hard.

I had to learn how to walk all over again, so I stopped teaching and went back to collage after doing a community health and care programe a year course. then moved on to university in Irelan Galway , where I have one more year to go next year, when I return in sept,

then I will go back teaching, and helping the children, and adaults ..

Micheal I really would love to meet you someday and give you a hug/coudle as I would like to take some of your pains away, and I really believe hugs are one of the best way to help a person, but only if  it is a meaningful and caring hug with thought and and feeling.

Michael god bless you and I hope you are coming back to us some day when your ready and I know you need time with your wonderful children as it is so inportant for the attachment stage and so on... such as bonding and nature / nurture ..

take care Michael god bless you ..
Alway, Patrick James Mulkerrin

Q. Full Name:   
R. patrick 

 I am one of those silly believers who does not believe you are really at Forest Lawn. Perhaps I dont want to believe it and perhaps it is true, that you just had to go and this is a hoax. I am going to assume that you just had to go because I somehow still feel you around.  The first thing I want you to know is that I admire you as a person. I believe I have a good sense for the kind of person you are and I want you to know that is what I adore. I am amazed by your talents, but more amazed by who you are, your spirit, your soul. I will write about this in my autobiography because I believe you are very similiar to me--kindred spirit. It is impossible to explain how much regret I feel that I did not come to Neverland and get to know you for who you are. I particularly regret this in light of what has happened as I somehow feel that I could have been the ultimate friend who saved you and something you hoped for all of your life. I dont mean to brag but I am a particularly lovin
g person and I am unque in a way much like you are.  I dont want to say that I need you even if I do because you gave so much to the world it would not be right or reasonable to ask for more! You deserve a break now and doing this hoax might be the only way you could get one. I dont want to asky anymore of you as you gave too much already. However, I do hope someday when it is safe you will find a way to meet with some special friends like me. This is one part of life you probably missed because you had to do so much for others. I would love to see you, go to Walmart with you, and maybe have a beer or a glass of wine even sit in a tree if I can climb high enough.  I apologize for all the haters and fools in this world who misunderstood you and did not apprecitate or understand the unique and beautiful human being that you are. I would love to make that up to you somehow. You did make the world a better place and there was probably much jealousy on the part of those who are w
eak. You still have a place in this world and I hope someday to share that place with you. You need a friend who would always be there and so do I. There is nothing I would like better than to take that place in your life. It would be a thrill and an honor to share time with such a delightful and loving human being! This is not something I have done too often so I have a longing probably much like your own.  You have only to look on twitter and facebook to see all the people who finally woke up to your true meaning and value on this earth. You will find me there too. I am waiting and I will wait for the rest of my life, until my last breath, with a hope of someday sharing time and giving you back only some of the LOVE that you have given out .
Princess Rosa
PS:  I will tell you what EL means when I see you. Here is looking at you sweetheart!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Princess

Από τη μακρυνή Ελλάδα στέλνω την αγάπη μου. Προσωπικά πιστεύω πως χρησιμοποιήθηκαν πολλά άτομα ως Mickael Jackson, άτομα χαρισματικά στο χορό και στο τραγούδι, άτομα ιδιαίτερα, πολύ ξεχωριστά. Οπως και να είναι, ο Mickael είναι ένα κομάτι της ζωής μου που με συντρόφευε σε κάθε εκδήλωσή της, σε χαρά και λύπη, σε συντροφιά και σε μοναξιά. Χαίρομαι που υπάρχουν άτομα που σκέπτονται όπως εγώ, που αρνούνται να μεγαλώσουν όπως το εννούν οι άλλοι και να ενταχθούν στον άσχημο κόσμο των μεγάλων. Είναι απίστευτο πως κάποιοι μεγάλοι υπήρξαν κάποτε μικρά χαριτ
ωνένα παιδιά. Ο κόσμος των παιδιών είναι ο αληθινός. Ο Mickael είτε μαύρος είτε άσπρος είναι μια γλυκειά και ξεχωριστή παρουσία. Προσωπικά και σύμφωνα με την κατατομή του προσώπου του, τον προτιμώ όπως ήταν την εποχή του ''bad'', μελαμψός με σπαστά μακρυά μαλλάκια και 2-3 τσουλουφάκια, σπαστά μπουκλάκια, να πέφτουν ανέμελα στο γλυκό του προσωπάκι με το παιδικό χαμόγελο. Πιστεύω πως επίσημα δε θα ξαναεμφανιστεί ποτέ για πολλούς λόγους, αν όμως συμβεί κάτι τέτοιο, θα πάω να τον δω όπου και αν είναι. Λυπάμαι που δεν ήλθε ποτέ στη μικρή μου πατρίδα. Φιλ
άκια, Μάρη

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marie

Michael, eu estava distraída ao ouvir uma rádio local, quando de repente o locutor anunciou uma música que traduz exatamente o desejo que sinto com relação a você:
"Por onde que que eu vá
vou te levar pra sempre
A vida continua
os caminhos não são tão simples
temos que seguir
viajo em pensamentos
numa estrada de ilusões que eu
procuro dentro do meu coração
toda vez que fecho os olhos é
pra te encontrar a distância
entre nós não pode separar
O que eu sinto por você nao vai passar
um minuto é muito pouco pra poder falar
a distância entre nós não pode
separar e no final eu sei
que no meu coração a onde quer que eu vá
sempre levarei o teu sorriso em meu olhar."
Essa música exprime todo o desejo que
tenho em ver você novamente em nossas vidas. A distância entre eu e você pode ser enorme, mas o amor de fã incondicional que sinto por você é ilimitado. Admiro sua pessoa não só pelo artista em si, mas pelo ser humano que você é: iluminado. Peço todos os dias para Jesus te proteger esteja onde estiver e que você continue tansmitindo essas mensagens lindas de amor para todos os povos do mundo inteiro. Que Deus esteja com você em todos os momentos de sua vida e que Ele continue fazendo de ti um instrumento para a paz. Amo demais Você, Michael, e espero ansiosamente sua volta. Não se esqueça que o Brasil te ama também e tenho certeza que esse país te acolherá muito fraternamente. Beijos da sua fã Alessandra.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Alessandra  

Im only 9 years old. please come back some way or how but it don't matter just come back please.SOOOOO um ya OMG IM TO NERVOS Argh? BTW your cute and um my favorate song is THRILLER! BE safe dude.                  

Q. Full Name:   
R. chloe 

michael, we need you to come out of hiding, and show yourself to the public, telling everyone why you did what you did. i know why you had to fake your death, and i know why you think you had a good reason, but we (your fans) can't live without you dancing up a storm on stage. you "died" too young, and you need to face the haters and the ignorant media, and stop trying to run from your enemies. your true fans will understand and forgive you. michael, please come back to us, we need you more than you can ever believe. we love you. please, come back.

Q. Full Name:   
R. DylanRae

i love you Michael as a person

Q. Full Name:   
R. anna

love Michael.! You are alive. Зная, Chessie alive and I consider that you are among us, because the good must be ageless.!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Petya

I love you MIchael Jackson and I miss hear you voice every day, You can`t imagine as.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Guadalupe

Ciao dolce peter pan,mi piacerebbe moltissimo abbracciarti io ti-amo davvero il mio sogno è di stare con te solo per 5 giorni ti chiedo solo questo.
Mike Ricordi mi hai detto che presto sarei stata con te ma purtroppo questo non si è realizzato ti prego mike se posso venire a vedere Neverland con te è passare i giorni con te . ciao dalla tua Wendy Sonia

Q. Full Name:   
R. sonia   

 Dear Michael

Зная, Chessie alive, because I believe in that with the entire force on the soul. I
Michael... where you are as well.. That as well will not be changed.. My life was changed exclusively, since featuring you, and that was not long ago... please Michael do not go and forgives.. Forgive Everything that we caused... to you

Q. Full Name:   
R. Petya 

I'ts  true or false Micheal  JAckson is not died

Q. Full Name:   
R. Adeline

Hi Michael.

Here is a poem I writen for you.


Without you
I feel like the Moon
Behind the clowds
Unable to Glow.

Like a River
Without its waters
Unable to Flow.

Like a Bird
Without it's tune
Unable to Sing.

Like Spring
Witho ut ots flourishing season
Unable to Spring.

I feel so empty
Without You.

K. Bradstone

Q. Full Name:   
R. Kenzia

michael we love you and will never forget u will forever be the king of pop *r.i.p*

Q. Full Name:   
R. tiffany

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Michael,y hv u left us?I keep thinking bout u day and nite!!!I just wanna say I luv u and u r de 1st person who's smile has touched my heart so tenderly it feels like u r still alive!!I am obsessed with u!!And wen I grow up,I am gonna do sumthing special just for u!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Nabiha

U re my hero,lcon&legend.jst 1 word from the world will be healed.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Uchech

jespere kil lira le mien car beauicoup de message je nest jamais de chance de voir un grand artistes bon allez confiance sa viendras et courage michael tiens bon i love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. iles57 

hello Michael,
I want you know I love you so much.
I am sorry if I been your friend after your death, I am really sorry...
but I am promise, I will always love you forever...
I know you love me too...
I always thinking about you, whatever I do always you in my mind...
please Michael, come to my dream every night...
I love you so much

Q. Full Name:   
R. Monica

if you are become angel come to my dream if not rest in peace

Q. Full Name:   
R. pangoes

Dearest Michael,
                For the past 9 months I have struggled to tell myself once and for all that you have left us.Up until now i kept an undying hope that by some miracle you were still with us somewhere out there . How can this be possible that such a great person, a person who touched millions of people all around the world is gone...so many of us , even though we have never met you or spoken to you felt some kind of connection and love for the great man you were.Being a single mother myself i know the bond that we can have with our children in such a situation..and to see those 3 beautiful children now without you breaks my heart...i hope life treats them kindly. I read recently that your heart beat for a bref moment at the hospital...you were still with us ..still fighting...how can anyone not feel sad and cry knowing such a thing? Im so sorry for what some people said about you and did to you when we had the priveledge of your dear presence in all our lives .Now as we all lis
ten and take the time to observe we all finaly see that the great Michael Jackson was before all a human being just like the rest of us trying to be happy.It was all for L.O.V.E and we shall all do everything so people know and remember the wounderful person you really were and still are in all our hearts.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Deanna

iss you so much my love to you is stronger than anything and i cant belive that you're no longer here with me...my tears are falling for you and everything i do i do for you i love you som much there is no word for what i feel for you you're like a sunny summer day to me I have this huge guilt upon me....I can t believe I did t realize that i loved you before you're death and I feel so bad over it but I do really love you for everything you've done to the world WE are living in I just wanted to say thank you michael for everything you've done to the world...may god be with you my angel

and for you guys out there love eachother like michael loved you than the world will be a better place to live in peace out love you mike forever in my heart

Q. Full Name:   
R. Maren 

hi michael if you really are dead may you rest in peace and if you are still alive we your fans understand that your hands were tied the media always had something negetive to say about you and maybe you felt this was the only way hat you could leave and get better i really hope you are alive the world misses you there will never be another michael i loved your music but i also loved you as a human that tried to make the world a better p,ace but the media used that against you and didnt truely appreciate you as a man and a artist i hope if you are alive you get better come back do your world tour make your mark in music history again and the media just finally leave you alone your a human your not everbodys property.may god bless you and your children i love you so much and miss you.marie

Q. Full Name:   
R. marie

Michael ogni giorno che passa sento sempre di più la tua mancanza e continuo a sperare di poter vedere nuovamente il tuo bel viso angelico... Michael sento per te amore vero e sento che ho bisogno di te ancora più di quando eri con noi... Sei la vita per me...
Ti amo tanto tanto tanto... ti aspetto...

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marini

ope that u are really alive and u are doing well. I have read something  saying u are alive and the coffin that was buried at Forrest Lawn was empty. I know if someones life is in danger they can go into protective hiding so I hope that is what is going on with u.And if u really are dead the people involved need to pay big for what they did to you.We all miss u a lot. Thank u for your music I listen to it all the time and I will never get sick of it.This Is It was awesome. Lost track of how many times I have watched it at my house.I hope u will be safe enough to come out of hiding at some point soon.I love you

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R. elizabeth

Thank you to both of you for caring,

When I was about 15 years old I sat on a park bench for my friend to show up at Disney land.

I am from Canada and was waiting for her for about 3 hours.

You and your friend/security person sat on another bench - also for a long time.

I was noticeably upset and scared.

When my friend finally showed up, you and your guard quickly left. I found out shortly after to do an appearance,

Thank you to both of you for caring about someone you did not know, but could see needed to be guarded.

It has never gone forgotten.

With all my love


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R. Tamara

Hello My Darling Michael,

I have come up with a unique way of telling you how i feel about you.All the words from your song "Will You Be There" will be in parenthesis & behind it will be the way i feel including the words in your song. 1.(Hold Me)- I will hold you tightly in my arms & never let you go. 2. (Like The River Jordan)- I cry tears of pain everyday for you like the River Jordan because I Miss You so much. 3.(And I Will Then Say To Thee)- I get down on my knees & pray to GOD,I ask him to bring you back to me. 4.(You Are My Friend)- I will be the best friend you've ever had,I've always considered you as my friend. 5.(Carry Me)- I'll lovingly carry you through all you trials & tribulations. 6.Like You Are My Brother)- You can confide in me like i am your brother. 7.(Love Me Like A Mother)- I Will Love You for all eternity,like a mother. 8.(Will You Be There)- Yes, i'll always be there for you just look over your shoulder or say my name & i'll be right there. 9.(Weary,Tell Me,will you hold me?)-
  I will try to prevent you from being weary at all cost.I will constantly tell you I Love You.Yes,I will gratefully hold you,to me it would be magical. 10.(When Wrong,Will You Scold Me)- No, when you are wrong i would never scold you,i'll just gently say to you that you're wrong. 11.(When Lost Will You Find Me?)- Yes,i'll find you wherever you are & I'll help you find the childhood you never had & it will bring you all the joy you need & deserve to your life. 12.(But They Told Me A Man Should Be Faithful)- I will tell you a man should be faithful,I will also say i will always be faithful to you no matter what the situation is. 13.(And Walk When Not Able)- You can lean on me and i'll be your crutch when you're not able to walk. 14.(And Fight Till The End)- I will help you fight all your battles until they end of time, but as far as our friendship & love for one another will last for an eternity. 15.(But I'm Only Human)- Your only human but you were sent from heaven just for m
e. 16.(Everyone's Taking Control Of Me)- I would never take control of you,but i willhelp you whenever you need me. 17. (Seems That The World's Got A Role For Me)- The world does have a role for you & that's for you to keep being the Caring, Sharing & Loving person you are. 18.(I'm
So Confused)- Don't be confused because it's easy to see that you were made especially for me. 19.(Will You Show To Me)- I will completely show all of my intelliengence,heart & soul to you. 20.(You'll Be There For Me)- I promise i'll always be there for you no matter what the situation is! 21.(And Care Enough To Bear Me)- I'll care more than enough to bare you,I'll go further than that i'll marry you. 22.(Hold Me,Lay Your Head Lowly,Softly Then Boldly, Carry Me There)- I'll hold you,i'll show you & lay my head lowly & i'll shout it out to the world that I Love You i'll shout it softly then boldly.i'll carry you here,there & everywhere because I'm In LOVE With You & i'm proud of you. 23.(Lead Me,Love Me And Feed Me,Kiss Me And Free Me,I Will Feel Blessed)- I'll lead you into a world of happiness filled with children I'll Be In Love With You for all  eternity.I'll feed you whenever you want to eat.I'll kiss you oh so passionately it will make you melt.I'll free you from all of
the loneliness, sadness & pain you feel inside.I'll feel blessed just to have you in my life. 24.(Carry Me Boldly,Lift
Me Up Slowly,Carry Me There)- I'll boldly carry all your burdens for you.I'll lift your sprits up slowly with my prayers,Words of encouragement & terms of endearment so your inner light can shine bright. I'll carry you to a place filled with peace & tranquillity. 25.(Save Me,Heal Me,Bathe Me,Softly You Say To Me,I Will Be There)- I'll save you from the media,tabloids & injustice.I'll heal your heart from all the tragedies that you have endured through out your life.I'll bathe you to wash away all the filthy things that was said about you & done to you.I'll softly whisper in your ear that i'll always be there for you. 26.( In Our Darkest Hour,In My Deepest Despair Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?)- I would do every thing i could to shelter you from anymore darkest hours or despair. Michael please know that i will always care no matter what happpens.I will always be there for you  spiritually and physically. 27.(In My Trials And Tribulations)- I will be there to carry all your burdens for you & you can use me as a stool to stand on to place you above it all. 28.(Through Our Doubts And Frustrations)- You may have doubts but you'll never have to doubt my love for you.I will be there to encourage you pray for you because i know GOD will turn your doubts into you knowing for sure.In your frustrations i would simply ask you to think to yourself what would GOD do in this situation? 29.(In My Violence,In My Turbulence)- I don't see you as a violent human being,to me you have a heart of gold.In turbulence,I will put my arms around  you & hold you tightly to protect you from harm,you'll know that you are safe & things may be shaky but in my arms you won't fal
l. 30.(Through My Fear And My Confessions)- In your fear i'll be
there to reassure you that you have nothing to fear because GOD protects his cildren & you're definitely a child of GOD.Through your confessions,you can tell me anything & you can trust in me not to tell a soul.I'll never judge you no matter what you tell me & it only counts when GOD judges you. 31.(In My Anguish And My Pain)- I'll be your  nurse & nurse you back to good health with all my love & understanding. 32.(Through My Joy And My Sorrow)- I would be so elated to finally see you happy. I'd be there to share your joy with you In your sorrow, i will be there for you & show you that i'm a person that can understand & sympathize with you & what ever you're going through. 33.(In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow)- In my sincerest thought i hope & pray that we will be promised an eternity of tommorrows. 34.(I'll Never Let You Part)- I'll never let you part & i know this because on June 25th when they announced your death,I refused to let you go.From June 25th until now I've don
e extensive research & came to the decision that "YOUR STILL ALIVE" so if your gone too soon or your still alive i'll never let you part. 35.(For You're Always In My Heart)- I think my answer to this statement is obvious because God knows & hopefully you know by now that I'm In love With You & you'll always be in my heart!
Michael i know you're out there & when you get this letter please respond to me,I need you,I Love You,I Miss You,I Want You to be mine.Please go to to see my page i know you'll love it & you can contact me at  I pray that i hear from you soon! May God Bless You In All Of Your Endeavors...It All In L.O.V.E....Hugs & Kisses..Tarra A.K.A Mercedes.
P.S. I'm a soldier at war for peace,love,no hunger,no wars in the world & i want everyone to join me in the fight.Everyone please go to my myspace profile page & add the application from the 2nd scroll & put the same message on your page! do it MJ,do it for me,do it for you.I Love You All!  

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R. Tarra 

come to New zealand to rest from hiding for a while,i promise to shield you from pain an be that friend you need micheal.im here open arms,zipped mouth.ive just gotten out of an abusive relationship so maybe we could heal eachother.im 29 english girl.lonely too.xxxx love always ange

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angelique

Hello Michael,
I Know You Are Alive.
I Cant Wait Till I Meet You.
Im Not A Screamer Fan Like Everyone Else Is OK?
I Love You And Your Children Are Very Very Nice.

I Love You xx Bye
Love Sarah xx

Q. Full Name:   
R. Emilliiee 

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