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Michael i know that you've been through a tough life but we all know that things are better on the other side. I LOVE SO MUCH. remember that greatness isn't meant to be explained and u never needed to explaiin nything to anyone. i love and will always remember that i'm never alone. your music will live on forever and will never be forgotten. I LOVE YOU.


Michael I know media lies all time. I don't believe them. But I believe, you are the ONLY King of Pop all over the world! And no one earns that name "King of Pop" but just you! I love you, and you will live forever in my heart Michael. I pray for you*
God took you to a better place, I hope you have fun, and give the media back, what they desire to have, they killed you Michael. And we real fans don't believe what media is talking now. I know they lieing... I would write everything what I feel, but if I do this, I'll never done :)
Remember: You are my Angel, you are God of Music, you are everything, I miss you :(
Come back! WE NEED YOU! <3


Dear Mr. Michael Jackson,
Hi. My name is Camille. I'm fourteen years old and i'm from the Philippines. Its obvious in my age that i'm a part of the modern trend. I wasn't really your fan at all before. Every christmas, my mother would play your christmas album and i don't even care but after the news that you were dead was released, even my dad was surprised that he bought a concert dvd of yours and some of your albums and after i watched your concert dvd, i swear to god that i realized why you were called the king of pop. after that, i just can't get enough that i would always tell my dad to buy more of your concert dvds. i even bought a fan shirt with a print of "smooth criminal" with a logo. i would also play your songs all day and how i really wish i became your fan a long time ago. I LOVE YOU Mr. MICHAEL JACKSON! I WILL WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT CONCERT!!


Michael, I Know You Arent Dead. Alot Of People Have Seen You In Dubai, Australia, Norway, Spain & Even At The BET Awards! I Am So Thankful That I Have Come Across This Infornmantion :) Rest In Peace.. Or Should I Say In Hungary ? ;)     CCoran

Dearest Michael,

There are rumours that you are still alive, I hope these rumours are true.  I hope that you are now able to live a life of peace away from the evil media who tried so hard to blemish your beautiful name.  They tried to break you, to slander you, to degrade you, AND FOR WHAT!!! For being a kind, giving, talented and pure person.  Well it just goes to show what type of a world we are living in, doesn't it.  But I know that you are too enlightened to let these things ruin you Michael, like me you know the truth, you know what is controlling this world.
Thank you for everything you've done Michael; thank you for your efforts, your time, your music, your messages, your financial help to the needy, the love you have poured over the sick, and most of all your beautiful, pure heart.  I love the way you are Michael, I love the fact that you are like a child, like Peter Pan,I am to.  Who wants to grow old and become bitter and miserable, lets all be Peter Pan and stay young at heart and spend our time around children.  Nothing makes me happier than being around children, they are so funny and sweet.  I LOVE YOU MICHAEL and if you are still alive, I pray that one day I will cross your path.  From your friend Joanne.   

I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON                 Honey

Michael!! I love you!!! I need you!!! I miss you!!! Why!!!!
Michael!!!! We love you!! We require you!! We remember you and we will always remember!!!! You with us forever in our hearts!!! Your music is eternal!!! Forgive us for all!!!! You have executed the mission here on the guilty earth - to the earth of harm and a deceit you have made the world a little more kindly and more fairly!! At you it has turned out!!!!!! You have left on heavens!!! Can now and there you have a mission!!! You have left to us the most expensive the - songs!! And let they sound eternally!!! Where you were let to you it will be good, and we will simply pray for you!!! We miss on you very much very much!!!!!              Viktory

Michaei! I cant... Is hurt!!!
I love you,you are the best singer,dancer,men... And thank you for the music and human, im happy - i know you)))) Thank thank thank you, Michael - you always in my heart! I remember...

gone too soon... RIP            Polina

Dear,SIR.Michael Jackson
I hoped u were still alive come back,I wanted to you to come back.not for the world of music and not for your fans or me.but I wanted to you to come back for ur mother and also for your children.I wanted you to come back for prince,paris and blanket.Please to came back for them.I did not have the heart to see the sadness and the tears on the face of the children that.they really plain,sweet,and they really was not heart was correctly true was destroyed saw the children was sad because loosing you.and just one that make me concerned and very worried was the situation of the children?How the situation of the children now?Are they happy? Whether to eat well?Who that will stop their crying when they cried?who will be singing, entertaining, and also danced for them to make the children stop crying and make them laughing again?heart and my soul truly devastated and hurt to imagine the children crying because missing you.and I am not able to see all of that :"( And everyon
e knew if you is not only a father for the children that but also is the source of life and happiness of children that.for them you are their world. Michael you are everything for prince,paris and blanket. Heart of children that must be really was sick and was destroyed because of loosing the father who really was loved by them. I Knew this all not possible but what I wrong for children that. I always fasting and I asked to the God to return Michael to his children.Ohhhh,.my God please revert michael on his children. Ameen Sad

I indeed not a mother or family from of children that.and I also have been married or have children but as one of my women I had instinctive as a mother.and because also I had a sensitive heart.maybe that make me really care loved to all children in this world. And I truly loved michael children and all children in this world with full heart.    Princess

michael I loved you sincerely. I think to love someone does not need a reason anything.love come from heart and not from views or criteria anything.       
I just want people all to know that  michael is a human has a heart like an angel.   
and he deserved for the love. I loved him as a human being and not as a superstar.dan I always hoped he was just a person normaly and not a superstar.but I know that really impossible.but whoever you is I still love you and my love will never reduced a bit for you. I love michael....You are my peterpan in my life.you are my star of my life :) I love so much..much...much...much...and much.... :-* ^;^                 Princess

I miss you so much you were a part of my life. I grew up listening to your musics...I love michael, you are an angel!            iness

hy michael,....
greetings,,my name is princess.i live in indonesia.mike I just wanna say if I believe if you still life now.I realy realy believe it.I only could hope and always fasting and prayed to the god so that anywhere you.May God will always  guard and protected you. I hope that with whoever and wherever you are.I wish will always happy and can feel safe,comfortable,quiet and peaceful with the people who you loved.I love you and I love your children too.I truly love your children with my full heart.and I alwayswant to see them smiling and happy.I dont like to see the sadness and tears in their faces.So I believe that whatever you do there is sure why and I also believe that whatever you do is definitely the bestthings you can do at this time and certainly all of that for children goodness.Mike do any of the true and good for yourself and for your children.I will always support each action also your decision.and  I appreciate any your decision.Because I want to see you and your childre
n always happy and smiled. =) you know michael.I think love is the sincere will not be selfish.love always sincere just willgive and never expect rewards.because i just wanted see you and your children always be happy and laughing together.ameen. :)
you know I want like you.I want to go away and live quietly and debgan I hope free.I am  bleak birds have wings and fly away from the frequency and free-living here.dan looking like I want.I hoping that someone would come help me :(   Princess

Nothing special from me.I am a simple girl (21 years old).I am single.
I loved to joke, laugh, and smiled.I never niggardly for smiled.I always smiled at everyone.and in my religion,that smiled is worship.(^_^). oo,,,yeahhhh I also dont have any property in the world this.except, the sincere heart, pure is love, self esteem, honor, and my dignity as a woman. but    
that not a problem for me, because the most important  for me is the sincerity and honesty. I want to love sincerity :)

one that makes me admired to michael is because he is very care and loved the children.ooww...I really liked the children same like michael.My wish one day later if I have married.I wanted to have many children.I wanted to have 12 children. so I will not be lonely.
I wanted to have six boys and  six daughter.mmmm,,,,,, that so fun (^_~,,).
So when my husband went to working.I will not be lonely at house. Because my children always will be besides me and will always playing together me. that will very pleasan  :)                 Princess

Dear Michael,you will always be the one and only KING of our hearts and souls. I miss you so much. My heart don't want to belive you are not with us.
Спасибо за твои завораживающие песни и танцы, за твою доброту и чистоту.Спасибо за твою любовь.Спасибо за то, что ты изменил меня.Я буду продолжать дело Майкла Джексона, на своем уровне,буду очень стараться делать этот мир лучше.А когда у меня появятся дети, а потом внуки, я расскажу им о том,кто такой был Майкл Джексон и сколько любви и света он принес людям. Люблю тебя всем своим сердцем, мой Король.    Irene

Michael may you be at peace now..For you will be missed will all my Love Donna Rusher    Donna

God Bless you, Michael.  Now, you are in peace.  You can continue doing other things:  videos, movies, and so on.. you are the biggest artist I have known.  Do not disappear at all.  You are magic... I love you so much.
Mariana  (Bogotá, Colombia)

michael rest in peace god bless you :D     Emily

michael no esta muerto!!!!      Nidia

I love you so much Bambi Rest in Peace


Dearest Micheal, you gave us the best example- to live the life that Jesus wants us to live,you gave generously, shared wholeheartedly, you loved unconditionally,you forgave always, you smiled even in the worst of times.We need to be more like you.

Hello Michael.
I know that you're alive : i'm sure.
please come back ! miss you so much !

Kiss !


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