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  Love on Valentines day.. Love you always

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marisa  

Have a happy. Find something better. Healthy healthy.
Always forgive you. Miss you always. You are in my heart always.
Waiting for your return forever.
Not that you would be. You are my heart always

Q. Full Name:   
R. Preyanuch  

We all miss you very much.I wish I could have met you,I would've been honored. I Love You! Rest sweet Michael!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angel

ola bueno si esuqe en realidad eres tu el que estas leyendo esto me gustaria que sepas que aunque ayas fingido tu muerte no importa porque tu piensas que si vuelves los fans ya no te vamos a queres nono alcontrario alos fans les daria mucho gusto en ESPECIAL ami saber que estas vivo porque tu nesesitabas descansar y eso lo vamos a comprender nadie te va a guardar rencor porque as sido una persona maravillosa que se a preocupado por el planeta y eres de esas persona que trata de ase algo para que el mund se arregle y sabes yo estoy pensando en aser una campaña contra la tala de arboles y contra el trafico de animales jaja y bueno pues pasando al tema a nuestros fans no le gustaria perder todavia a michael jackson el rey del pop no y bueno eres una persona increible y si llegaras a regresar uu todo el undo estaria loco porti otravez y bueno espero y estes viendo este mensaje tu as sido el mejor gracias por ser tan buena gente y te queremos no lo olvides NADIE TE GUARDA RENC
OR alomejor uno que otro si pero no le des importancia porque todo el mundo esta con tigo ariba vamos a hcharle ganas (ojalay este vivo ojala que esto sea mentira de que te as ido)

Q. Full Name:   
R. lourdes 

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 just wanna thank you michael for all you've done and tought us here on earth. you where a angel sent down to teach us to love and help everywehere you can. ýou tought me to love and help and looking in the mirror before anything. I love you and miss you so much and i wish you would come back. but i guess god neede his son, his angel back. you are the true son of god. and i send all my best wishes too those who was most important to you. you are and you where the kking of pop the greatest man that ever lived your music your person everything about was magical. i loved you since the first time i heard your music and your wish to heal the world and making this a better place... trust me you will never be forgotten you memory will live on forever. and your kids and your family will be taking care off we owe you that. i love you michael so much and i wish you would come back because we need you more then anything...we can't do this without you. but if you are at peace where
you are you should do what ever makes you rest in you. i can't say this enough i really love you and i can't believe how much it hurts to have lost you. But please i really hope and wish you may R.I.P your biggest fan in Denmark Line

Q. Full Name:   
R. LineLine

Many people think that you have passed away, but I know you have not. I will not tell anybody. I probably couldn't get much publicity anyway (because im only 11)

You are not alone,


 . hi, michael, I have loved you all my life and that will never stop.I was so sad when they said you had passed,and for all the crap you had to endure through out your life. I am truely sorry for peoples stupidity. but know this , if you are alive and ever need someone who will not judge you, just love you, then thats me. Get up with me. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS

Q. Full Name:   
R. Betty

. Michael,

I miss you, you're everything to me

I'll just be happy when I give you a hug,

even if I have to wait fifty years to go to heaven,

I still stay unfortunate hoping to gain a hug from you.

Meanwhile, I pray and beg God that you are well.

I love you more than you can imagine!

I did not die for anyone, only for you, I do anything for you.

trust me

it's all for L.O.V.E.

I am desperate my love, what am I gonna do without you?
please I ask again, I hope you be well, happy and not worry about anything,
calm down, just thinking that you are not suffering, I've been calm.
Michael, I just wanted to know if you're ok, I know you probably will not read
my words, but in any case know that I'll always love you.

when I think you're gone I want to leave the land as well, and go to heaven to be near you, I just wanted to know, I believe in you and try to believe that you are alive,

Michael I'm 18, I always liked rock, I'll tell you one thing that happened to me in 2005, I was walking with my mother and knew of the unfair accusations made against you, I spent close to a newsstand and saw your picture and just below was written, Michael is innocent!
I remember, I smile and said: - I knew it!
I was very happy for you even without knowing anything about her life I was sure you were innocent, I will never forget it.
I hope one day to play with you, with the Prince, Paris and Blanket.
would be the best day of my life!
I love you , you're an angel, you're sweet, you're the best man who ever lived.
I sincerely hope you read my words, they are sincere comes from my heart, I love you so much
A kiss with all my love

From: Ellen
To: Michael Jackson

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ellen

  Dearest Michael,
I would never love another soul the way I have fallen in love with you. I don't mind being called crazy if I do, all I care about is that I can freely love you and hope that you could love me back. Michael, You're my darling guardian angel, you are my sunshine in the dawn, you are my light sparkle of the stars at twilight and you are my life. You are the most incredible, beautiful and amazingly magically majestic man that I've ever known and by God there will never be another man to walk the planet Earth as you. You must know, you really must know that I love you with all my heart and soul, my mind and body alike. You changed me Michael, you made me a better person. You made me believe that this world is not all about hate and that in a place where darkness surrounds the atmosphere, there is always a lantern of hope and shining love. Sweet, sweet tender Love. You showed me no matter who we are, we can make this world a better place with LOVE and believe me I've never stopped
loving since then. I promise to you that I will love you as I do indefinitely and I will love the entire human race just like you do and I will save the world. Michael Jackson I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! everything I do, I do for you. Michael Jackson you are the greatest, most unique and simply the best I've ever known. Thank you for everything. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Masuma

Dear michael if you are alive I need you I am lost with out you and I have people tell me everyday I look like you and I love that and I have people ask me are u my father and I say yes why not I have your hair your hands your and your body I been out hear fighting and argue with people about you I will always love you and I will always be your secret daughter no matter what happen you always and my heart I love u you have your mom and your dad Your brothers and your sister and you got prince,prais,blanket and me that all you need and I be feeling your pain and it hurt me more then your fans cause i'm closer To You then I am with anybody else

Q. Full Name:   
R. maxine

Ciao Mike,so che sei vivo non sei li io ti-amo Torna ti prego non ci credo che tu sei morto ti prego esci torna da noi
ciao tua x sempre Sonietta

Q. Full Name:   
R. sonia  

You are alive, I know. My heart feel it. My mind just think in you.. in your eyes and your voice. Michael, you 'died is a lie' I understand, everything gonna be alright.. I just wanna say that I love you.. so much. God bless you forever, forever.. my angel. Today, been rain.. the February Rain and nothing of notices about you. You are very special for World , and I know that you go back very good.. very good.
I just wanna say one thing for you.. gonna to Brazil.. please.. I wanna see your face the first end in my life. I love you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Maria 

 michael merci de m avoir maintenue en vie pendant les annees difficilles de ma vie sans toi je serai morte c est grace a toi que je suis en vie aujourd hui merci d avoir sacrifier ta vie pour nous les fans pour notre bonheur merci d avoir tant fait pour les plus demunis les ames seules sans meme penser a toi  tu me manqueras toute ma vie je te pleurerai toujours tu es un ange magnifique tu es quasi christique et pour ta puretee et ton innocence je t aime    je t aime michael  a bientot

Q. Full Name:   
R. moretti 

Dear Michael Jackson. You gave so much and became so little. Thank you for bringing the greatest soundtrack to my life - your music.
May your children be happy and may you find peace.
Love Karen

Q. Full Name:   
R. karen


wherever you are, know that we know that you will come back! they wait this day with impatience, when they will learn that you made your big comeback!
Please Michael, come back! You miss us, we are in mourning! Prince and Paris are really very nice, as you, and Blanket resembles you so much! He is too cute! That we back in the staying, it's that you come back! I hope that you will understand my message because I am French, and my English is not very well! I kiss you, and I hope to see you soon ! Kisses Kisses, Clémence.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Clémence

salut michael! je suis rachele je t'écris depuis la france , moi je pence que tu est en vie ! trouve un endroit et repose toi ensuite j'aimerais que tu remonte sur scène !!! car tes fans attendents que sa !!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. rachele 

skpi Maikal, obi4am te i stra6no taguvam za teb lipsva6 mi, ako jivota  ni beche sre6nal nikoga nqma6e da pozvulq da si otide6 ot tozi svqt, po tozi glupav na4in............Dear Michael 's very difficult to express my feelings so I will try with these two...I love you with all my heart and soul! I miss you so much...

Q. Full Name:   
R. daqna

Micheal, depuis ton départ je souffre terriblement en cachette et je pense à toi tous les jours. Apparemment, tu serais vivant, alors je n'en dors plus... Par amour pour l'être que tu es simplement et non pour ce que tu représentes, je t'aime du plus profond de moi et respecte tes choix. Si c'est ainsi que tu vois la vie, alors Dieu te bénisse. Je suis fan depuis l'âge de 15 ans et j'en ai 41 aujourd'hui. Soit en paix là ou tu es et fait de ta vie ce qui te semble le mieux. Je t'aime de tout mon amour et mon coeur saigne tous les jours... Paix sur la terre et dans ton coeur. Personne ne t'en voudra quoi que tu es décidé... JE T'AIME

Q. Full Name:   

. Michael you are the best and i want to see you again but rather that happens or not i love you forever and you will forever be remembered!!!!

r.i.p michael jackson, lets hope that we dont have to put that anymore soon

Q. Full Name:   
R. Amber 

Michael Jackson if you faked your death,it became the most correct and the best you ever done in your life.however you deserve to life happy ,calm,and peaceful.
And anything you do,i support you and i believe dont ever sad again honey.i love you and always believe you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Princess V 

 Michael Jackson if you faked your death,it became the most correct and the best you ever done in your life.however you deserve to life happy ,calm,and peaceful.
And anything you do,i support you and i believe dont ever sad again honey.i love you and always believe you.

Q. Full Name:    

R. Princess V


Q. Full Name:   
R. christine \

Michael, There is a CD By a Christian Group called Mercy Me it's Called "Almost There" On it there are 2 very special songs that are my favorites that they sing the first one is called "I Can Only Imagine" and the other is "All Fall Down" listen to those 2 especially but the other ones on the CD are truly good as well. Always More Michael, Hang on it will get better I know it's hard and it's scary but God is with you and I am praying to him to soothe your spirit, calm your mind, wrap his gentle hands around your soul, and fill you with his peace the peace that passes all understanding.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rebecca 

dude come back everyone is missing you listen i know u may get arested but ur family will bail u lots of kids are dieing to see u earth is getting destroyed come back michael love connor xxx

Q. Full Name:   
R. connor

This Valentine's Day will be so empty without you.  I actually dread Valentine's Day this year and every year after. It is hard to celebrate love when the one I love is gone away.  I love you and I'll be missing you. 
xoxo  ((crying))
Angie D. aka Tinkerbell 

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angie 

michael, my name is hitha and i am 17. i love you soooooooooooooooooo much ......
everday i think about you ..... love you ... much .......... u are in my heart ...

Q. Full Name:   
R. oadattil

Dear Michael Jackson,
I found something out, out that is strange, and I don’t know if you. Already that seen this maybe you have; but I was so shocked to this. And I hope you have nothing to do with this; now on the internet there happen to be. A ‘Michael Jackson Cult’ and here the website thing:
Now looking at it already I could see, you really have nothing to do anything, with this website.

Now to the serious stuff; Michael I love the news, I’m hearing about you, because this is a way of watching, my prayers come to life. Plus you’re receive what I’m asking and requesting to be given to you. You are such a great guy, with such a beautiful glorious heart. You are wise as well as you are kind; and I am looking to see what will happen next. I will continue to keep praying for you, I know God is going to give unto, endless joy and happy. That you and God get close together, and this not for my satisfaction, but this is for yours. This is so you can rivers of joy flooding your soul, so you will always have friend, with thee until the end. A friend that has been there, way before you and I, even before we were born. Someone who was willing to lay His Life down, so you could have total access to Him. That is where we are able, to get on our knees, and until Him. And He’s been sticking by your side, through all the good and bad. Who really understands to be in y
our shoes, who know your heart and needs? And I love you, and Jesus Christ the Lord, loves you too. Do I talk to the Lord directly, for He knows where to guide my footsteps.  And the same can be with you; go until the Lord, keep praising. For God is not willing for nobody to perish, but have everlasting life. In other words, live forever with Him, the Lord in heaven. And that He is willing to help you, and lead you within righteousness and salvation, to where one day, you’ll be together forever. And your family will follow you, for they’ll see something in you. That is has beautiful, as the sun coming over the bay, in the dawn.  Something where they’ll see more, Jesus in you. Like you’re His clone. Just keep believing what Jesus tells, for He will mislead nor fail you, and He knows the best way to travel. Now always keep working to humble, for it’s not that you already are. But you keep working on yourself, so you will be edited in the way of the Lord. And always k
eep keeping yourself as a child, which is what Jesus, told of us to do. To help us with our everyday journey, so we won’t have provoking, or be puffed up, or allow ourselves to act all high and mighty. But be like Jesus, and walk similar in the ways He showed, throughout the four gospels. Keep the faith, and keep reading the bible, and continue to help your fellowmen. Always do these beautiful works with love, the way Jesus showed unto us all.

God Bless You Michael, Forever and Ever,
If we never meet in person, then I would love, L.O.V.E  to see you up in heaven,
With your family and friends, as well as the saints of God.
From Your Far Away Friend

Q. Full Name:   
R. Autumn 

I love you.  I am taking very ngood care of our sons. They really miss their dad. When am I going to see you again. 



. Hi Michael, I sent you a message a little bit back with a letter that God had me write and I gave it to you but I just want you to know something I sent that to you because I felt like I was suppose to and I hoped it helped you. I know you are going through alot right now but I know from experience that it's truly going to be ok!! You are going to be ok Michael!! I wish I could tell you my story right here right now but there is so much of it that I would not trust with just anybody so putting it out there like this is not an option for me. when I have actually trusted someone and told them even a small part of it they just don't believe me. they say Wow if all that really happened to you then you should write a book. I just tell them No because although the people that would be in it don't really care about me I care about them and I would not want to hurt them no matter how bad they hurt me so I keep it to myself now. It's hard to have lived a life like mine and have noo
ne to share it with believe me I know how lonely you are and how it hurts you mine eats me up inside. I have been hurt so much that trusting is hard for me now which leaves me very alone so I understand how it feels.Never had a real relationship with anyone that ever truned out right anyways.My story is a long one but it is one that is worth hearing I have been on this earth for 51 years just like yourself and I feel the same way about this planet and everything on it as you do. my soul breaks when I see man's inhumanity to man the children hurting the animals having such horendous things done to them, people fighting and killing, children living hand to mouth I get angry about it. I was a child victim I won't say here in public but I was. I still remember it too and it happened well over 40 years ago. I have survived alot of stuff Thanks to God he made me see. I know you would understand you would get it and although I don't trust very easily I know I could trust you with a
nything I said and I know you would not be shocked nor would you ever repeat it unless I wanted you to. I have no motives or designs in any way trust me. I know what money can do and although people say how wonderful it would be to be rich they don't understand being rich has it's own misery and pain and fame well look at what it forced you to have to do. No thanks I just want someone in  my life friend or otherwise that I can trust and that trusts me and that I can talk to and them me. Someone I can laugh with and cry with someone that not afraid to be a kid who is young at heart and who can beauty. There is a song that India Arie sings which is perfect for what kind of person I am talking about she says "A man who loves music, A man who loves art, Respects the spirit world, and thinks with his heart" I can't put it any better than that. I know that you have no reason to trust me and I know what that feels like. I could be some kind of kook but really Michael i'm not. I am
just one broken soul reaching out to another broken soul. I am a very private person and privacy is very sacred to me and I cannot betray someones privacy and trust. I,m not fashioned that way I treasure mine to much an di know what it is like to have that betrayed.
I would put my phone number down but Yeah no bad idea:) I live in San Jose, CA if that helps.Always More Michael, Always More,

  you will be always the best one. For always in my heart

Q. Full Name:   
R. eva  

Hi Michael,
You are gone
but you have done
  so many good things !
I miss you very much,love you very much,you always in my heart
I wish you could come back and giving the world the light back,with your songs,your voice,....yes with you,the one and only Michael Jackson.Some people try to copy you,but is original is still and forever you !
i'm still very sad,that you are gone-gone forever
Rest in Peace,my love

Q. Full Name:   
R. Isabelle-

Hello Michael!My name is Diana.I'm 11 and I'm your big fen.But I just wanna to know the true.Any website says different. I can not understand. I know that if they discover that their lives will once again begin to concerts abroad. I know that because the press is hiding because of the crazy fans and paparazzi and everything ostanalo.Znay I really love you and they will never forget you always in my heart ... And the way I am a Bulgarian in Bulgaria but in all the talk U.S. and write very well..:) please write me
Bye Bye

Q. Full Name:   
R. Diana 


Q. Full Name:   

Dear Michael, A day does not go by when I am not thinking about you. I listen to your music daily. It comforts me so much. I can only feel your pain and anguish for being treated so badly in life by the press, media and the evil sheriff sneddon. To be accused of child abuse and being a peodeofile must have been demoralising and soul destroying for your spirit. It was enough to kill you off, and that is what the evil world had in plan. But Michael you will live in our hearts and soul forever. You were a beautiful bright star that shone so brightly in the world. We the world are without that bright shining star now. I will never forget you. I read that you suffered with schizophrenia, which is a chronic mental health condition. Yet you sang your heart out to the world and gave so much to us. God really loves you. if your are alive - don't worry I can understand why you did this. We the fans are totally behind you. Live your remaining days of your life to the full if you are
alive. do not feel guilty for faking your death. You had to do it. the world is a cruel place and does not allow pure souls such as yours to survive. Pray, meditate to the higher soul who will surely lead your way to freedom - you already are free now. Fame and fortune are not everything. with it comes greed, disappointments, ego, pride, attachment, anger, materialism, lust etc. this is not the happy way to life. what you have now is far better than all the fame and fortune. if you truly are dead, i hope your soul is at peace and rest with the Lord of the Universe. I truly love you Michael. I am so sad that I never had the opportunity to see you in real life. My sister had the fortune to see your Wembley Concert in the UK in 1988. She was so lucky. If I could see you now I would kiss your hands, and face and tell you how much you are loved and adored by us all. If we could only bring you back. But darling it is your time to rest and give your soul solace from the maddening c
rowds of life. Take time for rest and respite. It does not matter anymore, as fame and fortune are not everything. You need to have peace of mind and soul. Even if you were the King of the World - what good is it is you are miserable and unhappy. better to  be a beggar with nothing in the world and be a happy person. You has bestowed you with so much - be thankful to the Lord for everything he gave you. If you decided to abandon us - no worries we understand why you did this. But please my darling be happy. Love your days on earth as we are all mere visitors that come here for a limited time. make the most of your life - read holy scriptures such as the Bible, the Koran, the Guru Granth Sahib, the Bhagwat Gita, Buddhism etc and enjoy your life on earth. visit the tibetan monks and go the Himalaya Mountains for peace and rest. Meditate and pray for the world and your soul for your next incarnation. You have done your mission on earth. it is time for you now to rest and become
  rejuvinated. singing and dancing is everything. meditation and praying to the higher soul asking for wisdom and guidance will show you the correct way to the spiritual life, as we are all light and spirit at the end of our lives. God bless you and may you be happy, tranquil and joyful for the remaining years of your life. Rest my darling rest! do not worry about singing and dancing - you have done more than your share of that. you need time for your soul and spirit now. love always Deepa Kaur.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Randeep 

Dear Michael, is really hurt by the news of your death, but if you live would be the best news I could give in this world.
Michael, your fans will always forgive you. Go back please and tell us you're okay. Curate. Pray you make it, and send you all my strength to throw it out once and for all, for your children and yourself.
I love you. You're the most beautiful person I know of this world and you are to me an example of being human.
I keep learning your dance and your music, although I am a mother who is your age. Some made me mourn, when I understood what had happened. I wish one day you'll be as happy as you want. I hope it's true that you're alive
From Madrid, Spain

Q. Full Name:   

  Allo!!! Michael
je vous écrit pour vous dire que je m'ennuis de vous! Je vous s'aime pronfondément et je pense très fort à vous et votre belle petite familles j'ai écrit des messages à vos enfants sur facebook à Prince ,Paris et Prince2 je les s'aime beaucoup et il mon répondu ses fantastique internet être si proche de la personne tout en étaint si loin(CanadaPQ)J'ai des rêve prémonitoire trop réelle pour que sa ne sois pas vrais je pense tellement à vous que j'ai le présentiment que tu es toujours vivent et en très bonne forme. Je sais qu'un de ses jour tu va refaire surface peux être pas avec le nom MJJ mais tu va REVENIR mais sache que nous tes Vrais fans qui t'aime temps que vous revenez comme avant(chanter et danser)on en temps qu'homme et te papa sa ses à votre choix mais revient S.V.P,tu nous manque tellement je verse des larmes en t'écrivant car je ressent tout là souffrance que tu à endurer et que tu endure encore tes fatigué des tournée ses dure je le sais le
s tournée que tu fais ses très éprouvent surtout que toi tu es PERFECTIONNISTE et tout tes spectacles étais magnifique sache que nous tes vrais fans on te comprend et on ses que l'age est là aussi!je ne dit pas que tu es vieux mais avec tout les mouvements que tu à fais te que tu fais encore sa se comprend que les muscles ne veule plus toujours suivre tu nous :a donner beaucoup dans toute ta carrière alors il est temps de te reposer mais (pas de mourir).Je sais aussi que les méchant paparasites son toujours apres toi ses des crisss de cong il ne comprenne pas sa la paix ses cong là ? je sais que tu a fais un canular,camoufler ta mort pour avoir là paix de ses cong de MÉDIA son toute fou ses gagne de trou du çu La!! Reviens quand tu sera prés mais REVIENS nous S.V.P nous ons t'attendre impatient de te retrouver car tu nous manque vraiment beaucoup! et pour moi ces bien le ça,juste de voir ton beau visage d'ange ton merveilleux sourire et tes joli yeux ébloissen
t et captivant qui nous fait fondre quand tu nous regarde juste pour sela nous tes VRAIS FANS tu nous manque et on soufre à l'idée que l'on ne te revéra peux-être plus,sa pour moi sa me fais très très mal mes enfants me dise que je suis devenu folle !! moi sa ne me fait rien qu'il pense sa car je t'aime vraiment beaucoup J'aurais temps aimer prendre soin de toi pour toi la personne que tu es toi.Pour toi je suis juste une personne que tu ne remarquerais pas du tout mais pour moi tu es l'HOMME mon ame soeur je t'aime vraisment j'ai 47 ans maintenent. je t'envoye tout le positif de mon coeur que Dieu vous bénisse et éclaire tes penser pour que tout sois claire devent toi... Te revient nous juste l'homme et l'humain que tu es je sais que  tout peux ce RÉPARER si on le veux vraiment!!! Revient je sais que sa sera pour nous tes VRAIS FANS prent bien soin de toi et tes 3 Beau trésor je t'aime sincèrement et tendrement.Te tu nes pas seul on est là nous pour toi !!! REVI
ENT! REVIENT!REVIENT!!!S.V.P On À BESOIN DE TOI MICHAEL!!!d'une fans qui et suis depuis le tout début de ta carrière !!! J'avais 4 ou 5 ans à l'époque

Q. Full Name:   
R. Carmen

Dearest Michael,
I saw the description of your latest sighting by a girl in Denmark on a website and you asked her if your fans would forgive you for faking your own death. I am writing this to tell you that I definitely would and do forgive you and in my dreams I would tell you in person after you told me that you loved me that I love YOU more!  Wish I could meet you and could be your friend! Stay well and healthy!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Barbara

Michael Jackson, you were truly the King of Pop. I wished I knew you sooner. I found out about you when you died. Once I heard your story, I realized how great you are. Rest in Peace, Michael!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Mikah

Dear Michael Jackson i remeber going to your concert the song was DIRTY DIANA it was the best day of my life all the people there was CRAZY i was not it is so sad to see you die this way you did not get a chance to say good bye to the world or your family it broke my heart of people making you stress and making you take painkillers over and over and others im so sorry and if you are reading this from up above were God and Jessus is watching over you your family i want to say i love you to because you said to the whole world that you love them and i want to let you know that i love you too not only me but the whole world even though they are crule and mean they still love you in there hearts deep down L-O-V-E BECAUSE CARE+PASSTION=LOVE will be watching over you as God will even  though we cant see you you be in our hearts because we love you and when i die i be sure to see you in HEAVEN may God bless you and he keep you safe up there i am always praying for you even when i
know your safe and dont be worried about your kids because they are doing well when i was a kid i worried about my brothers and sisters be cuz some of them where getting to the point that they had to move out and my mom was saying to get together and be a grown woman becuz they will be alright and im going to tell you that they are doing fine and great and still a little miss you and dont worry everything will be alright.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Legacy


Q. Full Name:   

he michael ik weet dat je er nog bent stuur een mailtje ik heb een dochtertje van 7 ze heet allisha ze is dol op je en heeft een foto bij haar bed en ze luisterd elke dag naar je muziek laat een keer wat van je horen we missen jou  kusjes

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R. marion

hello im a huge fan of michael jackson he is my idol since 1993 now im 28 years old i im him dearly and wish he was here his kids miss him i chat with them and they are broken into pieces but they are trying theire best to cope with their pain and they send beauitful photos of them selfs and there uncle mac i just wish people could stop asking question to them about their dad being alive it hurts them really bad this people don't see them as a child they see them as celeberity that doesn't have pain for god sake they are kids and have feeling this won't happen if michael was arround. well michael i hope you look down at them from heaven they need you and your prayers i love you and god bless!!!!

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R. janettt

hey mj..i've a fan of yours for a long time now..i love you and i have faith that you are alive....take care and God bless you!!!!

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R. marivic 

 Michael, please come back...it's so hard...love you so much. COME BACK

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R. ioana


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R. anna Hi,Michael How are you? Are you okay? I know and hardly believe that you're still alive. Always take good care of yourself dont lose your hope, remember we're always here for you. Michael, im going crazy about you I really do love you and I never stop loving you. My only wish is to be with you someday I really prayed to God.I Love you soooooooooo muchhhhh....

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R. fe a. rodel 

. I know you are alive. My hard is still beatin just for you. I can't wait another day.You had to "die", to help me understand you are the one! God help me!
with L..e

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R. DI Di DJ 

. hello Micheal,

I want to wish you a happy valentines day and remind you the invitation for you to contact me for our date still stands. My email is Please write to me and no will no I promise. I would love to hear from you to know that you are healing. I hope you kicked your addiction and living life to the fullest. I pray for you and cant wait to hear one of your new songs. I would love to do a duet with you. I do have a good voice also. Not bragging or anything but I love your voice and how you put your heart and soul into your music. Oh and since I am a female a valentines card sent to my email from you would lift my spirits. Micheal, I am waiting for your return and miss you dearly.

God Bless you and remember Live, Love, and be Loved.


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