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I would like to know why  is it on news that michael jackson death has been ruied homicide from a cocktail of drugs? we sick of hearing this we know he's not dead.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Baby

Hi, Michael, my name is Logan and im 13 years old and im your biggest fan. Everyone thinks i'm wierd because i am your fan everyone makes fun of me because i am in special ed but my favorite songs of yours are BAD,THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US AND YOU ROCK MY WORLD. IM SUPRISED YOU ARE ALIVE

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Michael I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are my angel. I will always love you. Christa Zimmerer

Q. Full Name:   
R. Christa  

Dear Michael,

time don`t heal my pains and sadness.
I miss you so much.

I heard “You are not alone” and i must cry.
Michael, i hope you are well and healthy.
I love you sooo much.Take care of you!!!I`ll be there for you wherever you are, ALWAYS!!

yours sincerely c.k.

I love you so much, I know you had strong reasons for doing this, I support you fully, I understand you.
I want you to know that you can count on our love, have the force!
You are not alone, we are all here with you.
We love you forever and Brazil loves you.
Blue Fairy

You were leading the world, you alone could do it,
as the pop legend that was,
You could have been president of the entire planet.
You only have to make the world dance like nobody ever has.
Above our heads is the most beautiful star of life
in our hearts is the best story of his life.


the story of a pop legend,
one that dazzles our hearts,
this is the story of a pop legend,
that of the elect of our hearts,
this is the true story of a pop legend,
that of Moonwalk.

You're part of our laughter, our tears,
our joys, our fears.
Without voice, you're gone, you no voice left us
Your love is magical and we can not do without.
The richness of your mind and your heart is now the most beautiful story of my life!


the story of a pop legend,
one that dazzles our hearts,
this is the story of a pop legend,
that of the elect of our hearts,
this is the true story of a pop legend,
that of Moonwalk.

My greatest desire is that you're alive
I can almost feel the happiness,
which has haunted my whole life
That happiness is also the wish for ever
the good humor and joy is in the story of your life!


the story of a pop legend,
one that dazzles our hearts,
this is the story of a pop legend,
that of the elect of our hearts,
this is the true story of a pop legend,
that of Moonwalk.

Your heart was so full bloom, and was so happy!
Your life is more that we light, it is dear to us.
Frees you now this evil that'll break.
Lets talk about your heart and your words are the sweetest
in the history of our lives ....


the story of a pop legend,
one that dazzles our hearts,
this is the story of a pop legend,
that of the elect of our hearts,
this is the true story of a pop legend,
that of Moonwalk.

Whathever happens, I will always thinking about you ...
Whathever happens, I will always smile like you ...
Whathever happens, I will always love you!

The war gave way to love
clans "east coast" & "west coast" holding hands,
Since your passing éphémére on planet earth!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angelique 

The flame will never die,
in our hearts she will grow,
day by day,
from week to week,
Month to month
year after year,
decade to decade,
for millennia until the infinite!
May God bless you, my soul mate!
I love you ....


  Lit up the sky the new star
And to Earth angel down ...
Tossed about in search of it on earth for three days
And swarthy boy he possessed ...

And he breathed a piece of magic --
He smiled an angelic smile
And flashed in his eyes a moment
And the angel of Childhood in the heart moved.

God wanted this child
Uniting the people of the entire planet
And that bright light
Gait lunar
He will be left on it.

But this world is cruel sometimes it ...
And the angels, alas, does not notice.
And in the bright light bulbs projectors
Do not people hear voices of the gods.

And the angel sang, shouted, moaned and tore
People tried to prove something ...
He wanted to see this world changed
And encouraged me to start with yourself!

But people do not notice ...
They shouted, praised King ...
And only children quietly silenced
Looking at his sad eyes.

Still here gang zhurnalyug sales
I tried the angel with his "heaven later"
And their dirty ink
On the wings beat .... to slander ....

Lord saw ...
Angel was defeated ...
He was one - among the cheering crowds ...
And that his soul is not hardened
He decided to save his son

And he was gone ..... And the star went out
The time has come in this world of silence ...
But yet I want to believe not in vain
Light into the dark sky to us it ...

I wanted to believe that not in vain of course
On Earth this angel flew
And that piece of unearthly happiness
He did all the people gave.

Tosca, incomprehension, pain of loss
Over time, erased, all goes ...
And the angel stretched out his hand to you from the sky
You will lead on the way the moon ....

Q. Full Name:   
R. Вікторія 

I'm nothing without you, even my love for children fills me more, I'll wait for you as long as necessary, but if you do not come back, so I know what my future will become a ... Life without you is unbearable, I'll give my love
who wish to, but not without you ... It's too hard! I can not feel my heart as it was by the earlier, I am no longer able to love those around me as they should!
Please, I'm in distress, a few dead / alive, I'm bored, and remains locked up every day when I do not work and I listen to you, I cry and I laugh,
I shiver and I'm afraid,
fear that future without you ....
Without you my angel of love, life is more like hell ...
Come back, come back, come back, come back to me alive and healthy, please.
Your Angel Messengers, I love you!

I love you,i love you,i love you,until the end of time Mike,i miss you much!!!
I miss you,my soul mate!!!
Your Angel messengers.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angelique  


Q. Full Name:   

It is now 2010
I have to wonder where have u been?
I love and miss your warm smile
Your captivating dance moves
Your charming and sexy style
Please remember your fans luv u too
We have always been supportive of u
Wherever u are Michael please remember
We love u through all seasons
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
We may not reach u by bus, plane or car
But Our Dear Micheal Jackson
U will always be our Biggest and Brightest Star!!    TishMJfan

Q. Full Name:   
R. tisha

Michael, I haven't known anything about you long, but when I first heard your music last year, I fell inlove witht them. I wish I could've been there to experiance the king of pop when you were with us and making more magic. I am only 13 though, I am gonna miss you, but I will keep you in my heart. And that's a promise.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Chelsey

how is ur father doing im sso srry luv dallas nd danielle r.i.p

Q. Full Name:   
R. danielle


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя

hi michael my name is maria my frien here is a big fan of yours she loves you so much she wants to be your wife her name is macarena vizquerra she 's also been writing you messages i'm sure you've read them i know you don't like the media saying nasty thins about you i'm 9 years old and i'm a huge fan of yours i was hoping one i can see you at the shopping mall or wherever you are i'm your number 1 fan!

Q. Full Name:   
R. maria

Dearest Michael. I still can´t believe that you are dead. I will never forget your amazing concert i Denmark. You are the biggest Star. God, I wish that I could send you and your children a big hug. L.O.V.E. from Bettina

Q. Full Name:   
R. Bettina

i love u Michael! & everyone here does! we need u! When u came into the world you brought us all peace..but when you left us you took it with YOU! PLEASE COME BACK MICHAEL!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. ryan r

Hi Michael

I hope you’re well and happy where ever you may be. And Michael you’re a good looking young man I want you to know that and Michael it won’t matter to the right lady if you have a hole in your nose or no hair because Michael hair and nose don’t make the man. Michael beauty is in the eye of the beholder and where it may bother one woman about your hair and nose to the next woman you may be her Mr. America, see Michael that’s the reason way some people never find true love because some people based too much on money and outer appearance and not inner beauty, a person can look so good on the outside but as soon as they open their mouth it can be a turn off. Michael if a person loves you no matter what happen to you that person will only love your more. They will love you Michael when all your teeth and hair and money is all gone, they will love you and stick by your side as long as you do right by them. Michael I’m going to tell you a short story about some people I
know. It was this woman and she was so in love with this man I mean she loved that man with everything in her, but one night Michael she was shot in a drive by shooting that was not meant for her and her leg was  shot so badly that nothing could be done to save it so her right leg was  amputated above the knee. She was in the hospital for three long months she never got a visit from him not even a phone call. Now some people will tell you anything no matter what shape you’re in they don’t care so I was told he never wanted me and never loved me but I never showed the hurt I was feeling I keep it all inside yes the woman was me I would cry at night in my lonely hospital bed thanking about him. I was told by some men that I was pretty before I lost my leg it would hurt but you know Mike like they say that don’t kill you makes you strong, and it’s true now I’m a much stronger person then I use to be.
There for Mike I’m telling you, baby without a nose at all and no hair you’re still Michael Jackson and your still a good looking young man and baby you’re still bad! I just wanted to let you know that and it’s only one Michael Jackson.
Q. Full Name:   
R. Baby

michael u have always been a big part of my life now that u are gone i feel soo emtpy inside when u pass way a part of me went with u i can help it but i cry all the time when i watch some of your video clips it hurt so much knowing u are not with us physical  i miss u soo much u have brought somuch enjoy to so many people live including my and i with love u for eternity no matter what i miss you angel
R I P milke

Q. Full Name:   
R. Anna

michael,i know u have went through alot,and that stuff has happened but u r strong!dont worry about the media,screw them!come back when ur ready!!!we will love u soooo much more then we EVER did!!!u r an amazing profomer u NEVER let us down!we ALL LOVE U michael!!!!!! god bless

Q. Full Name:   
R. sara 

lieber michael...bitte bitte meld dich bei mir,falls du das liesst....

i love you so much

küsschen tina:(

Q. Full Name:   
R. tina 

dear michael.

i keep the faith....please be are not are loved..always

sincerely christine

Q. Full Name:   
R. christine

To you who brought me love and peace!
On this day I miss your absence!
I tell you so much, that I am unable to express ....
In this day and in the absence of your words, I wish I could say that you return quickly, although I feel in my gut that you're still alive
and that I often lose faith in me telling you not come back, it did not like my life!
I do not see my life without you, NO ...
I want to express all my love,
to the infinite, because to me "You are the infinite," you are my king, my godfather, my soul mate!
I love you to a point that you can not even imagine, "I'm losing my memory and often my words" ...
I just wanted to say that it is out of sight indeed, but you'll stay you and your family very close to my heart, I love you very very strong!
Kisses my love, Your angel messengers!


Q. Full Name:   
R. Angélique  

God bless you " Sweet Little Mike",
I love you from the bottom of my heart,
until the end of time...
And thank you for all.
Your Angel messengers!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Music&M

como he extrañado dejar estos mensajes para ud,espero vuelvan a reaparecer los animos estoy triste cada vez mas que pasa el tiempo sin ti I'm love you more

Q. Full Name:   

"Dear Michael...I Only Wish I Could See You Or Meet You In Person Before Your death...But I Had A Strange Feeling You Are'nt Dead...But They Said Let It Go...Leave Him Alone...I'm So Sad Right Now... :( ... I Miss You Sooo Much Michael...If Only You Could Read This And Reply To My Message..You Know I Wrote You More Than 50 Letters...But No OneWrites Back...I keep waitng At My MailBox But After All Of This Years It Stills Empty...But I Don't Give Up...I'll Still Gonna Write Some More...God Bless You Peace&Love From Issa Fajardo...From Philippines

Q. Full Name:   
R. Issa 

J'aimerais aujourd'hui partager quelques paroles,au dela de nos frontière, pour l'Haiti,
dire ces paroles pour tout ceux qui ont
tout perdu,Perdu des membres de leur famille...

De pauvres enfants orphelins,et réduit
à néan à cause d'un tremblement de terre,mais la vie leur ouvrira un jour les portes du bonheur,car la clé est en eux...La clé se trouve peut-être en nous!En éspérant faire quelque choses de ces paroles,agir très vite avant que cela ne tourne réellement en cauchemard,
pour les habitants de l'Haiti....

Une pensée pour eux ne coûte rien,
nos coeurs sont réunie et ne font qu'un,
car le destin s'est acharné sur l'Haiti,
beaucoup de morts tout comme pour le tsunami,la vie ne régne plus,
la mort à pris le dessus...

De pauvres enfants orphelins,
et réduit à néan à cause d'un tremblement de terre,mais la vie leur ouvrira un jour les portes du bonheur,
car la clé est en eux...
La clé se trouve peut-être en nous!
En éspérant faire quelques choses de ses paroles,agir très vite avant que cela ne tourne réellement au cauchemard,
pour les habitants de l'Haiti...

Plus assez de pétrole pour pouvoir fuir de ce pays,je vous laisse imaginer,
comment ca va se terminer,les gens
penserons sauver le peu de gens qu'il reste sur cette île,le peu de gens qu'ils leur reste de leurs famille,
ils s'entre-tueront comme des animaux,
si on ne bouge pas!!!

De pauvres enfants orphelins,et réduit à néan à cause d'un tremblement de terre,
mais la vie leur ouvrira un jour les portes du bonheur,car la clé est en eux...La clé se trouve peut-être en nous!En éspérant faire quelques choses de ces paroles,agire très viteavant que cela ne tourne au cauchemard,pour les
habitants de l'Haiti...

Une petite fille agée de 5 mois,
qui se prénome "Winie",à survecu pendant
4 jours sous les décombres,sans boire, ni manger...Un miracle est né en se jour,de grande tristesse, le sourire d'une enfants pourra être perduré pendant des siécles et des siécles,
si nous agissons dès maintenant!

De pauvres enfants orphelins,et réduit à néan à cause d'un tremblement de terre,mais la vie leur ouvrira un jour
les portes du bonheur,car le clé est en eux...La clé se trouve peut-être en nous!En éspérant faire quelques choses de ces paroles,agire très vite avant que cela ne tourne réellement au cauchmard,pour les habitants de l'Haiti....

A little wink, a little message to convey ...

Today I share a few words, beyond our borders, for Haiti,
say these words to all those who
lost everything, lost members of their family ...

Poor orphans, and reduces
nevertheless due to an earthquake, but life will open doors one day of happiness because the key is in them ... The key is perhaps in us! Hoping to make some of those things lyrics act quickly before it turns into real nightmare for the people of Haiti ....

A thought for them costs nothing
our hearts are united and are one,
since fate was hard on Haiti,
many dead just like the tsunami, life prevails over,
death took precedence ...

Poor orphans,
and nevertheless reduced due to an earthquake, but life will open doors one day of happiness
because the key is in them ...
The key lies perhaps in us!
Hoping to do some things with his words, act quickly before it turns to nightmare really,
for the people of Haiti ...

More than enough oil in order to flee the country, you can imagine,
how this will end, people
think saving the few remaining on this island, the few people that their rest of their family,
they will kill each other like animals,
if we do not move!

Poor orphans, and nevertheless reduced due to an earthquake,
but life will open doors one day of happiness because the key is in them ... The key is perhaps in us! Hoping to make some things these words, act very viteavant it does not turn into nightmare, for
people of Haiti ...

A girl aged 5 months,
that name "Winie, survived for
4 days under the rubble, without drinking or eating ... A miracle is born by day of great sadness, the smile of a child may live in us for centuries and centuries,
if we act now!

Poor orphans, and nevertheless reduced due to an earthquake, but life will open one days
the gates of happiness, because the key is in them ... The key is perhaps in us! Hoping to make some things these words, act quickly before it turns really in cauchmard for residents of 'Haiti ....


dear michael,

i can feel that you are alive, it is weird but it is real.

I am happy that your family looks so lucky.

Michael i really love you and will always support you. You have my whole admiration. Only one message would make my soul healthy.

God bless you and your whole family. And a big thank you for your beautiful sister la toya.

Sincerely christine

Q. Full Name:   
R. christine 

Майкл, отпусти меня, отпусти мою душу. Это не выносимо. Скажи, что ты придумала меня, отверни от себя, отдай меня себе. Дай мне прожить свою жизнь собой, отпусти меня. Это не выносимо. Горе раздавило меня. Ты прожил, дай мне прожить, отпусти мою душу. Если захотел уйти, уйди. Не забирай меня с собой.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Одинцова  

Hi Michael !!! I'm a french fan. I love You so much ! I hope you're alive but if you are dead, rest in peace and you must know that you are gone too soon . You are the King Of Pop forever ! <3 I miss you so much so I hope you'll come back. You are my lover Mike <3 I LOVE YOU <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Justine 

Hi Mr. Jackson,
  I'm a really big fan of your music and I wanted to say Hi. Please respond back.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Paris


Q. Full Name:   

Dear Michael Jackson,

Psalm 17
  1: Hear the right, O LORD, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer, that goeth not out of feigned lips.
2: Let my sentence come forth from thy presence; let thine eyes behold the things that are equal.
3: Thou has proved mine heart; thou hast visited me in the night; thou has tried me, and shalt find nothing; I am purposed that my mouth shall not transgress.
4: Concerning the works of men, by the word of thy lips I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer.
5: Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.
6: I have called upon thee, for thou wilt hear me, O God: incline thine ear unto me, and hear my speech.
7: Shew thy marvellous lovingkindness, O thou that savest by thy right hand them which put their trust in thee from those that rise up against them.
8: Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings,

Just always keep your head up, always with you head up. And may love, joy, happiness, holiness, always be with thee. At times I wish I could which places with you, for you've been through so much. And I do wish things would have happened differently, but we will see all that tomorrow holds. What the next day, next step will lead to. Just no matter what always remember, that God is by your side, and I'm praying for you. That everything will be alright, that no matter what it wouldn’t causes that much damage. Or none at all;
I do wonder how you are doing at times, but then sometimes I might go to sleep. And see you Michael, in my dreams, and we'll talk to each other. Or a thought of you will pop in my mind. When these happen, it gives me hope, and confront. That you are doing okay, those things will turn up for the better. I truly thank God for that, for only by Him how it's all possible.
Hey if you ever want to talk about anything, it doesn't matter what. Talk to me when so ever you like it. Nobody else will know about this, (on accident I post that one message. I promise, and I am sorry about, Michael I really am.)

But this will be kept in secret, this is so I can meet you, or do anything on that such. This is for real, from the bottom of my heart. That if you ever, ever want to talk my cellophane number is
(740)359-5313. And my aol is midkid67; and I promise nobody else will know. And we will just chat on anything you want to talk about. Whatever you want to do, like we’ll pray, talk about going on. If you have many prayer requests; anyone or thing, you’d like me say special prayer for. 
I just really want to help as much as I can, and how much God owns me to do so.  I really do, I have no intension of really disappointing you, have such unreasonable way. I just want to help extend a hand out ;( I’m sorry if I am messaging too much, but this messaging here is like a one way street. I send message, and you hear, I don’t get to hear your heart, in this manner. Like I’m grateful this is here, so I as well as someone else. Can send something you, but I wanted to hear your thoughts. I want to know what, or if there is anything really troubling you.
Like probably a lot of people, have maybe lift like this, but assure you can trust me, you can. So always try to remember, I am, I am, willing to talk about anything. I want to help; nothing that is foolish, or dishonest. Now God bless either way choose, either way; I will keep praying for you, send messages of encouragement, love, with scripture. Scripture just shows that you’re not the only with what you may feel. If there is problem or feeling, you do not have to be hindered in anyway.  And another way of encouragement and love, proof, wisdom, etc. So remember this always,
If you ever, ever want to talk my cellophane number is
; and I promise nobody else will know. And we will just chat on anything you want to talk about.
And here is someone else willing to help out in any, the God the King allows to happen. And no matter what, may you forever get bless by the Lord. You and your family, and friends, blessed by the Best, which is the Lord God. I love you Michael, and importantly Jesus loves you.
From Your Friend,

It's truly love you,Michael.
We're waitting for so much.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marisa  

hi michael, its sound crazy but i want you that i madly inlove with you now till forever. Im willing to gave up everything for you i want to grow old with you and show you that life is so wonderful. I love you so much Mike....

Q. Full Name:   
R. fe e.

Hi michael,i love you,you are my best singer i belive than you are not die!world belive that you didnt die!we love you!! come back !

Q. Full Name:   
R. Bashirzade

Michael, you're my favorite singer, and I JUST HATE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE REALLY GONE NOW.If you're out there, somewhere alive and well, please let us know.You won't never have to worry about people making up lies about you.May you rest in peace, Michael.I will always love you forever.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Taylor

Oh,my God,Michael...I can't believe that you are dead...I really can't!I never had a true father but you was an are a really father for me...I love you so much!!!I love your kids like my brothers and I try to find them...and you...You are my real family in my heart...I love you!You couldn't imagine how I loved you and how I still love you...I wish you are alive and you will come back...and maybe you will talk with me...and to tell me just three words:I love you! a romanian girl who don't love you just like a star...who love you like a FATHER because you are a REAL FATHER and you always will be my daddy!!!I love you! 13 years old,Adina

Q. Full Name:   
R. Adina

I drink my last coffee before leaving work, listening to "SPEECHLESS" in rehearsal, a great day awaits me, thinking of you as I do every day, for you who do I wake up every morning !
I hope you're well, because if it was not the case, my moral will to the lowest ...
On it I go, I especially wanted to show you all my love, before that great day that starts ....
Full full of I love you,
My "Sweet Little Mike".
Your angel messengers!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Music&

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above (sign from above)
On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

When troubles surround us, when evils come
The body grows weak (body grows weak)
The spirit grows numb (spirit grows numb)
When these things beset us, He doesn't forget us
He sends down His love (sends down His love)
On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above (sign from above)
On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

When Noah had drifted on the flood many days
He searched for land (he searched for land)
In various ways (various ways)
Troubles, he had some but wasn't forgotten
He sent him His love (sent him His love)
On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above (sign from above)
On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above (sign from above)
On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)
On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)
On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

I love this old song Michael Jackson
god sent his love on the wing of a dove. I hope a dove would send all my love to you, I'm sending you my love on
a wing of a snow white dove/

Q. Full Name:   
R. baby 

Michael, you're my sunshine
Chase away the raindrops
Make it all worthwhile
Make all the pain stop
Just like a river
Keep love flowing
Don't let our world stop
Keep it going

I love you just the way you are
Honey, don't change on me
don't you change on me..... don't you change on, no
you're my lucky star
Honey, don't change on me
Don't change on me.....don't change on me

I used to wonder
Where would I find
Some kind of happiness
And peace of mind
I was living in darkness
But then you came
Bringing the sunlight
Easing my pain

If there's a heaven
Then this is my prayer
Lord knows I want to know you
If we should meet there
And then forever
We'll walk together
Nothing but sunshine
No more stormy weather
Q. Full Name:   
R. baby  

hi micahel,
i miss you.i love you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. asmita

Hello, Michael !
First of all I would like to thank you.
Thank you so much. For everything. You are always helping people, helping them to stay alive. You are a pivot in many people lives. You are such a good example for people all ages.
My family and I pray for you and your children. We will never forget you in our prayers. But now it became more difficult for us. What I mean is, in our religion, when you are visiting church, if you like, you can put a candle for someone, There are two ways here. Puting a candle for someone who is alive, or for someone who left this world, lately we got confused there.

But in our prayers we are always asking angels to guard you, keep you save and surround you with Love, with nothing else but Love. So there would be nothing to bother or disturb you, so you could find your peace and calmness. So you could finely rest and get well.

We know that it doesn't matter wherever you are or whatever you're doing, it is right. it should be that way. Whatever you're doing, you are doing it for a good sake. it's all for Love. For making a world a better place, for all of us. You're an angel, Michael.

Me and my family, we salute to you.
We Love you, Michael Jackson.

Best regards to your family.
God Bless You and your children.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ann

hi my beautiful mike. you are truly loved and always will be. i just hope you are truly happy. God knows you deserve it my sweet angel. always in my heart. d.c  xx

Q. Full Name:   
R. debbie 

Dear michael,
you are the love of my life. You make my life complete. My whole life i was looking for real love, and since i found you - suddenly i was in paradise. Since i know this, i am not afraid about everything - this love is the graetest i ever felt before. It is the compliance for me. I love your being, your soul, all of you, eyery triviality from you. My dream is to be with you - i would all give for this. I don`t love you as the superstar - but as human beiing, beutiful man. I like to laugh with you, to go between good and bad times with you. I feel that you are alive and that you need time for yourself. I want to stay with you - go with you your way. We have a big soul relationship - its tue. The chance is not good, you see my message - million of fans - you can not breathe, I know how you feel. I like to have conatct with you. Love is the biggest in the universum. You are always in my mind- also your family- i hope you are lucky now. Please give me one sign. I keep the faith.

Yours c.k.

Q. Full Name:   
R. chris

hi i love u!

Q. Full Name:   
R. rachel

Are you still alive this is something i really need to know My privacy is at stake to

Q. Full Name:   
R. King

Michael....I cant live without u realy! Its terrible without you! especially after knowing u....knowing what is the the touch of ur feeling died....I believe u are alive....Im pretty sure you have huge reasons to hide this time! I need you here with me....Im waiting you baby! always!Forever!Im Ur's baby!

And when the rain begins to fall
You ride my rainbow in the sky
And I will catch you if you fall
You never have to ask me why
And when the rain begins to fall
I'll be the sunshine in your life
You know that we could have it all
And everything will be alright
Contemplating away to give Thanx'
to the one person that was there to hold my hand.

I feel you will read this letter!
contact me  please I will be around in USA!
Maria O.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Maria

Im waiting michael! Jesus Christ Bless u baby!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Maria

Michael, whereever u r, always be happy. I want to see ur smiling face all the time. U r my lord & my inspiration. I love u.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Namrata

To my LOVE Michael Jackson

You are the brightest star on my sky
Why this bloody people made you die
We could protect you from this greedy world
We couldn’t have listened to your last words

If you would be here by my side
I would never ever let you die
I would be caring about you my Love
I would be flying around you like Dove

Every day I listen to your magic songs
The sweetest music that I’ve ever known
My heart is so happy filling with your tunes
My soul is crying passing through your lonely dunes

Of course I’ve loved you all the time
I’ve felt forever that you are mine
But Lord took You in His warm hands
He took You for eternal dance

My passion burning in my veins
My soul is melting from your glance
I thank the God for my night dreams
Where we are together with no constraints

Thank you my Dear for being here
Thank you my Love for being near
Thank you for being my caring angel
Thank you for being Michael Jackson!!!


Yours forever, Svetlana B.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Svetlana

Michael I know your alive and I just wanted to say that we really miss you and I want to know why you won't come back. Please email me at  or visit my website at Michael please come back in June 2010 we really do miss you also I would love to meet you. Michael I am a 15 year old and I stay up every night trying to find evidence that you're alive please come back. Michael I know you're alive and we all want you to come back in June 2010 if not I would at least like to hear from you believe me Michael I am your fan and friend and I promise I would never tell the news your alive if you don't want to come back. Michael please either come back or email me thank you and God bless you Michael.
                        Your friend Kyle

Q. Full Name:   
R. Kyle  

ali spezzate: Stavo volando..... e volavo pure alto! Avevo imparato a far uscire le mie ali, prima piccole poi sempre più grandi....Era bellissimo volteggiare libera e lasciarmi cullare dall'aria, assaporare fino in fondo l'ebrezza di quella libertà, gioire di quel ritrovato amore, riempire il cuore e i sensi fino in fondo all'anima. Finchè qualcuno arrivò a scuotermi come una foglia d'autunno e a farmi cadere....Hanno spezzato le mie ali, per aver troppo osato, per aver volato troppo in alto! Si, mi hanno spezzato le ali, e il mio volo ora è radente, ma il mio cuore s'innalza ancora alto e libero, e pieno d'amore, amore da dare e da ricevere anche così....con le ali spezzate. un abbraccio di luce a Michael ....da  Antonella.

Q. Full Name:   
R. antonella 

look i know that micheal jackson is alive so y make fans cry for u knowing that u r alive plz micheal the best thing for u to do now is call ur family and make sure that u tell them that u are alive and safe that u just want anormal live like me i saw u doing the shopping everyone needed to stay outside ur gandma was their that was funny now back to binesness tell them that u are safe and tell them y u done this masvive mistake k i lv u bye contact me micheal

Q. Full Name:   
R. missy

Hi Michael Jackson
Just thanking of you and hopping all is well with you and your happy. Michael I know your not shy on women michael any man that can put his hand on his self and move his body like you be moving your body is not shy at all and the reason why you tell women that is for them to leave you a lone you know how to have it with a woman and by no means is your shy. Another reason you tell women your shy is because you dont want to feel grown up you want to be in never land a make believe world thats why your want to live the life as petter pan he's make believe michael you love make believe things thats why you dont want to live your life as a real person because then you would have to come out of never land and drop that petter pan and be michael jackson and you dont want tnat. Your child meant you didnt have to live in an adult world you could live in a world you would make up and world where you could fly arould and look down of the flowers and the children and never have to worry
about a thing but michael that life is never meant to be your a man michael and it's about time you let petter pan go and be michael jackson the father the son the brother the uncle and the king of pop this is your calling king not petter pan.

Q. Full Name:   
R. baby  Ja

Dearest Michael, I cannot tell you How sad I am that You left us. I Just decided to get out of my sad World and join You to chage this World. I am a painting artist and wished to put all Your feeling in my painting. So now I will try to do but just with Your Memories and Your soul because I am a christian and I believe that You can ear and feel what I am saying. I will continue to follow your way untill the Day god decide I will join You. RIP My dear friend, brother .... Your loving friend and sister  I pray for your rest Jocelyne

Q. Full Name:   
R.  Ruchonnet

I wish there was a more private venue to send you an email Michael but I have not been able to find it so here goes.
I was laid off from my job at the time the news came out about your death and I watched every program that had anything to say about you. My life was on a downhill slide all those years that you were touring and such so with the fact that through that whole period my life was a blur is an understatement to say the least and the added fact that you are such a private man kept me from knowing much about you but the more coverage I watched about you passing away the more I got to know you and I have since then read about you and I am deeply sorry that I missed all that time because I realized how much alike you and I really are. You said you thought that your father was harder on you than he was on the other children because he saw you as his golden child well my mother beat me relentlessly because I wasn't. I am 51 years old same as you and I have lived a life that some say I should write a book about because it is so amazing that one person could have possibly lived through an
d experienced everything that I have most people think I am making it up. I don't know what it is like to live in the public eye as you do but I do know what it is like to live in a fishbowl. Michael all the while I watched all the news about you passing away I did not and do not believe it I just know you are not dead I feel it I cannot explain it in words but I just feel it. It's not wishful thinking it is a feeling and I am happy that you got away from all of those bloodsuckers that were surrounding you and now maybe at least for awhile you can have some peace to regain yuor balance again. I know what it's like to spend your whole life searching for your soulmate, thinking you found them only to have them break your soul. I tell people that it wasn't just my heart that was broken it was my soul. I have been searching my whole life for my soulmate and well nope I haven't found that person yet. you have said you are so extremely lonely and I know exactly how you feel there
is nothing like being alone in a crowd, feeling like you just don't fit. My son's father gave me an illness that is slowly robbing me of my health and my youth it's not aids thank God but it is slowly stealing my life but Praise God! I am still here I just wish that I could have had the chance to meet you and have a real long talk with you about everything that was on our minds I believe we could have been completely meshed best friends we have some differences in our lives but not many and I wish that i could have had the chance to tell you about myself because you would have been shocked at just how much alike you and I really are. I pray that the rest of your life is filled with all the joy and love that you could ever need or want and that God fills you with his peace the peace that passes all understanding. If you want to email me and believe me when I tell you that I would never tell another living soul because it just ain't none of anybody's business Michael. I am als
o a very private person and I am sickened at the thought of my personal business getting out there for all the world to see so I really can respect how private of a man you are. so when you see this and are done reading it then stop and pray on it and see what God leads you to do and ask him if responding to my email is what he wants you to do and then sit quietly and wait for his answer. if I hear from you then it was his will. All My Love and Prayers To You Michael, Becky 

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rebecca

s that you will return 25 June 2010 michael,because I deprime and I can't always if your live or death therefore returns its would be a relief for everyone because I have 16 years and my class and other friends we veson all to know if your death or not then when quelqun has other information it is sends the textoreverts I took you and quickly correct kisses michael ja love you so much

Q. Full Name:   
R. leferbre

Znowu nie mogę spać.Ta bezsenność jest jak niekończący się koszmar.24,36 a może 48.Wiem jak się czułeś,przechadzając się po nocy po opustoszałym domu.Wszyscy słodko śpią a ja wciąż nie mogę.Chyba czas sięgnąć po leki,to za długo trwa.Przynajmniej tutaj mogę napisać,bez słuchania durnych kazań.Nie sądziłam nigdy,że kiedykolwiek będę mogła napisać do samego Michaela Jacksona a jednak można.Mam nadzieję,że jesteś szczęśliwy,że znowu masz ten niesamowity błysk w oczach i piękny uśmiech.Wiem,że mi nie odpiszesz ale mimo to jestem wdzięczna,że mogę napisać nieważne gdzie to dojdzie i kto to przeczyta.


Hey michael i knw u dont knw me bt im big fan of yours.i listen to lot of ur songs.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Megan   

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