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we all miss u mj we luv u with all our hearts and we just want u 2 know that we hope ur ok and ssafe we luv u withh all our hearts(:

Q. Full Name:   
R. kiyla 

Hi Sweet Angel it's me again, i know i have written to you like a million times is just that, i can't take it anymore please michael please i'm begging you come back please don't be scared sweety it's ok i forgive you all WE want is you to come back WE love you and WE miss you so much. We cant live without you we need you in our lives. I also just wanna tell you that my dream was to be a performer like you but if you don't come back i don't think i will want to become that anymore because you wont be there in person when i perform in the grammys, bet awards, vma awards etc. But most of all i wont be able to  give you a huge hug and tell you how much i love you in person and that was my goal in life so there would be no point on being a performer if you are NOT there. Once again please Michael come back i miss you so much and i love you with all my heart. ok you are probably tired of me sending messages so goodbye for NOW and see you soon in june 25 2010. LOTS of L.O.V.E fr
om your BIGGEST fan

Q. Full Name:   
R. macarena 

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Michael Jackson,Happy Holidays!
I know that among milliards of fans and letters,my message seems like grain in a desert.I am coming from a small country,I have no resource and the journeys to another country seems like the moments when I am peering in the moon and I am sure that I can touch it but when I stretch my hand she is just a shadow in a dense fog.
In spite of announcement of your death and all honors and tears,I believe from the bottom of my heart that you are alive.I hope,wherever you are to be peaceful and happy.I know that the chance to answer me is as unthinkable as that I will see you in the real life.But if it's true and you're alive,please answer me.Even though I don't receive an answer I will believe in my heart that you are alive.

P.S. I am sorry for my bad English.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Plamena

Dear MJ i also want to say that i REALLY hope that you are alife i LOVE you sooooooooo much YOU ARE MY LIFE and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Im so sorry about all the thing the media has done to you everytime i think about it it feels like someone just stabed me with a knife. And i wanna let you know that i completely understand why you felt you had to get away. PLEASE COME BACK soon i miss you so much and i LOVE U UNCONDITIONALY. LOVE Macarena

Q. Full Name:   
R. macarena

My DEAR Michael j j i just wanna say that you are an inspiration to me and to a lot of people i love you so much with all my heart i wish i could just get a chance to look into your eyes and tell you how much i love. I know soon we will see you perform again. I L.O.V.E you sooooooo much. R.I.P

Q. Full Name:   
R. Macarena

Michael I love you sou much!!! You are not alone Michael you with me!!! You are the best of the best!!! You are not alone!!! I love you Michael! <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Leonid  

i love u so much , and i can't stop thinking about u , ur da best and no one will reach ur place no matter they do to reach ur place , u will stay in my heart 4 ever , i adore u so so so much and i pray 4 u everyday and every moment, plz come back , and stay with us but in egypt cz egypt want to see u 

Q. Full Name:   
R. May

is there enough time to tell you the deepest wish i ever had for my childhood? Simply sharing with you beauty of the world, such as a meeting between two human beings. The trick is that your unicity is universal but I'm convinced that I can provid you with the support and joy you may need, not like a fan to the star but like a person caring for another person.LOVE

Q. Full Name:   
R. Samia

"beautiful soul"
why do i love you as much as i do?
why is my mind always on you?
it's not because you're a superstar
It's the beautiful person you truley are
It's how you always put others first
your hearts so huge yet it will never burst
people would put you down, try to make you look bad with lies
but they couldn't convince me despite their tries.
They tryed to tare you down make your life a mess
but still u always told them "i love you Godbless"
(i hope you get a chance to read this i know you probably got loads of messages) L.O.V.E, ur 16 year old fan

Q. Full Name:   
R. catherine  s

если вы утверждаете что Майкл джексон умер , то как вы объясните призрак в на его ранчо ? между прочем это показали на канале CNN!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Dave 

Hello my sweet sugar, Michael!!! Happy Coming New Year, my darling!!! I wish you and your children very strong health and may all your wishes come true!!! I Love You Very Much, you even cannot imagine how much I love you, my sweetheart. Please take care and spend New Year holidays with joy and happiness. God bless you and your sweet children. I have one wish and I am going to pray to God before the last minute of this year that You – my love come back and stay with us, because I need you and all people on Earth need you. I will also make a wish that my son would be the healthiest and happiest and my family will always be with me and be proud of me. But my life is not complete without you, like one part of my life puzzle is missing, and this part is very much important for me. I meet you almost every night in my dreams, these dreams are so amazing, they make me believe that you are somewhere around me and protect me from the evil that was surrounding me for the last month
. My soul is crying, my soul is missing you a lot. I feel so lonely and empty without you. Please make a little hint that you are here with me, I am begging you, MY LOVE. I keep telling you about my love to you, because I really mean a true and eternal love.

Forever yours,

Michael, i  kno your out there. my best friends and i put all the pieces together, we know your secret you cant hide any more.....but dont worry,we wont share our information, your secret is safe with us. but what made you do it? we think we know- but we arent sure. with love, Rebecca,Stevie, and Alexis ♥♥♥♥♥ <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. beccaevielexi

I don't know if you are alive but I love you for ever. I miss you everyday, I'm afraid to live without you ...

Q. Full Name:   
R. lana 

i love your voice and your beautiful smile. If we had such as beautiful people on the whole world we would live in paradise. Michael i feel that you are alive and i like to be your friend always. I love you so much...words can not explain...

yours sincerely christine

Q. Full Name:   
R. christine  K

Michael Jackson,IloveYouSo,
But i Guess Now You'll Never Know
I Think About You Everyday
Oh Michael Please Come Back
It Would Bring Tears To My Eyes Filled With Happinness,This Worlds So Cold Without You x Please Come Back ,x No One Will Be Mad x

Q. Full Name:   
R. Lauren

Из Латвии C Любовью <3
Дорогой Майкл,
2009 год был для меня самый ужасный в жизни.
В этот год я потеряла человека, которым восхещалась с детства.
Узнав, что Ты ушёл, неприятный осадок остался у меня глубоко в душе.
С детства Ты был для меня самым восхитительным, самым добрым и любимым человеком.
Ты заставил меня посмотреть на Мир иначе.
Твои песни запали мне глубоко в душу.
Твоя внешность привлекала меня всё больше и больше.
Твои глаза самые тёплые и милые, в которых так хочется утонуть.
Ты самый близкий для меня человек.
Ближе Тебя, я никого не знаю.
Иногда мне кажется, что мы сделанны из одного теста.
В детстве я мечтала, чтобы Ты так же пришёл ко мне в гости, подержал на руках, поцеловал, подарил подарок, как другим деткам.
Но не сбылось.
Но знай, я Тебя буду всегда помнить.
Не забуду. <3
From Latvia With Love <3
Dear Michael,
2009 a year was for me most terrible in life.
In this year I lost a man which delighted in from little up.
Knowing that You went away, unpleasant sediment had remained for me deeply in the soul.
From little up You were for me the most delightful, most good and favourite man.
You compelled me to look at the World differently.
Your songs fell back me deeply in the soul.
Your exterior attracted me all anymore and anymore.
Your eyes are most warm and nice, in which it is so desirable to drown.
You are the nearest for me man. Nearer than You, I know nobody.
It seems to me sometimes, that we done from one dough.
In childhood I dreamed, that You similarly came to me in guests, held for some the time on hands, kissed, complimented with a gift, as to other babies.
But not sold off.
But know, I will always remember You.
I love. I miss. I will not
forget. <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Vika 

dear michael,i luved u ever since i was a two year old girl and now i m almost 16.i remember jiving to thriller n billie jean.i always told my mum that someday i will go to neverland n meet mj!sadly that right was taken away from me!but hey thriller i m coming to neverland to see where you lived!i will always miss u mj!r.i.p michael the true king of pop!

Q. Full Name:   
R. nisheeta

Dear Michael,
From childhood you were for me a favourite, good and charming man on Earth. Your songs changed me, my attitude to the World. Your care is the bigest loss for me. You will always remain a dear for me man. Gone too soon</3 I love.I remember.<333 R.I.P.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Viktorija

Merry Christmas Michael!We love you!You is best for all the times,you always in our hearts.God bless you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Dasha 


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя 

rest in peace!si de acolo unde esti vegheaza asupra iubitilor tai copii!pentru ei este destul de greu sa fi ramas fara singurul lor parinte responsabil!un an mai bun pentru ei!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Artene

craciun fericit acolo unde esti,probabil in ceruri!tu vei trai vesnic prin muzica ta de geniu si mesajele tale de iubire si liniste si pace vor dainui vesnic!rest in peace!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Artene

Salut Michael je ne sais que tu nes pas mort moi je ne serais pas choque car il fallais que tu le fasse. Moi je t'aime j,ai hate que tu revienne faire un spectacle peut etre pas a londre mais si tu vient chanter a montreal je vais aller te voir. De Diane I love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. Gilbert

hi Michael you know I love you very much and I will never forget you I just wanted to know how you were going

my name is Sara I am 11 years old and I come from France i love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. sara e


i only like to hold your hand. This is my dream. I believe in miracle. I love the way you are. Please tell me, how i can support you. A happy new year to you and your family. I´ll be there for you.

yours sincerely christine

maikel jackson jij bent de beste zanger ik zal je niet vergeten xxxxxxxx 

Q. Full Name:   
R. marion  

i am a huge fan of Mj ...and i wanna say that i will miss him like hell ..wherever he is ...i hope he is fine ..
Michael....i will always love you ...=(..ur my angel ...x

Q. Full Name:   
R. simran 

Hi Michael I am Shajia and I am 14, I hope wherever you are you are safe well and happy.I love you and your family lots and pray for you,Bye.x.x.x

Q. Full Name:   
R. Shajia  


Q. Full Name:   


Dearest Michael, your life and your well being are much more important than ANYTHING ELSE. You are 100% right to do what you did. For once you have thought of protecting yourself and your children. I support you 1000%, whatever you do, wherever you are. GOd bless you. I am sorry to remind you of this but I know how much you have suffered in your life, so I now wish you to be very very HAPPY;I want you to feel good.
With all my love. 


oh!michael i forgot one more thing...THANK YOU...GOD BLESS YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL SOUL.. YOU ...I LOVE YOU..I MISS YOU..and if you are still here..which i pray you are...i'm not at all mad at you.. for all the things you've done for me..i could never feel anything in my heart about you but PURE LOVE<3333  try and speak with me...just to know you're ok...that's all i need to keep me happy..I LOVE YOU APPLEHEAD!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. kristen 

Hi Michael, I'm sure you're alive, ion early 2010 I'm going to be at Barbetta Restaurant in New York for an important benefical event and I will be very happy to meet you in order to organize others linked to your concerts. Our association is www.circuitoetico.eu and the address of restaurant is on . As soon as I will have the right day I'm going to let you know at once, I will be very glad to become your personal press office.

I love you and you're the best artist all over the world


hi, michael i'm so thankful that i was here to witness you!! you've been a part of my life since i was a baby. your music is really a security blanket for me. yoy have inspired me to become an entertainer and hopefully i can work up to your status..although i highly doubt if it's possible. i'm always thinking about you and stand by your every decision. you are my idol and the first award i win will be for you. thank you for never giving up. i love you!:) i've been collecting your albums and memorabelia. love off the wall by the way!! well i guess you have millions of fans who tell you that they love you all the time...but i'm a15 yr. old girl (born july 26) who finds it extremely hard to make friends and you are the one i confide in everyday. thank you for being there for me. i love you, michael!!<333

Q. Full Name:   
R. kristen a 

michaeljackson yo aare the most wonderfuliest person I have ever got to meet you and you are the most beauitfuliest creaton god created but go has called you up and now you are in a better place probley dancing with elves presely and all the other people you addmired the have passed I just want to say im sorry of how your life ended like that I know you probley regret doing it but you have to learn some how and I see you learned the hard way but its ok we still love you and I now your still alive only your true fans know that and we love you don't you ever forget that!!!!!!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. jessica 


Q. Full Name:   

Hello again! How are u doing this days? Feeling lonely than usually? I know, it is hard to be a way from your family! I wish i could help you..... maybe not now , WHEN YOU NEED ME. Every single day I'm thinking about you,your music,your kids. I'm really hoping you guys could be together, more happy then before! with no sorrow ,no pain, no sadness.I'm wising you happy new year. You and your family,and i want you to know , if you need my help just give me a sine. I would help you. Happy New Year with the dreams come true!
with love....

That happy I am in 14 it was my cyumpleaños and though I am with the sadness of which a good man that they could not understand not this one with us not only as artist but as person all the cariuño needed and obtained it of his(her,your) children, because of it I am glad that of len the grammy deserves it, of heart thank you, it is not possible to be but in my mind estare in this moment together with his(her,your) children which that have great heart and the message of condolence

Q. Full Name:   
that they put in the lawn where s podra to see? Desire of heart that you eat forget his(her,your) father and that the life they brings what Michael queria peace, happiness and love. BarbaraR. Barbara  

Майкл! Где бы ты ни был - будь счастлив! Знай что мы помним и любим тебя и так будет всегда, пока мы живы! Майкл, прости нас за все! Ты навсегда в наших сердцах и в наших Душах! Ты - Единственный! You - King of POP

Q. Full Name:   

hi michael, can you come back? please? i don't want to be like a fool waiting everyday because maybe, just maybe, i could get a news saying that you are really alive.

if the comeback tour is really true, include the philippines in your concert tour. i wish i could see you. i love you michael with all my heart.

please grant my only wish. come back. we miss you. you have fans waiting for you. fans that are patiently waiting for you.

i hope you could read this.  i'm only fifteen but still, i love you michael. :]

Q. Full Name:   
R. Anya 

Michael, I'm like you . I'll see your childhood and I live in your world ... Your are peter pan and I'm Alice in wonderland !  I hope you are still alive ... Cause I never meet you and I dream to see you ... Kiss love ans god bless you

Q. Full Name:   
R. Vanda


Q. Full Name:   

Hope you have your peace now,but i wish you were still here.Love you Rosemarie.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rosemarie

chére mickael je vien de belgique je m'apelle clara j'ai 26ans et je vouler juste te dire que je suis fan de toi depuis mon enfance pour moi tu est le meilheure artiste qui soie les gens son méchant parfois ils se méle de la vie des autres ta vie ne dois pas étre facile j'éspére juste qu'aujourd'hui tu puice étre tranquille quelque part dans se monde pourri tes vrai fan penseron toujours a toi je t'aime

Q. Full Name:   
R. pagliuca

Dear michael,
deep inside i feel that you are alive. I can not believe the press. Every day i feel your presenz. Michael, if i look in your eys i feel deepest love in me. Every day i can not stop my tears about what "they" have done with you. Michael, my biggest dream is to meet you and hug you.

You are always in my heart. In sommer i like to go to Los Angeles and look to Neverland only to see the place where you are.

Michael, please get strong and healthy. I love you so much...

yours christine

Q. Full Name:   
R. Christine  K

MIchael i know your not dead but if u could get this it would mean the world to me.Dont tell anyone but i really get u. i wish you would come back and face your fears. No one should judge you ever. I no you dont read these because your scared to come out. If you dont want to ... dont.  Oh and i love you more than God so if your dead i dont no. so rest in peace or come out. come on michael you can do it!! I love You!Im 13 and my name is erika ... i also dont have an email adress

Q. Full Name:   
R. Erika  

Michael... each time I think about it I just can not believe that you are gone.  Something inside me say no he's not dead.  Is that something right Michael? How come I can not believe you are gone like everyone else?  My friends look at me like I am crazy when I tell them that I have a gut feeling like Michael is still among the living... sick of the public eye perhaps but not dead.  Michael when everyone was saying that you were going to be convicted for those boys I had a strong gut feeling like you were not and I told my friends so.  They looked at me like I was crazy then too.  Michael Just tell them that you had had enough, and that the pressure was too much that you could not go on until your name was cleared. That it would only take a notion of death just to clear your name.  If they can not understand that then that is their problem.  The whole world loves you Michael, and we all "WANT YOU BACK"  If you are still here with us and you decide to come back can you do
  a world tour by "PAY PER VIEW" that way all of the world can see you perform "BACK FROM DEATH"  the greatest show of all in one show.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Essie 

It is not the first time I`m senting a message to you dear MJ. Now, at Christmas time I can not stop thinking of you and how much you loved beeing with your babies close to the Christmas Tree...I bet you miss that the most...but maybe you are lucky...maybe the other members of your family have brought to you your precious tresures...I can picture you...away...in a cowntry almost unknown surrownded by snow, in a small cabain, by the fire...you and your three golden miracles...and you are so happy as you never have been...away from this crasy world, finaly alone with your thaughs...Endeed, the world needs you, you are so much needed but also you have the right to live . You`ve arned this right with the price of your health. I onestly belive that you need a brake from everything and when you will be ready, you will come out and all of us will be there, because: You are not alone, You will never be out of our lives,You will never change the way we feel about you, and even if w
e want you back, we know that even the destiny is sometime a torture heven knows and God will show you the way. Can you feel it? Maybe tomorrow, darling dear, you will remember the time you wanted to startin something,and maybe not everything is so bad and you will finde in your heart a smile and the lost child.You are our life and we know that you are invincible and we are waiting for you to rock our world again because nobody can ever separate the music and you. Come back ! It is not too late to change your minde even if it`s too late to change the time ! You have educated us for so manny years.Trust us ! We are like your children. Is it not what you wanted for and from us? We are waiting for you ! You have things to do dear Michael!

Q. Full Name:   
R. nayry  

Здравствуй Михаил.Уже 11 часов вечера детей уложила спать а сома сижу в интернете вот уж точно говорят что в нем можно пропасть.Прочитала много информации по поводу того что ты жив.Хочу в это верить уж слишком все выглядит достоверно . Хотя с другой стороны если ты решил уйти и отдохнуть от этих слухов и сплетен. То ты глубоко заблуждаешься ,человеческая натура такова что любопытство превышает все.Конечно люди которые тебя любят хотят видеть тебя и знать что ты жив и здоров , но есть и те у кого разум затуманен завистью , и жадностью ,да от
  таких хочется бежать ,но когда ты настол

Q. Full Name:   
R. анна   

Здравствуй Михаил.Уже 11 часов вечера детей уложила спать а сома сижу в интернете вот уж точно говорят что в нем можно пропасть.Прочитала много информации по поводу того что ты жив.Хочу в это верить уж слишком все выглядит достоверно . Хотя с другой стороны если ты решил уйти и отдохнуть от этих слухов и сплетен. То ты глубоко заблуждаешься ,человеческая натура такова что любопытство превышает все.Конечно люди которые тебя любят хотят видеть тебя и знать что ты жив и здоров , но есть и те у кого разум затуманен завистью , и жадностью ,да от
  таких хочется бежать ,но когда ты настолько популярен это сделать очень сложно .Я хочу верить в то что у тебя все сложится  хорошо ,что жизнь твоя войдет в твое обычное русло но только без этой грязи и лжи которая  окутывала тебя.Я поддерживаю  тебя в том что землю надо спасать, что земля это наш  дом я живу в крыму полуостров омывается двумя морями.Был сильный шторм и танкер с мазутом перевернулся погибло много живности это ужасно экологи бьют в набад но никто их не слышит ужасно то что люди живут одним днем или как говорят после меня хоть
потоп.Да иногда так хочется выйти и заорать  люди что ж вы делаете. А смерть, как только прошла новость о том что ты умер тут же все вспомнили, так всегда что имеем не храним а потерявши плачем.Да что то я записалась . Михаил если б таких людей было больше то мир был бы другим добрым без воин, голода ,а люди жили в мире и любви.Ладно Михаил потопала я выпью чая и пойду спать.А тебе желаю от всего сердца хорошо встретить рождество Христово (хороший светлый праздник) любви тебе и крепкого здоровья. Ты гений.Спокойной ночи. Анна. 

Q. Full Name:   
R. анна  

tu nous manques trop michael!!6mois,c est atroce!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. aurore 

Дорогой Михаил я знаю что ты жив а может мне так сильно хочется чтобы так было,но все ровно хочу поздравить тебя с рождеством и новым годом. Ты лучший.

Q. Full Name:   
R. анна 

Michael, please, be happy now! we loves you and we know you are alive! we dont need more from you. we loves you just for what you are!!! maybe we cant see you again, but you are always with us inside our hearts. if we'll close our eyes we'll see you like if we saw you yesterday. we are happy by life under the same sky with you! and we are happy by you opened to us your wonderful world of real music and charity! you showed to us power like no one before you, you teached us to save soul even in terrible life times. and i want to tell from myself, i am just 1 of millions who respect you and loves you, but each of us have full universe of peace at heart, and this universe was opened by YOU!!! 
stay in peace which you deserve! now you have life like you was always dreaming about and we are very happy for you!

(with all my heart, Alexandra 


My dear Michael,
thanks to my brothers I grew up with great songs of Ottis Redding, Marving Gay, Diana Ross, Lionel Richi, Kool and the gang, Imagination, The pasadenas,Steve Wonder, James Brown, Nina Simone,... The Jacksons and YOU! I cannot live without listening to good music that makes me wanna dance and feel good. I always followed what was going on about you by boycotting what the medias could make up. The more I learn about you the more I love you. I am mad and angry for all the injustice you have been victim of and the fake friends who surrounded you. I've never been a real "FAN" of any artist. With you it is different, you obsess me. Unlike people of the showbusiness,the Best ARTIST,GENIUS thaf You are is a caring, honest believer, leading a healthy life with lots of devotion. You are one of a kind that makes you an example for us. Moreover, you like the contact with  people. If I had known that, I would have tried to be in contact with you. I don't have enough of your songs, your sm
ile, your talk... We are all blessed to be part of your world... GOD bless.  Love you more and more.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Dalila 

Dear Michael I want to thank you for everything!, But that you were such a wonderful man!.
Wise, beautiful, sexy ...
I know that you a

re alive! I know that one day will certainly come out of hiding! ...
I love you! and a yearning for you!.
Love <3333; **.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Magda 

joyeux noel mon ange de l amour !!!!
tu me manques tellement !!
i love you forever

Q. Full Name:   
R. marie 

don't hide from us,michael...miss u...

Q. Full Name:   
R. arissa  

Dead or Alive, I love you Mike
Your an INCRIDBLE!! human Being
Dont let anybody tell u otherwise.
You are an inspirational to all.
I love you music, I love your smile, your walk, and your dance.
If you manage to read this, if you are alive, get well soon, come back to us soon. We love u. Not just as an incridble talented singer, but as a human being, you mean so much to this world. You made children smile, you brought tears to our eyes, you gave us belief, freedom, and happiness.
You may just see me as another fan, but you don't no what you mean to me, like a long lost friend, one that would stick around forever, one that would always love. Your children are beautiful from what i watched in interviews, you brought them up well,
you've been to hell and back. So wherever you are rest in peace for one in your life. God bless you, because of the incridble human being you are, not just because of your incridble talent.
I love you Mike 4ever..
Your Fan from Australia Sydney..

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jessica 

Dearest Michael, I am happy if you are alive and I give you 1000% of my support.THink about yourself and your kids first, of your family. WE, your fans, have your wonderful music. Your life and your well being are more important and more precious than ANYTHING ELSE. You have the right to do what you want, when you want, where you want. Enjoy your life and be happy. GOd bless you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. pascal

dead or alive I love u Michael!!
Plz leave him alone, he had enough to last for one lifetime. He is an incridble human being,I believe he is innocent in all the accusations. He's been through to hell and back. He loves children and not in a inappropriate manor. Let him rest wherever he is in this world. I love you Mike
In my head it says he is most likely dead.
But in my heart i believe he is alive.
Please dont make poor judgment of this.
It what makes me feel happy.
God Bless u Michael. For who you are as a human being, not just because of your incridble talent.
Lots of Love
Ur Fan Forever.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jessica

Merry Christmas, my LOVE and Happy Coming New Year!!! God bless you and your children!!! I wish you come back soon...very soon. I love you with all my heart, Michael!!!
Yours truely and forever,
Svetlana B.


Dear Michael Jackson,
May you have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you get everything you want. I have two gifts for you; one is a wish. That wish is that you may get from God, endless joy, and your desires and goals be blessed. And the second gifts is this video i made, at youtube. I hope you like it and may you get blessed by it.

it called "Michael Jackson"

Q. Full Name:   
R. Autumn  

It is a very somber, sad, lonely Christmas without you.  I love you and I will even after I die.  When it is my time to pass on, my angels will guide me home- wait for me- I will join you soon enough.
My love always,

"If you get there before I do- Don't give up on me- I'll meet you when my chores are through- I don't know how long I'll be- but I'm not gonna let you down- darlin wait and see- and between now then,till I see you again- I'll be loving you....love---me!"(Lyrics to Love Me by Collin Raye)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angela A 

Hey michaellllll... i love and miss you  that no 1 can ever imagine... may your soul rest in peace...and Allah shower his blessings upon you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. afsheen

Michael, please, be happy now! we loves you and we know you are alive! we dont need more from you. we loves you just for what you are!!! maybe we cant see you again, but you are always with us inside our hearts. if we'll close our eyes we'll see you like if we saw you yesterday. we are happy by life under the same sky with you! and we are happy by you opened to us your wonderful world of real music and charity! you showed to us power like no one before you, you teached us to save soul even in terrible life times. and i want to tell from myself, i am just 1 of millions who respect you and loves you, but each of us have full universe of peace at heart, and this universe was opened by YOU!!! 

...stay in peace which you deserve! now you have life like you was always dreaming about and we are very happy for you!

(with all my heart, Alexandra

Dear michael,

you are my only true love, i never felt this before. Since 25.06.2009 my heart is broken.

All i can do is pray for you and hope you give me one sign. It is all for love, i do not believe "This is it".
I am looking forward that you can tell me that you are okay, strong and healthy. Merry merry christmas to you and your nice family.

I love you so much, words can not explain how much i do.

Like to see you soon.

yours sincerely

Mike, its christmas eve and i wanted to tell you that you are so loved. you are beautiful through and through, and i hope wherever you are, you are happy. love you Mike, always, d.c  x

Q. Full Name:   
R. debbie


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