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HOLA SIGO PENSANDO EN YOU,¿CUANDO TENDREMOS LA OPRTUNIDAD DE DISFRUTAR A MICHAEL JACKSON????  ES MUCHO EL TIEMPO PERO MAS GEANDES LOS DESEOS DE VERLO CUANTO TE AMO,(no es pregunta es afirmacion)Im LOVE you mas,very much(no te olvido)por favor dame la oprtunidad de estar cercas de ti,que incertidumbre tan grande se siente a nadie le deseo los sentimientos encontrados pero solo soy una mujer enamorada

Q. Full Name:   

love you michael.l just love ur music with the same respect and dedication tht u hav.U'll always remain in my heart forever.

Q. Full Name:   
R. michel 

we miss you michael you were the best and your music and dance moves will be remembered forever you will always stay in my heart forever i love you so much and its sad that your gone love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Q. Full Name:   
R. fawn 

J'ttend ton retour avec impatiance !
Une fan a 100%
qui sait que tu ais vivant !!!!

Q. Full Name:   

michael.........i wish i knew the truth if your alive if your dead but i realize i do know the truth you are alive maybe physically but what im sure of is that your alive in my heart you your music your love your talent and you as a king as a god as a person will live on forever many people tried to change you your friends who tried to make you a god and your enemies who tried to make you a demon but you ......you shouldve been free you are a person you have your life to live and we messed it up for you im sorry we love you

*its all for love l-o-v-e,love*

Q. Full Name:   
R. moonwalker

dear michael,

i love you so much. My dream is that we can meet us. I am with you forever. Since i saw you, i know what real love is.

I´ll be there for you always. I believe in miracle.

yours christine from austria

I've been writing on this site twice, but i didn't really knew what to think of all this at the time! I've been searching everywhere to have a sign, to prove to myself you still living. I've been reading so much about you! I ve seen a lot of messages left by so many people! I've seen photos of you, of your family and true friends; their sadness!!! I don't know what really happened to you but what i know is the LOVE you inspire to us!During months since you 're gone I've been touch by what people think about you, in someway  this make me feel happy because I know wherever you are you will always stay in our hearts! And you will live forever!I would like to add one thing; please if you are with God, could you tell to my oncle and my little cousin Michele that i love them dearly and even those fourteen years; i miss them so much!I'm so sorry, your family had to lose you so young; I know the pain your mother and father must have, i've seen it on my grand parents faces! My mother
even the years could not talk about his brother so i think it must be so hard to your brothers and sisters! And what to say about your loving children! But they're strong and memories will help them to continue to grow!

The dificulties will be to live without your love, but we have to try the best  we can to make your wish come true one day! I'll promess to do the best as i can to HEAL THE WORLD for you!

Now I have to return to my life,thinking of you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you gave me during the past! You could not imagine how much you helped me in be the way you were! I love you dearly!


Q. Full Name:   
R. Aurore 

Thanks for everything.  May your work and your legacy continue to inspire generations to come. Gracias, mi amor.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Susan  


Q. Full Name:   
R. ryan

At this moment I don`t know what to really believed I would liked it to someday talk about your music , your inspirations, and the reality of no escape. to be honest my mind is very confused but at the same time happy.... happy if you`re alive.. and happy if you`re finally R.I.P because you don`t have to hear every negative comment about you again.. Every night when I look the stars i think the love you have for all of us is like them... infinite . . same as my thoughts running from one place to another... all is for love

Q. Full Name:   
R. Paula

Rest in Peace, MJ. I love you more!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Malerie

dear  michael, i hope you have finally found peace, you were a beautiful, talented human being, and there will never be another like you again. Sweet dreams MJ, rest in peace. xxx
Carrie, Scotland

Dear Michael!
How you feel now, without the paparazzi, tabloids and crowds of fans? Do you take pleasure in usual life as you wish? ;) I hope that you happy now!
On October, 28th I was visited the prime minister of yours film «This is it». But, the main actor don’t have enough inspiration, when he try to «sing» your songs and dancing! I don’t feel your’s great power & energy. Yes, he is talented actor and dancer but I don’t fell this magic Michael’s energy! Why? … Maybe it is because you not the actor in this film, I am right? ;) You wished to shoot films and you made it. I want to tell you, that you  are very talented director!
The talented person is talented in all!
And your eyes! It it is impossible to forge or play it! Your sight..magic sight...your soul which reflected in eyes..
You know, I always dreamt, about such daddy as you. Here matter isn’t in your titles or your money, no! If even you didn’t have anything, I would be happy to be your daughter...
I have written you a poem (I never did anything similar earlier), I hope we meet one day and I will read it to you.
I love you Michael, I wish all the best in your live, where you wouldn’t be now. God blessing you! 

Q. Full Name:   
R. Alena 

Dearest Michael!

My name is Teresa Melo

I always knew you were alive.
I wish you infinite light and love.

I invite you to listen to Deep Cd from Cd Baby by Mario Melo.  I said, if all man-kind will have my husband's integrety and passion for music there will be happiness and love all over the world. Enjoy it :)

Michael, I know you are alive. i completely understand your reasoning for doing what you did...
I think it is brilliant. I am behind you. And I love you unconditionally.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angela 

I wish this was acturally you reading this mj. Its undescrible how i felt when i heard of what happened that terrible June 25th day. Im a teenager but even i always thought you would live forever. I would be lieing if i didnt say i insulted you when you were alive. Like most of the world, i thought of different as strange. But ive learned from my best friend that it isnt true. Being different makes you unique and special. My best friend has always been there for me and he reminds me so much of how i see you now. Caring, loving, passionate with your work. Ive always been a huge fan of you mj and i want to apologize so much for not being strong enough to admit that sooner. Thank you, for everything you gave to the world and me personally, rip

Q. Full Name:   
R. Lauren  

Whats the hell going on? now you say , just forget it.

Q. Full Name:   
R. babyjackson 

Michael I'm from Jamaica and to tell you that i don't LOVE!!! Your music it would be a very big lie. i want to became a artist as well as you i qant to be just like you.you are the greatest artist now and forever more. I LOVE YOU.YOU ARE THE BOOM!!!!!!!!
For now and forever more keep making children happy!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Dwayne


Q. Full Name:   
R. Tammy

i really thought u were dead until i got on youtube and saw u at ur own memorial tthen i was really spooked.i love u michael!

Q. Full Name:   
R. sara

Michael I like to beg you please come back michael please you dont have to live like this michael you have nothing to prove you done prove you are innocent now michael this is your time to show the world what you working with thats if they dont know and baby please never stop putting you hand below.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Betty

hello ! how are you today? i hope every thing is getting better for you!
i cant wait to see you again! we all waiting for this miracle. even today i had the conversation at the gym, with the girl who also one is yours fan.
but, she didnt believe you ar alive.but my spirit made her think different. im so glad i can make people to think in the better way. im smiling now ... im thinking about you ,and it makes me smile ! 
with love...

simplesmente minha vida parou dia25 de junho,estou me sentindo vazia e amargurada só estou viva ainda pq tenho esperança q ele volte ,mas se isso não acontecer minha vida ficara sem sentido,por isso peço michael meu anjo se você estiver vivo,não precisa nem voltar a fazer shows só quero saber q vc esta bem e vivo,só assim poderei continuar minha vida,te amo mais q tudo nessa vida,volta logo por favor,te amo...

Q. Full Name:   
R. claudia

I am from a lil island in the indian ocean. I would like to tell Michael how i love and adore him since my childhood. I cried a lot when he died. Like he always says 'always in my heart' thats where he is and will always be.

We all love you Michael xxxxxx

Q. Full Name:   

Hello michael,

i believe in you, i love u and hope to meet you very soon. you are a genius, i grew up with your songs and performances. You are the one and only. King of pop we miss u a lot. be back soon and be well, take care.

Q. Full Name:   
R. m 

Hello Michael:) i just can't believe that it is realy you:) if you are alive please write to me back:))) i will be the heppiest person if i get your message:) i love you, your personality and your music very very much:) i miss you:) please show yourself that i could believe that you are really alive:) now it is like a dream to me:) i must be dreaming that you are alive:))) it would be the most beatiful dream:)) but i hope that it isn't a dream and you are really alive:)) i love very much:))))

Q. Full Name:   
R. Kristina 

I can not believe that you are alive, but if it's true, you should know that I love you very much, I can not stop to dance and sing like you:) ** <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Simona

I love you Michael, you will forever be my KingOfPop!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Greta

I love u so much u brought light to the whole entire world there has been doubts about u in the past and I never listened to them u are a loving and giving man there are alot of videos that u were alive and I believe it it would. Be soooo wonderful to have u back I cried for 8 hours when I heard on the news u passed away I didn't move at all I love I king of pop

Q. Full Name:   
R. Antoinette

Oh Michael. Sweetie. I love you so much. I miss you terribly I wish you had never died. You were a truly amazing person. You are beautiful inside and out. I wish I got the chance to meet you, but I never did. I still shed a tear, 5 months after your death. I know it isn't your fault that us fans are suffering because of your death, and you better know too. I just want you to know, that you were NEVER alone. I will see you in heaven soon, my dearest Michael.

Q. Full Name:   
R. katie

i love u michael:) God bless u!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Andrea

dear michael,
please tell me what i can do for you. I always support you. I love you so much. My thoughts are always by you and your beautiful children.

I believe in you.
Yours christine

Здравей,мое бяло ангелче!Силно и искрено се надявам да си все още жив!Аз израстнах с твоята хубава и трогателна музика,харесвам всичко, което си сътворил,ти си еталон за мен и отвори голяма рана в сърцето ми.Живея в страна ,в която музиката ти се слушаше нелегално,но въпреки забраната ,ние успявахме да се доберем до своя идол.Сега всичко се промени,много се надявах да посетиш и нашата малка страна и да опознаеш феновете си и в нея,но уви...Ти разплака милиони очи ,каквото и да кажа, ще бъде малко,аз съм безмълвна пред твоя талант.Америка те р
оди ,а СОНИ те уби!Колко несправедливо!Но аз вярвам ,че си жив!Отишло си е тялото на Майкъл Джексън,но душата му ежива!Винаги ще има място в сърцето ми за теб,възхищавам ти се и те обичам безкрайно!!!Ще се радвам да си все още сред нас !Липсва ми  цялата магия ,която излъчваше,мекия ти глас,приказката ,в която живеех заедно с теб,но най -вече човекът с главно Ч!                                        Моля те ,дай ми знак,че те има! С най-искрени приятелски чувства  :момиче от България 

Q. Full Name:   
R. Анна


Q. Full Name:   

Michael I am one of your biggest fan French. I'd be so glad you're alive and healthy. I am very sad since the announcement of your death, I see you and meet you if you allow me one day when you will be ready to return to the front of the stage. I'm not a fan invading, we like more than you think. I am shy, very close to my family (especially my mother), I keep that side of my privacy and many other things. I hope to have soon good news about you. I embrace you, may God bless you Michael. Cynthia

Q. Full Name:   
R. Cynthia 

Michael all the people talk about your dead..and really i don't know what to belive any more!with much love Frany...i will nver forget you..

Q. Full Name:   
R. simina

Thank you for your message.
Think you very Michael Jackson.
Hope you still safe and sound happy.
You are in my heart always.
Visit Thailand. Thailand welcomes you.
Kanchanaburi welcome you. Weather is cool. Attractions lot.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Preyanuch

Michael is a king. you always will be. Michael you're an Inspiration! An incridble human being. Don't you ever doubt that Michael!!I love you with all my heart, I no every fan says that, but I mean it, he is true, he is real, and I can see that, i can see you mean what you say, and that's why your the king of pop.I wasn't a fan before, and I am desperately sad every day that I couldn't tell you Michael, or support you. I heard Thriller and ABC and that was it before you died.I still loved them songs but I can't believe I didn't hear of anything else!! I was so naive not to listen to your music. It brings such joy to my life.Your children are beautiful!! You brang them up so well, despite what people say, I no you love them and for all children. I am only 15 myself, but I am not Naive. I can see it, I Live in Australia, Sydney and we were shocked of the news of your death, personally and secretly though, I believe your alive. If you read this I love you, not just as a fan,
but also as an unknown best friend. Peace be with you, hopefully you will be healthy again, and come back to us soon. Around Christmas to June Next year would be awesome!!. Gone too soon, I wish I could see your concert, Ive seen the This is it movie, and Michael it is the best movie ever created!! i couldn't help but cry when you sang I'll be there, so touching, and I knew that you may not be there.... :( PLEASE COME BACK if you are alive and well. We miss you, and it is killing me. Not literally of course, but i feel cold all the time, and think of you every day. One day I hope to heal the world with you, alive or dead. I want to complete your dream. I want to help the children, hopefully I can do that for you and the world. It's what we need. We must think of the children. It's all for LOVE L.O.V.E. Love you Michael Forever and all in my heart. God Bless you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jessica

michael I love you please comeback :(

Q. Full Name:   
R. stephanie

Dearest Michael,
Sadly we lost an icon on June 25th 2009 and no words could ever express the pain we all feel. So sudden, it was way to soon.  My heart goes out to your family and children that you have left behind. I will always remember the good you did in this world, it's a shame there are not more people in this world like you, as the world would then be a better place. Your music was inspiring even emotional. You had so much love to give and I feel saddened that you never had that someone special in your life to give that love back to you, you deserved every bit of love there was.
RIP Michael and will see you in the next life.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Avril

Dear and Sweetest Michael,

I lost the words to explain how compassionate and affected I feel when I think about the living you've got till now.
First of all I would like to share a moderate view about life more optimistic than manichean view.
From bad things and persons emerge the good and beautiful things and persons and if we look at your life and mine we are a proof of it. So it means that if bad persons and things didn't exist, good persons and things wouldn't exist neither. It's as simple as that.

You must be wondering “who is talking to me” well Now I'm a woman of 36 years old, I get wiser and more adult but I kept my child soul meanwhile and I have always found adult life boring and unattractive.

Both of us are sensitive, generous, loving, caring, spontaneous and innocent persons.
You grew up in a pretty tough and sticky professional and familial environment devoid of love, caring and  protection that you expected and deserved as a child (and that every child on earth should have because it's one and none the less of the parent's first duty above all), a teenager and a young man.
Nevertheless you found the strength within yourself to fight against and cope with pains and suffering all these years keeping the faith in better days and in a smartly way you created your own protection as you could and I understand and approve the way you did it. It's completely normal and obvious !! Honestly I really admire the way you drove your life among such adversity.
You showed to the entire world your numerous human and professional qualities, resources how deep your heart and soul are !!

I'm a foster child and was adopted in France when I was a three months old baby and without knowing anything about my biological parents. Even though I had lot's of love,caring and protection from my adopted parents I went through lot's of difficulties of all kind, facing obstacles, burdens to hold, fights against human being cruelty.

I noticed that Human being is cruel but human being is  kind as well. This is God willing to leave human being to choose between being good or being bad. Some of us have a tendency to be worse than others (may be your father is one of them).

However the pain that has been done to you has been done to me too because I love you very deeply. I feel so strong feelings growing up and invading all around my body, my heart, my soul and my spirit altogether.
Oh ! It's so frightening and weird !!! Gee ! I never felt this before !!
You know I've got artistic skills, music is a spiritual food for me too. I've been playing piano (classical, Latino, jazz, soul, pop...) , dancing and  learning tonic solfa  since I'm 7. I love all kind of music and I've got eclectic tastes. I do play percussion too. There is not a day without dancing, singing on your songs or playing piano. I'm w
To know me better, I traveled a lot, I love different cultures and I'm an open minded person. I've got skills at language (french is my native language and as you can see I'm found of English, I also speak German, Spanish, Italian), of sports (like tennis, golf, surfing) and at new technology.

When I sing and dance on your songs and that I see how our voices are complementary, I feel so well and so close it's emotionally intense. (My voice is low and can be very high meanwhile, it's funny I play with it that way I can sing and do lot's stuff with it, it's great). I work hard to try to do something clean and more professional. And It means lot's of work.
Beside this, It's weird and very nice too because I take inspiration from your own moves and way of singing but I add my own touch to yours and It's like giving a new dimension to your creation. It's really cool !!! The result is really good.
More seriously  it represents a huge amount of work.
I love the way you mixed and added beats and instruments for each of your songs. It's a real masterpiece. Each of them is unique and never look like each other. Michael you are a genius, such creativity, ideas and richness in your style... you are simply too much.

I want you to know that I'm there, everywhere, each breath you take and the most beautiful song on earth is the heart beats of the person you love. And If it's God's willing may be I'll hear yours and you'll hear mines one day. Who knows !! meanwhile I'm aware it's not going to be easy, anyway I like challenges ! So it's OK for me!

Where ever you are and whatever you do I send you all my love to give you energy, boost you up after all the exhausting  gigs tours you've made all these years of intense work and please take care of you, your health is one of the most precious thing above all and kick off all these crap people from production and media who try to squeeze you up like a lemon I would give you a hand with great pleasure for sure. Anyway, one day they'll have to pay for their unacceptable and bad manners. It's certain.

I forgot to tell you I'm an optimistic person and I really think that Life is beautiful and it's worth being lived and we can make life the way we want it to be.
And people like me and you contribute to change this world. The most important thing for this life on earth and also life after death is love, love again, again and again, always for ever.
Sweety Mick, I like this contraction of Michael, I love you for ever.
I could keep writing like this so long because there so many things I would like to tell you about me and so many things to ask about you, sharing the different steps of creation process with you and many other topics...

What a shame we have to make up for lost time.

Take good care of you.

Lot's of love from valerie

Q. Full Name:   
R. valerie  

Michael.You are alive.We know it.At least well,..the ones that understand and don't believe everything the media tells us.Remember you always said don't believe what the media says.Your true fans won't.We love you Michael and whether you decide to come back or not which i doubt..we love you no matter what alright.Whoever doesn't believe let them not believe.I ..I am with you and they don't matter.God bless.I support you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. brenda s

Храни бог, того, кто ответил мне на моё отчаянно трогательное письмо, полное боли и скорби. Я пишу второе письмо. Мне есть много сказать Майклу, если бы он был жив. Я мать приёмного ребёнка и если не могла поддержать его в страшные минуты жизни, то положите письмо рядом с его могилой, кто знает, как устроен мир и может услышит он меня. Майкл, только тебе расскажу самое сокровенное, думаю у нас были схожие ситуации.  Я понимаю, кто ты и кто я, но человеческие чувства у нас одни, с возрастом мы становимся одинаковыми. Мир для меня опустел без теб�
�, ты был всегда со мной и я иногда подтрунивала в мыслях, а сейчас всё стало по-другому. Прости за сумбур, выслушай меня и не смейся надо мной. Я говорю с тобой постоянно, выслушай меня, только тебе самое сокровенное.
В молодости я совершила глупость, в результате которой не смогла стать матерью. Вся дальнейшая моя жизнь была посвящена добыванию ребёнка. Лечилась 15 лет, даже сделала экстрокорпоральное оплодотворение, неудачно. Осталось последнее, усыновить ребёнка,  тут началась чуть ли не мистика. Моя мамочка в молодости проходила практику в больнице, где были отказные дети, это было 30 лет назад. Накануне её узнала врач в метро совершенно случайно (чудо) и рассказала, что у них в больнице есть девочка 4-х месяцев, которую бросила мать. Я всегда хотела �
�альчика, но когда принесли её, я поняла, что не имею права выбирать, мне посылает бог её и один раз от неё уже отказались, как же я могу отказаться второй раз от ребёнка. Живое нельзя выбирать. Сначала я не испытывала к ней ничего. Она не видела воздуха, улицы и я попросила вынести её погулять. Светило солнце, девочка спала. Я носила её на руках и решила посмотреть на неё всю. Под огромным деревом, затаив дыхание, я развернула пелёнки, и то, что я увидела, ослепило меня. Удивительно нежная полоса от попки к писеньке сразила меня своей красотой.
Сама природа спала на моих руках. Под этим деревом, в лучах солнца я стала матерью. Сейчас моей доченьке 15 лет. Майкл, люди одинаковые везде, мне пришлось столкнуться и с подлостью, и с предательством и с ложью. Тебе это всё знакомо думаю. Я никогда не лгала, она всё знала с самого рождения и это явилось неожиданной защитой от злого мира. Сейчас моя красавица дрыхнет, а я пишу письмо тебе.
Я говорю с тобой постоянно, меня это даже пугает. Не могу пережить твою смерть, говорю с тобой всегда. Жив ты, или нет? Скажи только одно слово, я жив. Живи только. Как хочешь, с кем хочешь. Живи только. Мишенька, ты принёс мне много горя, но и много радости. Любуюсь тобой, твоим творчеством, музыкой, танцем, тобой. Зачем ты умер, мы ровесники, ты должен умереть со мной. Если ты жив, умоляю, ответь, всё равно мне никто не поверит, да  и молчу. В память о тебе я стала носить разные носки. Глупость, знаю. Никто не видит, но эта глупость греет меня. Майкл, М�

Q. Full Name:   
R. Одинцова 

Michael ,i just want to say that you inspire me so much. You showed me a lot of things that my eyes couldn't comprehend. No matter what any one says about you , my feelings for you won't change  at all.  You make me want to accomplish positive things in my life...today i donated a dollar :) but don't stop believing , i have faith in you and you will forever be in my heart - even though i don't know you...
but regardless of all that has occurred , i still love and you are always the best in my eyes

Q. Full Name:   
R. Danielle 

MIKY!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? if you are alive, you must no how much we love you, how much I love you, not just as a human being, and not just as a fan, but also as a unseen Best friend. You must no if you are alive, and reading this, I will never forget you, I will never betray your love, if you come back, which I hope so by Christmas, I will still love you, I don't blame you for hiding, The Media, is a terrible thing, your health is fading, so I beg of you, Get well, heal, enjoy being out in the world as a normal human being, but I also beg of you, on behalf of the fans and myself, PLEASE COME BACK TO US!!,It is hurting me not to no wether your alive or not. I need to no the truth, to feel 100% I only feel 50% most of the time, because I don't no what your doing, where you are, what happened. I wasn't a fan before, and I am ashamed, I ain't making no excuses, becauses there is no excuse to make, I shouldve listened to your words, but once I did, I could see how much you me
an to the world. How much you mean to me. To the dying, the sick, the hopeless, the CHILDREN!! WE NEED YOU MICK!! You may not no that now, I hope you understand, how much we need, love and respect you. When I heard the song called Xscape, I just knew you must be alive. You must, you can't do this to us, not now, not when we need you so much, and love you. I hope I don't sound selfish, I don't want to be greedy, but If you don't decide to come back, I will try my best to heal the world, the dying, the sick the poor. I need to help you complete your dream. But I need a helping hand, I need your hand, your heart, your words, and your miracles to help me do that. Michael Joseph Jackson you are the king of pop! The legend, you must no that! We truly love you, as a human being, not just of your music, but also for your meaning of words, life, your incridble smile, must i add gorgeous looks. You've never failed to look bad. FORGET THE MEDIA!! Our army of fans will protect you.   

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jessica

This are the messages that de fans of Portugal and Brasil, leave in the New Forum "Michael Jackson - Speechless" (http://mjneverland.ptforuns.com)
This tribute was made by the forum 5 months after Mihcael died:
By "jessi_mike" :
By "Nathalia"
Wherever you are Michael Jackson, hope it has been resting in peace, forget in time ever, try to get used to his absence, but always at all times be in our memories, because there is people who come into our lives and leave without not leave marks, more michael left forever your brand, your memory is a wonderful person and full of talet. Michael Jackson rest in peace, love you forever.
By " Anna Caroll Jackson"
We will love you forever Michael! Stay with God and rest in peace! Love you a lot!!
Miss you...
By "Mjbadgirl":
To Michael:
In your darkest hour
In your deepest despair
I will still care
I will be there
In your trials and your tribulations
Through your doubts and frustrations
In your violence
In your turbulence
Through your fear and your confessions
In your anguish and your pain
Through your joy and your sorrow
In the promise of another tomorrow
I'll never let you part
For you're always in my heart.
I love you Mike... I miss you but you´ll live forever in my heart!!!
By "MJ-ImUrPYT":
Dear Michael,
Not want to talk about your death, but of your life! The way you have inspired so many people throughout the world and how I get inspiration to me.
You helped me to make me a better person, to want to help those who need it most to me, the pain of not having to give alms or breakfast that paid to the poor who called on the side of coffee. All this through your music and how you lived. Your generosity was endless and will continue to be what makes you a better person than most!
Thus the world the opportunity to see that all are equal regardless of skin color, religion, and the differences that make each one of the men and women are unique and special. You taught us to see that being different is not to be worse, but that is simply to be ourselves and all beautiful in their own way.
The music you gave us came with me during the day! Help me to overcome the bitterness and sadness and helps me remember that I am having a good day! It makes me dance, sing and see the world with much more color!
And so, nothing remains but to say Thanks! Thanks for the lessons they have taught us, thank you for having spread joy in the world with your music, and dance with your smile contagious!
You will live forever in our hearts and our minds! You are and will forever MICHAEL JACKSON King of Pop and music!
I love you more!
By" MaryNes":
Despite feeling you so much, I hope you find yourself in a better place ... also hope that when my time comes, go to meet you!
5 months passed as if they were 5 days ... will never forget how on June 25, 2009 changed my life. Thank you Michael!
"I'll never let you part ... if you're always in my heart!"
Love you too much Michael Jackson!
By "Si Jackson":
"Smile when it's over when nothing else is left"
mike, you were the man who made things happen that only you could do,
had (and has) THOUSANDS of fans worldwide ... I had no idea who he was, but knew there was people who loved you unconditionally ...
and now its gone and left an immense emptiness ...
I admire you as a parent, as a man, like a pro!
With you I learned so many things I need at least a 100 threads to say ...
But I can summarize: I learned that the formula to be happy is to love, yes! love the other ... even if it is not reciprocal ...
The music is only what ehoj thanks to you, and these songs that were packed lives and more lives.
mine is a true example of it all ... Every moment of my life was accompanied by a song of his!
Even my first kiss (nobody knows it) was accompanied by a song of his (Just Good Friends ... yes and nothing to do with that time)
Ahhh, only God knows what I feel for you, and how I wish I could stop all this and wake up tomorrow a horrible nightmare!
But unfortunately, Father of heaven took you so soon, but it is anyway! The good die young.
I promise not to forget you for a minute ...
Even if a million more, I promise to love you unconditionally, I promise to dedicate my life to you and your posts! And there are collections of CDs,, DVDs and pictures that will prove it! I'll forever who was the greatest singer of all time.
~ You and always has been and always will be the great love of my vda and there is ngm ...
Excuse me please, often (though rare) that I have been led by the media and even in silence I wondered who would apessoa right! And it's you, always was ... EXCUSE ME.
By "Anita Cris" (me):
I believed that for life you would be here and that I belonged.
Suddenly, the world around me stopped as I saw you from ...
And here I am, looking for the best words to tell you what I feel and never fail to feel ...
Your presence, I feel it every whisper of your voice, the one with their stories and kindness delighted me, me hypnotized ...
But your absence smashes me with what little is left of me.
You, my soul, thou hast, and my dreams and my illusions.
And here I keep looking for the best words to describe what I always felt, and not the pain caused by your absence ...
I miss you never met, than you ever dreamed of.
If you'll be able to forgive God to have you taken from me?
... Nor do I know ...
If you'll be able to forgive me,
because I hate to have believed that you would be eternal ...
And still looking for the best words, but were powerless, my tears were silent on the ...
Oh if you could hear what they shout ... Come back to me ... For us ...
Just think how the world was unfair, and how strong you were, and were here when we ...
To love us forever ...
Forgive me if I can not find the right words to tell you how much love ...
How much you need ...
How do you do no ...
But how wish you to go back ...
By "Simone Jackson"
Michael still hurts a lot to his departure,
but I believe you're in a beautiful place and very happy!
Forever I love you and admire you! Te amo ....
I do not know what to say you broke the 5 months and it seems to me that was yesterday.
I feel an emptiness in my heart knowing that you went to a better place where no one will make you suffer, yet I can not forget or be less miserable, you brought to our world was too big to ever be forgotten.
You try to break up the barrier of color, race, prejudice, justice and yet you have been judged.
This love, affection, solidarity, understanding the people who did not know this without thought of receiving anything in return.
more charitable gesture that I can not describe the feeling I have is doing too good I can not describe it just know that I will not re-experience.
Seedlings up a lot in your decade but did not take up all the good you did, you created a feeling I've never seen people so I will only take a mike I know you came with a mission and kept it, but I feel it was too painful .
I wish podesses have felt the love when you had people, you could be lonely but you had so much love like this.
never seen anyone like you or I see I know that Michael Jackson will only be one.
What consoles me is that even 100 years from now you will not be forgotten and will appear in the encyclopedias and history books have fulfilled your mission, whom you hurt one day and your suffering will come in 100 years who are they just junk.
I am proud to have lived in that you were there and did something for this world.
ate breve king of pop Michael Jackson
By "Janete Jackson"
I've cried again now ...
Remembering q are already 5 months ...
My God is so long ...
I'm never going to conform ...
I will never accept q Mike is gone ...
I will always love you'll always want q is back ...
q saudade enorme my God!
Thanks Mike for all oq taught us a wonderful heritage and the q you left this world ...
I know that now you're living next to God with the angels, but because this is your place Mericia you do not live in this world so unfair ...
But even that is able to comfort me for more selfish q it seems I want you here ... I live, bringing joy to a lot of people d ...
I think I'm never gonna understand what the purpose of God to take you away ...
The pain is stronger every day, and missing yet more and more ...
I have only one sure thing ...
I love Mike and love you for eternity ...
I hope to see you someday somewhere!
I love you with all my heart!!
By "Lucilia MJ":
To you I give myself body and soul, you deposit all my love and devotion .... I find myself in you, ever so alegria.Sem you my life was empty and so far I do not think this has happened, my love, is yours and always will be!
By "Maykkart":
Miss you... Miss you !!!!!
Today round 5 months !!!!!! Every day that passes increases the longing and the heart becomes increasingly tight! Wherever you are, be at peace !!!!! Michael is more alive than ever in the heart of fans!!
I love Mike!
By "Thiago I'M BAD":
mike God ... the boy ... the myth ... the king
thanks king!! musika with his restless and daring his dance he was the king of pop
go in peace
thank you mike
Miss you King Michael
By "YouRockMyWorld":
Today ...
It regards its lack
The sun tries to appear, radiant, but is quickly obscured by clouds
The wind blows, but not refreshing, but it makes me feel cold
Cold of your absence
Your kiss that thrills me the body every time the wind walks
Now it's like a blow, I tore the heart
It's like not living
And it has been difficult to continue if there is life in me
The empty fills me miss you
And sure it turns makes it even worse
In the morning, sad, I had outlined the beginning of poetry. Something simple, but heart, as everything I feel for you. It is contradictory and increasingly difficult, but I tried to smile more, because you did it. Today I try to be better every gesture, every word and thought because you inspired me. Today I could not imagine the world without someone who had done so much for him and even with unjust returns remained smiling. I can not find words for what you played in my life after I met you, just know that everything has changed. I am no longer the same person. And never loved someone so much as I love you. My greatest wish is to see you, if only once, or even from afar, knowing that you are well. But I let that desire only to my inner thoughts and dreams. I leave this aspiration for the day that you find, somewhere beyond the life ...
It is true that when God created it, was intended to send a human being who made a difference and whims. And you missed. And again took on as a precious jewel. And we stayed here thinking it was all sudden, too soon, inappropriate. Today, what comforts me is knowing that God has His time and so wanted you right next to Him again. Although many of which questionnaire to pass a day in my head, that is why I try to smile: the certainty that through the change that you made in my life, I find it one day when God's time is sovereign right to do my will.
I love you ... as I have never loved anyone. And just smile because that was the principle lesson you left me.
Never forget you ....
By "DetJackson"
The pain you feel SO WHO'S YOUR FAN AND LOVE ARE MANY CAN ENTERDER.POR considered odd, AND YOU BEEN, BUT OKAY. Want to be different because you were different, you was special, YOU BEEN AND WILL BE UNICO.NÓS TE LOVE DESPITE PAIN of having lost you, we are happy because the love that unites us and you are so can do a little day rather BECAUSE OF YOU WAS YOUR FAN Mum for many years BUT NOW MORE THAN EVER WANT TO BE PART OF THIS MUNDIAL.MICHAEL LOVE LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY SOUL FORCE AND I HOPE ONE DAY I see you with the angels in Heaven WHY YOU SHOULD BE ONE OF THEM TODAY. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL
By "Woman In The Mirror"
5 months have passed but the pain remains in our hearts. That fateful night is still present.
The world has lost one of the most kind and a grid legend, but the music and soul will remain forever in those who loved and still love.
Fortunately now you where nobody can harm you.
So always, Michael. We love you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ana

Dear Michael Jackson,
    we are your most BIGGEST fans in the whole world and knowing that you died killed us! we'll miss you alott and always be thinking of you we love you!

bonjour michael
tu t'es senti un homme abandonne. Qui a vecu sans te retourner. Parce que ta su t'abandonner, a ceux qui ont voulu t'aimer, tu a donner tous ce que tu avais. Mais toi, tu te demande qui tu est? Et moi qui t'attens moi qui t'aime comme un enfant (pour te proteger, sans que tu parle je comprend ta vie). Vivre, c'est comme aimer, vivre, c'est partager. Jamis abandonner. Tu n'est pas seul michael je suis toujours la avec toi meme si tu ne me connait pas.
oUBLIE CE QUE LES AUTRES ONT PU DIRE SUR TOI MEME SI CELA FAIT MAL;tU A GUIDER MES PAS ET APPRIS TELLEMENT DE CHOSE DEPUIS TOUTE PETITE 40 ans de fidelite ca vaux le cout de me croire non;alors si tu me laisse je suis perdu j'ai tant besoin de toi.
SAVOIR AIMER? SANS RIEN ATTENDRE EN RETOUR NI EGARD, ni grand amour, pas meme l'espoir d'etre aimer. Apprendre a sourire rien que pour ce geste donne de l'espoir aux gens malheureux. Savoir souffrir en silence, sans murmure, nidéfense, ni armure et se relever. Voila ce que tu a su me transmettre vu que je n'ai pas eu de parents j'ai appris de toi, je te remercie pour cela. J'espere que maintenant tu comprendra pourquoi je te respect tant et que je t'aime. voila maintenant fait le vide dans ta tête et ton coeur ey j'espere que tu va mieux maintenant et que tu savoure ta victoire sur ces pourri de medias et encore une fois BRAVO je ne t'oublierais jamais gros bisou

Q. Full Name:   
R. liliane  

michael,i cant say i know your ai e because............i honestly dont but i can say i hope you are and thats true...you left us too soon whether you died r faked it you left us but i dont judge you sure you lef but you taught us how to make a change just like you did.....but we never cared how incedible you and your music and your lifeand your messages did we?no we laughed we all laughed at you and it was wrong you made  difference and THAT is what matters not your face not yur childhood no now its all about you its what you deserve you deserve a real life and im glad you fnally got it you are the king..................forever

and you are not alone
I am here with you
though were far apart
your ALWAYS in my heart<3

have a great life :)and see you in june my brother -mjking'

Michael i love you!!!!!!!!plise combeek!!!i love you...love you...Michael.

Q. Full Name:   
R. varvara 

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