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My sweet dear kind loving Michael. We were the same age, and I grew up in Indianapolis. I grew up with you. I blasted "I'll be There and ABC at all of my bonfires. I saw This is it last night, and I think that it would have been the most incredible show the world has ever seen. You talent your love and concern for nature and the condition of the world and humankind is very much like my views. We are very much alike. I met you once at a concert in L.A. We cuold have been very good friends. You are missed.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Amy

I believe you are alive and have staged your death, I'm sittin drinkin a cup of tea and googled is michael dead this site comes up I watch and look at the videos a few I believe one not so. I'm thrilled so here goes I am very proud of you amazing anything is possible but now you can be happy and live your life with your children and loved ones which you so deserve. You have given your all and more to your fans I being one of them. I feel I have known you we are the same age only months apart. When I was lil my friend and neighbor played I'll be there on her phonograph and I was hooked your voice is so beautiful, the words in your song are how you see the world and your own inner self. I followed your career I went to see you at the Boston Garden years ago as the Jackson 5 didn't have good seats but hearing you sing was so worth it, my mom(may she rest in peace) got hooked that nite a stage person caught her dancin and allowed her entrace next to the stage she's like I saw
him close up lol I was lookin through an audience mem. binoculars at that garden show lol. and yes I posted pics of you and the Sylvers and Donny Osmond lol all ova my bedroom walls teenage yrs. good times but i grew older life went on. I have grown children now who now dig on ur music, U are real from this lil boy on ed sullivan to a grown beautiful man inside and out, and I watched in horror ppl so jealous in the public eye of how far you've come in your life and music. tryin to pin false charges and humilate you thank god for your family and fans we will always stand behind you, and love you for the true and generous honest man that u r. I'm happy u are still alive and knowing u will be at peace now to enjoy the rest of your life after all as my kids say we are a half a century old better buy some duck tape mom lol ya comedians they are. My kids are my life too and I would have done the same you have to protect them and urself from harm. My daughter told me a funny story
that years ago u had been looking for friends and walked around and actually walked up to ppl to make friends out of lonliness only find them screamin out michael oy vey i say to them next time please come to massachusetts lol u got a friend in me. I wouldn't want to be in any famous persons shoes I can only imagine how lonely life can be and how hard it is to trust and who to trust. You have a friend in me Michael I truly Love you as a performer and wonderful daddy your full of life passion creativity and love for ppl and your friends, I saw that in your This is it movie, I cried your so warm and funny I say this with Love. Take care of yourself and your children U r not alone I am here W/U

Q. Full Name:   
R. Sharon 


I know you are alive like I know I am alive. I know you didn't force this hoax but that it was forced on you.  Michael, you really need to do what you need to do and get back here. Look, I really need you to find yourself, your identity in this whole mess. Meditate, pray, do jumping jacks but find a way back to your life, your purpose, your beautiful children, and the fans that do love you. Look, capable people will always love and admire blessed people; the haters are inferior and jealous and hate everybody, they even hated Jesus! Tabloids need money, your PR team was missing for about 10 or 15 years. Enough for the paparazzi go crazy. Look, I didn't get close to get to know you cause I was buzzy, and I didn't find it in myself to buy a magazine were you really didn't behave like you wanted to be seen! I was really drawn to you but I couldn't understand why. Now that finally the media showed us the man you are, I am so happy and needy of you and as we have shown, the whole world is missing and loving you.  I am sure these are hard times for you; but what doesn't wipe  you out makes you stronger!
I am so sorry I didn't get to know you sooner, I am so sorry the whole world didn't hear from you since most of us (32yrs old) never herd anything other
then noise. I really need you to understand, that there is nothing wrong
with you, other then you lost control of your life since June 25th, and I need you to know that we and I really love you for the amazing blessed man and human being that you are. Your life is a perfect example of triumph over horrifying challenges and as such you have developed a character, an inner strength and beauty that nobody can match. Your eyes are the window to your soul; and as long as you are alive, even if you were in a coma I would know you are alive. You don't just look at the audience you reach inside them and make them feel what you want them to feel. Really, if I am in a stressful day and I come across one of your songs, all the tension is gone from me and I am well and strong again. You know your gifts and blessings well but now you need to use them. Your kids need and love you, your fans need and love you, and as for a woman to love you, you need to find one that is very blessed and gifted and will sign you the most iron-clad pre-nup.  known to the civilized world, whether she would be financially rich or poor. All of these require time, living free time, patience, hard work inspiration, non of which can be done without the human factor of freedom and being true to thy true nature. You cannot put an eagle in a cage because it will die! You cannot be in captivity. What is happening here is almost reverse slavery. Stop, everybody just stop and think, what is more valuable then $2 billion?! The man who made $500 million. Off course he need to be free and safe and happy to make the $2billion and off course not dead!! Greed will make you poor! Did you ever here the saying 'to poor to buy chip?!'
Well, Michael 'worth more dead then alive' is buying chip when you are too poor to be chip and you will loose most of what you are dreaming about and worst of all, you, I, the world, children and needy people and his own children, have been separated from a man we really deeply love and respect and admire and revere as almost a 'superman'. Look the people gave michael $500 million dollars because we love him and admire him, not because we hate him; but the people that love and make michael so successful are normal people, with families and jobs and kids and not a chip pen, a camera and burger looking to still a photo of him scratching his behind! Those are the lowest form of society, but, some jealous hicks and simply frustrated people looking to escape from their mundane lives will buy that magazine for a tiny vicarious escape; and there is enough frustrated vicarious people to make it worth the paparazzi being what they are.
But most time even this vicarious people are completely in love with Michael, they just don't sense a person's pain as their own like I did when I saw photos of MJ running with a mask many years ago. All I am saying to everybody, is be careful when you say stupid things like 'he is worth more dead then alive' because you are burning the sit from under you pants!!!
And as for Michael, I know you are alive, most people in high positions know you are alive, if anything happens to you we will know it just like we know these, the paparazzi isn't the people and you can get control of this June 25th situation! It is reversible!  So get back here, please! Your daughter sons need 'dady' alive!
As for your friends that betrayed you, they hate you because they want to be you! Jealousy, is how you know that God spend a little extra time on you then them! Keep you enemies close but keep your friends even closer, because  your friends will always be the ones to hate you first, especially if you help them, because stupid people become jealous instead of grateful when they receive! These phenomena is been around since the beginning of time in people!
Love you, hugs, don't be hurt, don't be mad, TAKE CONTROL and come back where you belong, with us!!!!
God be with you Michael Joseph Jackson!!
P. S
. You are gorgeous! I am going to see the movie for the second time!
P.P.S.: you know something, for the first time in my life I've actually put on paper a profile I like - yours. Wow!!! Carmen! 

Hi Michael alot of People think you Fake your death if yóu did you have my full understanding and support maybe things going better for you now,With truley Love Rosemarie GERMANY.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rosemarie 

Dear Michael,
You are Dear Michael every day,
Your music my contentment renewed.
To thank you -there are no words enough ever on this world.
No need for words anyway,
You deliver songs
And I sing
And I say
And I start to pray
And your name is all around
That beautiful, beautiful sound:
Who Is Like God?
Feel the precious beat
Melody is near
Come close, reach for the grace
Immerse in embrace
Life begins again...
So many memories
My Master, My friend,
Some make me proud
But too many to mend.
I hear You now
Blessed be this moment.
You want me to fill my lungs with Your
Breath of Life,
I'm here,
Now, now is the time.
And joy prevails.
Before Lord I bathe in His light,
Praises and blessings,
A life, a home, a friend, a child, a spouse... and your name:
That beautiful, beautiful sound!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Milena 

To my beloved Michael,
Now you can finally be in peace. You never lost your fans.
Love Always

Q. Full Name:   
R. Danielle 

micheal u are a genius and i am 100% behind what you are doing and to take a stand against the media,government, etc god is using u as an important tool in these rough times can wait for the comeback!!! i am down for the fight!!! may god bless you and your whole entire family. peace,love,1god

Q. Full Name:   
R. jose a


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя


Hello Michael Jackson I love you I love you you misses me enormement, and you will stay never has in my heart.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Bedj  

Dear Michael, I don't have any idea about your death. You know, i was so heart-pressed when hearing your death news, but I didn't cry at that time because I was not believe that you're already die. But when I heard so many weird news and gossips say that your death is a fake, I was getting so confuse and sad, I don't know what happened and what will gonna happen. And I believe, only you and The God know, what's happened. I feel your soul still in this world until now. Hearing your beautiful voice everytime makes me so in spirit, good spirit. Cause your voice is your love. You are kind of lovely person, you love everybody. Michael, I don't know what I have to say.. You are my idol, you are my inspiration, you are my love, you are my everything. Wherever you are, you're always be a part of my heart :)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Adhinna

maikl  se parakalo gyrna piso alios ua aytoktoniso jero oti zhs den eisai monos eimasye oloi kai se agapame ua doso thn dikh moy kardiana zhshs tzortziaapo ellada eisai sthn skech moy mera nyxta kai an me akoys ua peuano gia sena an xreiasth maikl gyrna piso se agapame poly se parakalo.

Q. Full Name:   
R. tzortzia

I hope you are alive and if you are you can come back soon.                                     

Q. Full Name:   
R. Guillermo

. Hey Michael. I recently saw your "This is It" movie. It was great. I love all your music and videos. I wish I had the chance to meet you. We all love you Michael <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jessi

I wish we could go back and do it all again.  It breaks my heart to think I could have been there.  I could have made a difference.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Yours 

Como eu gostaria que você estivesse vivo... Tenho procurado através de vários Sites notícias que me dê essa esperança. Te amo demais, e gostaria de ter te conhecido, temos muito em comum, eu gostaria que soubesse que eu teria feito tudo para você ser feliz. Já se passaram 4 meses desde que você se foi e eu não consigo me desligar de você, vejos seus vídeos todos os dias, escuto suas músicas, já montei um álbum de fotos, livros, revistas tudo que fale ou lembre você... Estou me sentido ridícula, porém não  consigo controlar. Queria que você soubesse que eu sempre te achei lindo por dentro e por fora, independente do seu dinheiro, aparência ou fama, eu sempre sonhei com alguém igual a você.  Espero que aonde você estiver agora você seja muito feliz... Deus te abençoe... I LOVE YOU M.J... YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marcia

"This is it"!This song as like a message for me! Answering all my questions.I believe ,we knew each other before ,from our previews lives.  U have never heard  about me. i came from former soviet union about 10 years ago.I know about you like, if we would leave together for many years! I know the fate will bring us together . special after this song. It is like a sine for me. I'm preying to God every day. My hope has no limit! 
with love..

Hey Michael,wherever you are I hope you will read this. I've been watching a lot of your music video's and have spent a few nights crying and wondering why! I always knew that the media never tells the truth. When it came to you Michael it was always about what you did to alter your appearance. It was always about ratings. When you had to go to court, I defended you to my pears.I always knew in my heart that you were innocent. I think you were unfairly judged and misunderstood. What I know is that you touched a lot of people, with your music and your kind heart. I know that your not a selfish person.

I was sexually abused when I was a kid, by a neighbor. He taught self defense in the neighborhood. But; I never knew how to protect myself from someone like him. Worse then what happened to me, the people who could have intervened, didn't. The abuse continued for six years of my young life. I was only thirteen years old , he was twenty eight. I have suffered a life time because of it. I just wanted to share a little bit of my life with you.

I feel some times that you own a piece of my soul, although I have never met you. I think of you constantly. I would rather know you are alive and well. And hey!you have a beautiful smile.

Anyway,your music has become a comfort to me. You are needed in the world. Michael, come back.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Judy

hai michae.

Q. Full Name:   
R. princess

I love you more ! I know you are not dead and I`m not angry that you had to fake your death. I`m prowd of you !

Q. Full Name:   
R. Andra

I know u r not dead... so please come back.... where ever u are... bcos this is torture...

Q. Full Name:   
R. sheena

To michael i'm virgie from Philippines.. I love you so much, you are my inspiration in my life because of you i have realize a lot of things.. I pray that you may find love and peace wherever you are right now, Godbless you and your family. I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart.. I'l never forget you and you will always be part of my life.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Virgie


Q. Full Name:   
R. marita 


Q. Full Name:   
R. Cristina

Dear Michael. You would know as I wish to trust that you are live and is simply tired from all. And you can be understood easily. If it so, Michael, keep very much, keep.You are wonderful. Your songs, your music as an oasis in the middle of desert, it is possible to be forgotten and depart to them far, there where is not present a grief harms and where all people are uniform soul … you know, I will try to do the utmost that people did not forget true meaning of the life if I have at least a small chance to make it.
P.S Excuse for my bad English)

Улыбнись, забудь про всё на свете
Оглянись, ведь так прекрасен мир
Каждый миг нам дарует счастья ветер
И лишь мы решаем как его прожить . . .

(Smile,forget about all on light
Look back,after all so the world is fine
Each instant grants us of happiness a wind
And only we decide to live as it...)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Vodovskova\

What's up michael,I pray that u are ok my last letter was a mess.I'm so confused and shaking now if u r alive please e-mail me and said something,My whole life has change emotinal and physical i prayed for 20 yrs to meet u and shake your hand are something i listening to your music daily play your dvds 24 seven that all i have left now i will never get that chance to meet u now. i can to Las vegas many of times trying to see u but no luck.I live in houston michael people in houston texas do love and care for u to.I heard rumours that u are alive and i honest believe in my heart u are. If so "do u" michael live and be happy please take care of yourself.No matter what the handles crities and media say about u michael jackson u are still the sunshine in my eyes u are one amazing person,dad,father,brother,and a friend that i never got a chance to meet most of all a dam good human being.love u mj i am not a fan and a rap freak but i love pop your music change my life cause i wa
s going thought a lot of disappointment in my life and one day i just started crying cause your music the words made a lot of sense so i took heat to your words now i'm a better and understanding and wise younge lady.mj i hope u can understand this letter at work and tryingto type u this letter.who is it,will u b there,man in mirror for myself lady in the mirror i needed to take a look at myself i was a smooth criminal,beautiful,with a child's heart,another part of me and mj you've got a friend ms.diamond kiffa 4ever see you late mj my boss is coming.love you and the kids by for now boo 

Q. Full Name:   
R. Diamond

michael. i still beleive you're alive! please talk to me michael, i miss you and you're amazing voice. i love you with all my little boy-ish heart. goodbye michael.

Q. Full Name:   
R. kathryn

Michael if your  are alive i need help because sadly im kind of going through the same problems

Q. Full Name:   
R. alex

im your fan!!!! i love earth song .... is the best song ever i hear =D if this is really send peace to you

Q. Full Name:   
R. gustano

Hi Mr. Jackson... I really hope your alive. I love your music, I get up to "Beat it" every morning. If you're dead, God bless. If you're alive, I'll still love you if you did hoax it.

Goodbye, Michael Jackson. <3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Gillian

michael,I grew up with your music I learned almost all of your songs,in some i found my self .I admire you,and I will always admire,you have been and will always be an example to follow in life,for me. From you I learned  to not judge and to love people as they are.You taught me also to love my planet,and all that exists on it. My biggest, biggest regret is that i never got the chance to meet you personally...we have so much in common,like you, i have a child s soul, like you, i had a miserable childhood,i am not and i was never understood becouse of my way of being and thinking....sometimes, if i could ,i would prefer to disappear so that I no longer be seen by anyone, becouse people can be so mean.... I understand perfectly what it s like being you!....I hope with all my heart that you faked your death only!!!! If it is so,I perfectly understand why you did it......but I beg you , to somehow ,get in touch with us,your fans,show us you still live!!l Don t leave us in all
this darkness!!!  I want you to know that I will never stop loving you ,my angel !!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. monica


a href="http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-3701223-10705087" target="_blank"> TARAVOYANCE_US

Wow, that sucks michael. Wellvsome people think your alive and some don't. I for one am in between. Either way, you did not screw around while you were singing and dancing. Im 12 yrs. old so i wasn't aware that you existed until I heard about the molestation trials, that is sad. But, I always shut people up by saying ok, wheres the proof, by the way don't say he had bad music. I will miss you, or maybe I'll see you in public. I don't know, but you are amazing

Q. Full Name:   
R. Gabriel

Dear Michael,

      Ive been absolutely in love with since I was a kid. I love your music, but more importantly I love you, you were a great inspiration to me. Now I sing aloud so everybody hears and even though I sound horribly sometimes I laugh and pick fun at myself. I wish I had had the chance to meet you as so many other lucky fans did. It wouldve been amazing. Here in this past week I've been so depressed cause I realized I was in love with you. I know it's silly because I don't know you as a person but I know what your intentions were. I know all your favorites. I love you Michael and I'll pass your legacy to my children and maybe they will see how truely amazing you really are. I wouldve given EVERYTHING to meet you just spend a few hours with you and get to know you. Someday I will.....for now know your always in my heart and I love you.!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Justine

Michael forgive me, forgive us for not understanding you during the years, for asking too much of you and for not being there for you as long as we didn't receive from you. forgive my, our selfishness and not respecting your own life. i love you michael, i thank you for all you did for me and for us,for changing my heart regarding our planet and everything going on here. You woke me up and for that i thank you. And i love you for all u gave me, personally, and wherever you are now (even if it's up there where you belong or still down here far away from all this mess) i hope you are happy and you see the love and support that we were not able to give you during you were around. I hope that means something. Late, but it is still L.O.V.E.. Have a good time and enjoy, finally, the peace you deserve! Love and respect.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Georgiana

Dear Michael, I really do not know where to begin in telling you how much it hurt when I heard about you passing away. I cried alot and I couldn't sleep. I was so upset thinking especially about Prince, Paris and Blanket not having their Daddy with them anymore. I think about you and them everyday! You are all in my prayers! I hope deep in my heart that you are still with us and taking a break from being MJ the performer and taking all the time you want to be able to live in peace with your childeren and family. I hope that you are somewhere being free and happy. Enjoying life, because you deserve it! I have your initals tatooed on my back, you are with me always! God Bless you Michael! Stay strong, feel the love we all have for you! It's all for L.O.V.E.
Love Rachel

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rachel

Dear Michael: I this time I do not know is you are dead or not, wish not. I send you all my love, because you teached us all what love means. I always believe in you and as long as I Live i will wait to see you again.
You are strong and you will be soon with us, because I am sure that you are not going to let your childern suffer for you.

God be with you,


Q. Full Name:   
R. Sandr

maikl  se  parakalo  jero bauia sthn cyxh moy oti zhs gyrna piso se mas poy se agaphsame pio poly kai apo th zoh mas den yparxei pia aeras xoris esena mas leiphs poly giayto poy eisai giayto poy hsoyn kai giayto poy ua parameinh sthn kardia mas o dikos mas maikl se agapao mikre me olh th dynamh ths cyxhs moy ela grhgora ua peuanoyme.

Q. Full Name:   
R. tzortzia

Ciao caro Michael, sono sempre Sonia e anche oggi ti scrivo un messaggio per farti sapere che ti penso sempre e non smetterò mai di amarti profondamente...
Ascolto la tua musica e mi vengono in mente tante cose che vorrei dirti o chiederti... Tesoro Mio quanto ho sognato di parlare con te... chicchierare, ridere o scherzare... giocare come bimbi spensierati... Mio Dio quanto mi manchi... Quanto ti vorrei qui al mio fianco... Io ti ho nell'anima e nel cuore sempre...
Il mondo ha perso la luce da quando non ci sei più... Questo mondo è peggiore senza di te... le tue parole... la tua musica... la tua voglia di pace ed uguaglianza... le tue lotte contro la cattiveria della gente su bambini ed animali... Questo mondo non è più come prima senza il suo sole... tu!!!!
Continuo a portare le tue parole nella mia mente e cerco di parlarne alla gente ma come ben sai non è semplice... come è noto non c'è peggior sordo di chi non vuole sentire.. Le cattiverie non avranno mai fine ma io so la verità e un giorno verrà fuori Amore Mio... credimi... verrà fuori tutta la verità... Michael, aspetto che per la tua morte venga fatta giustizia, so che bisognerebbe perdonare, ma non riesco perchè ci sono persone che hanno giocato con la tua salute fino a togliertela del tutto solo per soldi e potere e non riesco a mandare giù la tua assenza... mi manchi Amore Mio!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marini 

dear michael, you're the light of this world forever.

thank you so much for the wonderfull music, the love, hope and magic you gave us. you're a real inspiration.
finally i know all i need. thanks.
with all my love, i hope you're endlessly happy now.

god bless you and your family.

Q. Full Name:   
R. verri 

Hi Hon, I really don't no what to believe any more. Dead or alive, I just wanted to say how much I love you always and miss you more.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Krissy 

Dear Michael Joe !
I´d never see you dancing live, its so painfull for me.
My english isn`t good but i try to write to yuo as i can.
I was also born on 29.08. but in the year 1957 . I had ever the feeling that you are my soulmade. I was so sad that I couldn`speak with you over Philosophie and our seeing of the world. Im not a fan but I`m a human beeing that loves your soul. I wish you had your rest and freeedom ,finaly. I love you ! Sara

Q. Full Name:   
R. Sara

Dear Michael, I have been a fan of yours ever since I was 3 years old and will always be a true fan. I am now 48 years old. Michael I can't prove it but I know your still alive and I just wanted to say good for you. If I were to see you on the street today I would never give away your secret because I know how the news treated you wrongly and I say good for you. You deserve to be with your children and people should leave you alone. If in fact you decide to come back next June than that would be fantastic but I don't blame you for faking your death.
                        Sincerely Sharon

. hi MICHAEL...i m your super NO.1 fan from Malaysia....love u so much....can u come back for us....?? <3 we are here always support u ....won't let u get hurt anymore...love from Malaysia...<3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Lim

Dear Michael, I still can feel your soul here. I don't know exactly what's happened to you. Only I wish that The God always beside you :) I wanna say thankyou so much, you are my love, you are my inspiration. You are a good person I've ever knew, you are the greatest! You're the king, king of pop and king of love. Michael, I love you so much. Wherever you are, my heart is always for you.. Wherever you are, your heart is always the most precious in my life. Your songs still played here, everyday in my life. Makes my life brightful :) If I were your closest person, I wanna be with you forever and after, while you're happy even when you're sad. And give u my warm kisses and hold you with my arm, embrace you with love.......... Michael, I love you. *Ranthi

Q. Full Name:   
R. Adhinna

I know that your still alive and i cant wait for your comeback concert in 2010 June 25th

Q. Full Name:   
R. Peter

Hello Michael! THE NEW DAY , NEW HOPE.
I'm hooping you doing fine. i'm trying to concentrate at my job, gym and the competition i'm going to have in April.but now it's cold,and i fell  lonely, among my friends,the people who love me. just with my hope , in one day my life  would be complete with my lover, my friends, with my family! 
with love...


Q. Full Name:   

Eai Michael Beleza?
Aqui quem escreve é ''Duas crianças'' e uma adolescente.(7, 11 e 14 anos)
Nós aqui em casa nuca acreditamos nas acusassões que sempre apareciam de Você.
Sempre acompanhamos suas músicas desde pequenos.E acreditamos que você simplismente deu UM TEMPO nessa vida de Louco em que vivemos[é as vesez enche o saco].
Esperamos que você tome esse tempo pra você e descansse.E que a sua volta possa mostrar para aqueles que não acreditavam em você que você é uma pessoa Boa!

Bejos e Abraços!


michael,you are kind hearted and caring man.Seems very innocent but you could have taken care of yourself before it's too late.We lost and missed you so much.
Hope you rest in peace and I alaways pray for you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. sameema 

ho solo 11 anni e se davvero ti piacciono
i bambini scrivimi e così potremmo essere in contatto la mia meil è questa:

Q. Full Name:   
R. virginia

Oii Michael Aki é u Caique u menino de ontem agora só é ou que to escrevendo

Oii tudo bem ? eu sempre gostei das suas musicas muito legal legal mesmo Principalmente This Is It , Dangerous ,Jam nossa um onte de musicas acho que é todas !! enta Tchau vica com Deus ;)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Caique

hello michael love of my life. my life no longer is the same if you I feel that I fall little by little. your me you taught to love to me loving the fellow and loving the world our planet that as much damage is doing to him. your me you taught to live thanks to your words I guided myself almost in the life without falling to meand if I had I learned of them. from girl I love you from girl I admired to you and from girl I dreamed in marrying to me with you, all thought that it was a ilución of girl, but today that I am 20 years old itself thinking the same and with but forces, that is my dream although no longer  these between us. they murmur in Internet that these alive, says everybody it. I no longer that to believe, simply I maintain the hope of someday being able to watch to the eyes and to say much that I love you and who I am strange to you. if this is thus and your these alive one, he returns michael please you are but important in my life, you are not scared to return, everybody loves to you and all we are going to you to apollar, nobody you jusgara, please. your you only know and you decide when to return and that it would do to me the happy woman but from the world. and if it is therefore I request you that you fulfill the dream of my life that is although he is to see a little while and to watch to the eyes and decirte much that I love you and to your children. you do not know whichever nights I have dreamed about you you are the love of my life and this it is an eternal love, of which they move mountains of which they do not disappear but and that per moments gives desire me to take an airplane I have to go to me to give a hug and to embrace your three charming children, to them I want also them with the soul are one of the things but pretty that you left us, as much I love that me to them  it would do the happy woman but of the world to be the mother of them and  a to give son but you the right of perpetual ownership. although that is their friend already is much for my. there are times that to the drean morning not to wake up not to think about that no longer I have to you, that thought breaks my heart in thousand  pieces. all the day I listen to your music and I watch things of you in Internet, it makes me feel that these serca mine and cheers a little the day to me. I tell you that I am Uruguayan and I have come for the Argentinean to improve my economic stability and to be able to study dance at some future date to be able to go to the United States to visit. for reasons of the life that insists on not letting to me fulfill my dream I have not been able to still study. I only have gratefulness words towards you. thanks my love for everything what it is to us. thanks for the love that you offered us in spite of everything, thanks to enceñar to me to dream and to amarte, thanks thousand thanks I love you michael I love you with all my soul. blessings for you and your family. God blesses michael to you it I love you has and you in the glory I am called KIMBERLY YOU GILD I am Uruguayan but alive in Buenos Aires - Argentina.

miss u michael,really ... i love u who ur .. please comeback, michael... dont make ur fans dissapointed ... they're love u so much ! please comeback as soon as possible. waiting for u... love u so so so much. Be strong !

Q. Full Name:   
R. veranica 

Bonjour Michael la premiere fois que je t'est ecrit j'esperé que tu soit la parmie nous.Maintenent j'en suis convaicu mais je ne dirai rien car pour moi, étre une fan c'est de te s'avoir heureux. Je n'en veux plus a ton docteur et je ne t'en veux pas non plus. tu est telement un homme qui a toujour donnée le meilleur de toi meme, pour tes fan, pour ce qui aiter dans la souvrance. Je t'aime comme une mére qui aime son enfant je ne te veu auqun mal, bien au contraire te voila libre sa me fait plaisir tu le merite pence un peu a toi maitenent. Voila je garderai se secré.ci tu s'avais que depuis quatre moi je ne dort plus beaucoup a savoir ce qui c'est réellement passer c'ette nuit la.j'ai tous conpris hier je te laisse gros gros gros bisous la plus fan des fan je te réspécte bien plus que tu peu te l'imaginé bonne nuit.  j'espere avoir un jour de tes nouvelle.nadia

Q. Full Name:   
R. roman

Mickael, mon coeur a souffert avec le tien, il a sourit avec le tien, il s est eteint avec le tien...
mais il revivra avec le tien,
pour battre a nouveau pour le monde...

Q. Full Name:   

Dear Michael, I am a huge fan of yours and your music has always been in my life. You are a musical genius and we promise to never forget that. I wish you rest, and the eternal peace you always wanted and deserve. I wish I could of known you. We miss you everyday. All my love Claire

Q. Full Name:   
R. claire


Q. Full Name:   
R. Timara

Hello my dear, beloved, amazing, magic, greatest, passionate, awesome and sweet Michael! Something strange together with unknown is happening to me, I cannot stop thinking of you. In my night dream you gave me a piece of paper with message but unfortunately I couldn’t read it I woke up. What did you want to tell me, my Love? I am afraid of this feeling and I love this feeling. I love you and my passion and desire to be with you, to help you; to take care of you is getting stronger than anything in my life. I am so vulnerable now. My life became so dependent on you. But please do not think that this is your fault. No, no, no… I’ve just listened to your poem “Planet Earth” and was so much amazed by it. I discover you more and more day by day, thank you very much for this. I am getting more adult but inside my soul I am that little girl who doesn’t want to grow up. I wouldn’t tell that I had an unhappy childhood, but I was growing without father and I missed a l
ot of his love. And I am so happy for your children that they have such a great father as you are!!! I wish I could be your best friend and I wish you to be my Air.  You are my air and my heart is beating in the rhythm of your music.  I love you more and more…Thank you for being in my life, thanks God for you to be among us and in our hearts.
Come back, I am begging you, please…!!! Yours forever, SB

Q. Full Name:   
R. Svetlana 

Dear Michael! We are from Russia, thank you for your beautiful music! We miss you so much. Rest in Peace. It is hard to believe that you passed away.But you will in our hearts forever.We love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. Julia

HI michael I'm bianca...... i write u from naples,in italy.....
I hope with all of my soul,heart and strenght that u're alive and stay well....wherever u are.....
I cry for u cuz I miss u.... when i knew of your death i felt like part of my heart been gone away.....4 ever....
sorry for my bad english.....

Q. Full Name:   
R. bianca

ASSALAMUALAIKUM, Michael im indonesian giri,i am a biggest of ur fans,i love u so much michael,i always pray u in my tahajjud praying in orther that u are given salvation by ALLAH SWT to protect u wherever u are,i know u are trully alive,may u save n happy with ur freedom,dont forget 2 pray to ALLAH dont forget 2 sodaqoh dont forget 2 sholawat 2 rasulullah,insyallah u will be save,ALLAH always help D oxe who need to,n i suggest u to come 2 mekkah,please pray there,insyllh allah will 4give ur fault n accept all prays of u.
take a hold 2 ur iman,dont give into syetan,oh u who believe please give thanks to ALLAH.
MICHAEL JACKSON please pray 2 allah everytime,surrender 2 ALLAH.
I LOVE U. i will be happy if u reply my letter 2 u.
i love u michael.

Q. Full Name:   

I am really worried about Neverland.
I had a bad dream last night, they were
cutting trees and there was a fire like
2 columns of fire that seemed to have been
put but it scortched the ceiling. The fire
was in a separate building caLled the theater
or cinema. Also I just felt like they were
going to cut all the trees and that's not
what you want?!
Strange, I had another dream about you month
ago, where you were wearing a white suit
and a black undershirt waiting sad on a stone
bench and your whole family were talking about
what they will get from you and completly
ignoring you. Then a woman came and she laughed
and brought your children! And you were all
so sad and holding each other!
I really believe, that this to will pass
Michael, and you will be happy again! Hopefuly
never to hurt like that! I sure do hope we
meet soon!

Q. Full Name:   
R. carmen

Hi Michael,i love you,i miss you so much.Ijust you want to know that i am your biggest fan.Ilove you forever.You are the best.Bye

Q. Full Name:   
R. tea 

Michael you all my life !
god michael i so miss you , im a huge fan of yours and all my friends in my class call me jackson : )
you know... every morning befor i go to school,first i hear your songs an start to dance,but also start to cry,michael you all my inspiration ! you teach me that when dancer is on the stage he can't think,because he needs to feel the dance in his heart !
i wish that you will visit in israel again...
you know, some where i believe that you are still alive because i know how much you love your fans,and i miss you so
much!you are the most:gentle,caring,cute,sensitive and amazing singer and man i've never known!i've never seen someone that so love our planet,the nature,the animals and the children of the world like you!i want that you will know that we are the fans love you so much and all the time we here for you ! and also i, all the time i'll giving you my huge love for you , you are my guard angel , and i wish that one day i'll see an headline that says for sure that michael jackson is alive , but for me you still alive , always in  my hert !
love and miss Sean
Weiler,(female)Israel Tel Aviv.

Q. Full Name:   
R. sean

. Michael,
if you are alive, and i know you are, please i like to meet you. Since i was a young girl i love you. Now i am 41 years old. I hope you are well. I pray for you and your family.

All my love to you.

Yours christine

Q. Full Name:   
R. Christine

I miss you micheal jackson i always love you!! you always be in my heart!there not a day that goes by that i dont think of you! your always on my mind i love you always and forever love georgina xxxx

Q. Full Name:   
R. georgina  

Michael i know that you are alive and have known since August 19th and my siblings, Aaron, Emily and Niki, know too thats when i found www.michaeljacksonsightings.com and i have to congratulate you on choosing the perfect "double" for the "this is it" press conference and the media could NOT be any more stupid cuz the first clue of your "death" was the 911 phone call on June 25th when the guy said "a gentleman". Michael i just wanna let you know that i believe in you and cant wait until you come back next June. PLEASE COME BACK SOON MICHAEL!!!!


Michael, my friend....I really don´t know if you are alive or not. I supose you are the best God´s Angel..but if you live, I want to be only your best friend in Argentina. I live in Buenos Aires. God Bless you. Excuse me for my english. I hope the best for you, only the best, and please, You forgive us all the wrong things that we - all - made you!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Graciela

I really love you MJ and i am not just saying it because everyone says so but because i really mean it and you are always in my heart..your music speaks to people.I hope that you are alive and if its true i will be satisfied to know so.I love u MJ!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Harshinii   

[red] michael pelo amor de deus se voce estiver vivo volte !!!!estou doente fiquei com depressao e faço tratamento psicologico michael naum faça ams isso volte !!!!entenderei se voce estiver correndo algun risco e devia se sconder entaum por favor michael volte logo!!!! nunca ,jamais deixarei de ser sua fan !!!!!por favor volte !!!!!!!! i love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. rebeca 

hi,michael my name is noora and im 12 years old. I live in sweden .. I have been your biggest  fan since  i was like, 4 years old.I miss you sooo much ,and i really , really hope that your alive because of all the roomers.  ps.. if you enter this world knowing you are loved , and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happends in between can be dealth with..

Q. Full Name:   
R. noo

Michael, i am crying right now because i miss you more than you can imagine.I love you so much , and it is not just because of your incredible incredible talent that you have, but because you.Your are so so sweeet , and if you are alive , please please please come back.I would do anything for or your family, and i hope you my prayers that i send every night , i love and miss you more than anyhting <3333

Q. Full Name:   
R. sarina 

Dear Mr. J.  I just want to say I think I am you biggest and greatest fan besides my two little children who have paid more attention to you now than ever.  Michael you must know that they view your video (Dangerous Concert) morning noon and night, they even try on school day's but I have to tell them enough now it's a school day.  They love you Michael, and I do too.  Michael I do not know if you will really get this message or not, but I feel that you are still alive, everyone else says no, but I think yes. I know that you have heard it from everyone, but you have never heard it from me... MICHAEL JACKSON YOU ARE THE VERY BEST INSIDE AND OUT!!!!!!!! IF YOU CAN COME BACK TO US.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Renea   

i hope You find rest and hapeness in to the light of the lord

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ruchonnet 

omg michael reveal urself if ur alive PLEASE.I AM NOW A HUDGE HUDGE HUDGE FAN
IF UR ALIVE HI BUT...i think this is not a message 2 u i kinda think this is fake sorry if its not :-D  :-D C-:  C-:

Q. Full Name:   
R. marissa


Q. Full Name:   
R. Joseph

Dear Michael,
  I know that you have a lot of fans and people that love you. But if I only had one wish that wish would be to meet you. I am not famous so I know that meeting you would be next to impossible. But I love and respect you. I hear a lot of different stories. Some say that you are still alive and some say you are not.I wish you were still alive then I would do everything in my power to meet you because you are a caring man.Even if you did not have a penny I would still want to meet you.I dont want anything else but the honor of meeting you. Thanks for taking the time to read this whether in heaven or maybe still on earth alive.I will always love you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Cynthia

Dear Michael,

The music that you wrote and sung is poetry for my soul. Although you are not physically here, you will always be in my heart. Sometimes I have think about not talking about you because others don't understand your message but I understand. We all make mistakes and everyone needs to be forgiving. Some people need to talk and have others around them and some people would rather be left alone. You had to hide behind a mask just to feel normal in public because of your fans. Why didn't you just ask your fans to just respect your privacy while you had the floor' after your shows or after press interviews? I would have respected your request, because I love your music. Oh yeh, the state wide tabloid bon fire is coming soon, so stay tuned. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I will always love you forever.
Your spiritual pinpal and friend if need. the L***'* male m********

Q. Full Name:   
R. Latoya

Michael i know your still alive!!
just enjoy your life. .i know you need a little space right now. .i want you to be happy mike!! i will always be here to support you!! i will never let you part for your always in my heart!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. nikki

Je suis française et j'espère qu'on te traduira mon message.
Je vais faire court pour pas trop monopolisé ton attention!
J'espère que où tu es, tu es serein, reposé et que tes problèmes de drogues ont disparues, je suis sûr que si tu me prenais comme infirmière (lol) je ne laisserai jamais quelqu'un te faire du mal (it's true), je tiens vraiment à toi et je VEUX que désormais tu prennes soin de toi et de tes enfants.
J'espère te voir 1 jour, sans cris et tout, juste parler, t'expliquer qu'importe ce que l'on racontes sur toi, nous tes fans on est tous là pour toi...
Je t'aime et je l'espère du plus profond de mon coeur te rencontrer 1 jour, si tu passe par le sud de la France.
I love you ;-)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Clerc 

Michael. Not to sure what to write. We've never met. Just like the other billions of your fans who love and miss you. My names Lela Catherine Louise smith. i'm 17 and from a small town in west Virginia. They day i heard about your passing, i began to cry. Even though before that day i had never had a thought about you. Even though i knew who you were. Its been months and i'm still crying as if i've lost someone i've knew and loved my whole life. I have tried to stop caring and loving you so much but its impossible. every night when i say my prayers i pray your happy were ever you are. The world seems different since your not around. i hear people saying that your still alive, and i hope that you are, but i cant tell. Something in me tells me your here but another part tells me your so far away. When i hear you voice and see your face i begin to tremble. Ive had dreams of you. They make every day better and worse. Until i find out i will be praying for a sign if your o.k. A
nd i believe god gave me this feeling of love(More love then i have ever felt). For a reason and i hope i discover that reason & in heaven we meet. I love you michael joesph jackson.As a human being and as who you are. Not just what you've done for so many but for the love you brought to the world. -Lela Catherine Louise smith<3

Q. Full Name:   
R. Lela 

Дорогой Майкл, сегодня видела тебя во сне, я рада была почувствовать тебя и поддержать и хоть во сне оказаться рядом . . . R.I.P Майкл ,ты в моём сердце,ты никогда больше не будешь одинок.


Q. Full Name:   
R. Vodovskova

I Know Your Alive,
I Love You

Q. Full Name:   
R. Hannah

dear Michael,
you gave us so much joy,your music and your moves are a gift
to the world!
My daughter Noura practise the moonwalk every day.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Wanda

Michael, come back, please!

If i tell everything i feel, I will not ever stop writing. You are so special to me and all your fans aroud the world, that I simply cannot write what my heart speaks to me. I pray every day asking you to come back soon, bacause i just can't take it anymore. To complete waht i said, i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want you come back, please, i still cry a lot, and i need you.
        Sincerely, your fan

Q. Full Name:   
R. Luana

. i miss you i dont know wat to bileve are you alive or dead give me a sing plezz.
i love you with all my hart i hope yuor waching over your kids.
god bless you
R.I.P mj
I LOVE you.....=(


wow Michael Jackson is alive? i feel so confused but if he can read this messages i want to say that i love him no matter what happens through life and i really mean that i love his personality and his pop in song i love mj good luck of what is going to happen god bless u mj

Q. Full Name:   
R. francheska

Hello!mon petit ange,Mike le jour que j'ai appris ta mort,je me suis écroulée en deuil,et j'ai commencée a pleurée,je me suis retrouvé a l'hopital,ou j'ai passée 2 jours.Je me suis dit,nom je peux pas supporté ça,j'ai eu le coeur déchirer,brisser,jusqu'a présent je ne me suis pas remise. Je veux te voir de mes proprent yeux pour y croire que tu est tj vivant.j'ai meme écrire un livre pour toi, que j'ai envie de te remettre,mais comment de le donné?? comment te retrouvé ?? si tu est vraiment vivant fait nous un signe MIKE . Moi je te compprend,mais dit toi que tu a laissé derriére toi tes FANS qui te pleurent jusqu'a présent.tu nous manque énormément, je te pleur jusqu'a présent,ou que tu soie,ou que tu aille, je te souhaite bonne chance,longue vie a toi. I LOVE YOU LiLi

Q. Full Name:   
R. Napo

Hello my dream! How are you today? I have feel, you are doing better today! Something  positive about today. Some how it is about you. I can't tell exactly what that, just know it's good, its make me feel good. I had a good work out today,and i'm looking forward, to my future, and i have hope , and believe in my bright fate with you! 
with love....

Q. Full Name:   

hey michael jackson i thought u were dead i thought wrong :) so are u gonna do ur concert? WE LOVE YOU!

Q. Full Name:   
R. sara

kmichael if you are alive please come back we all miss you alot i love you and miss you

Q. Full Name:   
R. evelyn  j

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