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Dear,Michael It's So Hard To Know You Have Left Us We Know You Had Some Much more To Give To Us But We Don't Dare To Question god's Work We Just let HiM Do What Is Best Cause He knows Whats Best For All Of Us Just Know You Will Always Be The King Of Pop I Wanna Thank You for All You have Done And Giving Us A Chance To Hear Your Music And See Your Dance Movies We Will Always Look Up To You Some People May Judge You Don't I Will Prove Them Wrong I Would Say They Should Take A Look In The Mirrior Before They start Judging, MJ We Will Miss You But You In Out Hearts You Will Never Be Forgooten. We Will Keep Your Legend Alive !! *R.I.P MJ* WE LOVE U AND MISS U      Dustin

Dear michael,

Im writing you this from my heart not from my mind. I have spent the past 16 years adoring your music and you life. Michael you was the best friend I never meet. I have loved and had a wish to meet you. I wish you were here to see all my heart and pain through all of this. Michael I cry every night because I don't know what to do I am lost with out. You have helped me through so much and now im stuck with out a word to say. Michael you can't say that you weren't neve loved when some one like me loved you with all my heart and all my soul.             Destiny

love you soooo much !!!!!
-no words-                                Hitha

Hi,Michael! All your fans,who really love you,know that you're ALIVE! We understand and support you! But we wish you come back at the end! God bless you,Michael!I LOVE YOU with all my heart! You're my life!!!!       Chinera

Hello..to my idol the one that i admire so much more!  May u rest in peace!!! I'm missng u alot.,i love u so much..,fr0m Jessa of Philippines..              Jessa

Finally...u will be laid to rEst!  Im hoping someday i can visit u., its hard for us to accept..that you're gone.,I'm so devastated ..until n0w we are still mourning on to your sudden death.! I hope that Conrad will be soon  judge.,..!! We lovE u.. Finally...u will be laid to rEst!  Im hoping someday i can visit u., its hard for us to accept..that you're gone.,I'm so devastated ..until n0w we are still mourning on to your sudden death.! I hope that Conrad will be soon  judge.,..!! We lovE u..

Hi michael!
Love you!!   cara

Dear Michael. I from Russia your big fan. I regret only for one that have not had time to see you alive. Now I would give much for this moment. Such people like you any more will not be never. People who have killed you will be necessarily punished. I love you!!! I live in my heart forever!!!! R.I.P.Michael Jackson        Anastasia

I will mis you Michael till the day I die I love you with all my heart and I will never believe you have died      Dorothy

Hello, Michael! My name is Ani. I want say, that I love you!!!!!!! I love your all song and I love your dunc, your moonwalk! I want to say, that takn you for all, and tank you for jast you was in this Earth!I live with your songs.You know, I much wanted to stay on your rancho Neverlend in place with all детьми, which there were and together with you! But was not got!I want to say, pay no regard to your недоброжелателей....и litter always that you not alone, I always with you!Has Looked your clip Earth song....и I much changed....ты has changed me to the best. There is much people In my city, which speak that you bad, but I try all him to explain that such person, as you not! You very good, talented...there is plenty of goodnesses, which describe  you...I do not write them since they do not fit here...I want to say thank you you for all! Thank you for твою help adult and детям...for love to him.And jast thank you that you was!I shall love
only you and shall not forget never!!!I love you on-persisting!I hope you read this letter. I hope that we even so someday shall together!I hope, honour presently спокоен and happy, and someday we shall together although and not on the Earth, but together!You wait me, please...and I shall come, and we always shall together!This remained much little!read This letter and give sign that you its has read! I love you very much! You are my life!I plenty of want to say, but this all impossible write on this sheet of paper...Before fast meeting! Remained much little before our meeting!wait Me and I shall come! I love you! With love, your Ani!   

Michael i hope you alive), it`s your life and only you can deside what to do, don`t listen anybody, act as consider necessary! That you did not do, we however love you)!!!  Karina from Ukraine)       Karina

michael jackson s'est mon idole et ma star préféré. il me manque enormement et j'adore écouter ses chansons et mon idole chante super bien
gros bisous

Michael, you for me the dearest, favourite and most native man in the world!.. I am sorry, that did not understand it before! I am sorry all of us  and me in next times!.. Michael, I trust that you are now happy, I love you!!! I very hope that we will meet with you.. some time!... you will live in my heart always, whatever betide! When it will be badly me, I will simply look at your smile, will listen your voice and it will become easy me! I do not get tired to repeat, that love you, my angel!I love infinitely, grieve, remember..                               Nathalie

michael I reside in Sudbury Ontario, perfect hiding place, not one star came here nor the paparazi, anyway I wish more than anything i wouldve had the chance to meet you. Your the biggest icon in the world and the sweetest guy around


michael...mike...my name is surekha. im one of ur biggest craziest fan frm al d way across the globe frm INDIA.i love u more not jus 4 ur music n dance. but u as a person.thr r many lik me n d world wo still dint evn hav had a close glimpse of u ever in our life..nw just wen v tot v cud c u in ''this is it''tour...this sad memory happened.u r a beautiful human being.thr is nothig strange abt u. u r a wonderful person tho i hv not met u personally ,,i stl cn feel it. i c d moon everydy n wish u cud c me dwn here n wave me a hi>>> i guess u believd many peopl who ver nt really frndly wt u. i dnt evn want 2 spk a word abt the media cos i want this letter to u as a memorable one.u hv always said it rit ''they dnt really care abt us'' u knw u mit tink im a litl too crazy aftr u bt its tru ,,,my cell phone voice inbox message is u..so many frnds jus cal me to listen to ur voice n spek to u thru that. i had a dream on june/july 27th i guess..ofco it was u in a white dress wt a ca
ndle n ur hand n smiling standg near me..its was wonderful. i am really sad ...mike u hv a huge fan base tat stil hvt got a chance to c u. u mit hav been atlest 4 tat. i always beliv u r alive. mike remember 1tg ,pls we respect u 4 who u r n v lov u
4 who u r ,..i lov u so muc ,i mit be just a smal spec among ur infinite lovely fans n d world but pls remember me s.surekha salutes you for the wonderful things u hav done for the betterment of the society..may god bless u.
p.s. pls  atlest regularly visit me in my dream ..      Surekha

Rest in Pease, dear Michael.
We love you more!

You are not alone.
We are here with you.
Though we're far apart
You're always in our hearts...    Olga C

Dear Michael, you was the remarkable person. Simply greatest. Such as you, are not present more. I have grown on your songs and clips. Your songs very touching, gentle, instructive, incendiary and joyful. I very much love you and I will always love. Remember that you always live while those who loved you are live, those whom you loved. Your good deeds have not ended. Many people idolise your ideas and many people the same as also you are engaged in all sincerity in charity. Thanks you for all!!! Be based with the world!! Probably we will meet there in heavens. Wait for me there and meet me there. I love you. Your Olga.

That I can tell... All is very simple... Too simply.... I very much love you and very much I miss!!! My heart beats, as the wounded bird in a cage... My soul was scattered as the broken mirror... Air in which is not necessary for me is not present your breath... I want to you... My world is not present without you... I love you!!!!
              Olga  M

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