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i hope you can meet peace for ever. i hope with all my haert that once, someone will confirm that you are still alive, and i still hope that that someone will be you :)
i just keep on hoping...
im only 13 yrs old, but i really love you and always will.
michael, you are the greatest!
and i really miss you :(

Q. Full Name:   
R. jonas

Where ever you are at Michael,
Where ever your soul may be,
I pray God watches over you.
With love so tenderly.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ylonda

Dear Michael.I have loved you and love you.Your music changed the world , of course not evryone understand your message transmitted through music,but I know one thing:I have understood and not like other fans.I would have liked to see you once but now,I'm sorry you can not do that.I would give enything,even his own life to go back. Thank you for this great change,you have enlightener my life.Rest in peace.

Q. Full Name:   
R. piros

Dear Michael, I was soooo confused. Don't know whether to believe this. But I always wish that this is not true...
No matter where you are, MAY GOD BLESSED YOU! And the truth will finally revealed....

Q. Full Name:   
R. Yaty 

  Dear Michael,
Thank you for being you! You were so much more than the performer. What a kind and gentle soul. You helped us realize our dreams when we watched you dance and helped us realize our human potential through your kind smile,laugh, and acts of kindness. You were a true light.

I pray that wherever you are, you are happy and finally have peace.

I love you and God Bless you!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Candace 

I love you Peter pan.you came to India when i was a kid and you left us when i grew. I know you are living. i even know that you were always innocent, even though i was not there outside the court screeming innocent. you will soon be back to us, and we all love you. it must have hurt you more than us, wahen it was decided to fake your death. we all know you are the healer of earth, an angel which God has sent.you will have to walk on thorns and shed your blood to be eternal. this time has past and now you are eternal. LOVE YOU ANGEL PETER PAN.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Beian

hey wats up wit u fakeing ur death well love u nd miss you god bless ur kids

Q. Full Name:   
R. danielle

Hey...i hope its really you reading this michael. as you hopefully already know i have sent many messages to you on the derek clontz site. but...me n my slow blonde self didnt read  the thing where it said only one letter per fan...so does this site count too? hope so lol:) but i just wanted  to thank you for praying for me. i know you did because everything went ok. that really meant alot to me. im not so sure if i still wanna live with my mom..shes still got alot of problems to work out on her own...can i be honest with you? it was a mistake and ill never do it again...but she let me get drunk with her...and when im not drunk and she is...guess who has to take care of brianna? me...she does it because she is an EMOTIONAL WRECK...sometimes being a little abusive. she will slap me on the butt for no reason and tickle me really hard. she doesnt think shes hurting me but really it does. will i ever find a place where i can just be happy? like...never neverland. lol i aint ta
lkin bout ur old home either im talkin bout the real deal. a place where i can never grow up. a place where i dont have to worry bout my safety my well being...or my looks lol. just happiness and peace. and if u r dead ur already there i know u r. in the kingdom of heaven. well michael thanks 4 listening...if u r dead rip but if not please reply...love u my gaurdian angel.:)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Lensie

I love you soooo much and miss you. I wish this were all a really bad dream. God bless you. You will always be alive in my heart & soul forever.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Theresa

Вернись..пожалуйста...Неизвестность убивает,думать что ты "ушёл" невозможно..Майкл надежда жива..

Q. Full Name:   
R. елена 

 i hope if you are still here with us,that u know that this has killed me everyday,u have been gone i hope that u show up soon so we can see each orther u will remember me once u see me i am a red head with blue eyes i stand 5'11 and we meet at one of your shows you need to come back to me so you will never be alone.this i promise with all my love your lady in florida sandra 

Q. Full Name:   
R. sandra

sweet michael if u are alive,i hope that we meet again,even if its only for a few mins that  will be good,so i may steal a kiss from my beloved i love u michael your lady sandra from florida

Q. Full Name:   
R. sandra 

Иной, воздушный с Богом под крылом!
Мы где-то тут...В потоке сумасбродном
Неутомимо ловим воздух ртом...
Ты где то Там...Так лёгок и безвинен!
Призвал Господь, заботой окружив...
Мы где то тут...Роняем слёзы ливнем..
И повторяем: Ты НАВЕКИ ЖИВ!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. elena 

hi, michel . my name is noora and im writing you this from sweeden but im from irak. Im 12 years old and im your BIGGEST fan..I really belive that your alive , but no one els in my famely does..i have a 4 years old sister , a 17 year old broter and , mom and dad, they are docters..they want me to becom a doctor to but thats not my dream .. my dream is to becom a star like you .. i dont want to be an artist becouse of all the fame .. i want to be it cus i love music and i always will.but i guess that is just a dream...but i wanna ask one thing .. why did you fake your death .. you dont have to answer if you dont want , i was just asking . love noora.

Q. Full Name:   
R. noor 

Dear Michael,
I'm in so much pain and confusion I don't know what to think of all this!
My heart refuse your death and my head said you'd passed away; even that i'm trying to find infomations saying you still alive! I' m certainly absolutly crazy! I need help! A girl said she met you the 06/10/2009... Is it the truth? I don't know; you are the only one who can answer this!
I remember i must be 10 years old when i've heard "Heal the World"; Our english teacher wanted us to sing this song! I realise I was the only one who didn't knew who Michael Jackson was! What a shame, they teased me and i wanted to be somewhere else at that moment! Then our teacher put the tape on and i Know i will never forget what i feel in hearing that voice! I thought this voice were not real it was the most sweetest voice i've ever heard! At night I get home and tell my mother my english teacher make me listen a song of Michael Jackson.... Once my mother gave me a video she made to me, and that day i've seen your face for the first time; i've seen Michael jackson with my child's eyes and grew up keeping in my mind who you really were to me! You were so kind with those children around you, you were laughin' and lookin' at them so gently, you seemed to be so good with them you were just one of them sharing a wonderful moment! Children know how much you loved them and how m
any things you've done to give them love and support! To gave them a chance to be happy as you'll never been as a child! Don't be ashamed of what you are! You are a good human being and i'm so sorry for those who had never understood you and hurted you! Your children must be so proud of you and i hope they will never forget how lucky they are to have someone like you in their lives!God bless you and your family! I hope you feel better in your life wherever you are and i wish you hapiness for a very long time!
I love you dearly!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Aurore


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя I miss you very much Michael Jackson.
You are in my heart always.
I hope you are happy and smile.
I hope you still safe from harm.
You would send a message to me.
You and I will cheer for each other.
You found me in a dream.
I will keep good memories. In the heart forever.
You are a very good old brother.
Wish you happy forever.
I love you Michael Jackson.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Preyanuch

Michael i love you so much:( i dont want you to be death...i fell that you are alive...i dream with you evry night...and in my dreams i speak with you...i love you so much and i hope you are ok .take care of you..a big kiss

Q. Full Name:   
R. Susanu 

Dear Michael,

I pray every single night for you ( and for my son and all people that I love)- that you feel all that love and peace and that you`re happy now. I know, god listen carefully and he loves you that much - yes, he do :)
I send you a bear hug and kisses ...

Q. Full Name:   
R. Chrissy

I miss you so much, all the memories of the teenage/adult years make not forget your sweet voice and talent. Thanks for had been a happy part of my life. God be with you, my dear.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Celia

My dear beloved Michael, I just want to thank you for all your hard work, dedication and determination you showed in all of your work. You will alway be a saint to me and like so many others I will love you forever. I miss you and im so sad that you are not here on earth with us anymore, but, I know you have gone to a better place and you are with our maker for all eternity.
I do not know if sightings of you are true but I will read them anyway just incase you are still with us. I hope to meet you one day but where I do not know.
Be happy my love and dance with the angels for all eternity

Good night and God bless
I miss you every day

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angela

Dear Michael,
I wanted to sent you few words and now that i am here , i don't know what to say. I'm in so much pain and confusion!
Some people said you 're still alive and I do hope those rumors to be true. But in the case you really passed away i would like you to know you still alive in my heart. I remenber the first time i've heard "heal the world" i didn't understood the meaning of this song (i was ten and french); i even didn't knew who was singin' but i have loved this voice wich i though was the most sweetest i've ever heard...
I love the way you were with children trying to do all the best you could to help them and suport them; to give them love! I will always remember the beautiful human being you've been ( shy, kind,and a child deep inside of you) I would like to add one thing it's not a shame to be a child inside because children are purity and i'm so sorry some people are not able to understand that! I 'm sorry for those who destroyed you and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you gave me and learned me!
I love you dearly!
God bless you Michael Joseph Jackson and may your children never forget the chance they've had to have someone like you in the their lives!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Aurore

est vrai que tu soit vivant j.en suis tres heureuse.tout comme toi souffert j.ai le coeur immense pres a aider les personnes.mais on a simplement voulu abuser de ma gentillesse.beaucoup de point commun sur notre histoire.embrasse tes enfants.je t.adore.je vous souhaite a toi et tes enfants beaucoup de bonheur bisou.

Q. Full Name:   
R. perret.

Michael I know your alive and I know you're in Ireland dont worry I will not tell where in Ireland. I just want to tell you that I wrote to other sites about you being alive but did not know if you would see them so hopefully you see this one.

Q. Full Name:   
R. K 

 Michael give a sign... I beg.... Please...

Q. Full Name:   
R. elena

Michael I know you are not dead,I have felt it all along. I even dreamt that you were taken away by boat somewhere to a safe place and I spoke to you in my dreams and you told me that you are happier now and you can be yourself. I'm looking forward to your BIG comback. Enjoy your rest Micheal and get your strength back. I love you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. kia

hello my name is michael  14 years and I'm Mexican
I tell you that I miss her so much and yet I can not accept your death I can not accept qe te haiga been a person like you not only what I say in music and dance that were excellent but more in the kind of person you were looking at pictures videos qe on youtube and it seems very sweet and tender that has helped so many people have so many children and being a good father to your children
I find it very sweet that you play with boys qe CONPORTOS so childish and so inspired that I must say that Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories besides the little mermaid ^. ^
Also do I have to say that I identify a lot with your music and how good I think you identifiers in the sense of good and innocent, generous, loving, playful, fun, etc that I realized you were in the videos I see you say that the Love can do wonders to cure people with so much love that you've cured with this immense love for the world to some people
and qe are and were a great example for my children for all

I love you michael haiga auqe not known personally feel your loss and I know I should have just always knew you were a child qe incocente and would never hurt anyone like jesus you're so close to him and always were only nobody was qe has actually always be in my heart and I have great love and affection for you Auque haiga known I do not say I love you, now I am a big fan of your music and your person

I love you michael for me were always peter pan

atte: a fan who misses you
  laze michael rest in peace with the angels and smells enseyele the moolwalk to jesus ^ ^ I'm sure that they are having fun with playing and loving angels from heaven and I'm sure those we care;)

I write this in English because I'm sure you read it from the sky:)

Q. Full Name:   
R. kattia

mi amor por ti cada día que pasa me pregunta donde estas no creo poder soportarlo,pero Dios nos manda solo lo que podemos soportar entonces que me de fuerza para esperar tu regreso TE AMO,como una mujer puede amar a un hombre por favor ya no mas espera por favor te lo suplico HILDA, te amo con la necesidad de darte todo mi amor sin empalagar solo un dulce mujer que afortunda Mary Presley que fue tu esposa yo no te hubiera dejado ir,TE AMO, YR AMO, YR AMO y a tus hijos tambien el que mas me gustaria apoyar es a Blanket que no sufra ni pase por lo que tu viviste 

Q. Full Name:   
R. hilda 

Thank you Michael for all that you gave me with your music,your words.My life is full of you,full of your sweet smile.I feel so sad now.I miss you.I will love you until the end of my days.

Q. Full Name:   
R. federica

Micheal Jackson, we really want you not to die (as everybody), we really want that it is you who read this message. Quickly come back! you miss us in very and in all. Good chance in next days. Two of your fans.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ashley

michael we love you
i heal the world like what u want someday
love you all the world

Q. Full Name:   
R. tomer 


Q. Full Name:   

to Michael the peaceful warrior, seit ich denke und träume, wollte ich dich immer nur beschützen und vor irgendetwas retten.Ich habe immer in dein Herz sehen können. A.R/Nürnberg

Q. Full Name:   
R. Andrea 

Michael  I love you for ever , you're the King Of Pop for ever . You're always in my heart :(  .
I miss you ...    Love you 

Q. Full Name:   
R. Alice 

Hello Michael! i hope u ar better today. because i feel you've  funded some answers.
i have so many things in my head to share with u! ok,  i should try.Don't judge me hard, please.i sow your concert yesterday in 1992 in Budapest! that was my first time after your "death" . i was afraid to look at you. because, i would know  right the way if you would dead! thanks to God you are still alive! every morning when i drive my car i thinking about you, and it is very beautiful thoughts!simple ane beautiful.  i know wen u will come back i would share them with u! i hope!!!

Michael ive loved your music sence i was 9 an im 18 now an theres not a day i dont ever listen to your music from when you were young till now i love you and i look up to you thank you so much for everything you have done!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Tiffinie

Micheal even though that are dead now i will always have you in my heart you are the best singer in the whole world
Ps. Ive never thought you are really dead and even if u aren't dead i still have u in my heart.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Andrea


ciao nikelino..comlimenti  ,visto che tu hai troppo senno ..se ne avanzi ne ne ragali un pochetto almeno x natale lo mettiamo ina scatolina d'oro sotto l'albero illuminato..magari a casa mia con tati amici grandi e piccoli...in italia..

Q. Full Name:   

Michael I hope you are not lonely, watching you closley apart from how great you were with music and how famous you were I feel that you wre very lonley and so normal that people never let you be that,you were a very handsome man and I dont think you knew when to stop, loved all your clothes and your taste in house wares and decorating, you wre and still are a fantastic father,although i will never meet you I will care for you as a friend in my thoughts and dreams and hope you can hear this message you will always be my spirit friend watch out for my mother I have recentley lost her and miss her greatley tell her that I love her and my father and my unborn child, I think I am quite physic so please sent me a sign if you can, a friend forever, chris 

Q. Full Name:   
R. chris

R.I.P Michael Jackson your in a better place now,You were such a sweet person and happy spirit Rest in peace.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Michael 

Dear Michael. I just....don't know what to write here... How to express feelings? How to find words? You could do that. Seems like I cannot... I can only listen to your songs, read your poems and pray for your beautiful soul. Thank you for what you taught me. Hope you are finally 100% happy.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Evgenia

michael,i'm from romania...and i never had the possibbility to meet you...i have cancer,and my days....but if is something behind this world i hope that it is you,,,,you made me happy 17 years long...and now i'm sad...because i never had  the occasion to meet you...because you are not HERE anymore.i can't offer you anything but many tears,thoughts and love.MISS YOU MICHAEL!

Q. Full Name:   
R. sandu

My dearest Michael, I miss you more than words can ever say.I've stood by your side throughout it all when you were alive, and now I feel your presence all the time...in my dreams,my thoughts...my everything. My heart feels empty but I know that I will see you again.I love you always...your friend Olivia........


Q. Full Name:   
R. Olivia


Q. Full Name:   

Goodness Michael, get back here now!!!
You have a destiny to live and a purpose you can only accomplish in your own shoes!
Trust me, I wouldn't be bothering if you were just another artist. You are specially needed for the needy of the world. Those people have an impact on all of us and they need your close attention in every way, not just financially. With at list half your life left to be lived, you will be abandoning the very reason you have been given all these blessings! While I really believe these all is being done against your will, do whatever it takes to get back to the living world. Screw the media, you are strong enough to handle them. I am in such a tight schedule I can't do anything, now! You need to get these people to put you back out again!
Trust me the people will love you, they always have, the haters, nobody likes them anyways. You have more important things to do then worry about paparazzi!
You are needed, here, alive! Snap out of it!!!!

he again. i'm back with the hope you are ok. i know how hard for to go throw this situation ,but i believe u had no choice!
so,it gives  me an opportunity  to find u. i was thinking, if you would be alive officially , i wouldn't even think to find you. now i know it is my time,my fate to support, and help you in any things. i live with this hope to be with u the man with the baby soul!

MJ RIP I love you and your Music
You always remain in my Heart

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jenny

Michael I grew up with your music and I always had a huge crush on you. I am really sad that you are no longer here. I will send a prayer to the heavens for you. I Love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. Judy

can you pls not be dead? =[

Q. Full Name:   
R. tessie

Hi, Michael! I am so glad, you alive!!!I love you? my sun!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Basanets

♪ ♫

Q. Full Name:   
R. 44 8 963  

Dearest Sweetest Michael,
Not a minute goes by where you dont cross my mind. You are like family to so many of us. We need you here Michael you are our saving grace! We need you, your children, your family, the world, I need you Michael. Its as though my heart has been ripped out of my chest. Please come back to us!! We love you so much and we took you for granted. We are here for you Michael always and forever. You are the beat in my heart Michael my every breath. And i only know what i feel, and i feel so so empty without you. Love...L.O.V.E is all about you sweet Michael. Without you Love seems so far away. You are Love Michael. I praying that one day i will wake up and it would have been a bad dream.....and there you will be...with us again.Come back Michael Dear Michael...the haters can just rot! They are low lives and miserable drowin in their own jealousy! You always shone above everything and they couldnt take it! I am here for you Michael, we are all here for you! Your little soldiers! God bl
ess you Michael! I Love you so much! pls come back

Q. Full Name:   
R. Nadia 

This will sound very long winded i know and i'm sorry, but Michael i love you so much, you have been my idol ever since i was little, even though i'm only 14 and wasnt alive during thriller or bad or your jackson 5 days, but i wish i was, and watching videos of you and listening to your music, it's just so beautiful and it makes me miss you so so much more, even though i never had the honour to meet you i feel that everyone has a conection to everybody, and mine to you will never go, you are beautiful in mind, body and soul and you done so much for this world, it's so amazing, you will forever have my heart and i send my prayers out to you and your family, you're my idol and hero, i will never let you go and it hurts so much every second of every day knowing your gone, but i will always love you and i hope you may now rest in peace, all of my love, Danni x

Q. Full Name:   
R. Danielle 

sweetheart get back here right now ur fans,friends and family need u dont lose ur fans there probully saying his dead now so i go on with life dont worry about those lossers who stalk u were the ones that love u the press will do anything for money screw the barstards u could sue them i just hope u get neverland ranch back soon ur our peter pan like u said were r family we r one were r brothers and sisters no matter what colour they r dead or alive u still live forever in our hearts and throu ur spirit and ur love god bless u michael....

Q. Full Name:   
R. christina  


Q. Full Name:   

I really hope Michael is alive but would he put his children through this pain of thinking their dad had died? You've got to admit there would be hundreds of impersonators around. I hope you are alive Michael. Rest in peace wherever you are. I hope you are alive.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Marian 

Michael i saw your movie,and it made me cry all over again,it is so hard to believe,that u r gone,i know u r still here with us, i love and miss u very much.your lady sandra from florida

Q. Full Name:   
R. sandra

Dear Michael Jackson,
    I love your music, i'm ten yrs old.  You are my role model in all music types.  I love the way you acted with people.  I love your smile and laugh. It lightens me up to see you smile or laugh.  Your dancing skills and your singing. I finally did the moonwalk!!  Your accomplishment made me feel good I tried and got it. The book moonwalk your atuo biography its amazing you have some good pictures in the new book.  I'm being you for halloween and I look great the tape the outfit the hair, I got it all. You left us to soon michael age 50 is a low age to die at. But i'm okay with that, you deserve to be where you need to be. Wish everyone in the family good too in your life. I love you
Michael Joseph Jackson  R.I.P 
"You are the sun you make me shine more like the stars that twinkle in night you are the moon close in my heart, your my day time my night time my world you are my life."  Keep strong michael stay healthy!!!


Q. Full Name:   
R. cara 

Michael. the world misses you. the world needs you. i watched youre movie last night. amazing all i can say it captures youre everything, talent, driveness to make everything perfect. youre an amazing insperation to this world. if the rumorsare true and you really are alive. then i would be forever greatful. i have some questions. so if you or someone you've allowed to talk openly about this then can you email me please. im not gonna tell anyone any type of information, im just very confussed with all this and my own life and need someone to talk to. i cant trust anyone everything i say to someone ends up twisted into something i never said or told to other people. im sure you can relate. ugh what a cruel world we live in. people just need love in their lives like you said. its all for love l.o.v.e.. my email is. i would love to hear from someone. i dont expect anything in return just someone to talk to, or if you need someone to talk to im always h

Q. Full Name:   
R. mercedes  

Deep in my heart I have always known you are still alive.. I want to ask a favour when you retun to us can we have an australian tour please... I love yu forever MJ.. I want to meet you...I cant live without you. I watch and listen to you every day..Come back well and rested, my love...

Q. Full Name:   
R. Caroline 

hi michael im so glad your alive i couldnt stand thinking i wouldnt ever hear a new song you make and that all your fans wouldnt you have given me new hope and i thank you thank you very much this feels like cristmas see you in july on my birthday which is july 29th i live in  mississippi  i want you there please it would make me happier than i have felt in my whole life if u see this and are alive plz send me a message on a site called roblox im djplayer47

Q. Full Name:   
R. devin 

Michael i love you i hope youre not dead and will come back and be the king of pop again no one can take youre place like all these bad singers think they can i love you and miss you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Chase

Here is why I believe that Michael is still alive.1. I've seen him with his children & he wouldn't do this to them-DRUG'S OR NO DRUG'S.2.When he went to the 02 arena he was in great shape,but it was the way he spoke. This is it,this is the final curtain call,it was as if he was saying good-bye to all of us[so he could start a new life with his children]He had-had enought& I can't say I blame him. Also at 02 he said THIS IS IT- same name as movie, was that going to be the name of concert also? 3.Usually when someone as big as michael die's, the DR. will make a statement,like they did with JOHN LENNON- NOT THEIR BROTHER.4.Michael stood to make more money dead, than if he was alive& he is5.there was no way michael wanted to do 50 show's. 6.Look at how long it took to lay him to rest.- MONTH'S].7. We never seen his [BODY].8. There wasn't 1 person at that funeral [ CRYING ] NOT 1.9.Why couldn't his [ FAN'S]watch from home? They cut it off so we couldn't watch,don't you think mi
chael would want his [ FAN'S ]to be able to have some closesure? I DO .10. CORONER said he was in good health ,no other drug's found in his system-weight 136.11. DR.MURRAY is  a heart specialist, seem's to me all this crazyness wouldn't be going on at the house ,with his children there. We all know how michael felt about his kid's.His family was 90mins late to his funeral.I never heard of such a thing.12.where was DIANA ROSS? She was like a 2nd mother to him. It just doesn't add up. I think michael took off with his children,because you don't see them. OH you hear about them,but do you see them? NO.If there are no ARREST'S made soon,then you will know he is ALIVE.IF he is alive I wish him all the LUCK & HAPPINESS IN WORLD,BECAUSE HE DESERVE'S IT! WITH ALL THE [CRAP] HE HAD TO PUT UP WITH BACK HERE IN AMERICA.  I WILL ALWAY'S LOVE YOU MICHAEL ALWAY'S- NO MATTER WHAT! OXOX:) XOXO

Q. Full Name:   

You were very nice and generous and  i know that you were sexy i also liked you i had a crush on you you were a king and you were the best they'll always have you are always in my heart

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jeniffer 

Michael, come back soon, you know.  We need you so much.  God bless you and I love you from the bottom of my heart. You have millions of inconditional and loyal fans.



everything seems so unreal for you to be dead. i have seen the clues that you have left and heard them with the very ears that connect to my head. i have watched closely as the people around you make the little remarks that make it stand out oh so well. in my heart i know youre here, i know youre getting all better.i know youll come back i just know it. michael you are my hero. you are my insperation to wake up everyday with a smile on my face and lay my head down at night and pray that i can wake up to live and smile another day. how i wish that i could just meet you, see you work even for just one day. if you are out there, if youre coming back ever. i hope you can make that wish come true. everyone has a right to dream and i dream that youre okay. you have so much passion in what you do, the way you work so much drive to go and do it not just for youself, but the people around you, first and foremost your family, god bless youre children siblings and parents. =] and for
  youre fans all around the world. i watched this is it yesterday for the first time, and it made my heart smile. you make my heart smile. you help all these people all over the world, you give them light and bring their spirits up. you are an insperation to all of us waiting here for you to return. you are my heart michael jackson and everyone knows they cannot live without their heart.

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R. Mercedes 

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