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michael, i miss you so much. i'll love you for the rest of my life. michael if you are still alive please speak to your fans. every one of us want to help you, but if you are really dead, god keep you in his you forever

Q. Full Name:   
R. katia


Q. Full Name:   

My sweet sweet and innocent Michael.
I miss you soo much.
You were and are the true love of my life.
Why did'nt we meet?
I would'nt have betrayed you like all you're so called friends, who where just after you're money or fame so they could clime up themselves.
I Michael, i would die myself, just to turn back time.
I feel like i missed out on something, not knowing you in person.
I love you soo much, and i always will. Sorry for my bad englisch, but i know you will understand me.
I would give anything just to hold you and stand by you!!
My sweet sweet Michael, i love you more than live itself. For ever and ever!!!
And when i die, i will search for you and finaly be with you!!
Bye bye my sweet and so beautiful angel. I can't stop saying how much i love you.
Lot's and lot's of hugs from Holland!!!
XXXX Sassie

Q. Full Name:   
R. Saskia

Michael, we love You so much!..It doesn`t matter where are You now, cause You are always in our hearts. Miss You...

Q. Full Name:   
R. Nataliya

fratele meu e nascut pe 28 august 1958; eu sunt mai mare cu 3 ani decat el;nu am fost un fan al tau ,dar mi-a placut si imi place in continuare muzica ta pentru ca imi place muzica buna .esti si vei ramane un fenomen si chiar un inventator si un savant in materie de muzica si vei trai ,vei fi in viata pentru toti cei care au iubit si iubesc muzica ta,dansul tau  ca si mine ,pentru totdeauna!la 2 zile de la moartea ta am avut un vis ciudat in care erai prezent langa mine ,in sufrageria mea de parca mi-ai fi fost cel mai bun prieten din lume ,imbracat in vesminte de inger numai ca aveai si o mantie neagra deasupra iar fiinta ta emana regret ca parasesti aceasta lume de parca ai fi dorit sa mai ramai;pot spune ca acest vis m-a uluit si m-a determinat pentru ca nu te cunosteam chiar atat de bine sa citesc si sa ascult muzica ta mult mai mult si mai bine si chiar sa citesc carti despre tine pentru ca nu stiam prea multe si voiam sa stiu cat mai multe si sa te inteleg mai bine ;
am ascultat mai atent muzica ta si am ramas uimita de cat de profunda este si  de cat de multe comunica;am si eu patru fete mari(copiii mei)si cred ca sunt un parinte bun;imi iubesc foarte mult copiii si pentru nimic in lume nu i-as parasi  pentru ca mai au multa nevoie de mine;m-a impresionat foarte mult moartea ta dar, in acelasi timp imi pun intrebarea daca ti-a fost usor sa parasesti copiii pe care ii iubesti cel mai mult pe lumea asta,cum ii iubesc si eu pe ai mei si sa-i lasi in grija unei mame batrane si poate bolnave care nu se stie cat mai poate trai si sa creasca in contiuare fara dragoste de parinte mai ales ca am aflat din ce s-a scris despre tine ca erai un parinte model!WEIRD!..................gabi

Q. Full Name:   
R. gabriela

i love so much,michael!!i want to hnow i always listen your great music!!i love you always!

Q. Full Name:   
R. maria

  for yesterday, for today, for you always baby and for ever more.
Yours, APF.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ana 

Michael, I love you with all of my heart.
You have inspired me to such a degree it's unreal. You see, I am only 14. And I am one of the biggest fans ever! You are my God. The way you effected this world is amazing. There will never be another Michael Jackson...Never. No'one can make me cry like you make me cry, No one can make me laugh the way you make me laugh, And no one can make me smile the way you make me smile. You will forever and always be my Hero, My God, My Angel and my life. I love you.
-Jenna Haistead. xx

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jenna


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя

I wonder ven now where you come
What to do as i tell you that i miss you
Because you have chosen at first
I did not know how to say
What was left go and go moments
How rises and sets the stars
In y had a cramp in one days
You leave when you can give
Would be to come alive
I thought that dream would come
For what we say does and how
I hope to be the yesterday
I did not forget but y see
You got lost in thought
Of would be to live that dream
I think y would remember
What y was missing
You and i would forgive
No matter how hard it would seem
If it were to come
I thought that dream would come
For what we say does and how
I hope to be that yesterday
I did not forget but
I see you got lost in thought would come
I would think that
I dream y would remember what
I was missing you and
I would forgive no matter it seemed
to me not you love it better not come

Q. Full Name:   
R. Patrunsu

Michael rest in Peace wherever you are, also in Cuba love you very much, this is a very save country without pararazzi and the stupid media that always bothered you!!! It is a pitty you are death!!!!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ada 

 Hello, Michael, I'm Isidora and i'm 11 years old, I love you very much. I miss you. Very much, I need you. I know that you're alive. This is why I'm writing this message . I just want to know that you're Ok. I see you in my dreams every single day. I need you !!!! Please I need your answer. And can you send me an autograph ? just take a paper and write what ever you want and put it in a scanner and send it to me .

Thank you


I looove you  i alaways  did but it breaks my heart to see that you lied to the world  write back when you get this message.

Q. Full Name:   
R. dymon

. Dear Michael,  I still cant believe you are not here anymore,  my wish for to see can only be in my Dreams, you were  and always be THE king but for me you are a Hero.  A Hero that changed THE world, you loved everyone  Black or white it didnt mather to you, or what for religions they had  i loved you for that and for your kidness to others. You were Nice, gentle, caring, loving person. I love your music, my favorite one is:  they dont really care about us. I loved your songs when i was 5, now i am 19, its because of my brother who is a big fan. Now you dont have to worry about THE media and THE bad people who caused all THE big trouble, they were really mean to you, you never had peace, i blame them what they did to you,  i never believed THE horrible things THE wrote about you, i believed in you and still do no mather what happend in THE future, you have my faith, you are magical , a true angel with magical voice and a very good dancer, with a handsome face, Michael wh
erever you are i Hope to see you again,  your songs Will never be forgotten as were you, i made special tribute of you Mike on YouTube, so you Will always be on my mind and in my heart. R.I.P Michael , till The day we meet again.    Loves from cherisse from The netherlands             

Q. Full Name:   
R. Cherisse 


Q. Full Name:   

mickael je suis un fan depuit tout petit  j ecoutait tes zik tous le temps  jespere que si tes vivant tu repondra de ton coeur et pas des fausse letre de reponse je  te kiffe revient nous en meilleur formes:)

Q. Full Name:   
R. sebastien

Hey Michael I love you I Am An 11 Year old Girl . And I Love you with all my heart this is true ! i understand about your pain i accept your apology i understand you don't want to do the 50 concerts i wish you would but if you will die up that stage i will kill myself ! so i dont want you to die ever ever ever !

Q. Full Name:   
R. sally

Dear Michael, I hope you can rest in peace anywhere you are now. It is my hope that you fake your death, but at this point I do not know if you are dead or not. Wish all the happinnes you deserve in heaven or any place you can be, because you were a great person, just that, a big and good person in earth. Thank you very much, loved you

Q. Full Name:   
R. Sandra

Michael just said you if not dead please come from Uruguay ,a lot of people like me love a sight for us I love you whit all my heart......I want  to marry you yes?????i love yuo i dont care if you have or no money.................

Q. Full Name:   
R. Daniela 

I love u mike i kno ur still here with us i kno u had to do what u had to i hope ur happy now without fear and pain i miss ur music and how u helped make this world brighter and better i hope to see you again some day your the best man i hope ur finally happy now from all the pain and criticize from people who didnt deserve you love you man.

love Joshuan from Lubbock Texas

Q. Full Name:   
R. Joshuan

. I know this message will probably never be read from the billion messages sent but I just wanted to wish his family the best. It's unfortunate that the media can have such a brutal impact on a person. At least he is at peace and is in the hands of the Lord.
God Bless

Q. Full Name:   
R. Victoria  

rest in peace michael...wherever you are...alive or are always in our soul has gone with you

Q. Full Name:   
R. raveena

Feel For You

You were my first love
The Earth moving under me
Bedroom scent, beauty ardent
Distant shiver, heaven sent

I'm the snow on your lips
The freezing taste, the silvery sip
I'm the breath on your hair
The endless nightmare, Devil's lair

Only so many times
I can say I long for you
The lily among the thorns
The prey among the wolves

Someday, I will feed a snake
Drink her venom, stay awake
With time all pain will fade
Through your memory I will wade

Barely cold in her grave,
Barely warm in my bed
Settling for a draw tonight
Puppet girl, your strings are mine! (x2)

This one is for you
For you, only for you
Just give in to it, never think again
I feel for you

Q. Full Name:   

we love you more !

Q. Full Name:   
R. mariana 

Dear Michael, MY HERO
WE all miss you so...and i can t belive you're really gone I miss you so..I am crying all the time because you're gone and you are no longer here and that i never had the chance to meet you..something i really want...but will never come are my biggest dream..even higher than the dream I ever had....You're my hero why did you left me from this earth all alone I am crying so much..I miss you so much...I can belive you're really gone and that I now longer gets the chance to meet you I am only 12 Years are the peace how can the world live without's too hard..people have even died for you...I wanted too but then i thought Michael would never wanted me to do I wont do It. I'm writing this message to you because I want you to know how much i really do LOVE you...and I just want you to know that you never have to make certain people make you break down...cus you are the Peace,Love,Hope,Faith and even Angel in this world..!!! R.I.P my King Rest.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Maren

Dear michael, there's thousand of words that i want to tell you how i fell about you, but i just want to keep you like i'd never heard about your death. Death or alive, you are still there in my deepest heart, even time couldn't take it away and raise you from my mind and soul. You michael, who in this life was so untouchable for me, so if your death could put me in misery, only this that i could do, keeping you alive in my mind. No, for me you are so alive. I love you michael !!!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Eva

Je m'appelle Clémence, j'ai 27 passion...Michael Jackson...
Tu me manques tellement Michael...
Quelques mots qui te représentent:
Et il y en aurait tant d'autres à rajouter ! ...
Dans tes yeux se lit une âme magique et magnifique...Une beauté d'âme qui pourrait sembler presque irréelle...C'est ce qui fait que c'est tout simplement toi...Mon ange Michael...Ton sourire me fait plonger dans un monde de contes de fées et ta voix me transporte aux portes du paradis...
Je t'aimerai éternellement...
J'aurai aimé être l'une de tes larmes pour naître dans tes yeux sublime, Vivre sur ton visage d'ange, et mourir sur tes lèvres...
...Les anges ne meurent pas...ils sont éternels...
Merci Michael pour tout le bonheur que tu me procure chaque jour, merci pour tout l'amour que tu as dispersé, merci pour tout le talent que tu nous a laissé en héritage...qui restera éternellement un précieux trésor...Tu hantera éternellement mes rêves...Je t'aimais, je t'aime et je t'aimerai toujours, paix à ton âme et repose en paix mon bel ange

Q. Full Name:   
R. benitez

u r very missed king of pop just to let  every1 no that is an understatement to him.
and u will always b in our hearts and we will always love and remember him as a good person not like the things ppl have bein saying about him.

R.I.P king of pop
i love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. Samantha

Je m'appelle Clémence, j'ai 27 ans ... ma passion ... Elle s'apelle, Michael Jackson ...
Tu me manques tellement Michael ...
Quelques mots qui te representent:
Et il y en aurait TANT D'autres à rajouter! ...
Dans tes yeux se lit une âme magique et magnifique ... Une beauté d'âme Sembler Qui Pourrait presque irréelle ... C'est ce qui c'est fait tout simplement que toi ... Mon ange Michael ... Ton sourire me fait plonger Dans un monde de contes de fées et ta voix me transporte aux portes du paradis ...
Je t'aimerai éternellement ...
J'aurai aimé Etre Une de L'tes larmes pour naître Dans tes yeux sublimes, Vivre sur ton visage d'ange, et mourir sur tes lèvres ...
... Les anges ne meurent pas ... ils éternels sont ...
Merci Michel pour tout le bonheur que tu me procurer Chaque jour, merci pour tout l'amour que tu comme disperser, merci pour tout le talent que tu Nous A Laissé en héritage ... Qui Restera éternellement un précieux trésor ... Tu Hantera Mes rêves éternellement ... Je t'aimais, je t'aime et je t'aimerai toujours, Paix à ton âme et repose en paix mon bel ange.
Il me manque une partie de moi, depuis que tu es parti, tu as fait de mon monde, un rêve ... merci cher Michael ... Quelle chance ils Ont tes amis les anges de t'avoir Auprès d'eux .. . Je sais que la plus belle et la plus brillante des étoiles, c'est toi Michael ... Si par bonheur tu es en vie ... Reviens nous vite! Tu me laisse un trop grand vide Dans ma vie. Je t'aime mon ange, je te sers très fort sur mon coeur et t'embrasse infiniment.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Clémence

I wish i could find the right words but all that comes to mind is im sad to know that we have lost you without having had the chance of ever really knowing you , people say your still alive and if it was true god only knows how i understand you wanting to dissapear,i'd be a liar if i said i havent wished for the same thing in my life. Your music lives in all of us , it helps sometimes when life is too hard. Wherever you are i hope god holds you near him and that your finally happy. Human nature makes us beleive your still here, the emortal Michael Jackson. Sweet dreams xxx

Q. Full Name:   
R. Deanna

My heart goes out to Michael for all the pain that he went through.  I know that I would've been able to be a true friend to him without wanting anything in return but his true friendship.  I find that I'm quite a bit like him in that I love children (I have 4 of my own)

, love quiet settings, love to have fun and LOVE to be silly!  I always wanted to meet him and vowed that I would before he died.  I truly hope that someday I will meet him in Heaven  God bless you, Michael.  May we be friends someday!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Brenda

. Peace and Love to MJ. kmarie225 on youtube. Smile.

Q. Full Name:   
R. karen

hello mike, i love you so much miss you so much aswell listen to your music everyday on and on makes me happy and i can dance aswell but not like you its impossible haha my friends always laugh at me saying you love michael jackson and stuff i just say yeah so hes the best well anyway rst in peace my man goodbye.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Jamie 

Hi, Michael im a girl that lives in sweden and im only 12 years old. I have ben your fan since i was 5, and i just know that your alive.My biggest dream i  have ever had is to meet you someday,and i hope i will.I just have one thing to ask,why did you fake your own death? please answer.. from noora

Q. Full Name:   
R. noor

Dear Michael,
Isaiah, chapter 12
1: And in that day thou shalt say, O LORD, I will praise thee: though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me.
2: Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.
3: Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
4: And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted.
5: Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth.
6: Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.

John, chapter 14
27: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

dear Michael, ich kann meine Gefühle nicht wirklich in Worte fassen. Ich war zutiefst erschüttert, als ich die Nachricht von deinem Tod hörte. Ich war fassungslos. Ich hatte nie die Gelegenheit dich von Angesicht zu Angesicht zu sehen, dich auf einem deiner Konzerte zu bewundern. Ich liebe deine Musik und die Texte, mit denen du so viel aussagst und auch so viel bewegt hast. Gegen Kinderarmut und für Weltfrieden, wer hat sich jemals so dafür eingesetzt. Und dann diese furchtbaren Verleumdungen gegen dich, ich habe diese Berichte gehört und bitterlich geweint, wie konnte man dir so etwas nur antun. Für mich absolut unfassbar. Du hast auf so vieles verzichtet und so vieles gegeben. Und nun die Nachricht, dass du zu diesem Schritt gezwungen warst. Ich wünsche mir nichts mehr, als dass es wahr ist, dass du immer noch lebst und dass es dir jetzt endlich besser geht. Das wünsche ich mir von ganzem Herzen, auch oder vor allem für deine Kinder. Sie brauchen ihren liebevo
llen Dad noch lange. Wo auch immer du jetzt sein magst, ich hoffe es geht dir wirlich gut. I miss you so much und I love you forever, Monika.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Monika

Dear Michael, thanks so much for your gift of music, song and dance, you are much missed, I will always love you, God Bless You

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rache

to my dear michael
michael my baby i am so sorry that i didnt come to give you a hug when you needed one so bad. i am so sorry that i let you face all these horrible things all alone. i really am sorry for that i know you will forgive me but i will never forgive myself. i ll blame it on myself every single day of my life. i always loved you without knowing that i seemed too impossible.i love you but i dont deserve your love. i am not fit enough for your are a bird and i am just a fish. i am not up to your standards but nevertheless i love  you.i have no reasons to continute living this life but i wont kill myself , i ll just do what you wanted to do. i ll do charity , i ll try my best to heal the world, i ll do everything. cant wait to die , just to be able to see you. the world is so lonely , it always was but there was some hope named michael to make it bearable , but now he is gone and there is no hope left. i ll do my best to carry your message. the saying someone you dont k
now in this world loves you never seemed to prove as true and real as it now. i loved you but i had my own insecruties and fear so i never showed up , i think you deserve better. you loved me and longed for me without ever meeting me which is weird and strange to some people but since when has love been easy to understand.i dont love michael jackson. i dont. i just love michael. the shy akward sweet human lonely human being. whose love and loneliness and sadness reminded me of my own. i love you michael. i hope that you could understand the most deepest truth and feeling behind these three words: I love  you.

Q. Full Name:   
R. fatima

dear Michael Jackson..

Michael, i don't know you still alive or dead.. i just know, that you are the one which care to another people, you are so sweet, you are best, and you are the God's greatest gift..

i always hope, i will meet you.. i love you so much..
God bless you..

Q. Full Name:   
R. Cynthia 

I've loved your music all my life and listened to it when i was little, I love everything you've done to help all around the world and wish that i would have been able to meet you just once, or go to one of your concerts but i was too young, i bought a ticket for you 'this is it' tour in London but sadly you passed away as i am only 16 this was going to be the first concert that i would see of you, your my hero and i will never forget you. I wish you were still alive love Stephanie xxx

Q. Full Name:   
R. stephanie r

Michael: siempre supe que yo te amaba con toda el alma desde mi niñez,pero tuviste que partie para que yo entendiera cuán profundo formas parte de mi alma.Dios! doy mi propia vida aquí y ahora por traerte de vuelta! No quiero éste mundo sin tí...estoy perdida y me siento más sola que nunca,tú nutrías mis sueños,mi alma,mi vida.Te amo más de lo que pudieras imaginar,daría TODO porque no te hubieras ido.Yo también morí ése día. Espero que donde tu dulce alma se encuentre estés en paz y feliz.Hasta la eternidad,mi dulce y amado Rey del corazón.Ceci.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Cecilia

we love you and we need you. we support you and we love you so are the best and always will be in our hearts.we need are the best think in this world,without you the world does not exist

Q. Full Name:   
R. fischer

Dear Michael. I miss you so much. I listen to your music everyday, at work, walking with my dog, when I go shopping, atr home...and it sounds wonderful. There are some songs that I can not listen to, because they make me cry...Anyway I will always love you. Cris.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Cristina  

.i just wanna say that..i miss u so much michael..omg its so hard 4 me .. i cant stop thinking about you .. i love u from the bottom of my heart R.I.P my sweet pure angel

Q. Full Name:   
R. irene 

hello Michale hows it going?

Q. Full Name:   
R. matti

Ever since I was a litle girl there was a sense of love in your music that I felt every single time I heard you sing on the radio. I pray that with time my 2 yr old sons heart will heal from the pain that your dealth brough upon him. He tells me to turn on your song "Black or white" every time we get in the truck and when I try to make him understand that life comes to an end and sometimes people have to move on with god and I cant explain the look on his face when I try to tell him. You are the true performer of all time and even though people say you are alive I put you in my heart and know that if you are people have to do what they have to do in order to live there lives better. I will listen to at least one of your songs every day with my son and family and know that you are the best there ever was and no other singer or performer will ever come close to how amazing you were and will always be. You had a wish to live forever and well micheal you got that wish, in my s
ons eyes and myn you are alive, in your music and in our eyes. Thank you for helping me when you didnt even know that you did and thank you micheal for the truth you spoke into my our life!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Rachel

. dear Micheal, I hope you know your childern and you will always be in my heart and your music will have an affect on my life forever! every time I try to make this world better I always think about the song "man in the mirror". "Man in the mirror" will always be in my heart along with all the other great songs that you sang and wrote. you are my idol beside god and nothing can compare to the way that you made this world a better place for my genration. I know that at the end of your life things got very hard for you and your family and things were pulling on your health. I just wish that you didnt have to go so soon. God has a time and place for every one so may your soul rest in peace with god! I LOVE YOU!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ashley 

Майкл, Вы самый добрый и чистый человек во Всей Вселенной! Я люблю Вас и восхищаюсь Вами! Вы вдохновляете меня на добрае дела. Я Вас помнь и молюсь за Вас. Будьте счастливы, где бы Вы не были чейчас!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Наталия  

i believe you havn't die. You are my first love and endless love. i will wait message from Michael... I Love You

Q. Full Name:   
R. Eif 

Michael,hello!My name is Eunice by birthwright, but I go by my nick name Star. I told my self that if I ever got the chance to meet you, I would sit and talk toy ou about alot of things you went threw. having been a small time musician, I shared alot of your pain and so understood "Neverland!" I as well never had a normal childhood, I started at the age of 9 singing in a weekend band and all threw school, so I understand "have you seen my childhood" I missed out on alot of things too. I know obviously you were/are a world famous, and the biggest crowd I played for was 3000 people, won all kinds of awards. A big fish in a small pond. But you are the entire universe. I retired in 99 becasue of alot of similar things, but I wasnt a huge celeb as you are. but I just wanted you to know, it happens to us small timers too. I loved Neverland becasue I called myself Wendy. Wendy was great friends with Peter Pan, and he made her the mother of the lost boys. When all that craziness w
as going on, I was so upset, I said dont they get it? he is Pete Pan and the children that go there are the lost boys/girls that he takes under his wings and watches over. I lost my childhood and teen age life, I was in the buisness 27 years. And I walked away from it 10 years ago. I wanted to be Wendy and go to neverland to recapyutre what i had lost as well, I wanted to help in looking over the lost boys/girls casue that was what Wendy did. Mostly i wanted to know Peter Pan. having been a musican I wasnt interested in your fame cause I had experienced it myself. (But you do Rock!) Wendy and Peter Pan cared for the children. yet as I said I dont understand why people didnt get it, but I did. I dont blame you for flying away. In fact I wished you were going too, because I hurt with and for you all the way for years. You are a very rare person, and the world, well the USA wasnt never ready for someone as beautiful as you. I know the musician/person split personalities, casue
I went threw the same thing, I could get up infront of a crowd, but infront of 2 or 3 people asking me to sing, I just couldnt do it. I was so shy, even though you couldnt tell if you saw me on stage. So i know you, feel you, and Understand Peter Pan. I love you..."MORE!" or should I say..."MOST!" cause I have been threw most of what you have in a smaller scale, even the Morphine and demerol!! My life relates and reflects of you off my mirror,please know it is OK that you have gone on to be alone. I did the same thing and havent been back. I love and understand you Michael/Peter Pan..I hope some day we will meet in Neverland..where ever that maybe for you. Just to sit and talk with you awhile would be a dream come true. Not cause you are Michael jackson, because you and I have much in common, and I am your Wendy, who watched after Peter as well. Although I had crowds surround me, I felt empty and alone, just as you have. I am glad to know you are alright now, in a land of fr
eedom. Which is what I so wanted for you, rest now and be at peace. Find out who you are, if you need a friend, wish upon a Star..and I will be there..Unconditional Love Peter, I will be waiting for you...forever in my heart..U R not alone! Love Star....your Wendy! Remember Peter never grows old, or dies!!!! Will you be there?   

Q. Full Name:   
R. Eunice

dear michael,
i love you oh so much. you have changed many peoples lives and truly changed mine. your music inspired millions and your dancing changed history. but most importantly ypu gave to those in need. and showed the world how to come together as one and love one another. for this i thank you and love you with all my heart. king of pop is an understatement. king of music is still an understatement. king. almost fit. i love you and god bless. see you in the next life.

Q. Full Name:   
R. jessica

michael we love you pleze if your are not dead return in your job pleze

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R. feda 

Hey Michael, I hope you are happy now, I really hope that, though we miss you very very much, which I can't describe with words, but the most important thing is that you are happy, found your well-deserved rest and not be lonely at all, people say your not dead, but that you faked it to find your rest, well, that's amazing and you are definitely allowed to do it, after all they put you through. I love you so much, I'm a big fan of your music, dance and videos and you are such a kind, lovely and very nice person and my biggest wish is to meet you some day, I hope that will be true some time.
As for now, I hope you are happy where ever you are now! You deserve it!

With a lot of love, Lianne

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R. Lianne  

Maybe you were forced to fake your death, or maybe I wanted to believe in this history.I just wanna say that I understand you, but sometimes I think I'm gonna crazy without you.I know that you don't know me and I don't know you, but I was in peace just for knowing you were alive, well and happy with your children.I know that I could never touch you, look in your eyes, smile to you and say that you are not alone, but, I pray for you every day.Please, if you be alive,come back right as soon as possible, even if this world don't deserve you.I love your soul so so so so much.I'd like to help you if I could.

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R. De 

    To the Moonwalker

Tonight I feel a little bit strange. Perhaps it’s because of the music that I’m listening to, the smell of the air outside or the blow of the wind... I don’t know. All that I know is that I want to write some of my thoughts and to share them with you. Without hidden lies, just the truth, my truth…

I’m 26 years old and since the age of 8-9 (primary school) I remember myself “create” magical worlds where love and pureness were dominating. Everything was perfect there…And I was growing with these… illusions, you know…I was creating characters and one day I said to myself “I want to make the world better…wrong… I want to make the world seem like a dream, a “perfection”, “beauty”  “ Now that I’m thinking of all these childish dreams, I only smile…but the strange is that even now I hope for this change…the question is how you can change a world full of ignorance, banality, egoism, greed, cruelty ? Ok. there is also good…Besides the evil wouldn’t exist without good on the other side…But every day I discover that this balance has been broken. Many times I see the unfairness ( always according to what I consider fair and unfair), sometimes  I  interfere and some other times I don’t,  ‘cause I feel “weak”.. Maybe because deep insid
e I’m convinced that nothing’s gonna change… But you, I admire you…You had the “strength” to fight for your ideals…I like this pure “persistence”...To be honest, I’m very proud of my ex-fellowman, I’m very proud of You!!

Of course, I don’t like to share these thoughts with everyone…But you were not “everyone” that’s why I make this exception... Actually , I don’t belong to the category of  the fans of Michael Jackson. I like your songs, I really do and I admire you as an artist (oh God your dances were the perfect dreams) …Nevertheless, my interest, my respect and my appreciation for you as a person are bigger than for your “career”.  I confess that there are some songs of yours which are yet unknown to me…and I apologize for this…but your “world”, your “inner self” was/is much more important to me.... The best thing for me is to sit down and watch your interviews or reading all this stuff written by you…Your words were so “true”, full of emotions, “colors” and “magic”…Your eyes were overflowing with melancholy but also romanticism and peace…The way you were speaking had “something” special and even the small pauses of thinking were becoming
  the detail that “completed” every time the totality of your “image”. You were so…calm… I’m so impressed…especially with your politeness…truly a gentleman…You had so much love inside your heart that someone could feel it strongly in your “aura”…I don’t know, I would compare your “existence” to this soft breeze during the summer nights that makes you close your eyes and feel “beautifully” or to this sweet perfume of the night flowers during the spring…    You really “touch” me….

And I’m sorry that you had to suffer a lot…I’m sorry for all these unbearable feelings of loneliness and pain…To speak clearly, I’m not sure I can understand  this “burden”.. Because, you see, each one of us unconsciously gives to it different “meaning”. The only thing that I do sometimes is to lay aside “myself” and try to feel all these emotions and the reasons of their existence…The only way to understand someone…the only way to understand you somehow…always with the help of a ballad… ”If I could only stand and stare in the mirror could I see, One fallen hero with a face like me… And if I scream, could anybody hear me
If I smash the silence, you'll see what fame has done to me…Ooh - being crazy in paradise is easy, can you see the prisoners in my eyes…”

I could write so many thoughts but I’ll stop…I’ll make you some cds with some of my favourite songs…Of course, it would be better to leave them next to your “house” so that melodies always keep you company but unfortunately I can’t… Nevertheless,  a song will be played every night…a dedication to you…

Thank you  for everything Michael Jackson…

Farewell my dear “friend”…

With regard and respect,


why  ?

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R. m 

michael your not alone i am

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R. m 

REST IN PEACE KING OF POP! I will never forget your kindness, sensitiveness, humbleness, loving father to your children. I look up to you. You inspired me. I will still look up to you as a father, uve been az a father to me even though we didnt meet. You and my dad are the Best father in the w0rld! h0pe you see him there  in heaven.

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R. Arith

DEAR Michael ,

June 24 ,2009  i had this vision dream ....i was walking on a suspended solid natural wooden  bridge , not very long of a bridge .
The bridge was suspended in the space .
Walking half of the bridge , i looked on the side a bit , i saw YOU MICHAEL in the open space , just hanging there . You were looking up to me , did not  say anything , but raised your hand up to mine .
I reached out to you , you were not by far from my hand , but i could not reach you .
I could read the expression of your face ...                " Help me ".
I went to work on june 25 ,2009 .
I was driving from work ~ 13:15 , i always listen to the 103 station music , when i heard .... MICHAEL J is dying .I got home , i asked my family ... Is MJ dying ? we turned on the TV ...

Since then i can't sleep properly .... i started writting more & more poems for Michael then ever .
( i do write poems , some day i will publish them , i made a promise to Michael .
I LOVE HIM . I would not change , anything what he's ever done . He was unique , it needs to be respected and people have not done that .

love you always...Nina R.







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I'm not a fan , I'm a lover , I love you Michael , a real love , a love that I can't explain , a love that all the words in the world can't explain , It's love that no one can imagine , it's the true love created by Allah 

Michael Jackson you are a great , a good person and a wonderful man

you know the meaning of love , compassion , brotherhood, peace , equality and all the meanings of humanity

I think that you was doing all what  ALLAH has commanded us to do

I'd like to say to you that i'm really soooooo proud of your african origin , because my country Egypt is in North Africa , I'm really so happy of that :)

Michael , I'd like to tell you that I really miss you soooooo much , I miss you very very very very very much :(

I was hoping always to meet you ,to walk with you, to see you and to talk with you about a lots of things , but after your death I know that there's NO CHANCE  :'''(

Michael , I'm sure that you have been unfairly and injustice treated a lots in this world , and I'm sure too that you was soooo sad because of that :(
I swear that I felt always what you have been feeling from the suffering
I was everyday crying for you , and I still crying everyday because I will never could see you again , But I'm sure that i'll see in Jannah insha'a allah

and that's why I'm sure insha'a Aallah , that you are sooooo happy now , because in that other world where your are in now , there's no lies , no unjustice , or anything wrong or bad , but everything is good and perfect 

Michael , I pray for you each day and every time , to be in Jannah insha'a Allah and have Allah's mercy .

you have been given peace to the world , and now it's your turn to get the peace

Although all what I said , I still can't express the extent of my respect for you and the extent of my love :(

Rest in peace Michael Jackson , Allah be with you always insha'a Allah :)

see you in Jannah insha'a Allah :)

But Michael , I want to ask you a question , and I hope to listen from you the answer , are you still alive ?!!
pleaaaaaaaaaase answer me because I'm dying here , I can't study , I can't eat or drink or do anything since you died , I'm dying here I swear , I can't go on in this life again , I need you to be alive pleaaaaaaaase
Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase Michael if you are alive COME BACK TO US AGAIN , but if this is going to let you suffer again , so don't do it , but just pleaaaaaaaaaase let me know that you are alive if you really are , because I love you not like just a king of pop , I love you because you have the innocence and the greatness of a child

allah with you michael whether you live or dead :( :( :( :'''(

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R. Dina  

Michael, i never had the chance to see you in concert, i am an aust aborigine and i loved you from thriller and smooth criminal. i am 40 this yr and i feel as part of me has dide too,. i love you thank u 4 the music. see you when i get to heaven dance with the angels, there will never be another you.god bless  liz

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R. liz

michael...please come back....i cant live without are my only hope of light..

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R. raveena


love you michael

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R. sweet angel

micheal i know you r still alive but ill keep it a secret ok love you

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R. vanessa

michael i miss you so so much you are my love and my heart im crying everyday im so emty whe youre not here<3 if i just could hold you one time and feel yo one more time i would never let you go<3 you are for ever in my heart michael i love you<3

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R. camilla 

hello Micheal, i dont know if you remember me?
we briefly met on the 24th of November 1996 at the grand hyatt hotel in Melbourne on 37th floor? you just  appeared before my eyes & you spoke so beautifully,
i knew it was you? i didnt want to be rude & uncover your identidy?  i just wanted to thank u
for giving the opportunity it was so sureal & Amazing. may god bless u always.
Ps your PR Manager wanted you to meet my beautiful son on that day? if ever you come my way
dont forget to look me up.

Q. Full Name:   
R. danielle 

I miss you Michael although I dont believe you are dead I love you and look forward to seeing you again

Q. Full Name:   
R. Dorothy

Michael i love you baby i cant accept that was happened in june. i want you back i need you!! without you we're empty i cant live in this way!!!

thanx for my life because from the day i was born always been with you, with your music,your songs and your videos!!
i love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. aspasia

Michael i miss you and love you

Q. Full Name:   
R. John

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