hey michael we miss you o sooooo veary much but you where one amazing guy. so thanks for all you did to the world!!!!!

hello michael jackson i live in massachusetts and im eleven i understand people are saying you r not dead being my age i go from side to side i truly can not at this point i do not know if you are dead or not. it would be nice for you to clarify this for me i do take emails. and i live on cape cod it may take a while for me to get the picture. if you do not answer me by december 21 then i shall take final notice and say that you are dead but it will be helpful if you trust me and let me know you do not need to tell me any thing exept that you are fine and well. i do not need to know what you do not want me to know. trust me michael i can keep secrets. any ways who would belive me but the rest is up to you if you want me to know any thing just email me rember im only 11 and its only so far i can go being my age and only belive so much of what people tell  the way i do not blame you for doing this the way they dogged you around you diserved to be treated normal,and not
like a monster. if you did not get my email its r ruby

I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson, I am 13 years old, my name is Pedro Henrique, and I am from Brazil, I have no words to describe the talent of the king, is not, though! I was very sad about the''death''of him, not only I, but the whole world, I speak not only for myself, but in the name of all of Brazil! Michael, we love you. Stay with God.


I am totally in love with you f rom the bottom of my soul..you are such a beautiful person even though im only 19 ill always love you i will never ever let you go...I love you soo much

Q. Full Name:   
R. Taiwo

To Michael Jackson.
The biggest talent of all times.
Thank you for your humanity.
Thank you for your loving kindness.
Thank you for your joy.
Thank you for your incredible genius.
Thank you for the music.
Thank you for the dream.
Thank you for the life.
And when I think that right now
you are dancing a timeless moonwalk.
And from there you look at us
and you smile.
I glance up to the sky
and I think that in reality
nothing is changed.
You are alive.
You are the most bright
heaven star.
I miss you so much.
Because every your note
is a piece of your heart.
Because your truth
will always touch us.
Wherever you are
I will always wait for your star.
I love you so much.
Monica from Italy


I miss yuo and believe you alive
Lithuania   Rosita 

"Nothing means anything unless you're here with me
I can breathe, I can bleed, I can die in my sleep
cause you're always there in my dreams"

Dear Michael,

just one day before you left, I told a friend of mine: "when my time to go has come, please try everything in your powers that I can see him only once again. I do not wanna leave before..." 24 hours later my secret prayer has been snatched away and I felt an intense hurt I never experienced before and which will not stop today. yet, we all have to move on. And I continue to try to be the best person I can probably be, to be there for the children of the world and to spread love and your messages.
Thank you for having been the invisible force beneath my wings, the reason for I was still able to fly! Thank you for being the wonderful man you are. For having been there for them and for me through a distance. I love you,I always did and always will...for all time...from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime...



Michael, I dont even know where to begin. I cant get in touch with you, but you can get in touch with me. I want to be there for you. We have a very real connection. I have felt your pain for a long time, but have now way of letting you know. Please let me in. I dont want money, publicity or anything like that, I only want to share your heart. You can trust me. I am a nurse and the mother of three children. You and I were meant to be friends. It is really a neat coincidence, but I need you to trust in me.Get in touch with me at Love ya my friend.

MICHAEL, Please get in touch with me, I want to be there for you. We are very connected in a really sweet and unusual way. Please get in touch with me. I dont want money, publicity or fame. I want to share an incredible bond with you. Michael this bond is real, and you will know understand it when we speak.
get in touch with me at Susan

thank you,
for everything Massimo 

i miss u sooooooooo muhaaa   haley

  michael i love you so much
i listen you music when i was a for and i dance like you i learning you music words and i singing you songs

I Love You
Michael Jackson    suphacha

you had inspired evryone you made things really happen.....you was the one who had helped those people over there in africa im do the same thing if i ever become famous...you are a great entertainer and i love you so much

Dear Michael,

My name is Brigitte (i'm a baby thriller!i have 27)and i have so much to say ! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL ♥ and i will ALWAYS LOVE you.You are my Life,my love,my world...my everything.I'm just so sad to didn't have the chance to meet you and know you personally:(
Unfortunatly, you didn't have a childhood but for me you are my childhood,teenage and adult time! I miss you soo much and each day is getting worse.I feel very connected with you. Thank you for having been yourself in everything you did.Thank you for your talent,music,dance and all you did on this earth. In 1991 i had 9 and i wanted to marry you Loll i still wanted :)I love your personality your smile...you give me inspiration when i'm drawing.I make black and white portrait and the first one i made of you is the best of all portraits i made but unfortunatly you will not be able see it :(((well just in case!)Lolll
I will always remember you ! You still alive in my heart♥ and until i will live you will live ! I love you more Michael... i really do.
I hope you are in Peace now and remember Michael...I will always love you ♥ for the person that you are.
You're the Best...You're the KING of Pop and nobody will never take your place.God bless you
I hope and i wish that you can come back!!!
love you 4ever,Brigitte xxx...

Dear Michael,
I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your inspiring music. I know I never knew you personally but there's always a connection through music. You've done so much for the world and changed it. I love you Michael thank you for your love. Your music will live on forever and your life too. Life is filled with struggles and pain but we learn from it. Music for some reason heals hurt and spreads love. Your music does and it will forever. I have many thoughts in my mind and I want to tell you everything. I know I can talk to you anytime I need too. You're in my heart and everyone else's. So in my generation we just say TTYL. (Talk to you later.) I love you Michael and I will try to live by that and love everyone even if it's hard. I feel you inside my heart. I hear you in my heart. Michael, thank you so much.

yo te escribo siempre soy de méxico y si no son publicados mis mensajes no importa,lo único que interesa es que llegen a ti Michael ,ya sabes incondiconalmente me tienes esperando día con día,ya sabes cuentas con una cocinera,madre,novia,esposa una gran mujer,para una gran persona como tu(you),y mi más grande deseo es que estés donde estés seas FELIZ,por lo pronto cuentas con mucho AMOR, de muchas gentes en el mundo que te amamos,pero yo te Amo hasta el cielo,así de infinito,TE AMO,te cuidaré,te esperaré,te mimaré y apapacharé que nada te falte de atención como una perrita faldera,un licuado de plátano con leche y 1 huevo y azúcar me dan la enrgía para seguir esperando,TE AMO INCONDICONALMENTE   HILDA


There are many people who call you weird, and many other names. I think its very mean, and they dont know what they are talking about, Everyone misunderstood you. They always listen to the bad stuff that will get them money, Thts all the press wants is money! but i dont believe all the lies they said about you. Like you quoted "lies run sprints, but the truth runs a marathon" and your right! one day, the truth WILL come out, and everyone who said all this stuf will feel so bad. i hope they do. I just want you to know I stayed with you -and I will always know your innocent- all these years, and I am a true fan. I hope now that you will finallt get the peace you deserver. -of course, i dont think your really dead, i know, i feell in my heart that you are still alive somewhere in this world. I hope one day, you will finally decide to come out of hiding. People say they have saw you, i dont doubt it, actually, i hope they are true. anyway, no matter  what, i will always love you.

RIP 4ever Michael, i could go on and on with this letter all day. but i tried to shorten it the best I could. anytime i feel i need to say something to you , i will just send more letters. but I love you, and I want you to know that I really do miss you. I wish you really are alive and if you can read this, please say so . but anyways like i said no matter what ill always love you.

Love, 4ever and always, Sarah W. your # 1 fann :DDD


    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, your family, your children.  I am still overwhelmed with sadness....F the press, and I can't stand the way they hound people.  You are an amazing a strong man, and I hope you were able to look down and watch the way the world remembered you...you made history once again and that makes me smile.  The world has lost an amazing soul, but I feel they did not appreciate you enough.  I love you buddy and I hope to one day meet up with you, kick back and chat.  All my love.


Michael, I want you to know that no matter what I love you. I'm glad that you are finally free. See you soon.

I miss you every much.
You are in my heart forever.
I will be waiting when you return.
I wish you happiness. Independent living.
You have many lovers. But I only have love for you is enough.
I would like to meet you and want to hug you.
My wish is in your eyes. Although only a minute fraction of it happy.
You with my remote between different sky.
Send a message thank you very much.
You always love Michael Jackson.


Dear Michael,
St. John 14
23: Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.
27: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
Psalm 24
1: The earth is the LORD's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.
4: He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.
5: He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.

See what the King Jesus Christ is willing to for you, and how much He cares. I know people have lied on you: but always remember this . That you can’t make God believe a lie. For He sees you, knows thy heart. He sees you when problems come falling on you, but Jesus is there. He’s there, willing to help you, guide you, and most importantly love you. By God our Lord, may you and your family receive, the desires of your hearts, and may you Michael. Forever walk with hope, loving kindness, unspeakable joy, righteousness, and salvation. May this all come down from Jesus the Lord.
From  Autumn

Michael, i love you SO so much, you have to know that. I feel my soulmate is gone now, i'm lost. Sometimes i suddenly crie in the middle of the day,because i miss you, and i don't WANT to believe that you're gone. Please say it isn't true. If you are in heaven, then please be my guardian angel. i LOVE you veryvery much Xx

I love you Michael!!!!!!
Please come back!!!!!!  rusu

michael thanks you for sharing your music with us your my inspiration.Now you are gone i dont have anyone to look up 2 i have been a fan for 5 years and im only 13 so thank you again may your soul rest in peace


Dear Michael, I miss you so much. It's a great loss for all of us. I wish you were in a better place then this cruel world which didn't understand you. I wish you were in peace. Michael, I love you very much. God bless your family and your wonderful children.

michael all love you! I'm your fan for a long time and someday I want to be a singer like you've never seen you, but I still want to see live, as I know you! hopefully you come back soon! if you read this send a message to my e-mail that is  hope you're alive!


I miss you so much Michael i know what people say about you isnt true and you will always be in my heart i miss you and always will miss you. things might have happened but i will always be there to defend you in all you stand for. i have written many poems about and for you. and hear is one it is called goodbye Michael Jackson:

the light is said to shine once on A person
but in this case Michael Jackson porved it wrong
he brought joy with his music
he changed the world with all he did
and now he has been called back home before the world was ready to give him up
we all cry for him
we all wish he was back
but even if we wernt ready
he was ready
he left us with so much to live on
to remember
he set the bar for all of us
he loved us
and we loved him so much
and now we say goodbye
and we say good luck to his family
we say " we love you mike"

i hope you like it and i will always love you with all my hearts. God bless you MJ

I am a big fan of yours and I know you're alive! always wanted to meet you and always wanted to be your friend! then I saw on television just thought to be a singer! a great singer like you michael! you did all noticing the beauty of music and its power to heal and help people! I hope you come back and fassa the biggest and best tour that the world has ever seen! We wish you well and safe! send me an e-mail to let me know if you're well. bruno 

Michael, I know you are still here!

Dear Michael, I am truly devastated that you have passed away. When I heard from my mom I was shock, I couldnt believe it, there was pain in my heart and I felt like part of my childhood left with you! I grew up listening to you music and ever since you never left my side! And ever since you passed away, days later , I decided to show my little cousin some of your music and now he doesnt stop listening to it! He loves your music as much as I do and I'm proud. His top 10 are: bad, thriller, beat it, smooth criminal, black or white, give in to me, dirty diana, the way you make me feel, say say say. He enjoys them as much as I do, and I know that even though you're not here with us we will remember you as the KING OF POP!!! May you rest in peace! God bless you!! you're always be in our heart!!!  We love you MJ!!!.... <3

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Michael Jackson were my inspiration .. I love ALL YOUR MUSIC, I swear I'll keep you forever my heart ..
You will always be our 'KING OF POP'
laze in peace ..
Your number one fan:
From Paraguay .. Sara 

MICHAEL.te he escrito very much mensajes no sé porqué no están en las páginas ,si realmente los recibiste pero ,deguiré escribiendote hasta recibir una respuesta pues cuando amas a un ser humano jamás olvidas y sobre todo cuando yo sé que ambas partes nos podemos apoyar,solo sé que es indispensable la sinceridad y son palabras de mi corazón con todo mi AMOR,hasta cuándo podré resistir?? seguiré escribiendo ,un AMOR verdadero no es un juego,ni se puede quemar porque está hecho de fuego,ni perder ni ganar porque no es un juego espero tu regreso,no podemos permitir que destruyan la sabiduría y los genios en éste mundo hace falta la bondad = que you, TE AMO SINCERAMENTE HILDA y te esperaré lo nesecario   HILDAHey Michael i miss you so much. I cryed for weeks when you died i hated it. My friends dont get why i was and am so sad. I used and still listen to your songs when i am sad or happy or just to wake up. You really are the king of pop. I pray for you family every day. When Paris said what she said i cryed so hard it was so sad. I feel so bad for them. I believe your mother will be great raising the kids. I love you and miss you so much MJ cant believe your gone.

hi Michael again sorry m writing again to you but i want to re clear this message to you Infact i was kind of a fan later in my life my dident have any of your c.d's like I have now.
I love you with all my heart my hero, my Lengend will live on. I love you so much not just as a singer & dancer but as a person i hope i will get a chance to meet you maybe in another life.
I hope you rest in peace my love.   Mollie

And If I

Hold on to me

For I shall not let you


Hold on to my heart

So you can learn how

To respect everyone

And if I was

Even gone by tomorrow

You cloud still count

On me

I’ll never fail you

I’ll never fail you

No, no

Go ahead and lean on me

I’ll be what you need

To survive

I will never let you


For I would never let

Myself down

And if I was

Never around by you

You could look for me to come

I’ll never fail you

I’ll never fail you

There is no way I

Could ever let you down

For you are important to me

Oh, oh

You can count on me yes you

Don’t worry I’ll be there

And if I was gone by


You could still count on me

On me

I’ll never fail you

I’ll never fail you

And if I was never around

By you

You could still count on me

I’ll never fail you

I will never fail you

I’ll never fail you

Oh, oh, oh

No, no, no

By Autumn

Because i remember you...you did not die.  Because I dream of you you will always be alive.  I love you.. The doors to my dreams will always be opened for you to just walk in.. I love you Michael.  Judy

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