Hello,                        9/19/09

I have been a silent fan of Michael's music and dance style for years. I remember watching him on television when I was a young girl and thinking how amazing he is. I do believe the talent that Michael has is a gift from God and it was given to him for a special purpose. I know in my heart that Michael is not dead. I believe he is tired of the media and that he has discovered the true meaning of life (which is living and loving). Fans are only people that idolize the talent Michael has within but they truely do not know the true Michael's heart, soul, and desires. Life is too short not to take a moment to breathe and enjoy the gifts God has given which is the love of a family that is unconditional. I have watched the media for years and seen how it devistates lifes and how easy people believe everything they hear or see. I hope that Michael reads this letter because my message to you (Michael)is to live your life to the fullest and enjoy the wonders that you have and that som
eday I hope you find your true life partner that God has made for just you and your children. Michael, I know you are not perfect because no one is and believe me, We all have hidden secrets that only God knows. Remember, God is loving and he forgives us for our sins if we just ask and surrender to his glorious love. Michael, I do not know why you are in hiding but my heart goes out to you so much that it hurts to know that I feel your pain. Please do not let the mean people of the world crush you and make you hide. Just ask God to protect you and keep you from the negative people that want to hurt you and bring you down. I know that I have had many struggles through my life since I was a little girl and I have always thought I had a heart of gold but I wore my heart on my sleeve and fell victim many times to peoples cruel intentions even my own family members. I have always felt that many people can be so cruel because they are jealous or they want something from you and th
ey do not care if they hurt you to get it. I have not talked to my own brother for about two years now due to my brother saying very hurtfull things to me and my family. I do love my brother very much but everytime I try to talk with him he always seems to say hurtful remarks that cause me to get real depressed. I had to make a decision just to stay away from him so I would not feel so much pain and be so depressed all the time. Michael when I look in your eyes, hear your music, and
watched you grow throughout the years, I see a gorgeous man that has fallen to be a victim and who is trying so hard to run from his problems. I have learned you can not run from them that you have to face them head on with your head held high and have many supporters that love you unconditionally. I do not know the truth about all the accussations that you have had to face throughout the years. Only you and those that have accused you know the real truth. I am not hear to judge. I am only hear to tell you that if you ask God for his love and protection; it shall be given. Ask for forgiveness and it shall be granted. Ask for direction and God will show you the way. Michael, I do not know the real reason why you call your own father by his first name ( I heard because he was very verbally and physically abusive to you and your siblings when you all were children) and I also saw the report that Latoya made about your father's abuse. I know that my own biological father and othe
r family members molested me and my oldest sister and we hid it for years. Me and my sister were young children when we were molested and it went on until our teen years. We went about our lifes like nothing was happening but as we got older the memory haunts us. We finally told the truth to our mother and my mother was going to divorce my father and put him in prison. However, me nor my oldest sister did not want to put our father in prison. We just wanted him to go to a psychiatrist and get help for his illness. You see I forgave my father's actions toward me and I loved him because he was my father and a human being so I prayed he would get the help he needed. I just could not find it in my heart to hate my father for what he done to me and my sister. I just looked at him as being ill and needing help. However, my father did not want to put me and my sister threw a trial where we would have to face him and tell the truth. My father committed suicide before the trial. Peop
le that new my father thought he was a wonderful man because he was a caring and well reprected man in the community. So, when my mother started telling people what me and my sister was stating many people and family members stated we were lying. I can not beleive that people and family members would think we would make up such a cruel statement about our father. What would be the purpose? My mother is deceased now also so I feel like I am an orphan at the age of 38. After my mother's death, the birth of my three children, going threw two divorces, many friend's and family members cruel remarks and actions, I have discovered the true meaning of life is loving and being loved unconditionally. When I look at my children, I know no matter what they have done or do with their lifes that I will always be there for them through thick and then. I will never be alone again because I will always have the love within me for and from them and God. Michael, where ever you are just alway
s remember the lyrics to your own song:"You are not alone". It has inspired me many of times and I know you sing from your heart like you do with all your songs.
God Bless You Always, Live, Love, and be Loved,


I found you too late,when you don´t stay here.All my life I was looking a person like you...
I  knew you in your music, your message of love and your life.I feel inside that you and me  knew ourselves of always.My heart is yours.
You are my love and you´ll be forever.
I believe you and me will be in another life.
thank you for all.
I love you and cry for you every day,I miss you so much!
Nunca te olvidaré.
Your true friend from Spain.


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя

I am 40 and I've always loved you Michael.(I rarely use the word "love"). The more I learn about you Michael (through your home video and interviews) the more I love you and wish I could have been around you because you are an incredible and wonderful human being! May God make my wish come true...God bless you and your whole family

Q. Full Name:   
R. dalila

Michael! I miss you so much. So sad you died too soon. The world's gonna miss you for sure. I love you. I love your songs.. especially Man in the Mirror. It inspired me.. and YOU inspired me. Oh God! Why did you have to go so soon? We miss you Michael! May you rest in peace.

Q. Full Name:   
R. maira

My beloved Michael,i'm confused,i don't know if your alive or death,i hope your alive.Please come back soon,because i love you with all my heart,i need you,i miss you,i can't breath without you.My heart is broken.If you someday read this please contact me at my e.mail address: hope someday you will be part of my life.I love you forever.            Cornelia Romania     

Q. Full Name:   
R. Patrunsu

I‘m Katia from Azerbaijan. Michael, i  Iike u as a well-wisher person, super singer and perfect dancer. I want to say that, u didn’t die. I know it 110 per cent and I think u have reasons for hide. That is why all ur fans will forgive  u for that, when u will come back.
Michael, I want to say u words, which come from my heart.
U can’t die now. Because, u give best songs to the world, but instead of this world haven’t  given u anything good yet. Quite the contrary, it gives u bitter, sadness and illness. U have to take revenge from the world, with u super concerts and performance. Michael, I wish u good health, happiness and to be strong like iron. I want to say, I’m ready to help u in all matter. If u can, plzzz answer my message

Are you real alive?
If yes, please come out whatever you are. Can you imagine how much pain you are causing us your fans?
All your fans allover the world loves, and misses you so much. We will forgive you, please reply back ASAP.
Love you, fans from FL

Q. Full Name:   
R. Barbie   

Hey Michael,
Are you still alive?
Hope so...I got many of your Cd's and dvd videos plus magazine collection in your tribute. I got to know and understand you more now. I love even more. Please come to Florida. You're so cool!!!
hurry up.....:)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Grads  

Michael come please..back ok?Let see how bad you are...And bring your music out...

Why ar u dead...why. why..tell him that it's human nature why why...?

Q. Full Name:   
R. robert   

michael...all i can say it's don't worry!!we are here supporting and loving you whatever you do.. if you hoaxed your death we understand you and don't judge you. we are really impatient for your come back which must be the greatest seen ever!!!love u always king, wherever you are whatever you done!!keep the faith

Q. Full Name:   
R. dadux loves mj 

I miss you so much michheel

Q. Full Name:   
R. sara


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя


Q. Full Name:   
R. sarah


Q. Full Name:   
R. Antonella

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 Michael i miss you please com back i know you proably wont read this because of all the fan mail you get but if i could just see you just once it would mean the world to me i would give you my life if i could i miss you come back and i know you are a muslim i am to i a so pleased you have choses the right path may Allah lead you to heaven bismillah!


Q. Full Name:   
R. настя

R.I.P. MIchael :(
I'll never forget you
You was the greatest singer and dancer the world have ever seen!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Stefania


Q. Full Name:   
R. Milena

Michael,i love you so much.We miss you so much.You are the king Michael.Your songs,your moves are unic.Michael you were the best.You are the king of pop,the king of music.God bless you.You are an angel.Your music is so amazing.
We`ll never forget you.
Thank you for your music,thank you for your dance,thank you for all.
Rest in peace Michael.
You are in my heart.now and forever.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Ingrid

Deuxième message que je t'écris, nous sommes le 19 septembre 2009 et il y a une semaine, c'était mon anniversaire, l'anniversaire le plus triste de ma vie, je n'ai pu m'empêcher de penser à toi toute la journée.Je prie tout les jours que tu reviennes, je pleure presque tout les jours car j'ai mal au plus profond de moi, je n'ai jamais ressenti une douleur aussi intense de toute ma vie, comment faire pour être heureuse à nouveau ? Aide moi Michael je t'en prie, reviens parmi nous...Je comprends ton besoin de te cacher, si tu savais à quel point je te comprends, car lorsque je te vois et je t'entends, je vis à travers toi, à travers ta magie, tes émotions, je capte chaque émotion, chaque énergie, chaque souffle, chaque respiration que tu as fourni pour chaque chanson... Nous avons la même façon de voir la vie, de vouloir la paix, le bonheur de chaque être humain, l'envie de changer le monde pour qu'il devienne meilleur, moi j'essaye à ma façon chaque jour po
ur suivre ton chemin... Je ne suis pas une fan hystérique, ni une groupie, je suis seulement un être humain qui a beaucoup de fierté à t'admirer car tu es un exemple pour chacun de nous...Tu me manques à chaque instant...prends soin de toi là où tu es et reviens nous vite pour enchanter les coeurs et continuer à m'aider à changer le monde. Si tu te sens seul et que tu as besoin de parler où de te confier, je te laisse mon E-mail.je t'aime. Angélique ( NJ )

Q. Full Name:   
R. Angélique  

Michael, I have to tell you firstly, thank you. Thank you for your music, your strength, your hope, your unusual innocence in an adult. Thank you for each smile, each laughter, each movement you made motivated by love...
I have to tell you thank you because your music arrived to me in a very difficult moment of my life, and you gave me strength to face my problems and to try to resolve them. Each bad day turned a little better with your voice.
For me, you were one of the most unique and special human beings in the whole world. I don't know exactly how to describe it, you had something special that made me feel special each time I saw or heard you.
I hope the people will remind you as I do, because I don't care of people's opinion, I really believe you were awesome in all the posible topics.
I really hope you will rest in peace forever because you deserve it, you really deserve it... The world treated you bad, the injustice was with you in every movement you did, it really hurt you.. And you deserve to lose all that pain...
Your children, your whole family, your fans... The whole world will remember you and your music forever, because you were one of the BIG ones. You were a legend.
Thank you another time for living and for doing all the wonderful things you did.


Q. Full Name:   
R. Adriana

You were the best singer and dancer i never saw, you make us look the music. I hope you will finaly rest in peace where tou are. I miss you so much.
I will follow you in you're trials and your tribulations, through our doubts
And frustrations. In your violence, in your turbulence, throw your fears and your confessions,in your anguish and your pain, through your joy and your sorrow, I'll never let you part. For you're always in my heart

Q. Full Name:   
R. Anthony

Dearest Michael,
I've watched you since I were a little girl, i'm 26 now. I don't even know where to begin. I love you so much it hurts. You have been such a big part of my life, you gave me hope, taught me to dream and believe in the impossible. You are more than an Icon to me. To me you were just Michael, a human being, with incredible talent and a beautiful heart. You have touched my soul. My heart aches for the loss of you. You are in my thoughts all the time and my prayers everyday. You have returned to our creator and may nothing ever harm you again. The greed of this world makes me sick. May you rest in peace my sweet beautiful Michael. You live in my heart and there I keep you safe. God bless you Michael, I have always loved you and I will love you until forever when my soul is free I will love you. You had my heart when I was just a child and it will always belong to you. Always. I love you Michael.

Q. Full Name:   
R. Nadia

I am a really big fan of Michael Jackson and when i found out that he died i was really shocked it was a really sad day for me from that day on i am still sad and shocked and i wish the best for his family God Bless them all. :)

Q. Full Name:   
R. Maya

dear michael u meant the world to millons inc me im soo sad it came to this for u to be free of ya pain ya never be alone coz we are fans love u more ya our angel and will always live in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Q. Full Name:   
R. nicola

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson you will always be missed i just wanted to say Michael has been my idol for a long time and im so sad that he passed away we all miss and love you!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Liam  rest in peace! i love you so much, you are my idol, i hope you are still alive, but if not, you are my angel in heaven,i feel close to you everyday, you were a amazing entertainer! Thriller was the best music video of ALL TIME!!...love you,your fan, Jessica Seagren

Q. Full Name:    

. Jessica 

. You, Michael Jackson, truely were the KING OF POP. Many people claim to be seeing you arisen from the dead, If you are that's cool and if not the world will always remember you. GOD BLESS MICHAEL JACKSON'S SOUL FOREVER!
<333 Mel

Hello my name is Michael Jackson CAPCHA LUIS MIGUEL ARELLANO, from Lima - Peru, I remember how in 1993 you were going to get your DANGEROUS TOUR here in Peru, but for the unjust accusations of pedophilia presume that child you could not get , we miss you from here in Peru, yet to sink in that you find yourself gone, but, as we all your fans around the world, only you left to SKY TOUR pa <ra do your best numbers and show your steps to GOD HEAVEN always be in our hearts, that They are not just words ... it is a reality, remember that you are immortal and no one will ever erase your footprint and may not superART, are unique

Q. Full Name:   
R. Luis

Sólo quisiera decirte que desde muy muy lejos, te envío un poco de polvo de estrellas. Si quieres recordar algún momento feliz, recuerda la sonrisa en la cara de tus hijos, en la carita de algún niño que hayas tocado con tu bendición, en los ojos de tu madre cuando te observa con admiración,en el cariño incondicional de tus fans al rededor de todo el mundo...
Las palabras "te amo" me resultan comunes ante el profundo sentimiento que siento hacia ti. Has llenado mi vida de magia, representas mi deseo de volar. Te ofrezco un abrazo sincero donde encuentres la seguridad de un hogar, un apoyo incondicional, un refugio en medio del caos y la paz y el silencio en medio de la multitud.
Te amo, te respeto y te admiro.
Sinceramente y desde lo más profundo de mi corazón, te digo mil veces TE AMO

Q. Full Name:   
R. Cristina

Michael, Please get in touch with me.I want to get to know you, and you need me right now. I want to be your real friend. There are so many people in this world who never know the true meaning of friendship. I am a good person, and I feel that you need a good friend. e-mail me at  I hope to talk to you soon. Love, Susan

hello my name is kimberly but alive in Argentine Buenos Aires.
no matter how hard they say what they say, of the genius of the world that is michael Jackson
within my heart I that and lesta alive, I understand and it
it does this by its good I am going and it to apollar in everything.
michael I want that you know that these alone.aquí you do not have a friend in whom
to trust when you want if these reading this,
I mean that I love you yet my heart to you that you and my father are but
great that I have in mundo.y that podria not to live without you.
it only gives to forces my heart me that says to me that still these between us,
The great dream but of my life is conocerte michael,
please ayudame to fulfill my dream.
podria not to go me of this world if to have been able, mirarte to the eyes and decirte
much that you y love you.te right of perpetual ownership that is nor a moment at no that does not think about you,
I only want that in my life, that I only request to be happy, Y love you michael you are the best thing than I happen to me in my 20 years of life.
each photo yours fills the hope heart to me and love and of which someday I am going to you to conoser in person, is a pending dream in
my life
ayudame to fulfill it please michael please I love you I love you you prune much to be written  here
you are my whole heart by always.
your faithful friend Kimberly

Michael I LOVE YOU!

Q. Full Name:   
R. Mayara

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