Michael Please come back I really miss you and this world needs you still so please come back soon From a super fan    Maia

"Dear Michael Jackson.
I am a big fan of you and your music.
I am a very secretive person. If you ever need anyone to talk to, you can trust me. let's meet sometime! :)"    Chelsie

Michael please come back...i miss you    almanar

"You will forever be missed Michael.Your music showed L.O.V.E and always will. Your music was amazing. You were judged but I love you for who you are Michael !
R.I.P the King Of Pop <3"    Dominique

Michael...I've always been a big fan of you, but I never showed it because I'd get made fun of for it. I just wanted you to know I love you and I really wish you didn't pass away :( I always wanted to meet you at some point in my life...I always wanted to go to neverland, but I never got the chance, and now it's to late! I love you Michael  ~RIP~    Katelyn


"Hi Michael! My name is Dali and I'm 11.
Here in France it is February 13 and tomorrow is St Valentine's day. There's one thing I really want to say you : I love you... I always loved you. I thing that you will be surprized because there is a lot of mistakes but I hope you will answer me. I am not English but I learn to speak this language. And I was sure that you're alive.
(If I have any errors, can you correct me please?)
R.I.P. Michael me and my friend Jennifer will both miss u very much no matter what anyone says about you we won't listen to them I will especially miss you the most because of that song smile you wrote on my birthday in 2009 I almost cried :'(.    Elizabeth

Hope you coming soon Michael we need you , we are ready to change de world with you. I miss you so much, I love you like a brother, God bless you <3    linda

Hey M <3
I just wanted to say that, nomatter if you are alive or dead, all is well. I believe in afterlife and that the soul is immortal so im sure I will see you, one day. As a child I always wanted to be around you at Neverland. I never could. I know in my heart that, if you have truely left this plane of existance you are just fine over there, where all things are far more beautiful and peacefull. I hope you are happy and I hope that when I pass on, Youll agree to have a simple walk with me, I dream of that :] To just have a random conversation.

If you are still alive and out there... if that is the case, [and if you bother reading this] then I just want to say.. Good for you! Im not mad at you. I completely get it. Youre right, what life do they expect you to live being hunted down like that? With all you gave to the world its only right that you get to spend whats left doing what you want to do, in peace, away from it all. I want you to be happy. I know the sadness that I see in you very well. Its in me too, I still feel it everyday. Its true what you said about what a child does when it doesnt recieve that love from a parent. I hope you find love Michael, real genuine love, for the person you are, not the name you are. And I hope you find peace and happiness. Alive or dead. You have all my love if its worth anything <3

Ive never been good with words btw im sorry if this all sounds weird, im not good at expressing myself :/
I love you and thank you for being the light in my childhood. And im sorry, we all demanded too much from you. pressure.. Most would rip you to pieces if they got their hands on you, out of ''love'' But not at all thinking about YOU. Youre only human, Im proud of you, proud of the life you lived and of keeping it together like that. Of how you pushed yourself. (eventhough you probably hated it] And thank you, when i wrote you that letter asking you to do something with Justin T , You actually went and did that. ;]
"    Dominique

Hey Michael ich kann es gut verstehen, das du dies getan hast.All die Jahre haben alle Leute dich nur als den star gesehen, niemand hat auch nur versucht,deine wahre persönlichkeit zu sehen.du bist so ein lieber Mensch und guter vater, du wolltest stehts für deine kids, familie und freunde nur das beste, hast mit deinem großen herz und guten seele immer da versucht zu helfen wo hilfe notwendig war,hast dich auch für die menschen aufgopfert denen es schlecht ging und niemanden hatten. Doch niemand hat je gesehen das deine seele immer mehr leidet und du eigentlich auch nur ein ganz normaler mensch bist, der liebe vertrauen und geborgenheit braucht . viele der Menschen da draußen haben dich für dinge verurteilt die andere als gerücht in die welt gesetzt hatten, und niemand ist je auf die idee gekommen auch nur einmal dich zu fragen was du denkst oder fühlst dabei. du hast dich immer für alle aufgeofert und selten mal an dich gedacht. doch gedankt hat dies dir am ende leider nie einer.Ich weiß das du noch lebst und ich hoffe sehr das du endlich in ruhe und in freiheit leben kannst.und deine verletzte seele sich vollkommen erhollen tut,und in den glanz deiner augen  wieder das glück einzieht und dein unbeschwertes lächeln wieder zurück kehrt was du einst vor jahren mal hattest.Ich wünsche dir und deiner familie das aller beste für die zukunft, aber vorallem glück, liebe, geborgenheit und freiheit.    eileen

"i love you michael. i will always love you, the fans will always love you, thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us and thank you for being so generous. we  miss you soooo much!!!
have fun moonwalking with the angels <3 love you more."    Taylor

Dear michael   you will always be in our hearts miss you     gloria

You really did heal the world! A lot. You know. Just wanna say that. I started helping poor children (God bless them) , of course becouse the kids and also becouse you want(ed) to help them. Your millions fans love you, even we never knowed you at all and we will NEVER forget you! Just wanted to say that. You are our idol for now and always! And your music and the other things that you did really heal the world! With all my love, we love you, rest in peace!! (This is from your fans!) God bless you!!!    Rebekka

I miss you, Michael. You were a great man. All those things they said about you weren't true. You were very talented and I love your music.     Eric

dear michael,i hope your finally at peace now,your a beautiful angel, i will love you always xxx    tina

May God bless you and keep you safe. You are a special and beautiful person. Enjoy life, laughter and love. Rest and renew. Amazing grace.  xox    Linda

I love you     caitlin

r u still alive    boby

"Dear Michael,
Thank you. Thank you for being there for me through all my tough times and helping me get through. I'm fairly younger than most of your fans, meaning I did not grow up with your music, but that doesn't mean I'm any less of a fan. You are my biggest inpiration. Your music touches me on a deeper level than anyone elses.I miss you so much, Michael. I have to admit that I was not a big fan of yours back before you died, but I definatly was NOT a hater. I knew little about you then because I was only a child, but one thing I've always known, you were and still are the king of pop. Know, since I know more about you, I love and respect you so much more. I truely wish I could have met you but, as I said before, I was fairly young when you died. I know you will not read this message but I would like to think you will. The fact that you are gone and are never coming back completly breaks my heart. I never want to stop typing because I don't want to let you go but I know that as long as I have your music, I have you with me. I love you so much, Michael. I hope one day that maybe, just maybe I will be with you(: Rest in peace, Michael. You are definatly missed. Lots of love."    Sara

"Hey, I don't know if this will work but I am trying it! In my life Michael jackson has inspired me and when I found out he had passed away I was crying so much. He made me feel loved and made me feel like I'm not alon I wish he was alive. I cry everyday for mj and pray that he is having a great time wherever he is. I cry and pray that he will show up in  but I know that my dream of that happening has a 0% chance of it coming to life! I just want to say to mj if he is alive that I cry everyday for him and my life has become tears and sorrow, if you are so afraid of becoming old it happens to everyone, I feel sorry for you! I wish I could be like you mj and I wishi had a father like you cause I feel I don't have a father, my father is always overseas and away from my family because of his work!!!!

Love an unnoticed girl not even a teenager by the name of Emma"    

michael we will all miss you alot i was a american icon and the best ever at would you did i hope you rest in peace mj love you    james

your my favorite king of pop you are a good person we all love you.    Aishianay

"Dear Michael,
I have been a fan of you since you have died. I diecided to look you up and see who this king of pop really is. I looked you and and began to fall in love with your songs and dance moves. I always listen to them when I am sad or upset about something and it just makes all the pain go away. Thank you so much for inspiring me to not care what other people say about me. I have quotes from you hung up in my room too! You told us to look at that person in the mirror and make that difference. I have been trying to do that more and more every day. I hope you are in heaven right now and looking down on me writing this lovely message to you. Again thank you so much for inspiring me.       Sincerely  Laura "    Laura

"My dearest Michael,

another Year without you!
I'm still loving you and I'm still missing you very much!

God bless you and take care!!!


"    Witha

I will always love you Michael jackson    kayla

Hi Michael, This is Sharon. From Lancaster, P.A. I just want to tell you that I have been helped by you with your songs.     Sharon

michael , i love you so much . i miss you . i;m hoping you're still alive and will come back , you;re the most humble person i've evr known . this earth needs a person like you :D . love you mj . please come bck :(    Hannah

hey [boy] my only wish is to satisfy you, i wanna make this the best i can do, to keep you happy with all my might, you'll want for nothing both day and night, i like to watch you move 'cross the floor, and you know i do, as much as i do now makes me want you more, and you know that's true, you are the only boy i adore, i'd do it all for you, to give you what you need, all that i live for, oh boy, no way you'll ever have to worry, said i'll never do you wrong, boy, you're the reason that i live darling, my only wish is to satisfy you, i wanna make this the best i can do, to keep you happy with all my might, you'll want for nothing both day and night, [always] and i sing this song to you, because you came to me when i was in need, i did'nt have no one, so now my sole desire is to please , and you're the only one babe, just like the shining sun you warm my heart, and make me feel secure, and i pray to god while on earth we'll never part, no darling, no way, you'll never have to worry, no way, said i'll never do you wrong boy.  LOVE YOU THE MOST!  DEBBIE J FROM NASHVILLE.  LOVE THIS SONG! I WILL ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DREAM IN MY HEART![ BELIEVE!]    debbie

Michael, I'm Leilani D. I'm 14 and I really miss you. Please come back. Please. I want to be a popstar like you were. But not sing songs with Satanic lyrics of course. Give out a good message to the people of the world and make the world a better place for our children in the future. I'm not sure if I'm writing to no one now but oh well. Michael if you do see this. PLEASE come back. We need you. Love, Leilani ♥    Leilani

michhhhaelllll love my sunnn lloovve youu i believe that you're alive dear    nin

Michael, I know you didn't want to be bothered. But my name is Brandon B and I'm a huge fan. And I'm a believer, I believe that you're still alive out there somewhere. People always give me dirt for believing it, but I know it's true. Come home soon Michael. - A MJ Fan.    Brandon

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