Dear Michael Jackson, just want to say I fall in love with you and I miss you so much wish you were here I cry everynight because I miss you I can\'t stop thinking about you I know it is hard for me to tell you how deeply I am in love you since you are in my heart maybe someday when I see you again I can tell you how I feel now you are gone my world had ended I can\'t live without you please rest in peace my love. Love Always, Wuanita C

"Michael, my dear, sweet, angel of a man. You are now resting in he neverland in the sky , away from the media and people who want to hurt you. May you spread your angel wings and shine like the star that you have and always will be. As sad as I am, I am pleased that you can finally have time to play without worries or cares. You will always be that little boy trapped in a mans body who could connect a crowd with only the sound of his voice. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS,
Grace xxx ( may you be with God!) "    Grace

i just want to say that you will always be loved nothing gets any better than you     heather

hello michael I LOVE YOU    HAmid

Dear Michael Jackson , I am hoping and pray that it is true that you are alive if you I want to let you know that I love you and miss you wish that I could have know you I would love to meet you in person I hate to say I fall in love with you and I am crazy about you let me put it this way let just say I wish I was marry to you I know in my heart that you are alive and I believe in you and you will always stay I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND I MISS YOU Love Always Wuanita C

michael  my name is diamond symone m   im 16 years old and from south dakota  i love you so much you have made a huge impact on my life so much has happend sense you have been gone im sorry you had to hide and no one ever understood you i really am now after watching interview after interview i know who you are talking about and i hate that america was so blind. but back to what i was saying so much has happend         prince dated a girl named nikki and they where so cute together omg and now he is dating a girl named remi a she is beautiful and paris is so gorguss she is like a rock star very different and intelligent and blanket is growing up to become a strong young man alot of your familys buissness out there and im sorry things should be more private these days im kinf of rambling about nothing im sorry i told myself i would make this short i love u michael r.i.p and if u are still alive your amazing and when the world is against i will be there for u Michael. allways     diamond

Dear Michael, I have to say I love you so so so much. When you died, or showed the world that you died, it truly broke my heart. It was the first time ever that I felt the pain of loosing someone you love so much. I don\'t know if you\'re really alive or not. But I would love to have one word from you, to know that you\'re alive. I promise to you with all my heart that I will respect your privacy and protect your secret, if you are hiding. Just let me know if you\'re really out there. I really love you so much Michael, I love your music, I love your dancing, I love you... It\'s my dream that I would have just one word from you, just to hear you say \"I love you\" with your beautiful voice and just one warm hug from you. You are an angel to me. And that\'s how you will remain to me forever. I love you so much    Karunakalage

"hey michael you are the best and you are my idol!i won talent show from your dances ad im pretty good at your moves!.i want you to know that you're not alone!i also started to sound like you,i even had my hair and got custom made clothes like you!i love you mike!people call me little breezy jackson ! but mike i wanna be like you and have fame like you!when i was a new born baby my mom turned on the television and i heard you sing and saw you danced and hang out with mickey iwould get quiet and excited! 

!mj forever!

~who\'s bad~"    korry

michael te amei e sempre vou te amar,voce foi uma lenda da dança,voce foi o melhor de todos os tempos,nós te amamos michael.descanse em paz!    gabriel

Me and my friend are your #1 fan!!!!!     A

are u alive im a little kid 10 years old    miguel


Michael I thank God for giving you to us for as long as he allowed, whether you are alive or gone you will allways be in our heart. I just wish I could have gotten to meet you not because you were famous but just to talk and hang out like real folks, I know you was a good person and God do too. o keep singing in heaven my mom is listening.    virginia

"Hello michael i just want to see if you are real i am a huge fan and well  i want o chat with you i am ten years old
-Alexia"    alexia

Dear Michael Jackson, I am truly sorry that I never meat you in person I feel bad about it hopeful someday I will get the chance to meet you I will always believe in you are alive in my heart I will always love you and always be your fan I love you Michael Jackson you and your family are in my prays and in my heart
 love always, Wuanita C

"Michael I love you so much and I miss you and hope to meet you someday in real life I love you sence the first time I saw you in tv when they said you died 06.25.09 sence that day I have love you and lisent to your music and ill allways will deep in my heart I say you are my guide of been alive I respect you so much hope to see you someday out their in the world or in heaven im in love with you dont care the age but just now that you allways be in my heart you are not alone im here with you forever and allways on your sadness madness and happyness too I love you michael joseph jackson keep on belivin that ill allways love you   Sencerely  Katherine j 

"Michael I love you and miss you so much with all my heart I have live my life wishing someday I would meet you but never had happen I lisent to your music all day and night I cry and cant stop looking at the sky thinking where could you be out their in the world or maybe in heaven you will allways be in my heart and ill allways love you I dream of you to much hope you understand  what I feel and think about you
♥LOVE KATHERINE♥"    katherine

When I first heard that you passed away, I was heartbroken and horrified. You were and still will always be my favorite artist of all time. There is something in me that has a feeling your still alive and well, maybe in Ireland? If so, you did the right thing. Maybe Ill bump into you someday, I hope. If not, rest in peace michael. No one can harm you now. I love you forever and always. Xoxo"    Keisha

Dear Michael Jackson, I just want to say I miss you and love you so much wish you were here but you are gone and always in my heart I fell real bad I never meet you and never ever will I cry everynight hopeing you will come back so I can meet you here is my number for any update  Love Always Wuanita C

I hope Michael can get away from the haters ad media. I love you very much Michael!    Jazmin F

Michael I am a huge fan but I just want to know are you really dead if your not where are you and when will you come back we all miss you and we love you so much    geniya

How can I send Michael a message to get to Forest Lawn when in my heart I feel he is out there catching up living the normal life? Michael, email me if you want to chat. I miss you.    Dory

Michael, rest in peace! I hope you are happy in heaven! You were, and still are the best singer and dancer in HIStory! I love you applehead <3    Olivia

hello michael, i love u and your music from years and i\'ll always you still alive, i never change my think. please show your face again becuse manz fans cant stand it.     paulla

Iyurrrrr Michael     Leah

Are you Still with us Michael?    Amin

Dear Michael Iam a huge fan of yours I wish I could have met you I was really sad when I found out that you have passed away and I really will miss you very much rest in peace mJ     Jessica

Michael You Will Live In Our Hearts Forever <3. If You Are Alive Today Just That Your Fans/Friends Will Be With You (; I\'m A Friend If You Need Me Contact Me Email    ariana
"Dear Michael,

I miss you so much. Everyone misses you dearly. I have faith in that you\'re still out there somewhere in this world. I have faith in that you\'re still alive. I love you. And until my heart stops beating, I will always love you. Everytime I think of you, Everytime I hear your songs, my heart fills with joy.. Michael if you\'re truly out there and I believe that you are, I want you to know that we\'ll always be missing you. You are such a loving, wonderful person.  Wherever you are, I know your safe. And I hope that you\'re finally living without worries and having fear for your own life. Forever I will keep you in my mind, heart, and soul. I will never forget you.
     Love you forever,
    Daisy S

"Hey Michael,
I just want to thank you for all your love and all your music you was giving me in past and in present. I don't know where you are but I think you are still here with your heart. Thank you Michael!"    Daniel

R.i.p You Were Awesome Cute and Very Amazing #KingOfPopForever    Robin

"hi im  and im only  years old but michael Jackson isnt dead i know i saw him 2 mounths ago im  not dhumb and just tell mj to come out and say it thank u"    drew

Hi micheal just want to say i love u so much im 14 i really wish i had a chance to meet u in person. I saw ur videos of live concerts and men i really wish that was me getting kissed by u  i love u so much hope everything about u still being alive is true cuz u have me going crazy right now    Deziree

"Dear sweet Michael,
I hope u read this message wherever u are. U know, I've always dream to talk to u one on one n live with u. Not because u are rich or famous but simply because your kind, loving heart. U can consider me as your housekeeper for example lol. I'll do whatever u want me to do, I\'ll cook your favorite dishes and take care of your things. I know it sounds crazy but I\'m willing to do that because I love u Michael, I always do. As long as u are happy I'll do anything to keep that smile on your face, to protect u n comfort u. I don\'t want to believe that u are in heaven now because my dream would also die with u.. I want to devote my life to u. I always remember your message to the world to always take care of children, animals, all living things and I've always try to do exactly like u did/do. I love children n animals just like u. You\'ll always be my inspiration, Michael, my angel and you\'ll always be in my heart. I hope u are still alive n happy out there even if it means I lie to myself.."    Anna
Michael  you have made the world dance.    Don

"Dear Michael,
        Thank you because every time i saw your picture in facebook,tv,mall and etc I always remember what you\'ve done in this world.You make us happy and you know what?1 i want to meet you someday but i think its only a dream to me to meet you.... I am sad because your gone! and also every time i heard your voice in radio omg! i felt i\'m in heaven, i felt i\'m with you. that\'s all Michael \""I love you\"" and i miss you so much.             
                      your dear fan

Michael I just wanted to say that you are in my thoughts daily and you are missed. I truly loved you as a person and wish I would of had the chance to meet you.     Catherine

You will always be in our hearts <3    Lena

Dear Michael Jackson, just want to say I love you and miss you wish I had met you but it will never ever happen in my life here is my number for updates  Love Always,    Wuanita

"mj you have touched all our lives through your music and person, the believers and the doubters.
i believe you are in a safe place until you are ready to revile your self as the true king of pop ones again "    wayne
"Michael, you are absolutely an amazing person! The media has hurt you & judged you in ways many people wouldn\'t be able to handle, but just know all your fans LOVE you & NEVER turned against you.
You are such a wonderful, caring, loving & AMAZING person! You are one of a kind. I love you so much Michael <3 I know one day you will come back, but for now we wait. Patience is the key. I love you MJ you are amazing I just can\'t forget that, no one can. <3"    Yesenia


Music  press kits
"Dear Michael,
There is so much left to say. i cried so much at your death, I didn\'t sleep for a week. I miss you, please come back, I beg you. Love, Camille

"A beautiful man gone too soon ~youll be loved forever~ your songs speak to me an tell the truth~Rest in peace my sexy beast I Love you! "    lisa

Miss you Michael    Anna

Dear michael, I miss you plz come back you are amazing I love u and I got your preyer I love u too did u mean it when u said u would come back when I was sixteen    Stella

u are alive u not die come back    asdsad
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