"I just want to say... Oh boy, Please come back to us!! Please, please, please! We need you, Michael! And we will love you forever, no matter what! I cry for you every day and I am so sure that I am no the only one who does that.. I really miss you! Every day, Every hour, every minute, every second I miss you! I love you so much! Pleae, come back! I would do everything for your come back..
#beLIEve"    Ollie

"hi my love i wish you could come see me at star bucks tonight at 7:30pm
i need you michael i've loved you all my  life! love connie w."    CONNIE

dear Michael Jackson I know it been a while sent I send you a message I want you to know that I feel real bad that I never got the chance to meet you even thou I am a hug fan of yours always have been I do believe in you and I love you hopeful we will meet someday here is my number  so you can text or call for the update     wuanita

Micheal if you are still alive we all still love you very much :) and u are missed truly love you always and forever I personally never believed any of the bad things people said your greatly missed :D and I know your still here with us      Angela

Pls come back I know ure out there    Sarah

Michael, still wish you were in person -- alive that is. You are missed but your music will live on in all of our hearts. You have made a very strong impact in all of our lives. It's now time for you to get the sleep that you so crave. We, I mean, I love you and you will always be in my heart. Hope to see you on Paradise earth.    Alison

Mr. Jackson, You will be forever remembered no matter where you are. You left an impression on me and this world like no others. I pray that wherever you are, you have peace. Thank you for your music.    Mikel

dans tes chansons tu parlais toujours d'amour,
tu avais raison, l'amour est la chose la plus importante dans la vie ; l'amour c'est ce qui nous fait vivre   ; je t'aime              "    RICOUAD

I just can't stop loving you

Please Dear Michael! Come back! we're waiting for you, we love you come back please! please.    Muneer

Michael, if you are in hiding please come out. I love you and your music so much! My favorite one of your songs is "You Are Not Alone"    DeAsia

"Michael u are everything to me
u have made me diffrent made me belive in my self
u are the 1 and only king
whatever u do u are the king


oh Michael,I can't find the right words..I miss you so much..every day, every minute and every second..you don't even know how much I love you. You're the most beautiful person inside and outside. You're simply perfect. I love you so much.    Miranda
hi Michael Jackson I am a fan of yours and I will always love you and believe in you you are alive in my heart    wuanita

I hope yourreturning to us soon Michael     p,m. from Ireland

hi michael love u    jasmine

pls michael pls be alive    thea brianna

Are you alive Michael  Jackson     Luis

I still have hope that you are alive,Michael.In fact,I KNOW you are.I love you so much.I hope that one day you will come back....And I hope that you have found some peace in the past few years.I hope that you are no longer living in so much fear...Because nobody should ever live in fear.And Michael,you shouldn't live in fear of death,either.It's just another part of life.It's inevitable...And it's bittersweet,really.Just know that you're not alone.I fear some of the things that you do as well.Like growing old.I don't ever want to grow up.I'm fifteen,almost sixteen.I told my mom that we're not allowed to celebrate my birthday cause I refuse to get older and grow up,lol.And I also fear forgetting things.I don't want to forget people I love,and things that I experience.I'm afraid of being forgotten along with that.I'm afraid that if I don't make something of myself in life,that I'll just be another forgotten face.I guess our similarities within our fears just go to show how truly normal and completely human you are.I love you,and I miss you.I don't believe that you are really,truly gone though.I think you're just hidden in plain sight. I just want to know that I'm not crazy for believing this.All of your fans will forgive you for faking your own death,because we  l o v e  you.We always have,always will.Never forget that dear... :) <3    Shalee

Music  press kits
Some 40 odd years ago I sent a letter to you .Never received a reply but that is ok with your life and all understood.It was not a letter about your fame cuz you might have been 10 or 11 maybe even 12.It was about what I saw in your eyes I realy only wanted us to maybe write each other.Mama said I ought not do this cuz I would never hear from you.Againe this was understood.But I watched you as I grew up and much was wrong but your eyes stayed the same,so deep and they grew darker w/the years.So here I am againe some thing inside tells me the same you are not alone you are loved.I know I will see those eyes againe.Peace I give to you Michael.    Juanita


If you're alive, please come back. We need you so badly    Nassima

Michael I will always love you! I have all your albums my favorite is Bad! R.I.P    Skye-L

MJ, we all know you're alive!     Kassidy

Is this true that u r alive. Please tell me the truth who are you? Are you the real MJ or just fake to make publicity? Please tell me are you ALIVE??    Ace

I am a huge fan of you (Michael). Well, I like this group, but then you all the sudden popped in my head. And then I all the sudden get phone calls from this phone number > (501) it's freaking me out.    Riley

Alive.    Angel

dear Micheal if you are still alive i need you back you were my hero.And it seems since you died my family's life has gone down hill....Micheal i need you please please come back i love you.    Sanaa

"Dear micheal,
I miss u if you're really alive please come back.
U were my hero and idol.
U dont have to make songs. All u have to do is give the world a sign that u live"    David

dear Michael Jackson hello my name is Wuanita and I'am a big fan of yours don't worry i am not a judging person meaning i don't jugde people i love you with all my heart hoping you know i will always be a fan of yours i wish that i could have meet you in person if i did i would of huge and kiss you i believe in you you will be in my heart forever.my yahoo is not working right now you can text me at  i love you Michael!    wuanita

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