Michael, I'm Camilla and I'm 15 years old, I don\'t know how to to tell you how much I love you and that you, emotionally have got me through depression and family misfortunes... Some of the worst times of my life. I read all the information about the death hoax, but I\'m not like everyone else the clues that I know of I don\'t share with anyone because every time I find out something else it feels that you and I have this personal connection. I remember I used to dream how I wished my dad was like you and how I would give anything just to look into your eyes. Sometimes I don't want to be a believer as i feel bad\"what if I'm wrong" that's what I think sometimes. A clue or a sign to know your safe and well please, whether it be from you as an angel or you still alive and safe. With all my heart I love you and would give everything in my world to know what it is like to have you alive. I was never old enough to see you in reality but I watch all your live shows. I guess it\'s not the same though, nothing\'s the same anymore. I love you michael, tell me your ok X    Camilla


I have faith in you.     Casey

Hi michael I am deandra I am a big fan never got to meet u anyway I am not tht rich to meet u in person but I no u r not dead and when u do cum back can u plz make it possible for me to c u plz michael love u till death.     deandra c


Hello michael you like myprince in my life like a king of my heart like moon of my life i love you mmm you missing me? Although i never   Meet you for one time but i can read your life with my conviction and I believe that it\'s true  , well if life can to choose i choose i wanna be the best like you i wanna be the greatest legend singer of all time but i cant i can choose but i must to strive i know be michael jackson its hard but im not wrong if i gonna try and gonna make that you teach me dont be people always on the pain although you always feel the pain its hurt but i know you can be a strong and i trust you ! Hello michael if you read this message maybe i wanna be you to soon  the diffrent is i female and you male but i really want a be legend composer music of all time you making thriller that you know about thriller wow i think is too good but i see a wrong in your shortfilm but i never to meet you so i cant to tell you about your minus in your thriller thank you for you iloveya iloveya michael jackson you teach me all about music :(*)    Devian

"Dear Michael Jackson,
     At first, with all the controversies about you, I hated you...After that Ive searched the internet all about you..And I was Terribly wrong. I started listening to you music, i love it when you sang you are not alone. Because like you,(even though we show them good) they always see and focus on things which makes you bad in the public. You've been my inspiration since I was grade 5. I love children too. I love that after your concerts, you visit hospitals and make the patients there happy. You are a very kind, passionate, loving, generous, hard-working, responsible, modest person I know. I'm truly sorry about your life, you never ever had a stable relationship. But you're still lucky because you're blessed with 3 beautifully raised children. You know, I want to be your wife because I want to take care of you and your family. if I would have the chance, I want to be your wife. I\'ve never ever had a boyfriend since birth. The reason I love you still is because you love so true and you are the man i\'ve been looking for. I don\'t care if we have along age gap.. I love you still oh so dearly. When the news that you were dead, I really cried hard. I wanted to go there but I\'m here in the philippines and don't have the money to go there..I'm really sorry... I\'m not saying this because I\'m a fan, But there is something that makes me fall for you truly.. I want to see you, hug you and just kiss you..I really miss you so so so much....

with love,
   Mae<3"    mary mae

I feel the need to tell you that you do and continue to make people happy with your music. You have educated people and your words stay with us. You were always ahead of your time and people wanted to make you seem crazy, like all the history makers. I feel you touched my inner soul and i love everything you stand for.  I still can\'t understand death and how you can go in the blink of an eye. I think of you everyday x     Treasure

You music will always live on in my heart and soul. You will be forever. I love u so much that it hurts to hear your voice sometimes but I listen to you anyway so I can be happy afterwards.  I miss you and hope you are happy wherever you are.     Angela

"Dear Michael,
.             i know we\'ve never meet but i miss you everyday your anniversary is coming up. Your spirit is probably roaming around checking to see is your fans and family and bubbles.
. I will never forget you love you angel face xoxoxo ??"    Michaela

Dear Michael i just wanna say Thank you for all you teach me and gave me.You will be in my heart forever and i hope you are in peace now.I m sorry i couldnt have the power to save you but God loves you.    Alexandra

Michael Jackson for me You are always be the best siging & dancing artist  on this planet! I pray for You all the time.I MISS You so much.You  You know...maybe this is stupid but...
...Sometimes Michael I belive ...-You are still ALIVE.
 Marzena from POLAND "    Marzena

Miss Worlds and their photographer say REST IN PEACE, however, you\'re still out there man.     Joe

Michael Jackson you are awesome.  I will miss you . god bless    Phillip

Hey baby i know your alive    Ethan

Michael, you are an amazing inspirational man, you have inspired me to do so much and I hope you Rest In Peace- two kings at home in heaven!     Grace G

hi Michael Jackson we miss you so much that the keyboard im typing on is soaked in tears please now that I love you dearly and wish I had gotten to see you :love madison  

dear Michael, oh my gosh, I know you are alive!  Elvis is, too, all the kings and queens are alive, whether they\'re angels, demons, or ghosts!  and yes, I know, I\'m a nine-year-old with obsession, but really... yea.    Nairobi

If you are still alive make send me an email with answers that only micheal jackson would know i have to know if your alive you are one of my biggest idols please i have to know this is important just as important as your song \"will you be there\" the one featured in the movie \"free willy\"    Egypt


are you still alive    sabrina

Hi I love ur music and u are a great singer RIP    grace

Dear Michael , I would like to say your not dead and you will live forever and ever!! You\'re music its still the best and no one ever gonna be like you..  Almost five years you been passed ,but honestly now I feel you around me all the time. If I listen music only your music I wanna hear. I don\'t know why but I feel your spirit everywhere and I feel like I felt in love with you.. I know its sounds really stupid but when I listen your music or I see one of your pictures I feeling butterflies in my heart. I don\'t know why but I feel like you\'re still alive and I waiting for you. Hope no one gonna read this letter unless you cos maybe they would think who is this maniac idiot. I really feeling your spirit and it\'s stronger day by day. You are everywhere in my dreams I\'m feeling so lucky because this feeling gave me so much energy to try to save our planet and I really trying to share your message everywhere in the world. Michael I love you so much with all my hart!! Never ever forget you!! Adrienn :)   

"dear michael
             i am barkha from far away from us i`d always love to see u when i was just 5 i never saw u in your concert even with fans i always loved u when u were died i was whiping and crying soo much my brother and sister try to laught to me and use to say is mj your brand new brother that u are crying for him i have your lots of cds when i use to listen your songs i feel sad cz it makes me think u are dead but now i wont. with this website i am start to thinking u are alive and safe now when ever i listen u`r songs it will make me feel happy i love u sooooooo much i cant express how much i love u micheal"    tania

hi michael i like ur song dangerous great song    Karan

"Dear Mike, do you hold the little stone, with winter landscape inside, in your hand? I don\'t know where it is now, but it\'s only for you. I wish it to be with you. Life is... such a magic. It could happen, right?

I can tell you everything, every minute in my life but it\'s better to just cherish this peaceful moment without any word. I wish I can protect you, stand between the cold world and you. You deserve only the sun and flowers, you should just wirte your poem and paint and sing... my angel and artist...
Print your footmarks on sand of the sea shore, when the twilight comes... sense the warm water of a tender wive... smell the scent of the ocean wind...
stay in this moment
Sweetheart, everything will be good. For you I fight.

cheetah"    cheetah

Michael, I just want to tell you that this world is a darker place without your light. You gave us so much and we miss you more than I can express. You left us much too soon. Rest in Peace dear Michael. We will keep your light shining. Love you more ? ? ? ? ? ? ?    Mary

I love you Michael! You have inspired me to do many things. There are lots of people who make fun of you because they dont know how amazing you really are. your kids are amazing. I love you. Where ever you are now, i will always be there with you.     Madeline

 hi michael jackson i am your number 1 fan and i bet you are rokin in heaven!    John

Hello Michael Jackson I just want to say to you your music,videos and person you are has forever changed me and become a lifestyle to me, after many years of research I am convinced your alive and I see so many reasons you would leave but Michael no one could ever take your place and we all love you I know forsure you are alive and so do many others and we really are patient, I want to get a chance to meet you Michael you are the most talented person to ever live today\'s music sounds all so similar your music is all of it\'s own and so fun to listen to. I knew you would never let a doctor hurt you with needles you never were a drug addict you probably just got sick of the rumors and gave them what they wanted, don\'t stay gone Michael the future generations need your beautiful persona,music and messages and I really would love nothing more than to watch you perform. When you appears as Dave dave I was shocked with joy I wish you could come back your inspiration has changed this world Michael. Well I hope this message will actually make it to you personally. Please give us new hope Michael we love you    joe

Honestly Michael, I still believe in you and that you are still alive. I would love to know the truth. When I heard you died, I cried. I couldn\'t believe that my idol had died. But I\'v done my research and I believe you are alive. People think I'm crazy, but honestly I don\'t care what people say about me. I would like to know that you are still alive and if you arn\'t (which I don\'t believe) Then You are still in my heart... Forever! I love you Michael and I\'m your #1 fan. I still have hope in you and I know you will come back soon. We miss you. You tough me a lot within my life. Ha and since I have a chance.. I want to thank you so much. I love you Michael and I miss you. Please come back.    Alizavette

Honestly Michael, I still believe in you and that you are still alive. I would love to know the truth. When I heard you died, I cried. I couldn't believe that my idol had died. But I\'v done my research and I believe you are alive. People think I\'m crazy, but honestly I don\'t care what people say about me. I would like to know that you are still alive and if you arn't (which I don\'t believe) Then You are still in my heart... Forever! I love you Michael and I\'m your #1 fan. I still have hope in you and I know you will come back soon. We miss you. You tough me a lot within my life. Ha and since I have a chance.. I want to thank you so much. I love you Michael and I miss you. Please come back.    Alizavette

"My love,
How are you these days? I got good news about my new job that everything is smoothly going on. Then I can settle everything very soon.
It’s amazing that when love is a philosophy, someone far shares the exactly same as us. When love is the aesthetics you are everything right to me. You are the smile of God... the breeze of summer flower garden night. You are the most beautiful thing of the universe. I never had the feeling that someone can never die but when I love you, I get my belief. To me, you will live forever; and if you are not here, you must be somewhere. If I knew nothing about “somewhere”, now I know and I believe its existence. I don’t afraid anymore. I will follow you everywhere. I am here because I don’t want separate from you. I know you are here. I am a blessed lucky girl that through you, I see forever.
Sweetheart, take care of yourself. Don’t catch cold. Sleep a little more. Never worry of anything. Always know that you are loved, deeply, as always. You are not alone baby. I love you forever more.

I love you and miss you Michael! ??????????????    lex

hi michale ur cool    maxtla

I LOVE YOU always Michael I know you are still here with us x     Lauren

 "michael, my heart is still broken from that day, although the years have passed, and I feel so weak and sick thinking that youre gone. but still, part of me always feels you, im sorry it had to be this way.
I love you so much forever and always Michael, dee x"    Dee

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"Dear Michael Jackson,
I miss you,you are the king of pop and forever will be,I hope you are in heaven,when I die I hope you are there to hug me with all your strength..... Rest In Peace Michael may god be with you"    Cielo

Michael I am a 15 year old boy from Britten and my name is Dan E. I have always loved your music and feel I have a real spiritual connection with you. I spend almost every day searching for evidence you are alive because that's the one shred of hope I have that I will one day meat you. I believe you are the best singer,dancer and entertainer who ever lived let alone humanitarian and kindest soul I have ever herd of , I wish the over half of the world realised what a grate man you were and should have appreciated you instead of tying to destroy you because of jealousy. I live my live with hope that I may meat you one day on this earth or in a grater spiritual form. I think your the most kind loving human being and if more of the word could in brace your message of love there wouldn't be so much greed and hatred for each over. I can only hope you are still alive but if not i no I will meet you one day regardless until then I will continue to think about you every day god bless you and I will love the man who actuary made his effort to change the world .you are forever loved by me and bye millions the one true king. I am grateful to the person who intends to deliver these messages god bless you and Michael.    Daniel

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